Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 04


Five a.m. Monday morning; damn I hate Mondays!

The only good thing about this Monday is that I awoke wrapped in the arms and legs of a very beautiful young blonde. I swear that I heard her purring as I gazed at her angelic face. Britt was the consummate snuggler and grumbled sleepily as I reached over to swat at the alarm clock.

“Jeez Louise, can that thing be any fuckin’ louder?” she groaned.

I had to laugh, which only made her grumpier, fluffing her pillow into submission.

We’d met just two days ago and had quickly fallen into a highly sexual and comfortably familiar relationship. I hesitate to use the ‘relationship’ word, but that seemed to be where it was headed.

Britt, her first year of college under her belt, was a ‘prim and proper’ lady. That’s her description anyway. The Britt I knew so far is a gorgeous, gregarious woman with a hell of a potty-mouth. I should clarify that by saying that the expletives seem to flow mainly when she is in the throes of an orgasmic nature; and evidently when she is woken too early.

After finally getting around to doing some test shots for a potential newspaper ad, Britt and I retreated to my bedroom for the remainder of the evening and night. The day had been a sexual marathon and I for one, was feeling it, but neither of us was willing to let the day end.

We managed to scrounge enough finger food to get us through the last meal of the day. Naked and huddled together under the down comforter, we fed each other and watched some movie on the big- screen hung on my bedroom wall. Neither of us could tell you what the movie was, or even if we saw the end of it.

Our physical appetite sated, we pacified our sexual longing with what I would define as ‘making love’. Not the bone bruising, lustful pursuit of sexual liberation, but a slow, deliberate, almost spiritual event. For seemingly hours, we explored one another, caressing, kissing, scrutinizing. Reaching the peak was of no concern; this was about the journey.

“C’mon my little kitten, one of us has to get up and go to work,” I said as I extricated myself. She groaned again in protest and rolled over. I gave her a little swat on the butt and then kissed it ‘all better’; the purring resumed.

Halfway through my shower, she joined me, her bright blue eyes, a little foggy still. She hugged me from behind, holding herself upright until the warm water rousted her completely. Now fully awake, she inched around to face me and buried her face in my chest, “Purrrr.” I hugged her tighter, gave her butt a little squeeze.

“So what are you up to today,” I asked as I massaged mango-scented body-wash up and down her delectable backside.

“Well, I guess I need to look around for a job until my modeling career takes hold,” she teased.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do to help make that happen. I’ll take those test shots to John today and see what he thinks.”

“Be sure to tell him that you have two other equally gorgeous girls that would be more than willing to model too,” she said as she soaped up her C-cups, pinching her nipples and winking.

“I can’t really make that claim, because I haven’t seen them yet. I’m just taking your word for it,” I replied.

Britt stepped up to me with soapy hands, “Well,” she said, fondling my dick; “Gina is a little taller than me and has bigger tits than me and her butt sticks out a little further.” My dick swelled as she continued. “She has long black hair that hangs past her butt and is very pretty. She has darker skin, cuz her mom’s family is Italian.” Britt continued a slow caress. “Oh yeah, and her pussy is shaved smooth as a babies butt and is sweet as candy.”

My cock jerked and I asked myself, “sweet as in demeanor or sweet as in taste?”

Britt smiled and continued. “And then there’s Kate. She’s as cute as can be. She is about five feet tall and can’t weigh 100 lbs. Her mom is from the Philippines; her hair is jet black and hangs to about the middle of her back.”

My mind was drawing a picture and my cock appreciated my and Britt’s efforts.

“She has the cutest little tits, no more than a mouthful, and her sweet little pussy is shaved too.”

There was that word ‘sweet ‘again.

Britt leaned in and kissed me, never relinquishing her hold, “So trust me, I would never disappoint you.”

A few more strokes and her tongue roving my mouth and I shot my load onto her belly. Britt stepped back, still squeezing the life out of me, and watched my seed roll down to her slit.

“That reminds me,” as she rubbed my cum into her mound, “I need to go by the health center and get back on birth control.”


Thank God it was a slow work day because my mind was everywhere but work. The last two days were like a fantasy come true and this morning in the shower was, well, you know. Britt’s physical description of her two comely roommates was an incredible tease and I have to admit that I can’t give myself that good a hand-job.

I dropped by John’s new store and showed him the pictures of Britt and told him my ideas on his advertising piece. He had kağıthane escort a copy of the requirements from the paper and it all seemed to make sense. The paper obviously had censorship rights, so we had to be somewhat careful, but all the clothes John had on the rack were pretty mainstream. Certainly nothing like that small collection of string and fabric that Britt first wore. Those pics would have to remain in my private collection. John liked the idea of using multiple models. “I know you said you would shoot the pictures to build your portfolio, but I can’t afford to pay the girls much,” John said.

“I’m sure we can work out something. I think the girls might work for trade and if it’s any help, I know that all three are looking for summer jobs.”

“I just have one part-timer now,” he said, “and I really shouldn’t be on the floor. A lecherous old man selling skimpy swimwear probably isn’t the best marketing tactic.”

I laughed and had to agree. “When I think about it, most of the salespeople for women’s wear are women, except for shoes for some reason. If it works for you, I’ll bring the girls by and we can pick the clothes that will be in the ad.”

“That’d be great. Thanks for all your help with this George. Hopefully you’ll get something out of it too.”

“I’m sure we’ll all be rewarded in the long-run,” I said as my imagination kicked into a higher gear.


I swung into a little seafood deli on the bay for some lunch when my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number and answered, “Uh..this is George.”

I heard a little snort and then in a low, falsetto, “Uh..this is Brittany,” with giggling in the background.

Shaking my head, with a smile I asked, “Hey Britt, how are you?”

“Still a little sore; the girls asked if I went horseback riding this weekend;”more giggling in the background.

“So what are you girls up to?”

“Oh the girls, yeah, well we were out job-hunting and I mentioned the photo shoot and the ad to Gina and Kate.”

“So you told them about coming to my place, huh?”

“Well, yeah, they were a little worried that I didn’t let them know where I was last night.” Then in a whisper, “but I didn’t tell them everything.” A burst of laughter, then, “Gina, shut the fuck up,” followed by more laughter.

“I’m sorry George; Gina’s got a case of the terminal giggles. Anyway…the girls thought that it might be fun and if we can swing the clothes deal that would be cool too.”

“That’s great. John was impressed by the pictures and he liked the idea of multiple models. Oh yeah, and I don’t know how your job-hunting is going, but there is the possibility that John may be looking for someone to work in the store.”

“Oh, that would be great. Hooter’s is hiring, so we went over there to apply. I think Gina and I could get spots right away, but I think Kate’s tits are too small.” Slap. Giggle. “Ouch, hey; it’s not my fault they want fully developed women.”

“Hey,” I heard as her cell phone bounced to the ground. More laughing ensued and I imagined a little dark-haired, small-breasted girl climbing all over Britt, a tickle-attack in full force. “Okay, Okay.” I heard Britt, out of breath, in the background; “you know I like your little titties.”

A little more laughter and then Britt picked the phone up, “Hello, George? Are you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m still here”

“Oh; good. Anyway, I don’t think any of us will be a Hooter’s girl. The place seems a little smarmy, and the nylons and tight shorts and shirts; I don’t know, it’s just not us.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “tight shorts, tight shirts, big cleavage; sounds terrible.”

“Oh hush, but if you’re nice, I might get an outfit just for you,” she whispered intimately. “Little, tight orange shorts that crawl up my butt; and a tight little muscle-t with my nipples poking out…mmm.”

“Okay, hang on while I put down the phone; I need to adjust my shorts now,” I said.

“Oh jeez; Okay, what’s the plan. Do we need to go to the shop and pick up the clothes for the shoot?” Britt asked.

“Yeah, probably after I get off work. It can’t happen today because I have a late appointment with an interior designer for a job. I’m not sure what time that’ll be over.”

“Well, can we go over to John’s store and pick out the clothes for the shoot?”

“I suppose that would work. I was hoping to put my two-cents in on what you wear, but I suppose John knows what he needs to push. And, maybe one of you can land a job. I don’t know what he’s paying, but I know he’s a straight-shooter.”

“Alright honey,” she said, “call me when you get done with work. I’d like to see you again,” then whispered,” soon…purrr.”


The remainder of the afternoon drug on. Thoughts of the weekend past; and a purring sound rattling around in my brain. I finally finished up with the interior designer around 7 p.m. I’d never worked with the guy before and by the end of the meeting, I got the distinct feeling he was hitting on me. It didn’t really bother me that much, except kartal escort I wondered why he thought I swung that way. Maybe I need to start wearing looser jeans.

On my way home, I gave Britt a call. “Hi Britt; I finally got finished up and my brain is just mush. This designer is a real piece of work.”

“Oh poor baby,” she replied. “Maybe what you need is a massage and a little time in the steam bath,” she hinted. “Have you had dinner yet?”

“No, I haven’t even given it a thought.”

“Well, we pretty well cleaned out your cupboard last night. How about if I swing in somewhere and get something to-go and bring it over?”

“Thanks, that’s nice of you. Do you like Chinese?”

“Love it,” she answered, “but nothing too spicy.”

“Okay, if you don’t mind then, I’ll call in an order to Golden Pagoda over on 5th and Elm. It’s on the way to my place and they know me well. I’ll buy if you’ll fly.”

Britt giggled,” How can I refuse? I invite myself over and you pay.”

“Well, you did mention something about a massage.”

“Ah, “she said in her version of an oriental accent. “Ah, you want happy ending with that?”

“Yes p-p-please,” I stuttered.

“Good,” she purred. “I’ll see you soon.”


I left the big rolling door of my warehouse/home open. One day I need to get that motorized.

I had called the Golden Pagoda on my way home and I heard Britt pull up to my front door about 30 minutes after I got in.

I went out to give her a hand with dinner. “It’s in the backseat,” she said, but not before giving me a toe-curling kiss. “I missed you today,” she whispered as we hugged, my hands firmly planted on her butt.

“I missed you too,” I answered, as I watched her open the back door of her SUV and bend over to reach in for the food. Her butt cheeks peeked out the bottom of her cut-offs, and her taut thighs and calves were well…just perfect. I wanted to just run my hands up and down them.

“Do you think you ordered enough food?” she asked as she pulled out two large bags.

“I like the variety,” I answered as I grabbed one of the bags. “And it’s good leftovers.”

I led her into the house; “Let me go close the big door,” I said, running out to close up the warehouse. I didn’t want one of the local regulars wandering in, looking for a place to camp out and I like the idea of living somewhat covertly here in a business district.

When I got back in the house, Britt had the food on the island and plates and silverware out. “Do you have any tea?” she asked. “The only time I have hot tea is with Chinese; it’s just part of the meal.”

“It’s in the pantry, upper left. I’ll get the water on,” as I slipped by her, grabbing a little butt on the way.

Britt squealed and jumped and took a half-hearted swat at me.

Water on; I stepped up behind her as she searched the pantry. I wrapped my arms around her and she ground her butt into my crotch. “So, how did you girl’s make out at John’s shop this afternoon?” as I kissed her neck.

Britt discontinued her searching; her hands drawing my embrace up until my hands rested on her breasts. I thumbed her nipples through the material as she purred and writhed against me.

We were rudely interrupted by the whistling of the kettle. I begrudgingly relinquished my hold on her and turned to shut off the stove. Britt had to lean into the pantry, stretching out on her tip-toes to reach the tea. From now on, all her favorites go to the top shelf.

With the tea steeping, we sat at the island and began digging into the various wire-handled take-out boxes. Golden Pagoda never fails. The eggrolls are always fresh and the hot and sour soup isn’t too spicy. Britt had never had Beggar’s Chicken, which is a stuffed chicken that is wrapped in dough and baked. We also had a Lo Mein, a Sweet and Sour Shrimp and some Twice Cooked Pork. I think one of my favorite things about GP is that they give you the customary fortune cookies; but on top of that, they give you these incredible almond cookies.

While we ate, Britt answered my question about the girl’s outing to John’s store.

“It was fun and John’s a nice guy. I don’t know who picked out his inventory, but he has some pretty nice stuff. It is primarily swimwear and cover-ups, but he also has some nice casual wear and even some cute little dresses.

“Any little orange shorts?” I asked.

“No,” she laughed, stabbing at a shrimp. “John picked out a few bikinis, some shorts and shirts and he has some really cute sandals. I think we have about eight different outfits each.”

“Wow, that should be plenty to work with. When do you girls want to get together and shoot?”

“Well, you tell us. As of now, none of us have jobs, but I think John may want to give Kate a try. They seemed to hit it off. I think Kate really misses her father, who I think is a bit older, like John.”

That’s good to hear,” I replied. “I haven’t known John that long, but I think he’s a pretty good guy. He was widowed a few years back and I know he has grown kids, but küçükçekmece escort I’ve never met them. He lives alone there at the beach and likes to think he’s a player, but he knows better.” I smiled.

“Yeah, we sensed a little of that when we first came into the store, but when we introduced ourselves, he shifted gears and tried to be all business. It didn’t keep him from flirting a little, offering to help us try on the bikinis,” smiling while she sipped her tea. “I think we got him back a little when we crowded into one dressing room and fooled around while we got changed. I imagine what he heard coming from the dressing area got his heart and maybe other parts pumping.” She giggled and reached under the bar to give me a little squeeze.

Shifting in my seat, “Well, the sooner the better on the shoot. I think I’ll do them all with just white or gray backgrounds since I’m sure everything you have is pretty colorful. How about tomorrow after I get off work? I’ll even spring for dinner.”

“Perfect,” she said, “but how about if we bring something over to make. We don’t need to spend a lot of money, and I noticed you have a grill so we could do some steaks, or maybe some fish?”

“Anything you girls want is fine. Do Gina and Kate drink wine or anything?”

“You know what I like,” as she squeezed me again. “Wine would be fine. Both girls, but mostly Kate, get pretty wound up on anything harder than that.”

“Sounds like a plan then. Remind me to give you the combination of the lock on the big door, just in case you girls beat me here tomorrow.”

We took our cookies and tea to the couch; “You should save the almond cookie for last,” I advised her. “I’ve been trying to get them to tell me where they get them, but so far, no luck,” laughing.

“Do you do the fortune cookie thing?” she asked as she snuggled up to me.

“What’s that,” I asked.

“You know, where you read the fortune and then add ‘in bed’ to the end, as she ran her hand up and down my thigh.

“Okay, you first,” I said. I returned the leg rub, but had the better deal because of her cut-offs. I was still wearing my 501’s.

Britt smiled as she cracked open the cookie and read it. “Some Pursue Happiness; You Create It…In Bed.”

I turned to her and kissed her; “Best fortune ever.”

“Okay, now read yours.”

“Alright, let’s see; “Love Takes Practice…In Bed.”

“Now THAT is the best fortune ever,” she said, kissing me hard while her hand had a hold of me through my jeans. “Let’s go practice!”

“Whoa,” I said as she tried to drag me up off the couch. “I haven’t had my other cookie yet.”

Britt looked down at me with a bit of indignation. Her miffed look then became mischievous. She let go of my hand, reached down and slid her shorts to the floor. A hot pink, tiny g-string covered the pussy I had come to worship.

Britt stepped up onto the couch, straddling me, my face dead-even with the hot pink triangle. She looked down at me as I watched her pull the fabric swatch sideways. “Here’s your other cookie mister,” she said, as she fed me her pussy.

“Eat me,” she growled as she held the back of my head, humping my face.

I grabbed her by the ass and rocked her up and down, my tongue probing inside her slit while my nose rubbed her clit. “Ah, fuck yeah, eat my pussy,” she moaned as I tongue fucked her and her juices ran down my chin. I spread her ass cheeks wide and drove my tongue so deep; I thought I would dislocate my jaw.

After a couple minutes, my jaw was starting to hurt, but I wasn’t going to stop until she got her ‘fortune’. I moved up and concentrated on licking her clit and slowly slid one finger, and then another inside her dripping pussy.

“Oh baby, that feels so good! Finger-fuck me baby! C’mon, lick my clit, fuck me!”

Britt gyrated on my face as I plunged my fingers in and out. My other hand ran up and down her back and over her ass, slipping into the crack to graze over her puckered star.

After a couple small spasms, it was time to go for broke. I captured her clit gently between my teeth and ran my tongue over the tip as I curled my fingers back and made contact with her g-spot and pressed firmly.

“FFFUUUCCKKK…..!” she screamed as she pushed my face hard against her quaking sex. She convulsed and I was drenched, juices running down to my elbow and down my chin, onto my chest. I slowed my assault and released the prisoner from between my lips. Britt freed my head from her grip and leaned onto the wall behind the couch, catching her breath.

“Fuck me…..I have never…,” as she slid down to sit in my lap, facing me.

“Oh baby, are you okay?” seeing my soaked and reddened face.

She tentatively licked some of herself off my face. “Is that me? Did I….?” a questioning worried look on her face.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and laid a wet one, and I do mean wet one, on her. “Yeah, I think that’s called squirting, or in your case, drenching,” I said as I continued to share my reward with her.

She licked around her lips and then gathered more of herself from my chin and neck. Looking at the mess, she said,” I have never had that happen before. I would have remembered this,” amazed at how wet my shirt was. I lifted my hand up to show her further flood damage and she took my fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean, grinding her ass into my crotch.

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