Ex girlfriend gets dicked


Ex girlfriend gets dickedThe ex girlfriend came over one evening, a couple hours before I had to leave for work. We were making out for a while but we still had our clothes on. We were touching each other, she was feeling my cock through my pants. I grabbed her tits. We got each other warmed up. I told I’d be back in a minute and I came back with a tie of my own and lube. I had the stuff in my pocket and told her to stand up. I got behind her and was feeling her body up, grabbing her tits hard when I pulled out the tie and tied her hands behind her back. Then I unbuttoned her pants and slid them and her undies down. I pushed her down onto the bed so she was on her knees. I grabbed some lube and put some of my fingers. “You don’t need lube babe, I’m already wet” she says “This isn’t for your pussy” I saidJust illegal bahis as I say that I insert them into her ass and let’s out a big moan”Holy shit!” she yells”I told you I was going to fuck your ass” I tell her As I get her ass ready I use my other hand to finger her pussy. I stop playing with her pussy and pull my hard cock out and put more lube on it. “Get ready to get fucked hard” I tell her “Ok” she says with a smile and giggleI shove my hard and lubed up cock deep in her ass. She grabs the sheets and yells out a great moan. As I am fucking her ass I am grabbing and slapping her cheeks. Harder and harder with each smack. Soon her ass was red all over. “I love how you spank me but I hate to ask but can you please pound my pussy too?” She asked”Nope. Just ass tonight and if you ask again illegal bahis siteleri you’ll be punished” I reply She didn’t reply, just moaned louder and louder. “Jesus this feels great” she tells me “I just can’t stop cumming, it’s starting to hurt but god it feels so good” she also says I reached over, lifted her shirt and grabbed one of her tits through her bra. I finally was able to get her tits out of her bra. I grabbed them very hard while still deep in her ass. “Jesus this is the best fuck” she tells me”Good, were not done yet” I tell her I pulled out and laid down and had her get on top of me, while her hands were still tied up, and stuck my cock back in her ass. She rode me good while playing, smacking and biting her tits. I knew she was getting tired and wanted me to finish soon. “I canlı bahis siteleri think my ass is raw” she said”Good, I’m not done yet either” I tell her I had her get off top of me and had her lay down on her back. Back in went my cock into her ass and I told her I’ll make this one quick. “Not that I want this to be over but cum soon please, my ass needs a rest” she tells me”Oh im fucking it again soon” I tell herShe tries to catch her breath from all the orgasms. We are both sweating as it is warm in the room. I pull out and get over her and start to stroke. She is panting heavily and tell her I am getting close. She closes her eyes and gets ready. As soon as I say that the first spurt comes flying out and lands on the middle of her face, and it kept come flying out. More and more landing on her, covering her entire face. I finally stop and grab my phone and take plenty of pics. I bring her to the bathroom and have her look at herself. She is amazed at how I could have so much cum and she strips down and takes a hot shower and cleans herself off.

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