Excellent Timing


“Val, you’re on deck in five,” Val’s manager called out.

Val had just woken up ten minutes ago and obviously forgot that she was Soup of the Day. Her jaw bounced up and down forcefully as she chomped her cereal down quickly. Val thrived on adventure and excitement as early as eight years old. Now, she stood at 5’9″, towering over most women, with dark piercing brown eyes. As Val finished her meal, she stood up to address the new crowd. Her curly long brown hair was pulled haphazardly in a bun on the top of her head. Though usually, tiny frizzy curls sprang every which way, Val had managed to find time to tame them with water.

“Good morning everyone! How are we doing this morning?” Val said through the microphone.

Some people just stared at her. Others responded with, “Great. How ’bout you?”

Val longed to go back to her bed, but nevertheless gave them all she had. “Welcome to Radman’s Park!! I’m Val, Soup of the Day. Soup of the Day is another name for your mealtime announcer. I’ll be informing you about everything concerning Radman’s Park. Let me start off by telling you about us.”

The dining room hall, composed of easily two-hundred people, quieted down as Val began. “Radman’s Park has a staff of 100 people, old and new alike. Some of us are connoisseurs in athletics…like our very own Ray from Australia.” The 6″ blonde tan man stood up and waved one lanky arm back and forth.

“Consider small but mighty Reese who could show you how to wind surf.” Short Reese smiled and waved brightly for everyone. “I could stand here and introduce everyone, but it would take all day. That’s why I’m leaving it up to you to get out there and experience Radman’s staff for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions or just start up a conversation. We are all friendly and care for you. I assume we all got tours in last night?” Val looked to Rob, her manager, to affirm this. He nodded.

“Great to hear! I need 5 Radman staff up here. They will be passing out the weekly agendas of activities that we are having. These are subject to change due to weather. As it’s pretty sunny here in California most of the time, we don’t expect that too much. In the case of rain or severe weather, we’ll take the necessary precautions. On a final note, if you haven’t figured it out yet…plates, cups, and silverware all go in separate bins. And please throw away your trash. As for that, I think we will be dismissing very shortly.”

Once all the agendas were passed out, Val said, “Dismissed,” and waved her hand gently. She threw away her plastic bowl and put her spoon and cups in separate bins. She started to walk away when Rob shouted half jokingly, “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

Val had intentions of weightlifting, but held her tongue, “Depends where the shortcomings are?” “That’s what I thought. Sterling is short a trainer in the weight room. Would you?”

“Hey, why did you hire me after all? Good timing, correct?”

“Yes, Val. It was good timing. And you could beat my ass any day.”

Val’s tanned face broke into a smile. “Well, funny you mention it, because I was just headed over to the weight room to weight lift. I could beat your ass, but I don’t think my heart or head would allow it. I’m too in love with this job. I’m just tired right now. Some work will do me some good.”

“Thanks Val.”

“No. Thank you.”

Val jogged slowly to the weight room which was about a half a mile away from the dining room. About twenty people were seated on the floor listening to Sterling explain the importance of weight training.

“And speaking of weight training, here comes one of our trainers herself. Val…”

“Hey Mr. Sterling Silver. Thought I’d help you rope ’em in.”

“You’re always my assistant, never my co” Sterling whispered. Sterling’s buzzed hair could not make his personality more alive. His eyes bulged out when he talked and his body seemed to be wiggling about while he talked, almost as if he were in a trance of some sort. Val frankly casino siteleri did not like Sterling’s actions, but still gave him respect.

Val left the class room and worked her upper body out while Sterling showed off to the class. Finally, after he was done, Sterling took them into the massive weight room and indicated, “Men come with me. Women go with Val.” Val hated Sterling for his biased against women.

“Before I give you general instructions for the machines, does anyone have any questions?” Val asked.

A women with naturally blonde hair shot her hand up.

Val’s eyebrows raised and replied, “Go ahead.”

“What if we’re familiar with the basics? Can we just start lifting?”

Val loved assertive people and rarely did she run across them. “The more experienced you are the less I have to blab on about. Just make sure you know what you’re doing. Okay?”

“Okay, but what if we have specific questions?”

“We’ll let me get to the beginners first. And then I’ll address your questions.”


For the next hour or so, Val introduced the women to the bench press, lat pulls, squats, pull-ups, leg press, and other such machines. She showed them the proper form and how to adjust settings. She also advised them to start off slow and then elevate their workout. She told them if they had any questions it was better to ask, then to do it wrong. The women that were eager tried the machines first while Val assessed what they did right and wrong aloud. The students learned better this way. By the end of the hour, Val shared, “Congrats ladies. You may now call yourselves weight trainers. Remember that aerobic exercise isn’t everything. You can burn weight by lifting too.”

The naturally blonde lady tapped Val lightly on her shoulder. When Val breathed in, she smelled fresh fruit. She stood a few inches shorter than Val. As she started to speak, Val felt her eyes checking her out north, south, west, and even east. Val noticed her green eyes that burned with energy. Her skin was fairly dark for the summer. She had hardly a pound of fat on her as she was very small-boned; though Val judged her boobs to be at least C’s. She wasn’t for sure. To add to that, her ass was shaped perfectly with just the right amount of muscle.

The babe clapped her small hands in front of Val’s face to get my attention. “Val! I’m trying to ask you something.”

“Huh? Oh yes? I’m sorry.”

“Well? What’s your answer?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear your question.”

The goddess laughed out loud. She repeated, “Okay. I’ve been weightlifting on and off for three years now. I like to consider myself toned, but I want to get bigger. Not like bulkier like men. But I want to be able to hold my own. You know what I mean?”

After listening this time, Val shared, “Yes, I understand. You need to know that we women can never get as big as men. We have 10% of their testosterone. Thus, it is harder and it takes more time to gain muscle. But you can get muscle. Got that?”

“Yeah, but how did I build my strength up?”

“Well, it depends where you want the power. Where do you want to have muscle?”

The blonde-headed girl started to blush a little bit and said, “Well, I saw you working out while we were in class and I have to admit that you are pretty damn strong. I don’t know which muscles or exercises you were working, but I like how you are proportioned.” After she said this, her eyes darted to the floor.

Val couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this girl hitting on me? Or is she just being friendly?” Val shook her head and thought, “I am purely professional…” Thus, she responded, “Thank you for that. Um, I’m a big proponent of the bench press, lat pulls, pull-ups, and anything else that works my triceps. Now these machines, if you do them right, will give you strength. Not fitness or skill. Though you seem like you have the fitness down, you may need to take a defense class or something. I highly advise you build the muscle first.”

The blonde-headed slot oyna angel was silent for awhile. And added, “Well I played basketball and track in high school. I didn’t wrestle though.” She giggled at this.

Val was struggling to stay professional. She really wanted to kiss this girl. Her eyes would wander to her pouty pink lips and dream of touching them and sucking on them. Val thought to herself yet again, “Damn, I don’t even know her name yet…I guess I could introduce myself…”

“Well, I never learned your name. I’m Val as you know.”

“Kaden. Nice to meet you.” Kaden smiled at Val. Val returned the smile.

“Nice to meet you too. So what do you say to getting some hard-core muscle on you?”

“Hell yeah!” Kaden said.

Val walked over to the bench press and shared, “Lie down over here. Okay, Kaden, if you want to do the bench press, always do it first out of all the other machines. It works your triceps, biceps, and pectorals. That’s a lot of major muscle areas. Got it?”


“You hold the bar to where your forearms make a ninety degree angle with the bar. Always have someone spot you. Always keep your feet flat on the ground. Never bounce the bar off your chest. Slow repetitions are better than fast ones. Breathe slowly and encourage yourself. Now, the bar weighs 45 pounds. I think you can do it. What do you think?”

“I hope so.”

“Now, Kaden…I say you know so.”

She giggled again and smiled up at Val. “Okay, you win. I know so.”

“That’s it.” With that, Kaden held the bar appropriately and lowered it slowly to touch her chest and slowly accelerated it its highest maximum. “Good job Kaden. Keep it up.”

Kaden repeated the same movement five more times and struggled on the last two. “That’s enough for you today Kaden. I don’t want you to be hurting too much.”

Kaden laid there not moving for awhile. She didn’t want Val to think she was weak. She wanted to blow Val away. “I think I can do 8 more.”

“Now, seriously, Kaden, you’re going to be hurting tomorrow.”

“Val. I know so. I’m not stopping from trying.”

Val leaned in and brought the bar to Kaden’s fingertips. As Kaden was still looking up, her eyes caught a glimpse of Val’s underwear through her shorts. Kaden thought “Shit. Tight black underwear. Means she must be good in bed. I wonder if she shaves…” Kaden wasn’t focusing and the bar seized down upon her, nearly hitting her chest, until Val caught it.

“Geez Kaden. Focus.”

“Sorry, I lost my concentration.”

“That irresistible boyfriend of yours?”

“I am single,” Kaden said freely.

“Oh. Okay.”

“You seemed shocked.”

“Well, I mean I guess…I just figured a beauty like you would have someone.”

“I have yet to meet someone.” Kaden smiled hugely at the compliment and thought, “Unless it’s you…”

Val smiled brightly. “Well you’re young. You’ve got a lot of years ahead of you to meet that person that will blow you away.”

Kaden laughed. “I’m not young. I look young, but I’m older than you would think.”

“How old are you?”

Kaden smiled and let the silence fill up their conversation.

Val hated the silence. “Okay already. Tell me Kaden!”

“I’m eighteen.”

“That’s young!”

“Well, I’m not sixteen.”

Val laughed and shook her head. This girl was really starting to get to Val in a way that she had forgotten that girls could do.

Kaden observed Val and hesitated softly, “How…How?”

Val stopped, “What?”


“You were asking, ‘How old I am?’ Kaden? It’s okay.”

Kaden smirked halfway, “Yes,” she whispered softly.

Val comforted her with yet another smile. “I’m a ripe twenty-three.”

Kaden laughed at the word “ripe.” “You’re so goofy Val. And the way you talk! Where are you from?”

Val smiled. She got that all the time. “Ohio.”

“Oh ok.”

“What about you?”

“New Jersey.”

“I was gonna say, you talk funny too Kaden.”

“Thanks canlı casino siteleri fucker!” Kaden slapped my ass and ran away…

“Kaden! What the fuck are you doing?”

“I got you to cuss! You acting so professional…Bullshit!”

Val smiled at her brightly. “What can I say Kaden? You are the first to bring out the laid back me while at work.”

Kaden was still running, “Well maybe I’ll be the first to trick you too while you’re at work.”

“Where did Kaden get all this energy from?” Val wondered. She responded, “We’ll see about that…”

Val saw Kaden hiding behind the vending machine. She was so small, but Val was so observant. Val creeped up behind the vending machine on the other side. Kaden said, “I can hide really well just so you know.”

Val edged closer and closer to Kaden till the last second and said, “Well you can’t run and you can’t hide…”

Val’s body fell on Kaden’s body. Val spread her huge massive arms around her small body and fought her to the floor. Val whispered in her ear, “You said you wanted some fighting s kills. Fight me.”

Kaden smiled at this and breathed in sharply, taken aback at first; a second later, she displayed determination. She tried to push back on Val’s arms and body with all her strength. Val had her feet firmly planted on the floor; Val wasn’t going anywhere. Giving up this way, Kaden tried another method: tickling. She reached for Val’s armpit and tickled her. Val squirmed a bit, but didn’t lose her grip on Kaden.

This continued for about three to five minutes when Val actually tried and used more of her strength to roll Kaden into a little ball. Val was now circled around Kaden in the fetal position squished between a vending machine and a wall. Kaden’s breathing was shallow and light. Val’s breathing was becoming identical. Both could feel the stirring of emotion rise in their pelvis. They stayed like this for awhile when Val heard someone enter the weight room. Val casually backed away from Kaden.

When Kaden stood up, she said, “There’s my dime.” Val answered, “Oh you found it?


“Good then.”

When the passerby disappeared into the locker room, Val started to walk away. Kaden couldn’t take her eyes off the disappearing Val. “Wait.”

Val’s hope replenished. “Yeah?” Kaden sought for words, “Uhh, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with weightlifting today.”

“Hey, no problem. It’s my job.”

“Right. Um, where are you off to now?”

“I am supposed to teach some beginner backpacking lessons.”

Kaden responded almost immediately, “Oh okay.” Kaden wanted something to happen, but she didn’t know what to say or do. Standing about a two feet apart, the two women just stared at each other.

Val finally asked, “So how long are you staying here?”

“All summer.”

“All summer? Why?”

Kaden’s smile disappeared and her eyes dilated as she continued, “It’s a long story. Maybe I could tell you another time when we have time to sit down and talk. What do you say?” Val humbly said, “Yeah, whenever you want to,” Val thought for a second and said, “Look camp is huge here. And walkie-talkies are too crazy, because anyone can listen into a conversation. So umm, do you have a cell phone?”

“Yeah, who doesn’t?”

She told herself, “Professionalism is going out the window and I can’t believe myself but I’m going to do this…” And she asked, “What’s your number?”

Val reached for a pencil and notepad behind the counter as she wrote what Kaden said, “565-432-2121.”

Val continued, “Okay thanks. And where are you staying for future reference?”

“Oakies Heights. You know where that is?”

Val punched her shoulder and told her reassuringly, “I’ve been working here a whole year. I’d hope I would know where that is.” Val laughed to herself.

Kaden smiled in astonishment. “Okay.”

Kaden nodded. “Well I’ll talk to you later Kaden.”

“I’ll look forward to it Val. Thanks again. Have fun!” Kaden’s smile was as bright as could be.

“Bye,” Val said with an excited wave while she walked off with a jump in her step.

Kaden stood there, and kept smiling. She would never forget that moment she shared with Val.

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