Executive Platinum Ch. 13


I had planned it as just a short vacation for the two of us. I could have had Gloria fly commercial to San Diego and then fly with me in my own plane to Las Vegas, only the logistics just didn’t work out. I got there about 2 hours before she arrived, but by the time I got the plane tied down and grabbed a taxi and got over to the commercial terminal, she was literally just coming out of the secure area. I’d brought my phone with me after all, although I’d swore to myself that I wouldn’t, but just for the flight over and back and meeting up with her. She spied me just as I was dialing her number; her hand touched my arm just as it started to ring. I turned, only to have her slip her arms around me and into my arms and we kissed. Practically a chaste kiss for us, very fit for public viewing, but still, it held promise of better later. I turned the phone off completely before I put it away; I learned a long time ago that the world doesn’t come to an end if I don’t answer — but my vacation comes to an end if I do.

“Any idea of what you want to do first?” I asked Gloria once we were in the taxi on the way to the hotel.

Leaning up to my ear, mindful of the cabbie in front, she whispered so only I could hear “Get naked, suck your cock and get it inside me.” With her turned somewhat sideways as she was, my hand easily rested on her breast which I squeezed while I bent a bit more to kiss her again. This time it was a “not for public viewing” kiss that confirmed, as she melted against me, what she’d just whispered and was followed up seconds later by her continued whisper “and get your hands and tongue all over me.”

“Gladly,” I whispered back. I had my hand resting on her leg; she slipped it down more between her legs, although with the smart pants she was wearing (having come directly from work) it was more innuendo for me than an overt request for attention.

“What hotel are we staying at?” she asked as we headed off the freeway.

“Caesars Palace,” I answered.

“Why there?” she asked.

“Mostly because I’ve got us tickets to a show there Tuesday night. That way we don’t have to drive or walk or anything.”

“You do? Which show?” She’d been holding my arm to her, but she sat up with enthusiasm when I said that.

“Does it matter?” I asked.

“Only if I don’t like it.”

“If you don’t like that, then you’ll probably like the other one.”

“The other one? There’s more than one?”

“Uh-huh. I’ve got us tickets for Celine Dione Tuesday night, but the other one we’re going to have to travel down the road a bit to get to. We’ve got tickets for Cirque du Soleil “Zumanity” on Thursday.”

“Zumanity? What’s that?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen it, but I hear its adult oriented; it’s supposed to be very sexy.”

“Oh my God! Celine Dione and Cirque du Soleil?”

I paid the taxi driver while the bell cap took our bags out of the trunk.

“Why’d you say we’re checking out Friday?” Gloria asked moments later after I’d finished checking us in. “My ticket’s not until Sunday.”

“Because we’re not staying here for the weekend.”

“We aren’t?” she asked, puzzled. “Then where are we staying?”

“It’s a surprise,” I answered, “you’ll have to wait until Friday.”

Moments later as we walked toward the elevators, the bell cap leading the way with our bags, Gloria nudged me, “Look at that.” I turned to see the sign; the bare back of a woman, obviously topless and wearing a thong, lying on a lounge, her well-tanned and gorgeous bottom mostly hidden by the strategically placed wording: “How Bare do you Dare? Venus Pool Club – 11 to Dusk”

“You brought us here because of that Venus Pool Club didn’t you?” Gloria asked an hour later, her naked body cuddled up to my side, our first orgasms of the week having left us momentarily satisfied. “Just like you took me to that place in Palm Springs.”

“Would you believe me if I said no?”

“No. I know you. You like me being naked and showing my boobies to the world.” She rolled over a bit and looked down at her naked body. “I don’t know why, there are lots of girls out there with nicer ones than mine.”

“I admit I like you naked; I like you naked walking on the beach with me, or swimming in the pool with me; I like you naked in bed with me, I like you naked almost any time. But you’re wrong; I just love when you show them to me. I could care less as to whether you show them off to anyone else – you’re the one that likes showing your boobs to the world. “

“I do not.”

“And I’ve told you before,” I added, rolling onto my side and reaching across to cup her nearest breast, “More than a mouthful or more than a handful is a waste! I think your boobs are absolutely perfect and if you want to show them to the world, you should. But I do like the mood that it puts you in showing them off to the world. You always want to come back and play naughty when you do.” I rolled over a bit more, replacing my hand on her breast with my mouth, tickling her şişli grup yapan escort nub with my tongue, finally sucking it into my mouth, feeling it grow to my attention.

“You just like me because I put out for you,” she teased, stroking my hair as she watched me suckle her nipple.

“Is that why Ronnie likes you?” I responded, pulling away and looking her in the eye with a grin as my hand went to her other breast.

“It’s because he doesn’t know any better,” she answered as I finished spinning over onto my belly and again suckling her near nipple as my hand worked her other nipple.

“He doesn’t know any better?” I grinned, pulling myself up and swinging my leg over her so I was now sitting on my knees, my butt against her belly. My cock, although not fully erect, had already begun swelling into another erection. “Or is it that he recognizes you as the hottie that you are, with two handfuls of breasts that are absolutely perfect?” I said, cupping both breasts as I did, “Or that you’ve got a sweet, wonderful pussy that is oh so tasty to lick and tongue or that you have a talented mouth that is oh so good at sucking him off? Does he know how spoiled he is with a woman of your talents?” I rose a bit and leaned forward, placing my almost rigid cock between her breasts and pushed them together with my hands. Rocking forward and backward it was just a few pushes between her globes before she lowered her head, her tongue reached out, and I stopped, her tongue bathing the end of my cock. Pulling back, her tongue caught me again on the next upstroke and with a little more lifting, my cockhead slipped into her mouth, her tongue swirling to my delight. “Oh my god, Gloria — that’s so nice.”

Pulling back a bit, she pushed on my leg, “get off me,” she said indicating that I should slide off to one side. I did, and she sat up, pushing me onto my back, and rolled over onto her elbows perpendicular to my body before pulling my cock sideways until she could fit me into her mouth. Without saying a word she continued sucking me, her hand holding me upright, slowly stroking, and I realized that she was doing this strictly because she wanted to. I’d ended up with my head and shoulders supported by a pillow, so I was in perfect position to just lay there and let her love on my cock. I could tell she was in no hurry to get me off but that she was going to. She wasn’t asking for anything in return, she was just giving pleasure to her man.

At times she would just take my cock head in her mouth as her hand was stroking me. Other times, she’d work her tongue and lips around the sensitive spot while just holding me upright. Her hand slipped off and reached for my balls, fondling and squeezing them when she found them, yet again returning to my shaft, slowly stroking me up and down, her mouth constantly suctioning, her tongue twirling around the head, penetrating the hole in the end, doing what she could to pleasure my erection. Whenever she was in the proper position her eyes locked with mine, the twinkle telling me that I should just enjoy, she was where she wanted to be, I was where she wanted me to be.

I didn’t have to tell her that I was about to cum, she knew; but remembering the instructions of my teacher Jenny from so many years before, “A gentleman always gives his lady the option”. I did. There was no hesitation on her part, no pulling back so that we could see the cum shoot like in a porn movie, just the constant administration of affection to my cock as my hips involuntarily rose, attempting to make my body bend backward, to make my cock the pinnacle of my body. She never opened her mouth, she just gradually slowed her tongue and mouth as I groaned, understanding perfectly that the touch of her tongue and the inside of her mouth was nearly too much to bear. Finally stilled, my cock spent, she pulled away and once more crawled up beside me.

“Ronnie will have to find his own woman to get that.”


I awoke again, the sunlight streaming through the semi-drawn curtains of the hotel suite. We’d made love before dinner, gone to dinner and made love again later, and then I’d been wakened in the middle of the night by her caresses and we’d done it again. I’d forgone getting up early and doing my run; my stroking of her body had instead woken her whereupon we’d pleasured each other once again — only to fall asleep for a few more hours.

“That was really nice,” I said, realizing that although she hadn’t said anything she was also awake. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve cum this many times in just 12 hours.” Her hand slowly stroked up and down my arm in response and she pushed her naked bottom back against me, snuggling closer.

I spooned my body into her backside, just holding her close; she gripped my arm to her chest in response. Several minutes later with a satisfied sigh she whispered, “And Ronnie hasn’t ever come close to satisfying me like that.” This time I gently stroked her side in return; we şişli masöz escort just lay there holding each other.

“You’ve changed me.”

We hadn’t said anything for quite a while, just lying there, temporarily sated and lazy, in each other’s arms.

“I’ve changed you?” I asked, understanding somehow that this wasn’t an idle observation. “How so?”

She didn’t answer immediately, the answer when it came somewhat wistful. “Growing up I always believed in the fantasy, in the myth. I always believed that sex was a part of love, that if you were with the one you loved that the sex would be fantastic. I always sort of thought, even when I realized that my husband was a real dickhead, that it was just that he wasn’t my ‘one and only’, that somewhere there was someone out there that was my one and only.” I didn’t know what to say — I still wasn’t sure where she was going with this, so wisely — I said nothing and just waited.

“I was supposed to meet my dashing White Knight; he was going to ride up on his horse, sweep me off my feet and we’d ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.” She giggled, and then continued. “Actually where I grew up he would more likely have driven up in a flashy sports car — but still, I was supposed to meet him, we would fall head over heels in love, get married and have two or three kids, a house with the white picket fence and a swimming pool in the back yard. He’d be dying slowly every day when he was away from me, waiting to come home, so we could make mad passionate love every night and we’d live happily ever after. Somehow I really knew that I was a princess, that my knight in shining armor was out there somewhere…” She drifted off there – I stroked her arm, waiting, understanding there was more to come.

“And part of the dream was that sex was something special between two soul mates; it was exclusive and perfect and just happened. When I met my husband, I was sure I was madly in love with him and that it was OK to give myself to him because we were in LOVE! It was sort of magical and romantic, and even though sex wasn’t all that good, in fact it wasn’t any good at all, I believed it was going to get better… And then I was pregnant and we were getting married and it still didn’t get any better and from there — things just got worse.

Even when you and I met, deep down I was really hoping that the dick that I was going to be meeting in San Diego was going to be just that – my knight in shining armor. He said all the right things, fed my fantasy, made me think it was going to happen. Even though I’d been married and my first knight had turned out to be more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I still sort of believed that it really could happen. I’d been saving myself. Up until then I hadn’t dated anyone seriously, thinking that when it did happen I’d know, the fantasy would come through after all…” her thoughts drifted off momentarily before she restarted.

“After my girlfriend gave me a vibrator and I had orgasms by myself — I still knew that I was supposed to be with someone, that somehow I was cheating myself. I was on my way to San Diego in pursuit of a fantasy that doesn’t exist, and then in pursuit of that fantasy, you came along. You weren’t the guy I was meeting; you were someone that rescued me. At that moment you were a knight in shining armor, although evidently you weren’t my knight in shining armor, but you did everything that a dream knight was supposed to. You were the perfect gentlemen; you didn’t try to take advantage of me when you surely could have, but when I decided to have sex with you — it was more wonderful than anything I’d ever experienced. It wasn’t supposed to be like that – I wasn’t in love with you, but yet you gave me the most fantastic weekend of sex I’d ever had. You shattered my fantasy; you showed me that it was possible to have wonderful sex without being in love. Little by little you taught me that sex, and love, really are two different things. You took me to Palm Springs and we played with another couple, at least a little and that was OK too. You fulfilled my fantasy of being with a woman; something that I really didn’t think would ever happen. You came to Dallas and we played at the office, another fantasy I’d have never fulfilled…”

“You know, three years ago if you’d told me that today I would have seduced a 21 year old virgin and be having an affair with him and teaching him how to be a lover and take care of a woman — I’d have probably slapped you and surely would have laughed at you in that there was no way I was going to be having sex with someone that I didn’t love. Love came first; or, at least, the perception of love.” Rolling over onto her side where she could look me in the face, her head resting on my arm, she said “Do you love me?”

Oh shit. The “L” word.

All kinds of things went through my mind. Should I play it off that I didn’t understand? Should I tell her about the ambiguity of the word “Love” in şişli otele gelen escort English — how we can “love” our pizza, make “love”, “love” our dog, “love” our parents, “love” baseball or football or golfing, “love” popcorn or sex — or our significant other and that all of those “loves” have a different nuance of understanding? Should I tell her how the Greek’s had five different words that meant the same thing as our one word “Love?” All of those things flashed through my head in the three seconds before I told her that no, I didn’t love her. But I didn’t say it like that; I said “I adore you, Gloria; we’re kindred souls. I love being with you, making love with you – we have fun when we’re together… but I’ve only ever truly loved one woman in my life. I don’t reach for her in bed when I wake up anymore, but no matter the day, I wake up with a love for someone that will never be there again.”

But she already knew that.

“Debs was a lucky woman.” It was all she said for a minute or so, finally beginning again. “I’ve known that from almost the beginning. The way you talk about her, the way you obviously still miss and adore her. And truthfully, I recognize that I don’t love you either, not as the one and only soul mate for me. I’m greatly infatuated with you, if things were different and we lived in the same city and you asked me to move in with you — I’d do it in a heartbeat. If you asked me to have an exclusive sexual relationship with you, I’d do that in a heartbeat. But that you’ve given me the freedom, actually encouraged me, to have an affair with a 21 year old former virgin — has helped me to realize there’s more to life than a fantasy white knight that’s probably never going to show up. You know, I don’t love Ronnie either, it’s been fun, but it won’t be long and he’ll be finding a girlfriend and he’s going to be a wonderful lover thanks to you.

“Thanks to me?” I questioned.

“If it hadn’t been for you, if you hadn’t taught me to know what I needed, I wouldn’t have been able to teach him what I needed, or what other women need. But you should see him — his self-confidence has absolutely exploded over the last couple of months. He was a boy before, but not anymore. I’ve heard some of the younger girls talking about him at work, he’s becoming quite desirable and they have no clue why. If I let it go on, one of these days he’d come by telling me that he’s found someone — but I’m going to cut it off before then. He’ll do fine now.”

“You’ve been seeing him quite often?” I queried. Although I knew she’d had an affair with him I didn’t, until now, know whether it was ongoing or a thing of the past.

“Are you kidding? He’s been over just about every weekend for two months now – I swear he’s virtually insatiable; he can just keep going and going. I have to send him home on Sundays just so I can walk on Monday!”

“So now you’ve practically got a live-in lover,” I teased. Gloria looked up at my eyes again, realizing that I was teasing.

“I’ve got a practically live in student lover,” She teased right back. “But I still need my weekends with the “Master.” Having sex with him has opened my mind even more though. Remember back last year when we were with Mary and Steve in Palm Springs and we flew to your house with them and they wanted to fuck us? If I hadn’t been there, would you have fucked Mary?”

“If you hadn’t been there, I never would have met Mary.”

“Oh, good answer! I know that. But if you were in the situation where you met Mary, and she let you know that you could fuck her if you wanted — would you have held back?”

“Probably not,” I answered, “or then again — maybe. It’s not that simple. I don’t have sex with just any woman because I can; I like to have a relationship of some kind first.” She was quiet for a few moments.

“I’ve thought about it quite a bit since then. And since I’ve been with Ronnie, it’s increased my awareness that sex and love are two different things. I really did find Steve attractive; I’ve wondered many times what it would have been like if we’d had condoms available. I sucked his cock, what really is the difference between having his cock in my mouth and having his cock in my pussy?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “maybe that it’s hard to get pregnant if he comes in your mouth?”

“Very funny,” she giggled, “I can’t get pregnant anymore anyway, but you’re the only one that gets me without a condom.”

“So are you saying if Palm Springs happened today, you would probably have agreed to be with Steve?”

“No, not at all. I’m saying that you’ve made me realize that sex and love are two different things. I can have sex with Ronnie, and teach him how to pleasure me, and I can pleasure him, and we both know it’s really not going anywhere…” she paused, thinking; “or at least I know it’s not. Maybe I ought to make sure he knows that too?”

“Probably a good idea. Have you been letting him spend the night?”

“I’ve been tempted. It’s nice waking up with a man in my bed.” She paused a second and added, “well, at least it is when it’s you.”

“Hmmm, probably not a good idea. My Jenny never let me stay, so I knew it wasn’t love. I lusted after her all the time and at the time I would have called it love. By doing that it forced me to recognize it was just sex, not real love and affection.”

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