Exhibitionism is Risky

Asa Akira

The first time I met Elle I had dropped in to see my cousins, Kelly and Patricia. I’d like to emphasise that they were just my cousins, daughters of my aunt, and I’d known them, like, forever. There was no romantic attachments, they were like a couple of extra sisters. I’d dropped in with goodies for them from my mother and a general greeting from everyone else.

We were having a snack and a drink while they unwrapped their goodies when this delightful young woman wandered into the room. It turns out that this was their housemate, Elle. She was in her early twenties, blond, about five foot six, and a magnificent figure. I was able to make an accurate assessment of her figure because, by some oversight, she had forgotten to get dressed.

Elle didn’t appear to notice me at first, but when she did she didn’t get excited about the state of her attire, or lack of it I suppose I should say, but if anything she stood slightly more erect, thrusting that wonderful bosom out a little more.

“Elle,” Kelly said, “this is our cousin, David. He’s not a boyfriend, and you’re not supposed to walk in naked when there’s a man here.”

“Sorry, Kel,” came this soft little voice, “I didn’t know he was here. But if he’s not a boyfriend it doesn’t matter, does it.”

Then Elle waved vaguely in my direction and swayed out of the room again, showing that the rear view was just as good as the front, and the way she walked should be bottled and sold.

Pat told me that Elle was a very nice young woman, but she was a little bit of an exhibitionist, and had this tendency to walk naked past any new man the cousins brought home.

“And when that happens,” grumbled Kelly, “we find we have to fend our new boyfriends off all night long, because they assume that if Elle walks around like that, then we will too.”

“Can’t you get her to stop?” I asked with a laugh.

“She doesn’t seem able to,” groused Pat. “She’s agreed not to, but she can’t seem to help it. Notice the way she just wandered through to see who you were.”

“You’ll have to be firmer,” I suggested and then switched the subject back to family matters.

The next time I dropped by was a couple of weeks later. This time Elle answered the door, au natural, much to my amusement. She really had a fine figure. Elle showed me into the front room then went to get my cousins, who came in fuming.

“You see what she does,” growled Pat. “She says that you don’t count as you’re not a boyfriend, just a cousin.”

I couldn’t help laughing. It might be annoying for my cousins, but for me it was quite delightful.

“Why don’t you threaten her with some sort of penalty, or warn her of the potential dangers of flashing strangers.”

“We have, but it’s water off a duck’s back. She won’t walk around nude unless one of us is home, so she’s got built-in protection. And she’s a superb housemate apart from this one quirk,” lamented Kelly.

We changed the subject and switched to family matters again. When I went to leave Elle was also departing, so I took the chance to have a word with her while we walked down the path. I politely pointed out that she was upsetting my cousins with her nude antics, and I’d appreciate it if she’d refrain from pulling them.

Elle giggled, and asked, “And if I don’t?”

I smiled and said “Consequences.”

She tossed her head and walked away, and I could hear a trill of laughter float back to me.

My next meeting with Elle and my cousins took place the next weekend. I dropped in with my usual gifts from the parents and Kelly answered the door. Letting me in we went through to ortaköy escort the front room and Elle and Pat were both there, both fully dressed.

I duly greeted Elle and she responded, then she flitted out of the room while I settled down with Pat and Kelly for a chat.

Then Elle wandered back in the room, nude, and asked Kelly if she knew where Elle’s new pink bra was. Kelly looked pointedly at me and then back at Elle, who simply waved her hand and said I don’t count. I wasn’t a boyfriend.

I can recognise a challenge when I’m hit over the head with it. I stood, rolled my shoulders to limber myself up slightly and then moved between Elle and the door. I then asked Pat and Kelly if they’d excuse us for a moment as I needed to have a quick word with Elle.

Pat and Kelly looked at me and then over at Elle, who just nodded to them, so they quietly left us alone.

Elle was standing posed so that I could fully appreciate everything she had, and oh, boy, did she have a lot.

“What did you want to talk about?” she asked, her musical little voice sounding like little bells tinkling.

“Consequences,” I said. “You thought I was bluffing but, I’m sorry, you lose. I wasn’t.”

“Really?” Elle purred at me. “So what now? Are you going to kiss me?”

“I don’t think so,” I said thoughtfully. “It seems to me that you’ve had plenty of warnings and they don’t seem to affect you at all, so I thought I’d go for something more meaningful.

Being a gentlemen, I’ll give you a choice. You can bend over that nice armchair so that I can slowly ravish your pretty pussy, or you can bend over my knee so that I can soundly spank your pretty bottom.”

I smiled. “Your call. Of course, if you’re into that sort of thing, I’m quite willing to spank and then ravish.”

Elle was patently shocked at the way the stakes had suddenly risen. Was I bluffing or not? If she promised to behave, would I let it go?

“I could scream,” she said. “Your cousin will come in.”

“True, but I suspect that you’d rather keep this between us,” I returned. “And if they do come, they may approve of my suggestion.”

I received a dirty look for that comment. Elle did want it kept between us. I could see her thinking, looking for an out that wasn’t totally humiliating.

“All right,” she said, capitulating. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

“Thank you,” I returned with a smile. “Um, you realise you still haven’t chosen the consequences?”

“What?” Elle asked indignantly. “I apologised.”

“And I appreciate it, but too late, I’m afraid. Your choice is?”

Now Elle was really glaring at me. “Do you really think I’m going to bend over and let you have sex with me?” she wanted to know.

“Not really,” I said, “which is a pity, but I guess I’ll survive the disappointment.”

I stepped over to the armchair and sat, at the same time reaching out to capture Elle’s arm. A gentle tug and she was sprawled across my lap.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she half yelped at me, shock making her short of breath.

“You ruled out option one,” I pointed out. “That only leaves option two.”

At the same time I brought my hand smartly down on her bottom.

From my point of view it was quite funny. Elle wanted to scream and yell at me, but she didn’t want my cousins barging in to witness what was happening. The result was a series of small frustrated squeaks as I gave her bottom a firm paddling.

I wasn’t being deliberately nasty, just firm. After a quick spanking I just let my hand rest on her bottom for a few moments, making sure otele gelen escort that we both agreed on her future behaviour.

The deal was that Elle would stop flashing my cousin’s boyfriends (and me). I gently reminded her that if she reneged on the deal, option one was still on the table. Somehow or other, my hand had accidently slipped round the curve of her bottom and was gently stroking her pussy, when I reminded her of this. I wasn’t sure how to interpret the wriggle and squeak she gave at that point.

I could hear my cousins talking and guessed they had decided our private time was up. Elle had time to stand and step away from me when Pat and Tracy entered. Elle nodded to me and the girls and excused herself, saying she had things to do. It was a case of exit, stage left.

Pat and Tracy looked at Elle as she left and then turned on me.

“Why is her bottom red?” Pat demanded.

I shrugged helplessly.

“How would I know? Possibly from sitting on a hard chair?”

I got old-fashioned looks from both the girls, but they didn’t mention the subject again.

Oddly enough it was only a few days later that I was back at my cousins’ place. My aunt had dumped some things for them on my mother who dumped them on me with instructions that they were urgently needed and the girls would be waiting for them.

They weren’t. It was Friday night and they were both out. Elle (fully dressed) let me in and directed me to leave the things in the front room. I carried them in and dumped them on the coffee table and turned to leave and there was Elle, standing in the doorway, taunting me.

She wasn’t nude, but she had removed her dress and was standing there in the briefest bra and undies I’d ever seen. For god’s sake, she looked even more naked than she did when fully nude. I assume she was trading on the fact that she wasn’t actually naked.

I just laughed, and said “That counts,” and started towards her.

Elle turned and bolted down the hall and vanished into her bedroom. I strolled down and entered. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, biting her lip and staring at the door, and me.

I glanced at the door and what do you know, a press button on the door handle to let you lock it from the inside. A button the Elle had not pressed, but which I did.

“I’m not naked,” Elle protested. “You said nothing about being in my underwear. We all walk about in bra and panties at time.”

I didn’t even bother to answer that. She knew exactly what she was doing when she took off her dress and she could easily guess my reaction.

I calmly sat next to her on the bed and indicated she should bend across my knee. She sat firm, but didn’t resist when I just took hold of her armed and pulled her across me. With her now lying across my lap, I reached over and unclipped her bra, watching as she let it slip down and off her arms. I then slowly peeled her panties down, pushing them all the way down to her ankles, then off.

“You’re naked now,” I quietly told her.

Then my hand came down on her bottom. She gasped, as my hand landed so lightly she could barely feel it. The tips of my fingers just skittered lightly across her rump, feeling it, tracing the curves and edges of it.

Elle was breathing harder now as I continued tracing her body, using the lightest possible touch. She was being tormented by this little touch she could hardly feel but was agitating nerves wherever it went.

My finger tips raced around her back and then back down to her bottom, drifting casually back and forth across it before drifting otele gelen escort even lower.

Elle’s thighs had moved apart slightly when I had started touching her so lightly. The tormenting little flutter of my fingertips was so different from the spank she’d been anticipating that she’d unconsciously relaxed. Taking advantage of that relaxation my finger tips drifted between her thighs, bringing the lightest possible touch to her lips and inner thighs.

Elle gasped at that touch, legs involuntarily parting more and her bottom lifting slightly, wanting a firmer contact. I deliberately restrained myself, keeping the tight tantalisingly tender. There was so little pressure that if it wasn’t for the way her nerves were curling beneath that contact she wouldn’t have been able to say if I’d actually touched her.

I was surprised at how fast Elle became excited. She must have been anticipating something happening between us and now her body was shouting for attention. Even with the light touch I was using her labia had swollen and parted slightly, inviting me in.

I moved Elle from my knees to her bed, laying her on her back, and my fingers started their little dance across her breasts, down over her tummy and onto her mons. Elle was slowly twisting about now, trying to anticipate where that touch would land next and trying to move into it.

I let one hand finally make firm contact, cupping and holding Elle’s love mound, squeezing and playing with it, while my mouth now started its own exploration of Elle.

I gently kissed her eyelids, then dropped small kisses over her face before settling on her lips, which were now eager to meet mine. Kissing while my hand played and my fingers probed deeper, then I was drifting down again. My mouth wandered around Elle’s breasts for a while before moving up the edges of her breast, following those gentle upward curves until I latched onto a nipple. A little bite brought a much louder squeal, and I moved over to the other globe. Fair share, after all.

Now I took a few moments to divest my own clothing, while Elle lay there, trembling slightly and watching my every move. She watched fascinated as I slipped on a condom, and then I was positioning myself between her thighs.

I looked at Elle, enquiry obvious on my face, and she nodded, permission granted but hurry it up was the message I got back. Then we were both laughing as she lifted her knees high and wide, reaching down to take me in hand and guide me home.

It was my intention that once I entered Elle I would take my time and treat her to a long slow loving that would eventually culminate in an orgasm for her as well as myself.

You know what they say about plans. To quote the poet ‘The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley’.

As soon as I penetrated Elle everything seemed to explode around us and we were screwing like rabid rabbits. I swear I’m not sure why the bed didn’t collapse under us. Did Elle reach her climax, you ask? Oh, yes. Several times. Me? Ditto.

We just couldn’t seem to control ourselves and we kept at it. Eventually we fell apart and lay there exhausted. I looked over at Elle and she was looking at me. And then we were both laughing again.

I’m not sure what we talked about, but we spend half the night just chatting to each other. Then we slept.

When I woke in the morning Elle was already awake, snuggling close to me and gently stroking me. This time, things went as per my original plan, and I gave Elle a long slow loving. It had to be long and slow. I was still recharging my well drained batteries, but Elle didn’t complain about the result.

The complaints started at breakfast when my cousins figured out what was going on and wanted to nail my hide to the wall. But like I said earlier, they’re like sisters. Every boy learns how to tune out a sister’s complaints early in life. It’s vital for survival.

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