Expanding Horizons Ch. 03


Vickie Bretz was a 51 year old widow that had been alone since her husband Tom tragically passed away two years prior. While she was still friends with their old friends, it was too painful seeing them all living their lives together. She had tried widow groups but they were all filled with old ladies that had given up on life and were happy to just watch life happen. She still wanted to live life and try new things. She had tried out groups for older single ladies but those ladies were cold and bitter because their husbands had left them for a younger model and they just bitched about that.

Tom had been a successful engineer and they had planned for the future. After the accident, Vickie was a rich woman and could live out the rest of her life without a concern. She couldn’t live extravagantly but she also didn’t have to give up anything that they had enjoyed doing together. She had thought about finding a job to occupy her day but couldn’t find anything that interested her. Instead, her mornings were spent working out and most afternoons she was working in her garden. She really enjoyed the house in the country that her and Tom had built. She could just work in her garden all day and just listen to the natural sounds. Other than Hazel, Bob, and the wild animals, she didn’t have any neighbors.

Friday morning Vickie was in the parking lot at her gym and getting everything to walk in when she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the bane of her existence, the adult novelty shop Crystal’s. It had opened a few months earlier and the thought of it turned her stomach. What sort of degenerate would go into a place like that? The only people that she saw leaving there were people slinking to their cars. If this wasn’t the nicest gym around she would go to another one.

As she was midway to the gym door I shouted “Victoria.” She preferred Vickie but I always called her by her given name. She stopped and looked towards the gym but didn’t see anyone and figured she must have been mistaken and went back to walking. I again shouted “Victoria”, and she finally turned her head and saw me walking up to her with a box under one arm and a pink Chrystal’s bag in the other hand. I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed for herself or for me visiting such a place. What would her friends think if she admitted to knowing this miscreant? I was getting a kick out of it

“Friday. Hmmm, as I recall today is your cardio day? You never said what what the exact thing you do to get your heart rate up was? Do you do a treadmill, bike, or something else?”

“Yup, cardio. I used to do the treadmill but I tweaked my knee a month back and have been taking it easy on the stationary bikes. I’m shocked that you remembered. I mean I only said it in passing. What else do you know about me and my schedule?”

“I try my best to remember everything that a beautiful lady says. How do you think I got Hazel, my looks? I was punching above my weight class on that one. What kind of bike do you ride? 60 minutes right?”

Vickie was only half paying attention to what I was saying because she was trying to figure out what sort of box I had under my arm. With the stickers on the box the only thing that was visible were the letters “RNESS” When she realized that I had stopped talking she had to replay what was said and came back with “The upright bike and always 1 hour.”

“I prefer the recumbent, I’ve found that upright ones just hurts my taint. I think that I’m just getting old and fat and there is too much weight pushing down and general friction down there. I must say that you are looking as lovely as ever though. I wish I had half your discipline to stick with a routine to loose this spare tire and get some more stamina.”

Vickie was taken back by my candor and confidence. I was holding a pink bag that everyone could see and didn’t seem to care as I patted my stomach with the hand holding the bag. “Spare tire, what are you talking about? You have a better shape than more that half the guys in the gym.” With this she wanted to disappear. Did Bob think that she was checking him out? While she had noticed me, she was still hung up on Tom and didn’t think that she could ever be with another man. “While I enjoy these talks, I should probably get going and so should you.”

“You should come by tomorrow night for dinner. What time do you think that you will be free?”

“Sounds nice but why don’t you guys come over? I have been doing a ton of work in the yard and want to show it off.”

“Call Hazel tomorrow and figure everything out.” Vickie then stepped in for a parting hug and glanced inside the bag. In the bag was a tube of lube, two boxes with ‘BUTT PLUG’ on the top, and a tall purple box without any writing. As we each turned and went our own direction, I could see that Vickie was deep in thought. Did Hazel know I was getting these things? How could I not be embarrassed out there?

As soon as Vickie reached the door and she got her mind into her workout. As she got on the bike, bahis firmaları she set up the TV and set the routine for 60 and started pedaling.

After 5 minutes she had settled into her routine and the TV she had been watching died. She decided to continue and would just take a mental break. After a short while she started thinking about the earlier interaction. The confidence that Bob had, sure there is nothing wrong with sexual enjoyment but he was broadcasting what he was doing. Is Hazel as showy as he is? Do they both use plugs? What was in that purple box? Then his words started echoing in her ears. She kept hearing “taint” in Bob’s playful voice. She then started to picture both Hazel and Bob together. They made a lovely couple. While they were growing out of the young love birds that had moved into the house ten years ago, they seemed to be growing into nice middle aged couple that complimented each other beautifully. They had invited her over for every holiday after Tom’s passing and made her feel loved. Even coming over on that first Christmas morning in their pajamas to pass out presents to everyone. They especially spoiled her that day with presents. She could picture Hazel drag Bob under the mistletoe to get a quick kiss. And then Bob pulled her back to make it a real kiss. She wasn’t sure if Bob had seen her as he grabbed a handful of Hazel’s meaty ass during that kiss or the light graze that Hazel made on his penis.

As that image passed, she had a stirring vision of Hazel and Bob’s pool from the previous summer as she heard “stamina” and “friction” in Bob’s voice. She opened her eyes trying to clear the image that she didn’t want to relive. She was expecting that the workout was close to being over and that she would be covered in sweat because she could feel her shorts soaking wet but her skin was hardly showing any perspiration and the workout was barely halfway through. It was then that she felt burning in her sensitive skin from the seat. She decided to call the workout short and went home to take it easy.

The following morning, Vickie called Hazel and I overheard half of the conversation. “Hi Vickie, how are you?…I’m fine…Not much, just working around here…Bob didn’t say anything about seeing you yesterday, must have slipped his mind…No, you aren’t being pushy and you aren’t backing out of this…Dinner sounds great, we haven’t done one of these in a month…At your place so you can show off the garden, sounds great…So we will bring the garlic chicken and you’ll make some honey glazed carrots, fresh pasta, and a mixed green salad…Plus you have a bottle of red, sounds like the makings of a good night…See you at 5ish…Bye.”

As soon as Hazel hung up she yelled at me “You actually saw her yesterday, I figured you were pulling my leg. Where at?”

I just looked at her and raised one eyebrow.

“Oh my God. You actually bought that stuff yesterday? Tell me you didn’t have anything when you saw her?”

I again just looked at her a raised one eyebrow.

“Just kill me now. I am so embarrassed, I don’t think that I can look her in the eyes. I’m going to call and cancel.”

“You will do no such thing. She is in need of some company. Plus I could see her stealing glances to see what I had purchased. I think that she feels that I’m just a deviant and probably cheating on you since you are as pure as the driven snow. I could see her getting flush as we talked. Plus she was back home in less than half the time that she normally is for a work out…”

“How do you know how long her workouts are and why would she be getting flushed? She was probably nervous that someone would see you out there.”

“She has always been regimented, always sticking to a schedule. Plus I think that she is or was a ton more adventurous than she let’s on. You didn’t see the look she had when I grabbed your ass under the mistletoe? She looked lustful when compared to the look when you planted the kiss on my face. Let’s see how tonight plays out before we decide our path. O.K?”

“Fine, but don’t fuck this up. She is a sweet old lady.”

As 5:00 was quickly approaching, Vickie was trying to figure how to handle everything. Should she say something in front of both of them to be able to protect Hazel or should she try to Hazel aside and say something. She weighed the options and decided to say something when she got Hazel alone.

On the button, there was a knock at the door and in walked the two of us. Hazel in the lead wearing a light sun dress and me following in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt carrying a plate of delicious smelling chicken.

“Where to you want me to place the Chicken?”

“I’ve already got the table set on the porch just put it out there. Hazel can you come help me for a second?”

“Sure thing but the plate is hot, let me run this coaster out to place the plate on it.”

All night this played out, Vickie continued trying to talk to Hazel without me around but I wouldn’t separate long enough for kaçak iddaa this to happen.

After dinner was done, I realized that Vickie was just about wrapping up her third glass and was feeling it. I was still milking my first one. and Hazel had just poured her second glass. Vickie had just excused herself to get desert when I said “Have you seen her staring at your tits all night? Great call on the dress without a bra. I think that she is probably pretty lubricated from the wine, I’m going to get playful with you and we need to see how she reacts. If it’s playful then we take it up a notch if not then we play it cool. Deal?”

“Fine, but how will I know?”

“After yesterday, you will know.”

Out walked Vickie carrying an apple pie.

“Vickie, is that your famous apple pie? Did you make that for us, today?”

“I couldn’t get fresh apples, but I did buy it for us to enjoy.”

As she set it down I could see that she was losing stability from the wine and I offered to cut and serve the pie. As I was serving Hazel I “accidentally” dropped some on her exposed cleavage. I took my thumb and cleaned it off and said “I love me some good pie” We each saw Vickie staring at her tits as I did this and she licked her lips. I looked suggestively at Hazel and she agreed with me. I then offered Vickie a refill and as the bottle poured empty with barely a sip in her glass and said “Want me to get another bottle?” And disappeared into the house in search and hoped that Hazel would do her part.

No sooner did I reach the kitchen and I could faintly hear the conversation unfold.

“Hazel, I think that Bob is living a double life or something”

“What makes you say that, I mean I don’t think that he has ever strayed?”

“Well the stuff that I saw him with yesterday doesn’t seem to be your style.”

“Like what?”

“Well in his bag were two B-U-T-T P-L-U-G-S.” She took a breath and followed up with “A bottle of lube and I’m not sure what was in the other two boxes but I think one of them is a harness. I mean he must be hooking up with two ladies for those things.”

“He’s never seemed anything but the most faithful man I’ve ever known. He is too smitten with me to stray.”

With that I walked out with the open bottle of wine and could tell that Vickie was judging me but wouldn’t say a thing. Hazel called me over and said “Vickie thinks that you are cheating on me. I mean after the screwing that we did last night, I can’t imagine that you have any energy left for anyone else. Plus she said that you were carrying a harness, didn’t you say that you could only read R-N-E-S-S on the box, how would she know what was in the box?” With that she reached up into the right leg of my shorts and pulled up the leg expose the tip of my cock and started massaging it. “This thing is getting hard quickly, looks like I have some more energy to drain.”

This caused a “OOOOOO” to escape my mouth. After I came to my senses, I took the spaghetti straps off her shoulders of her sun dress and started playing with her nipples and said “Did you see her look when I cleaned your cleavage? I bet that she is half wet already.”

Vickie stammered “What are you doing? You can leave if you are going to do that?”

We could tell that she was faking her disdain. Hazel said “It’s normal to touch those you love, even if it is you that you love. It’s totally natural to do this.”

“Stop that right now and you two can just leave.”

I said “I wonder the last time that you touched yourself? Was it yesterday after you called your workout short by about half? Was that the last time you touched your pussy?”

“No I didn’t. I have never done that. I told you two to…”

“What about that time last summer?

Hazel snapped to attention and asked “What? What about last summer?”

“Vickie, you care to tell Hazel about what you thought of our show? No? Hazel, remember when we fucked in the pool last summer? Well after you orgasmed with your legs wrapped around me, I thought that I heard some branches breaking behind my shop and didn’t think that much of it. That was until you crawled out of the pool and I spread your ass and started rimming you. When I took a break to admire your slobber cover pucker, I saw our neighbor partially hiding behind a tree. It looked like one hand was down her shorts and the other one was massaging her breast. You didn’t think that it was odd when I stopped doing that after such a short amount of time and had you turn and I fucked you doggy with such long slow strokes?”

Hazel said “It never dawned on me about the shift, you know I love doggy. How long did she stay?”

“Ask Vickie, I didn’t want to look over and take my eyes off of your ass. You know I love the look of the ripples as I’m pounding you. Plus I didn’t want to look over there and scare her.” Hazel had never thought about anyone watching them fuck but was getting turned on by this. She pulled me down and we started making out. A stunned Vickie just sat kaçak bahis there frozen and embarrassed.

Hazel, with a sly smile asked “So how long did you watch?”

Vickie stammered with “I didn’t watch.” Her earlier attitude was gone from her voice.

Hazel could see the effect all of this was having and followed up with “Did you see where Bob came?” When Vickie looked down, Hazel knew that Vickie had seen it and followed up with “Did you see what happened after that?”

Vickie couldn’t take any more and said “But I couldn’t orgasm. It always feels like cheating on Tom. I haven’t been able to do it in over two years. I get close and see his face and miss him so much.” That somber statement took all the wind out of our sails. They knew that she was missing Tom but didn’t realize it was still that painful.

Hazel pulled up the straps and walked over to Vickie and gave her a hug. Vickie started to choke up but stopped herself like she had done so many times. Hazel said “Let it out. Stop bottling your emotions up. You need to let it out.” Hazel then started stroking Vickie’s hair. Vickie hadn’t felt this protected in a long time and finally let loose with all the sadness she was holding onto. After Vickie was cried out, she held onto Hazel just breathed.

I said “As much as it pains the us all, Tom isn’t coming back. You realize that while Tom didn’t want to think of you with someone else he didn’t want to see you spending the rest of your life unhappy?” I could tell that Vickie didn’t believe that we actually had this talk followed up with “While your husband was a gentleman he was still a dude. We never got overly graphic talking about our sex lives he told me that he thought your favorite position was reverse cowgirl. He knew this because if you were on the right side of the bed, he could look in the mirror by your bathroom and see you staring at your tits in the reflection of the mirror on the dresser. The orgasms that you had in this position seemed extra powerful.” Hazel turned to Vickie and laughed some which caused Vickie to get embarrassed. To put them on an equal footing I said “While Hazel doesn’t have a truly favorite position, the tell tale sign that she is having a serious orgasm is shaking her hand like she is riding a bronco in a rodeo.” Hazel was startled that I shared this personal moment and she shot a glance at me as Vickie was covering her mouth to hold in a laugh. Bob extending an olive branch to Hazel, “Is there anything that you want to share?”

“Like how I made you cum last night with that strap on?”

Vickie, “You used that on him? I thought only gay dudes were into butt play?”

Me, “Well I’m not gay and in the right position, it is an amazing orgasm. So you are telling us that you don’t have any sex toys? You have had cobwebs in your cooch for two years? We need to fix that?”

Vickie, “What tonight? We can’t go anywhere, we have been drinking.”

Me, “Yes we are doing it tonight. You two have been drinking, not me, which is what our plan was. We knew that we had to get you lubricated to go this far.”

Hazel acting innocent, “That was your plan, I’m as pure as the mouth full of cum that I spit into your mouth that time last summer.”

Vickie’s eye’s bugged out at that. We knew that she hadn’t seen the rest of the show.

Me, “Grab your stuff we are going. We are taking your car by the way.”

Vickie, “We can’t, people will see my car. That is so embarrassing.”

Hazel, “This won’t be your last time going to a sex shop. We will go as a group to take your cherry.”

When we got out of the car at the shop, it looked like Vickie was running to get out of the parking lot but Hazel wasn’t having any part of it and grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her in tight and walked shoulder to shoulder to the door.

As they reached the door, Vickie was waiting for one of us to open the door but we needed her to take this plunge and we refused. As she opened the door, she slinked in embarrassed. We we all walked in I grabbed her shoulders from the back and said “Look up. See all the couples in here. All this is totally normal. You come here when it is lonely people but the nights are totally different. This place is love. While it is kinky, it is people in loving relationships that want enjoyment.”

Vickie looked up and realized that I wasn’t wrong. There were couples walking around looking at stuff. People were proud of their experimentation. The place seemed happy and was well lit.

Me, “Yes some places are skeezy, but if you avoid the places that have the booths in the back, they are clean. Hazel, you want to walk her around to find something?”

Hazel, “Becky can you come here for a second.”

Vickie, “You know her name?”

Hazel, “We aren’t phone buddies but we come here to get new stuff. My friend here needs her first vibrator. Now let’s keep it simple but not too simple. Say over $50 and under $100. Let’s look for silicone and one with rechargeable batteries. Any other suggestions?”

Becky, “Any other things you are looking for or want to avoid? Any colors?”

Hazel, “Black, she wants a big black cock.” This caused Vickie to want to die on the spot. “Nah, nothing to add.”

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