Extra Biochemistry Tutorials


I rang the doorbell and a dog started barking. It was not a yap but the deep woof of a large dog. I was calling on Mrs Evans for some private tuition in biochemistry. Earlier in the year I had been ill for a fortnight when my class had been taught the basics of biochemical pathways. When I came back to College I found I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on. My parents had arranged with Mrs Evans to give me some help to catch up. I waited and the dog went quiet but nobody answered the door so I rang again and this set the dog off again. I then heard a female voice shhing the dog to stop the noise. A door bolt rattled and a lady open the door.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Ben. Coming for some extra biochem.”

“Yes of course,” she replied, “Is it 3.30 already? I was out in the garden and forgot the time. I am Clare Evans. Do come in.”

She was a lady of about 40 or so, dressed in a loose T-shirt over some rather short shorts and bare feet. I felt rather overdressed in my college shirt, tie and grey trousers that my mother had insisted I wore. She opened the door and stood back motioning for me to come in. She had a friendly smiling face with shoulder length brown hair held back with a band over her head. I had just stepped into the narrow hallway when a large sandy coloured dog came bounding down the hall with its tail wagging furiously. I was so surprised that I accidentally fell against Mrs Evans who caught me. I was very embarrassed that there I was pressed up against her chest while she held my arm and my face brushed against her hair.

“Oh I am so sorry,” I said trying to regain my balance. I was very aware of the soft firmness of her breasts and a faint smell of sweat and a floral fragrance as she gently pushed me upright.

“Bruno behave!” she said sternly, then turning to me said: “Just let him lick your hand and he will be your friend for life. He is only two years old and wants to play with everybody he meets. Are you OK?”

“Yep, I am fine. Sorry about that.”

“No probs, Ben. Why don’t you go into the dining room and I will just have a quick wash and be with you in a moment. There are some books I put out for you on the table. Have a look and see what you think.”

With that she opened a door from the hall as she when off to freshen up. I sat down a table and started to look through one of the books. Bruno came with me and nestled his paw on my thigh inviting me to stroke him.

After only a few minutes Mrs Evans came back – she had redone her hair and taken the headband out.

“I see you two are making friends. Bruno is a lovely beast. My husband, Harry, is away quite a bit and I think of Bruno as my protector and best friend. Do you have a dog?”

” Not now. We did have one when I was small but it was run over by a van and since then, somehow we didn’t want to get another.”

“Now Bruno go and lie down,” she ordered, and he slunk off to lie on the rug in the window, which overlooked the garden.

“We use this book at College” I said lamely as she sat down next to me. We began to go through the book. I was very conscious that her bare thigh was pressed against mine as she was sitting very close to me. We had a number books open and spread over the table as she started to explain the basics of biochemistry. Occasionally she would reach across me to find a diagram in one of the books in front of me. Each time she did I could feel the side if her breast rubbing against my arm. I began to get the idea that she was doing this on purpose and I found it a bit distracting from revision, but surprisingly arousing.

Towards the end of the hour she was looking for a couple of questions for me to do before our next session.

“Perhaps they over here,” she said getting up and bending over a number of piles of books on the floor.

She knelt down with her back to me as she searched for the items. The shape of her bottom was very obvious and the crutch of her shorts divided the two checks of her well-rounded ass. Bruno came padding over and started to join in her search.

She didn’t react immediately as I thought she might but seemed to pause and then turned her head and said in a soft voice, “Please Bruno, stop and sit down”.

The dog sat down behind her and as she turned round she fondled his ears then came back to the table with a photocopied sheet.

“Have a go these two. And why don’t you wear something a bit more informal and comfortable our next session. You look rather hot and flustered in that uniform.”

I got up from the table and collected my bits before thanking her for a very helpful session. Now I was beginning to understand the biochem.

“I am glad you are finding this interesting,” she said, ” I will see you out”.


It was a steaming hot afternoon when I arrived for the second session dressed this time in T shirt and baggies. I rang the bell and almost immediately Mrs Evans showed me in. She was wearing casino siteleri a blue short-sleeved blouse with quite a deep neckline, which showed the swell of the tops of her breasts, the same shorts and bare feet as last time.

“Oh that looks better and much more suitable for today,” she said, smiling, with a heavy emphasis on ‘much’.

There was no sign of the wicked Bruno. We settled down to the books as before. Again her bare thigh was pressing against mine and the weather was so hot our skins were sticking together. I was finding it difficult to concentrate and getting aroused by the energy flowing across our thighs. We were trying to sort out how mitochondria work, and I was getting confused.

“I have a really helpful diagram somewhere here,” she said getting up and rifling through a book or two.

She pushed the book across the table, leaning over as she did. I couldn’t help but look straight down the gaping neck of her blouse at her tits, which were hanging beautifully surrounded by the blue cotton of her blouse. She stood up and looked hard at me while I blushed deep red.

“There is a much clearer one in another book,” she said, as she returned to hunting through the pile.

She straightened up pulling the back of her blouse down and again pushed the book over to me. This time she leant over and pointed out the diagram and various details in it. My eyes, however, were down her blouse where even more of her breasts were showing. Despite her age she was just so arousing, with those soft rounded mounds only a couple of feet in front of me.

“Ben, I am not sure which aspects you are looking at.” she spoke more sternly, looking straight into my eyes. Hers were a deep hazel colour, I noticed and she seems to look at me so intensely.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Mrs Evans. Yes this one is an excellent diagram.” I replied, getting a little flustered.

“Please call me Clare, and I am still not sure what you are looking at.” she smiled with a slightly amused look, keeping her position to show off a little longer.

Then she then stood up and asked if I would like a cold drink – which I gladly accepted.

Bruno came in while Clare was in the kitchen. He came up for his welcome pat on the head and he then ran off into the garden through the open French windows.

“Ben is Coke OK?” she shouted through.

“Yes please that would be great.”

She came back with a tray with two glasses of Coke.

“I am sure you could do with something to cool you down,” she said with that infuriating way she had.

I didn’t know whether she meant the double meaning or how to respond so I dumbly just said thanks.

She sat down next to me and reached across me for a book and her breast again pressed against my bare arm. She seemed to pause a little longer than was necessary and I could feel tingles running up my arm from the closeness of the beautiful tits I had been looking at a minute or so before. We got on with the session but I was getting hotter in more than one sense.

I suddenly felt Bruno’s wet paws on my shorts, leaving them wet and muddy.

“Oh I am sorry Ben.” she said, “Bruno is so friendly! Now, Bruno, out! Let me get a cloth to wash you down.”

With that she ushered Bruno out into the room and shut the door behind her. Moments later with a bowl and a flannel.

“Why don’t you sit down and I will wipe up this mess. He is such a naughty boy and needs a lot of exercise.”

So I sat down with my legs apart as Clare knelt between my knees. It suddenly felt so embarrassing that I was opening my legs to her and she was kneeling so close to me. She squeezed out the sponge, and gently sponged the inside of my thighs. It felt so amazing as she rinsed off the mud, holding my leg as she worked on me. I could see right down her blouse to her gorgeous cleavage and her black bra.

She looked up at me and again caught me and smiled: “I think you rather like the view down that valley.”

I blushed again and couldn’t think of anything to say. “That looks as if it has got the worst off,” she smiled towelling my leg dry, “but there looks to be something here which might need wiping soon,”

And with that she put her flat palm on the obvious swelling in my shorts and ruffled it in much the same way she had done to Bruno’s head.

“Oh! Clare,” I gasped in pleasure, my hand reaching out to stroke her hair, “You sure surprised me then!”

“Oh! Ben.” she said, mimicking my voice. “I have a surprise for you too, as the central heating service man is coming any minute now. Now our next session, could it be about six-ish as I can’t manage the afternoon tomorrow?”

She stood up now, and I could see the gorgeous swell of her breasts, and even the distinctive shape of her nipples pushing forward under her blouse. Her shorts seemed so tight too, disappearing in folds between her legs.

“That’s fine by me,” I replied, “This will be our last session won’t it?” I said failing to keep a sad note out of my voice.

I slot oyna stood up, gathering my things together and hoping she hadn’t seen the prominent bulge in my shorts as my cock pushed up hard.

“Well you have caught up with the biochemistry on the syllabus,” she smiled, looking me up and down, “but if I can help you with any other topic just give me a call.”

She moved towards the door, so I followed, then she turned, ruffled my hair and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“You have got those questions to do for tonight, haven’t you?” she whispered

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Bruno started his barking again. “Must the engineer and he is on time!” Clare said, leading the way out of the dining room.

I followed close behind, her scent acting like a magnet to me. She paused by the door and leant back against the wall.

“Well goodbye till tomorrow!” she smiled.

I don’t know why I did what I did, but I just reached out to put a hand on her shoulder, then pecked her on the cheek, the same way she’d kissed me.

She smiled and her eyes twinkled as she looked me full in the face.

“Lightly, Ben lightly,” she said, “and I’m afraid you need to be off now, as the central heating man can’t wait.”

She moved to open the door before opening it to let me out. The service engineer was standing on the step and he moved aside to let me pass.

“See you tomorrow, Clare.” I said brightly while trying to fathom out what she had meant by ‘Lightly’ and indeed all the other events of the afternoon. The biochem I could now deal with but not Clare. Had she really touched my crutch and given me a kiss? Was it my imagination or had she really made those comments about me looking at her tits?

That night I tried to concentrate on the biochem problems but my mind kept wandering back to the events of that amazing hour. Well it was amazing to a lad whose experience of women amounted to some inconclusive fumblings with a couple of girls. Could it really be that Clare was coming on to me? What might happen if she was? My mind raced on to imagining the soft skin of her face against mine wrapped in a long passionate kiss as I traced the outline of her blouse on the full swell of her breasts, of delving beneath the fabric to cup the lace and warm firmness of those gorgeous soft mounds. My hand dropped to my leg where she had carefully washed and dried Bruno’s licking. It moved up to ruffle the flies of my shorts as she had done and then I couldn’t help but let it move inside to stroke my very hard tool. If only Clare was doing this now!

In bed that night I again rehearsed how Clare had behaved and relived my fantasy and released my tension imagining Clare’s hands were slowly working me up towards a fantastic orgasm.


The following day went very slowly trying to occupy myself with practical jobs to keep my mind away from what I hope might happen tonight. At the end of the afternoon I took a long shower and carefully shaved. I chose quite a smart short sleeved shirt, cut-offs and my best pair of boxers. I opted for a little aftershave and underarm spray, not wanting her to find any fault in my grooming.

It got to time to leave when I realised I hadn’t finished the last question for Clare. Too late now so I just packed my papers, said “Cheers” to my father telling him I was off to see Mrs Evans. He hardly looked up from the newspaper. My heart was pumping away and I had a slightly sick feeling in my stomach.

“This is ridiculous,” I said to myself. “you are going for a tutorial on the TCA cycle and not out with some hot date.” I was not sure what a hot date was but it sounded right, and somehow felt like she was

As I walked up the path to Clare’s house my legs felt like jelly and I was glad I had used the deodorant because I could feel sweat trickling down my arm pits despite the cool of the evening. Bruno started up as soon as I pinged the bell. Clare opened the door almost immediately and motioned for me to come in.

“My Ben! Have you got a date later tonight?” she teased.

I blushed furiously and mumbled “Nope.”

“I am highly honoured then,” she said smiling her enigmatic smile. “Lets go through.”

As I came into the dining room Bruno came bouncing up, tail wagging and I stroked his head as he nuzzled against the outside of my thigh. Clare was arranging her things on the table.

She was wearing a pale blue round-neck cardigan with the top three buttons undone. I could not see the straps of a bra as she bent over the table, and her breasts moved gently as she moved. No bra today? My heart beat even faster as I imagined her breasts naked against the soft wool. Her skirt was long and a kind of wrap round in a light cotton with a dark blue pattern. As usual, no shoes. Having welcomed me, Bruno turned to Clare and tried to put his paws on her skirt.

“Give me a hand with him please.” she said, “I don’t know what has got into him tonight”.

I canlı casino siteleri grabbed the fur on his shoulders and tried to pull him away but he lunged forward and I could feel the back of my hands between Clare’s smooth thighs under her skirt. She had bent over me and the soft wool of the cardigan brushed against my ear and cheek. I pulled again and he came out. Clare straightened her skirt.

“Are you OK?” I asked as she pushed the dog out into the garden.

“Fine, it’s just that he has been in a really playful mood all afternoon. He seems to be able to sense things in the air you know. I blame your aftershave!” She said laughing.

Her face was flushed and she brushed her hair away from her face as she sat down and patted the chair next to her for me to sit.

“Let’s make a start. How did you get on with the questions last night?”

“I did the first easily but I am sorry I haven’t finished the second one.”

“Was it too hard or couldn’t you concentrate?”

“No, not too hard…” I couldn’t finish the sentence and again blushed at the implication of what I’d said.

Clare nudged me with her elbow. “I understand. I found last evening a bit difficult to settle to anything so I had a long soak in a hot soothing bath when the repair man had gone. I find that really does relieve tensions, don’t you?”

I mumbled something and got out my essays.

She seemed pleased with what I had managed to do on the problems and we went through the end of the incomplete one. We then started on the next topic. She had asked me to explain what I thought was happening with the enzymes in one part of the cycle. I launched into this as best I could.

I looked over to Clare, as he thigh brushed against mine. She leaned back in her chair and began to stretch, putting her hands behind her head. As she did her breasts were pushed out against the thin wool of her cardigan and her cleavage showed at the open neck. I thought I could just make out the outline of her nipples too, and found it difficult to focus on what I was saying.

“Oops! Sorry to put you off,” she smiled, “I have a hard day and my back aches a bit on these chairs.”

“I give my Mum a neck rub when her back hurts. Would you like to see if it helps you?” I said, surprised by my own boldness.

She nodded so I got up and stood behind Clare and began to gently massage the skin of muscles of her neck that run up to the base of her head, moving from the soft wool of her cardigan to the smoothness of her skin under her hair.

“Umm feel’s great,” she murmured, “But the pain is in the shoulders, a bit lower down.”

She leant forward and I dropped my hands on to her shoulders again stroking the soft wool of her cardigan. I tried to find the right places but massaging the wool was different from her skin. Her skin was cool but the wool seemed to give off heat and yet moved easily against her underlying skin. As my hands moved to her shoulders I realised I was right – there were no bra straps, just smooth skin.

“How is that?” I asked, “I can’t get any lower because of the high back of the chair.”

“You have got a great technique,” she replied, “That has helped a lot but I think we had better get on now. Perhaps you could give me another treat before you leave.”

“Was that light enough?” I asked pointedly, remembering her words of yesterday.

“What do you mean? Oh yes, I remember. I’ll explain that later. Now let’s not be distracted any more!”

I was now well and truly aroused, but tried to hide my hard on as I sat down again next to her. She smiled and put her arm round me and squeezed me against her breast. I could feel the warm soft fuzziness of the wool against my bare arm. It felt different from yesterday, the breast moved easily but I could still feel the swelling firmness.

“Come on then – and because it is the last session I have put some wine in the fridge to cool so we can relax after all this work. A kind of reward for trying so hard. Do you fancy that?”

“That would be great.” I said turning back to the books but in a turmoil wondering about the implications of Clare’s invitation. Would my fantasy be played out?

We worked away for the next half an hour. We sat close together as on the other sessions. Clare’s leg pressed against mine. I became aware after a while that the skirt had slipped off and I could feel the skin of her thigh against mine. I stole a quick peek down and saw that the wrap over was not only showing all her leg but also a side of her lacy dark blue knickers.

“Keep your mind on the task for another five minutes!” came from a pretend gruff voice beside me.

“Sorry Clare I though I had dropped something.”

“Rubbish,” she said laughing. “You haven’t, not yet anyway. Back to work!” With that she stroked my bare arm and briefly put her head on my shoulder.

We rounded off the enzyme dynamics and Clare began to clear up her books and papers while I did the same with mine. She picked hers up and went over to the bookcase and bent over to put them back on the shelves and again the slit in her skirt opened revealing her leg well up her thigh. She gathered it together as she opened the door and in bounced Bruno trying to jump up again.

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