Face Wash in the Shower


I am not what you call a good girl, not by any stretch of the imagination but especially in the bedroom. I like to try everything and anything, literally anything you want I’m up for it. I like to please a man. I like to watch his face as I wrap my full lips around his thick long cock. I’ve always been a giver, so one day I decided to give a sexy surprise to a friend of mine…

I live in some dull University halls, dull and boring. It was a six bedroom corridor mixed girls and boys, we all have our own bathroom but share a kitchen. Well I knew that this one particular day it was just me and Alex in the corridor, everyone else had seminars. Alex was a quiet kind of boy, the kind that wouldn’t shock you if they did something bad. He definitely had his secrets. I propped my bedroom door open and went into the shower, leaving the bathroom door open. As the hot water started running over my body my hands travelled up and down me, I put a small helping of body wash on my hand and started massaging it onto my skin and that’s when I saw him.

Alex was trying to hide in the crack of my open door, he was watching me.

I continued to wash my body, letting my hands travel up and down my body, then I let my hands find my nipples, I started to fondle with them, my mouth dropped and then my eyes closed. I heard the unbuckle of a belt and I knew Alex had şişli rus escort started to pleasure himself so I opened my legs a little wider for him, to tease him. I kept one hand on one nipple and let my other hand slowly travel down my body until it found my pussy. I started to play with myself, flicking my little clit and then I started to moan.

Alex wasn’t making it a secret that he was there now, although he was still hiding his gentle moans and heavy breathing gave him away.

I turned my back on him and pressed one hand against the shower wall to steady myself as I continued to finger my sweet pussy.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed as I came.

I opened my eyes and turned around, looking directly at Alex. His eyes widened.

“Are you coming to join me?” I asked.

His mouth dropped open slightly.

“Come on big boy, show me what you’ve got.” I said and bit my lip.

Alex quickly removed his trousers and came into my room, shutting the door behind him.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“You were way too obvious.” I replied looking down at the big, thick cock.

He smirked as he noticed my eyes widen slightly.

“You gonna show me what you got?” I ask.

“Why don’t you lay back on that bed and let me do the work?” He asked.

I smiled.

“A man in control.. şişli türbanlı escort I like it.” I said.

“No one can ever know about this, okay?” He asked.

He started to show some nerves.

“Listen, let’s make a deal. If we enjoy this, we become friends with benefits. If we don’t, then we never mention this again.” I said.

“Okay but if we’re friends with benefits we should have each other whenever we want.” Alex said.

“Obviously. Now let’s seal the deal.” I giggled.

I walked over to the bed and Alex pushed me so I fell down onto it. I turned over so I lay on my back.

“No, on all fours like a good girl.” Alex ordered.

I got on all fours.

“You should know I’m not a good girl.” I told him.

“Oh… but you’re my good girl now aren’t you?” He asked.

I felt him climb up behind me, putting his hands on my arse cheeks and spreading them. Then I felt his face brushing against my arse, his nose sliding down the crack.

“Are you going to be my good girl?” He asked.

He pressed his nose against my clit making me arch my back and gasp in shock.

“I’ll be whatever the hell you want me to be.” I gasped.


He stuck his tongue straight into my pussy causing me to cry out. He swirled it round and round making me want şişli ucuz escort to pant. He continued this sweet pleasure for some time before removing his tongue and replacing it with a finger.

“Move back and forth.” He ordered.

I did what he said and moaned as I felt an orgasm building as his finger pumped in and out of my pussy.

“I need to come.” I moaned.

“Then come for me.” He ordered.

I felt one of his hands reach up and pinch my nipples causing me to fall over the edge, I screamed as my orgasm rocked my body.

“Now lie on your back.”

I turned myself over and laid on my back. Alex then put his knees on either side of my head and rested his cock against my cheek.

“Open wide.” He smirked down at me.

I opened my mouth and he moved so he started to face fuck me.

His long thick cock filled my mouth up, I was struggling to breathe but this feeling was incredible. His balls were slapping against my chin. He started grunting and his face tightened.

“I’m gonna come over that slutty face!” He grunted.

He took his cock out and started pumping it over my face.

“You liked me watching you shower didn’t you? Tell me how much you liked it.” He grunted.

“I loved you watching me wash my body and finger myself. I was imaging you joining me and fucking me in the shower.” I said.

Just as I said that Alex let out a final grunt and I felt his warm cum cover my face, I closed my eyes as it splattered over my entire face and hair.

When he was finished Alex collapsed next to me.

“Wanna fuck in the shower next?” He panted.

I looked at him and we both laughed. Who knew…

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