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So here I am ready to meet this young man for the first time face to face after many, many phone calls, text messages and some of the nastiest emails I’d ever received. I’m 47 and he was 29. Within the first couple of exchanges with each other, we sent pics of our bodies and details about our desires. During our first phone call, we expressed our mutual physical attraction for each other. He immediately shared with me what he liked and asked me in detail about what satisfied me.

“What gets you off? Having your pussy eaten out? Riding dick?”

“Mmm…I definitely know how to get mine riding a thick, hard, big dick. But having my pussy eaten right is something that I love but have rarely have had done well.”

“Hmmm. You ain’t been with the right dude then. I’m gonna tear that pussy up. Can’t wait to taste that pussy and eat it so right til you squirt in my mouth. But what I really want to do is lick your ass.”

“Wow (laughing softly)…we gon go there right away huh? I like the way you come at me.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like having your asshole licked?!”

“I can’t say I’ve ever had a truly pleasurable experience. It’s okay but not one of the things on top of my list. You know what I mean?”

“Nah. I can’t say I do. Babe, I know you been with the wrong dudes. I can’t wait to have you sit on my face so I can lick your ass until you cum.”

“OK. We’ll see.”

“You better believe we will! What about anal? You into anal?”

“My God! You just go there don’t you? (Laughing openly now — this man is so bold but his direct approach turns me on!). I definitely have not had good experiences with anal. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve let myself even try it. I ain’t found a man that knows his way around back there and there have definitely been times when I’ve been hurt. Shit- the last time I tried it, I asked him to slow down and then to pull out because it hurt. That definitely is not something I am going to want to try again anytime soon…But I suppose you think you can show me different?”

“If you don’t want to try anal, I get that. But I would like you to let me show you how good it could really be. I definitely won’t hurt you. We can try it and if you say stop, believe me Babe, I’ll stop. I want you to feel as good as I do – and I won’t hurt you.”

“You know I wanna believe you could show me a good time, but honestly, I am thinking of the pic of your dick and getting worried. You have a long, thick black dick and my asshole is not used to having anything in there let alone a dick the size of yours….but we can try.”

“Don’t worry Babe, you call the shots. But I know you’re gonna love it.”

“So Babe, you gonna let me suck that dick of yours?”

“Mmm..You like to suck dick huh? Or do you just do it because you think it’s what I want?”

“Oh no Babe, I’ve been longing to put that big black dick in my mouth since the first time I saw it. I’m gonna suck you off so good all you’re gonna be able to do is stand back, hold on and enjoy the ride.”

“Hold on to what,your hair or head? (laughing..)”

“Either or Daddy – whatever is in reach. Trust me you won’t be worrying about whether you’re grabbing my head or my hair (now I’m the one laughing)”

“Do you deep throat?”

“You’re pretty thick and long, but I can handle quite a bit. I can’t wait to suck you til you cum.”

“And I can’t wait to nut in your pretty mouth….”

Now here we are…There’s my tall, dark, gorgeous, Adonis. The intensity in his eyes reflected the same passion as his voice and words did in all the nasty, freaky things he had told me we were going to do when we finally got at each other. I stepped off the escalator and walked toward him. He walked toward me and closed the space between us in two steps. And then he hugged me…his arms pulled me so close that my lungs were immediately filled with the scent of his cologne and natural essence. As he wrapped his arms more tightly around me, I felt his hands run the length of my back from my neck, down my back, squeezed my waist and finally rested on my hips. My knees felt weak and I had to steady myself by placing my hands behind his neck. Our lips found each other and we kissed.

That kiss — oh God that kiss! His lips covered my mouth completely and I immediately felt his tongue thrust its way into my mouth and found mine. He pulled my head toward his and I felt my head spin as I melted into his arms and felt the strength behind his lips. We kissed with a hunger for all the things we knew we came together to do with each other. I felt the blood rush from my head to my toes. My pussy was swollen, wet and aching to be fucked by this man.

“Hey Babe. It’s really good to see you. Let me look at you.”

As I stepped back, he looked at me from head to toe with a look of pure desire in his eyes. ‘Damn. Your fine mama. Now turn around and let me look at that ass.”

Without hesitation I stepped back and turned slowly letting him have time to see the curve of my breasts, see the illegal bahis fullness of my hips and finally rest his eyes on my ample ass.

“Like this Babe? (laughing…)”

“Oh yeah Babe. Just like that. Let’s go – I need to get some right now.”

The short ride to our hotel seemed like an eternity to drive. It was nice to see he had already checked in so we simply headed straight for the elevator and up to our room. The man that happened to be in the elevator with us was sure to either be offended or intrigued by our inability to resist pawing and feeling on each other. As much as I tried to maintain a sense of decorum, I was unable to contain my desire for him and he obviously was struggling to keep himself from taking me right there in front of that lucky bastard riding up the 23 floors with us. When we reached our suite, he had a few surprises waiting for us.

“Come on in Babe and let’s see how much you really want to do this.” He said this as he locked the door behind us and pushed me up against the wall. He placed one hand on my shoulder and wrapped his hand firmly around the base of my neck while he grasped my wrists tightly and held them over my head with his other hand. He kissed me with an intensity that was primal and left me breathless. It was all I could do not to lose my mind. Every time I tried to free myself from his grasp in hopes of pulling him close to me, he tightened his grip on my wrists, pushed me more firmly into the wall and pressed his hips into mine effectively pinning me and rendering me defenseless. I could do nothing but submit, stand there and receive. He was manhandling me and it was driving me into a state of frenzy.

It felt like he was trying to devour me with his kiss, my body was on fire and I found myself giving in to every unspoken command he was dictating…He laughed a knowing laugh as he saw me slide down the wall as I lost control of the aching pulsing through my body. He forcefully pulled me back up by my wrists — and it caused a delightful pain that caught my attention.

“Look at me.” His hand was now wrapped firmly around my neck and he bent down to be nose to nose with me. “Daddy, you’ve got me losing my mind!”

“Shut up and look at me!”

He stared at me dead in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity. I stood there mesmerized…it took me a minute to realize he had released my wrists and was working on lowering the zipper of my jeans.

“Take those off.”

He suddenly released me and walked toward the bar. I reached down and slid out of my jeans. As I stood there in my thong, he walked back with a glass of ice and a drink for me.

“I made you something to help you relax. Drink it, don’t drink, its up to you. But its here if you want it.”

“Thank you Da…”

“Did I tell you to speak?”

I had to laugh — I wasn’t used to anyone demanding let alone commanding me to do or not do anything. I took a long drink of the sweetest vodka chilled to the perfect temperature. He obviously took notes on what I liked. This turned me on so much to think of what else he took notes of about what I liked…couldn’t wait to see where we were going next. He was now sitting in the arm chair which he had moved to the middle of the room.

“Put that drink down and come here.”

I took one last drink and walked over to him. He stood up and reached out to take my blouse off. He stepped back and lost his composure for a second as he caught a full glimpse of me standing there in my bra, thong and heels.

“Damn baby, what you got on? You wear that just for me?”

I smiled slyly and pushed him back into the chair. His smile told me he was intrigued. Without saying a word, I reached between his knees and spread his legs open. He was now waiting to see where I was gon go with this and that’s exactly what I wanted. I turned my back to him and stuck my ass out toward him. He grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way back until his face was literally in my ass. There I was in the middle of the suite, lights on, clothes off, bent over, hands on my knees, his hand holding me firmly in front of him and his tongue so far in my ass I felt like I was gonna cum right then and there.

“Damn daddy, what are you doing to me?”

Without stopping what he was doing, he smacked my ass HARD to tell me to shut up. And it gave me a perverse pleasure to feel the sting of that smack. Just as I felt myself ready to cum, he sat back, pushed me forward and stood up. What the fuck?!?!

“Baby you CAN’T stop now. Please daddy that feels so good.”

“So you don’t like having your ass licked huh?” His laugh was perverse and knowing and I didn’t care.

“Get over here.” He pulled me with him to the couch where he had placed the glass of ice that had slightly melted now.

“Lay your ass down and spread your legs.”

I was on that couch with my legs spread wide ready to receive whatever he had waiting for me.

“Take off your bra, let me see your tits. Yeah that’s it, damn you got some pretty titties.”

As illegal bahis siteleri I lay there breathless, he took the glass of melted ice water and dribbled it slowly over my nipples. They stood at full attention aching to be sucked. But instead he took some of the ice and stuck it in his mouth. As I lay there squirming, my back arched, he unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and started to pull his wifebeater over his head. I let out a low yet audible gasp as I saw his perfect form standing in front of me. Here he was, this man I had fantasized about so many nights right here in front of me. My Godd his body was incredible! His shoulders and arms were massive and narrowed down to those phenomenal abs that he obviously worked so hard to maintain. He smiled and stopped for a minute to let me take it all in then continued to take off his clothes the whole time rolling the ice around in his mouth. He chomped on a few pieces and drops of the ice cold water splashed on my flesh that was now red hot burning with passion. I instinctively sat up to get closer to him as he started to unbutton his jeans. I reached out to undo his zipper and much to my delight he did not resist. I stopped for a second before pulling them down then reached around and slid them slowly off his ass and down his powerful thighs. The sight of his dick took my breath away. I looked up at him, bit my lower lip and asked “Daddy, can I taste you please?”

This mother fucker shook his head and laughed “Not yet baby. I’m not done with you yet. Now lay your ass back on that couch.”

I was crazed with desire now…I lay back into the couch again and ran both my hand through my hair in desperation as he started to lean over me.

“Oh you go pout huh? You want what you want when you want it huh? Well that ain’t happening tonight. Go ahead pull your hair, here I’ll help you.” And he did, has he lost his motherfuckin mind?!?! Shit who am I kidding, I was totally getting off on this man being in total control of me. This is what I’d never had and I realized I really wanted and needed. He pulled my head back by my hair so that my back was arched all the way back and my chest was exposed and open to him. He took some more ice in his mouth and wrapped his lips around my now fully erect nipple. I thought my body would explode as the sensation of the cold of the ice and him sucking on my nipples hit me. Just as I was ready to cum again, his sucking became more intense and then — HE BIT ME — HARD. The pain was intense but I loved it.

“Damn! That hurt!”

“You want me to stop?” He knew the answer.

“No don’t. But damn that hurts so good!”

He took his time teasing my body with the ice, his tongue and his hands. He knew what he was doing and was reading me like a book. He would take me to the edge of ecstasy then stop before I’d cum. His dick was rock hard and glistening with the pre-cum I longed to taste. But he wasn’t done pleasing me yet — and I had no desire to stop him.

“Let’s go in the room.” There he goes pulling me again — I can’t believe I’m into this dominant shit — but I am. He pushed me onto the bed on my back, crawled between my knees and placed my legs on his shoulders. Without removing my soaked thong, he lifted my ass and pussy right up to his face. My back was off the bed and I was balancing on my shoulders as I watched him stick his face all up in my pussy.

“Fuck Daddy…what are you doing to me?” He took his time eating every inch of my pussy, sucking, licking, probing until I couldn’t stand it anymore. This time when he felt my pussy clenching and (I’m sure) tasted my juices, when he could feel me ready to cum, he took me all the way to ecstasy. I heard his smug ass laugh (yeah even with his face in my pussy –lol) as I tightened my knees around his head, pulled his face further into my pussy and squirted all over his motha fuckin face. Dear lawd I’ve never had my pussy eaten so right. My body was shaking from the feeling and I couldn’t help but laugh from the pleasure. Damn this man had me under his control in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

“So is it safe to assume I was able to eat you out right? (laughing…)”

“Damn Babe, what do you think?” I was still laying there feeling the effects of my orgasm and squirming with pleasure. He had walked back to the front room and returned with a fresh drink for me and a blunt for him. We enjoyed touching and exploring each other’s bodies while we enjoyed our refreshments. I don’t know if it was the green, the vodka, the pleasure or all of the above, but I felt so fuckin turned on I was ready to move on to whatever came next. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me. The taste of his kiss was laced with the green he had just smoked and my mouth was coated in vodka…the mixture made my head spin and our kisses seemed to be even more intense than ever. We kissed, groped each other, squeezed, grabbed and scratched as our desire for each other reached even higher peaks.

“Babe, you trust me?”

“Yeah Daddy, I trust you.”

“I canlı bahis siteleri need to stick my dick in your ass. Can I do that?”

“Ooh Daddy I want to but I’m afraid…”

“Then you don’t trust me…I told you I won’t hurt you. Its not good for me unless you’re enjoying it…can I stick my dick in your ass?”

“Yeah daddy…you can. I want you to.”

“Then get on this bed, on your knees. That’s it mama. Get down on your elbows and back that thing up toward me.”

As I found myself there with my ass up, I could hear him put on a condom and squirt some lube on his dick. He spread some lube between my ass cheeks and bent over me to whisper in my ear.

“Baby, you alright?”

‘Yeah daddy. I’m good.”

“I’m gon stick my finger in first okay. If it hurts tell me. Ready? Take a deep breath and relax for daddy.”

The sound of his baritone voice in my ear added to my euphoria, I felt his finger slid in my ass and after I relaxed, I was able to let him in a little further.

“That’s good mama. You still okay?”

“Ooh yeah daddy. I’m really good.”

“I’m gon stick two fingers in now okay? Tell me if it hurts or if you want me to stop.”

He was still bent over me, whispering in my ear. As he started to slide two fingers in, I felt a little bit of discomfort but not pain. I took a deep breath…

“Keep going daddy…don’t stop.” He moved his fingers in and out so smoothly and expertly it was only a matter of a minute or so before the discomfort was gone and I started to feel real pleasure!

“Ooh daddy, that feels good…mmm”

“Relax baby and enjoy it…” As he continued to finger fuck me in the ass, he suddenly bit me hard on my back, not once, not twice, but three times! He bit so hard I thought for sure I had to be bleeding, It was barbaric, and rough but there’s something about that sharp, unexpected, animal like pain that he inflicts on my that drives me crazy!

“Daddy, I’m ready…” and I really was! He hit a spot in my ass with his fingers that had me feeling a new sense of pleasure. In my forty years I had never , yes NEVER, had anyone find a spot that gave me that pleasure in my ass!

“OK baby, relax…here I come. I’ll go slow…it’s okay, take a deep breath for daddy…that’s it baby, mmm…you’re beautiful like that…a little bit more okay? It’s okay mama, just relax. That’s my girl. Damn baby you feel so good…I’m in baby, I’m in.”

It didn’t even really hurt, a little at first but that’s because of the girth of his dick. But damn, as soon as that dick hit that spot he just introduced me to, I had to find a way to take that whole dick in my ass. I bent further over and stuck my ass up higher, took a deep breath and prepared myself to receive all of him. My god! Was he all the way in? Fuck this was feeling so good…he knows exactly what he’s doing. I can’t believe he’s fucking me now, fully fucking me, he’s leaning over me again and whispering in my ear…

“Baby it feels so good to be in this ass! Does it feel good to you?”

“Yes daddy, yes! I can’t believe how good it feels — damn…”

“Let me look at your pretty face…” he helped me raise up off my elbows to be on all fours all the while never taking that dick out of my ass. He thrust his dick hard a couple of more times them bent back over to gently turn my face toward him. He was looking me in the eyes and I saw a desire and pleasure that seemed to match mine.

“That’s it mama, let me look at you just like this…” We were fucking, yeah we were straight up fucking but in that moment, when our eyes met and our desire was obvious, it felt like something more — exactly what I needed to reach my true pleasure.

“Daddy I’m gon cum…cum with me!”

“Yeah baby, fuck I’m gon nut!”

He raised himself back up behind me, pushed me back on my elbows, and fucked me in my ass so hard and so good that I reached a new height of orgasm than I had ever reached in my life. As he started to reach his peak, he grabbed my ass even harder, smacked it HARD, then bent over me and took one last delicious bite out of my shoulder before he shuddered and melted into my back.

“Fuck mama — fuck!”

We lowered ourselves onto the bed, and lay there — me on my stomach with him on my back, his dick still in my asshole, pulsing right along with me as we relished in the feeling of ecstasy that we had just shared.

“Baby, I knew what I came here to do with you and for you, but I had no idea it would feel this good!”

“Yeah Daddy, I am blown away. You’ve taken me places I didn’t even know I would like. You broke my anal virginity. So what happens now.”

“What do you mean what happens now? Now we get ready for round two!”

We both had to laugh but knew we couldn’t wait to see where we could go next. Yes he made a believer out of me — for someone that could only cum by riding dick or having my pussy eaten out, I now knew the pleasures of having my ass licked (and licked and licked — lol) and exactly how good it feels when your man takes his time to fuck you right!

This story was written from a woman’s point of view after I asked her did I fuck her asshole right. If you are a female out there in need for some “anal loving” feel free to contact me.

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