Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Ch. 4


Doug knew better. He knew this was not something he was allowed. Involvement with the family was NOT permitted.

But he was human, after all. Betsy was the essence of love, of everything Doug had always wanted. He couldn’t help himself, no more than he could stop breathing.

So, Doug indulged his heart, allowing Betsy’s body to press against his, her mouth to bond, and allowing, for just this once, his feelings to be expressed.

He quickly escorted her to the passenger side of the car, helping her into the front seat and closing the door carefully after her. He walked slowly around the car, taking deep breaths and trying to relax, to calm down. As he opened his door and slid into the car, there was Betsy, pressed against his side, her hand reaching for his. Her scent filled the car, her warmth seeped into him, filling him. Her other hand reached up and cupped his chin, turning him to face her, moving her mouth once again to his, her lips lightly brushing against his, softly encouraging them to open and accept her. He groaned lightly as he felt her tongue touch his, and his body responded to her. He wanted Betsy so much. He wanted to love her and protect her and keep her warm against him for the rest of his life. His hands slid to her back, the safest place he could find, and he massaged her spine, feeling her warmth against his palms.

He would never get his fill of kissing her, he knew that. He could happily spend the rest of his days, holding her and kissing her and just being with her. The kisses deepened, Betsy was moaning into his mouth, pressing closer and running her hands over his arms and chest. Doug gently pushed her away, and started the car. Betsy settled against his side, her head on his arm, her hand holding his. It was a little difficult to drive with one hand, but Doug would rather die than admit that. Her hand holding his was a lifeline, a cord connecting them.

He drove slowly back to Denver. Passing the big house, he pulled to a stop in front of Betsy’s cottage. He opened his door and slid out, finding Betsy right behind him. She stepped into his arms as if it were the most natural thing to do, her arms reaching up and wrapping around his neck. Her face was tilted up to his, her eyes closed, the moonlight shining down, giving her a luminous glow that totally captivated him.

He had to kiss her. He had to hold her close and inhale her into his heart and soul. She was the woman he had waited for all his life. Now it was Betsy who pushed away. She took his hand and smiled at him. The smile of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and planned to get it. She led him to the veranda, waiting until he sat comfortably on the deep wicker sofa. bostancı escort Then she settled on his lap, her legs drawn up at his side, her head nestled on his chest. She listened to his heart beating, she felt his breath on her hair. She was so content. And she was so restless.

Betsy had never been in love, never even been in like before. In Sanctuary, all the kids ran together in a pack. No one singled out another. Matches were made when the friends went out of town to college or for a summer job. New people were brought back and integrated into the crowd, but the core members remained just friends. So, this was Betsy’s first foray into a romance. Truthfully, she had never thought of Greg as a romantic interest. Kissing him had been just nice, just vanilla, just pleasant.

But kissing Doug was extraordinary. It was exciting and romantic and deeply pleasurable. It made her restless, wanting more, but not quite sure what “more” would be. Her hands moved to all of the allowable body surfaces. She touched and felt and massaged, her fingertips teaching her about Doug. She leaned forward and kissed his chest, right above the last button. She inhaled his cologne and his own personal scent, both making her heart thrum and her body throb. Doug threw his head back, allowing her access to his body. She already had his heart. Her fingers slid into his shirt, gently skimming the soft hair she found there. Accidentally, one finger slid over his nipple and she felt it harden for her, thrilling her even more.

She knew what she wanted. She wanted to be touched by Doug. He was just so respectful, she wasn’t sure how to make that happen. Her arms remained wrapped around him, her mouth continued to kiss all the exposed flesh she could reach. Her nipples ached with need. Her long dormant appetites were flaring to life. She wanted to learn and she wanted Doug to be her teacher.

Pulling her head away from that most delicious neck, she looked into Doug’s eyes and saw the same longing. She knew he would never make the first move and cursed her own inexperience, not sure how to proceed. Smiling, she took his hand, kissing the soft inner flesh of his palm, licking it very slowly and softly, making circles with her tongue. She heard him catch his breath and felt him harden beneath her.

All her knowledge of love and lovemaking began to spin through her mind. Ah, if she could get him excited, seduce him, then he would take over. He had to!

She carefully placed his warm palm against her breast, cupping her, the nipple hard and knotted against his skin. He looked at her, hesitant, doubtful.

“Please, Doug. I want this. I want you. I don’t çeliktepe escort mind if you go slowly, even taking the rest of the summer, but it has to be you. I have known it for a long time now and I have been waiting for you to realize it. I love you, Doug. I love you.”

Doug felt he had been holding his breath. Now he released it slowly, feeling his heart blossom from her words. He never expected her to share his feelings. Knowing that she loved him made all the difference. Picking her up, he carefully carried her inside. He set her down on the sofa, moving about the room, lighting candles and starting the CDs. Then he sat beside her, pulling her once again onto his lap, cautiously holding her to his body.

“I love you, Betsy. You are so easy to love. I have known how special you were from the first day at the airport. I would do anything to make you happy, to please you. I want to make love to you, but let’s go slow. We can stop anytime you want, we can be together as much as you want. I love you so much!”

Betsy turned on his lap, settling her thighs on either side of his. She straddled him, facing him, kissing him, lacing her fingers in his hair, rubbing his soft beard with her palm. She stopped long enough to murmur “Teach me, Doug.”

His fingers reached for her blouse, slowly opening the buttons, exposing her tender flesh to his touch. He kissed her gently, moving his lips down her chest and tummy, leaving a shiny trail with his tongue as he separated her shirt. He placed his lips over her heart and felt it pounding against him, felt the heat from her skin as he touched her for the first time. She sat still, allowing him freedom to do what he pleased, trusting him completely to keep her safe. He pushed the shirt back, off her shoulders, her tanned skin gleaming in the candlelight. She was scented by vanilla, it seemed to radiate from her and he lovingly inhaled it.

Betsy’s full breasts were encased in a pale pink bra, very lacy and dainty. One clasp held it closed, her soft flesh spilling from the cups. He kissed that tiny valley of skin, his tongue slipping up and down, tasting her. His fingers moved to the clasp, opening it easily, then just sliding up and down, feeling the fullness of her breasts.

She was impatient, but willing to wait, knowing that Doug wanted her to enjoy everything also. Finally, he pulled aside her bra, releasing her, the nipples hardening with exposure to air. His eyes moved from her face to her breasts, watching the rosy nipples harden and tighten and the tiny bumps gathering. He touched them as if they were braille, reading the skin and hearing her small gasps. His fingers circled her cihangir escort nipples, tracing them and learning the texture. He cupped the entire breasts, as if weighing them, and began shaping them with his warm hands. His thumbs slid back and forth across the nipples, making Betsy ache and throb. When she thought she could not feel more pleasure, Doug lowered his face to her breasts and ran his soft beard across the delicate skin. Betsy found herself moaning, arching her back, holding Doug’s head close to her, never wanting this feeling to stop. But it did. Suddenly, his beard was gone and she cried out, bereft. She spoke his name, questioningly. He didn’t seem to hear. His mouth was moving, his hand holding her breast and bringing it to his lips. As his hot, wet mouth closed over her engorged nubbin, Betsy nearly screamed. She didn’t know such sensations existed. His mouth pulled on the taut skin, and the electricity flowed straight through her body, making an ache between her legs she had never dreamed possible. Doug seemed oblivious. He nursed on one breast, while his fingers massaged the other. He stopped only to change nipples, to taste the other, to give her the pleasure again and again.

As she sat astride his lap, Betsy found herself moving against him. Her hips were doing an involuntary dance, swaying without thought, seeking. She felt an ache between her legs that she had never even imagined. His hands continued to caress her breasts, tracing the slopes and valleys, caressing her shoulders and back, learning the body of his love.

Betsy was trembling. Her body was responding to Doug, to his fingers and his mouth, to just being this close, this intimate with the man who had filled her dreams for weeks. He continued his rhythmic suckling of her nipple, pulling it deeply into his hot mouth, nearly moaning with contentment.

She felt the heat begin in her lower legs, moving up her body. She arched her back, encouraging Doug to take more of her, to let her nurture him. She felt her legs stiffen, locking into place around Doug. Betsy felt herself lose contact with the music, the room, even Doug. She cried out, her body spasming and throbbing. Her very center seemed to be alive, aching and pounding at the same time. Her head was full of rushing sounds, her breathing hard and fast. She clutched Doug’s head to her chest, willing him to never stop, to make love to her forever, in just this way. Her skin felt too warm, too tight. Then she heard the sound of someone growling, animalistic.

When she collapsed against Doug, she realized the sounds were coming from her. Her throat felt raw, her body too tender to be touched. Deep within her, she felt a primal pulsing. Doug gathered her against him, holding her carefully, his hands gently caressing her back. He kissed her forehead and her temple, whispered softly to her, expressing his love in yet another way.

Betsy was in Wonderland, and anxiously awaiting her next adventure.


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