Family Cabin Ch. 04

Ameri Ichinose

=== Friendly warning: Parts of this series include incest between a man and his father ===


The dinner was a little awkward. Since we caught no fish, we just ate some canned goods that we brought from the city. Nobody said anything during eating, everyone just kept staring into their own plate. I don’t know why, but I kept blaming myself… Were things going to be like this from now on? Is this going to be the most awkward trip ever?

After we were done, I expected Hunter’s dad to excuse himself and disappear for the night, but he hung around with us at the table. He seemed like there was something on his mind, but wasn’t sure how to express it properly. After a while, he finally opened up.

“I’ve got an old bottle of whiskey hidden in the cupboard, would anyone like some?”

Hunter and I instantly replied “yes” in unison. If there was something I needed, it was a very tall drink. Mr. Cooper stood up and walked up to the cupboard, where he pulled out an old, dusty bottle. I was never too much of a whiskey fan, but by god, I was up for something with high alcohol content in my stomach.

He poured the three of us very tall glasses of whiskey and raised his one in a toast.

“Cheers,” he said, before putting the glass to his lips.

“Cheers,” me and my boyfriend repeated after him, and we let the shot slide down our throats. I didn’t like the taste at all, but it felt a little calming. Before I even managed to put the glass back on the table, Mr. Cooper was already filling up another one.

“So… what we did today isn’t exactly what a family should do on a trip,” Mr. Cooper started.

I heard Hunter sigh before he started talking.

“I know, dad, it was just that-“

“However,” Mr. Cooper interrupted him, “There really isn’t anyone around to judge us for what we may or may not do here, or am I wrong?”

He gave both of us stern looks, as he pulled up the glass to his lips. Hunter and I looked at each other and followed his example. Hunter’s dad let out a burp as he put the glass back on the table.

“Hunter…” he said, turning to his son, his tone very slow and careful, “You’ve overstepped a couple of lines today. How many more exactly would you be willing to overstep?”

I saw a smile forming up on Hunter’s face as he reached for the bottle.

“Depends, dad,” he said, pouring us another round, “How far would YOU be willing to go?”

“This isn’t a dare, Hunter,” Mr. Cooper spoke, voice all strict and fatherly, “I’m trying to make sure I’m not hurting my son.”

“No need to be scared, dad,” Hunter replied carelessly, “I’m an adult, after all. And I’m willing to see exactly how far can we push this. It was actually on my mind for a while.”

Mr. Cooper raised his eyebrows and smirked back at Hunter. There was a curious spark in his eyes.

“Was it really?”

Hunter picked up one of the glasses and handed it to his father. As Mr. Cooper reached for it, I saw Hunter put the glass into his hand and stroke the back of his father’s palm with his fingers a little bit.

“Yeah… you didn’t think those worn jockstraps of yours were just disappearing from the dirty laundry basket, did you?”

Mr. Cooper let out a laugh, as he downed another shot.

“I see I’ve raised quite the pervert!”

Hunter just shrugged at that and drank his own shot. I smiled to myself and downed another drink before I saw the gaze of Mr. Cooper landing on me for a change.

“And what about you, Gary?” he asked me, his tone serious again, “How comfortable would you be with taking part of a little… exploration of ours?”

I opened my mouth to speak but then felt Hunter’s hand on my lap – grabbing the rock-hard erection that was tenting my shorts.

“Yeah, I think he’s in,” he said in a playful tone, as he tugged on my dick a little bit.

“I still would like to hear it from his mouth,” Mr. Cooper continued, his eyes still a little bit concerned, “Gary?”

“I would be disappointed if you did it without me,” I said with a smirk. Hunter and Mr. Cooper looked at each other for a very long time, before Mr. Cooper stood up.

“Meet me in the living room in about five minutes,” he ordered us before he left the kitchen. Silence ensued, only interrupted by the crickets outside in the dark. I turned to my boyfriend who looked as excited as ever.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” I asked, this time a little concerned. This was a huge turn-on for me, but I knew there was nothing really at stake for me. For Hunter, though – I couldn’t help but worry. “I mean, he’s still your dad.”

“Exactly,” Hunter said to me, “He is the man I’ve been lusting after ever since I discovered masturbation. This is… kind of a dream come true for me.”

His eyes met mine and he let go of my dick.

“Are you ready to see what he’s got? It might get a little wild.”

“I’d follow you anywhere,” I said to him, smiling. We both got up from our chairs – the alcohol making my head spin casino oyna just for a second – and both walked out to the hallway.

The living room looked very comfy. With a giant fireplace right in the middle of the wall, cracking and casting shadows all over the room and the giant, leather sofa, the atmosphere was perfect. What made it even more perfect, though, was the man sitting in an armchair in front of us. Mr. Cooper, my boyfriend’s father, as naked as the day he was born. With his powerful shoulders and the burning look in his eyes, he looked almost like a king sitting on his throne. His beautiful, hairy body was in full view – a magnificent, furry chest, strong biceps, just a bit of a belly, thick looking calves and – finally – his fat, beautiful cock that would make any gay man drop on his knees right away and suck it dry, just resting there on his thigh.

It felt a little eerie. Hunter and I both walked up to the center of the room, not saying a word. I could practically feel Hunter’s overexcited heartbeat and the cock growing in his pants. I felt Mr. Cooper’s gaze scan us from top to bottom, his dominant nature practically seeping out of the pores of his skin. The image of him sitting there put every other man on the planet to shame – except for his son of course, who was gazing right back at him, confidently, eagerly. I was finally looking into the eyes of the alpha who conceived the dominant stud of a man I was dating.

“Let’s begin,” Mr. Cooper spoke, in his no-nonsense voice, “Hunter, your boyfriend seems to be wearing a little too much clothing for this temperature. Help him out, would you?”

I felt Hunter step behind my back with no objections, his strong hands running up my chest and slowly lifting up my t-shirt, making a lot of unnecessary – but welcome – body contact. I obliged him and pulled up my hands, letting Hunter take my t-shirt away from me. It fell on the carpet and Hunter didn’t waste any time – his hands traveled back over my naked chest and stopped at my fly. I felt his raging hard dick pushing against my ass as he was unzipping me, letting my shorts fall down to my ankles.

“No underwear tonight, huh?” Mr. Cooper smirked at me, “Almost as if you were expecting something to happen, right? Perfect. Lose those socks, Gary. You won’t need any kind of clothing for what’s about to happen.”

I went to bend down but Hunter was quicker than me, eager to strip me down as soon as possible. I already felt that he was getting pent up and that his dad would get quite a show. My dick was getting harder and harder and I could almost feel Mr. Cooper’s gaze on it.

“Beautiful,” he said, before turning to Hunter, “Now you. Gary, strip my son out of his clothes.”

I turned to my boyfriend, whose chest was pulsing from the fast breathing. His hardon was the size of the Eiffel Tower, tenting in his cargo shorts. I started out slow but soon couldn’t control myself as I uncovered his beautiful, muscular torso. I loved Hunter’s body and I could spend hours and hours exploring it even though I’d already known each and every part of it. It was impossible to compare the two men. Hunter’s body was more toned and lean, with a fair amount of hair on it. His father was much hairier and beefier, also sporting a belly that his son didn’t have. I couldn’t decide which one was turning me on more.

My hands unzipped his shorts and let them fall on the hardwood floor. Hunter was wearing his favorite red pair of boxer briefs tonight, with the front of them already moist from his precum. I looked at his father, who gave me an approving nod, as I pulled them all the way down to the floor.

“Hmmm…” I heard Mr. Cooper say in a satisfied tone, “Like father, like son, huh?”

“Depends. What you like to do with yours?” Hunter asked, looking at his dad with a smirk, with his hand playfully playing with the base of his cock, waving it in my face.

“I’ll show you… if you show me first,” Mr. Cooper attuned to the teasing tone, with his fingers reaching for his own dick, pulling the foreskin all the way back and revealing the beautiful, full tip, all shiny from the precum. They were playing a small game with each other, full of tension. Both wanted to see who would break the barrier first.

Hunter’s hand ruffled my hair and pulled them back playfully.

“I like to fuck this little slut senseless,” he announced, “Would you like me to show you that?”

“You bet your ass, son,” Mr. Cooper growled, his dick throbbing and leaking drops of precum slowly coating his whole dick. The tension in the room was reaching its maximum.

Hunter leaned down to me and whispered in my ear, with that domineering tone of his that I could never resist.

“Get on all fours, bitch boy.”

“Yes, sir,” I sighed, letting the almost painfully intense needs overtake my body. I got on my knees and elbows, as he requested, presenting my ass up in the air like a very well-paid whore.

“Now,” Hunter’s dad interrupted, “There’s no need to be so shy, slot oyna is there, my boy? Get over here and lean into my lap, it will make you more comfortable.”

I nodded and crawled all the way to the armchair, to face Mr. Cooper’s hairy calves. He opened them up for me and I wrapped my arms around his burly thighs. His groin was now right in front of my face and his scent hit my nose immediately – the sweaty, tangy smell making my mouth water.

“That’s much better,” he smiled back at me, as he smacked his wet cock against my forehead, splattering his precum all over my face, “Hunter, while your boyfriend washes the stank of my balls, you can fetch the big bottle of lube from the drawer over there.”

“Will do,” Hunter nodded and walked right over there in a hurry, while my mouth got onto his dad’s low-hangers and started lapping up all the masculine flavor off of them. I was surprised to see Hunter so… obedient. He was usually extremely dominant with me in the bedroom, but I guess his dad’s presence mixed things up a bit. Seemed like they were playing tug of war – each one playing dominant for a minute.

I felt Mr. Cooper’s hand on the back of my neck. He was grunting heavily as I worshipped his balls with my tongue, his hard cock resting on my face and covering me more and more with his sticky liquid. The guy was basically a walking faucet! I soon heard my boyfriend coming back and immediately kneeling down behind my back. I let out a gasp, as the cold liquid of the lubricant met with my opening, immediately being pressed in by my boyfriend’s impatient finger. He spread a generous amount of lube inside of me before I felt something else pressing against my hole.

It was at that time when his dad tilted my chin up and my lips met the underside of the sticky tip of his dick.

“Enough of that. Suck on my cock while my son fucks you, Gary.”

That sentence was almost enough to make me cum but I managed to hold it. I put my mouth over his bloated tip which muffled my moans from my boyfriend spreading my ass with his cock slowly. I heard him panting behind me as he slowly started picking up speed – my ass was already used to his cock, so he didn’t need to hold back that much. I felt him hitting up my prostate which made me moan like a slut and slobber all over Mr. Cooper’s cock.

Focus, I was telling myself. I was horny, sure, but I still wanted to do a good job pleasuring both of these men. I slowed down on the blowjob and started paying more attention to the uncovered tip of Mr. Cooper’s dick. My tongue was lapping and circling around his most sensitive area while my hands rubbed his shaft eagerly. Based on the sounds he was making, I think he was enjoying it.

“You really found a good one, Hunter,” he said in between grunts, “You really did, son.”

“Thanks, dad,” Hunter replied, just before he really leaned into it and started fucking me twice as hard. His dick was sliding in and out of me like my ass was molded for it. Feeling him inside of me felt so right and reassuring – not to mention it made my dick leak onto the floor like crazy. It motivated me to suck more and more of his dad’s cock, letting his taste slide down my throat, gulp after gulp.

The room was filled with sounds of the fire cracking in the fireplace, the moist sounds of bodies smacking against each other and grunts of two powerful men, dominating me from both ends at the same time. Three men having the time of their lives, with the sexual energy through the roof. I loved Hunter’s hands on my hips just as I loved his father’s fingers stroking my hair. I wanted this to last all night.

“Fuck, what a hungry little whore…” Mr. Cooper whispered as he thrust his cock against my throat impatiently, “You’re a lucky man to have the privilege of fucking such a tight, little ass, Hunter.”

“Would you like to give it a try, dad?” Hunter said, not missing a beat, “You always taught me to share.”

That idea sent an electric shock of excitement through me. Having a man as burly as Hunter’s dad in me was an intoxicating thought. My eyes shot up to see his face, with a tiny bit of reluctance in it.

“I… I never really…”

“Fucked a guy in the ass?” his son finished the sentence for him, as he pulled out his cock, “Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

“You’re right, son,” Mr. Cooper nodded, “Tonight is about pushing our limits. What’s your take on this, Gary?”

I pulled his fat cock out of my mouth and licked my lips.

“I’d ride your beautiful cock any time of the day, Mr. Cooper.”

Both he and his son chuckled at that. Hunter grabbed me by my arms and helped me up. Mr. Cooper looked up at me and put his beefy hands on my hips, directing me onto his lap. I climbed on the armchair and slowly started getting down, aiming my ass at his cock. Hunter’s arms were still wrapped around me, rubbing my chest and my pecs, while his cock prodded at my back. I felt his hot breathing at the back of my neck and moaned as I felt the canlı casino siteleri crown of his dad’s tip prodding at my asshole.

“Ooooh, fuck!” I heard Mr. Cooper exclaim loudly in his booming voice, “It’s so much tighter than a woman’s… dammit…”

I saw him close his eyes and clench his mouth closed, his right hand digging fingernails into his palm. He was obviously on the edge, surprised by the tightness of my hole, and was trying not to cum too soon. That was so weirdly flattering that I almost blushed. Hunter noticed this also and pulled me back up to give his dad some time to recover.

He managed to hold it and soon breathed out and relaxed, letting his son push me down and take more of his dick. I went slowly and patiently. Even though he was a little thicker than his son, I could take all of his length and girth with ease, but I wanted this to last more than a couple seconds.

He was looking into my eyes, sweat glistening on his hairy, drenched chest. He kept the whole length of his cock deep inside me for a while, before his arms grabbed me by my hips and started thrusting into me. I moaned and yelped, my prostate getting taught a lesson. With my ass slick from both the lube and his son’s precum, he was able to start riding me almost as fast as Hunter did before, spreading my ass nicely with his powerful dad dick.

I was bouncing up and down, cries of lust escaping my throat, with my hands leaning on Mr. Cooper’s sweaty shoulders. Hunter decided to tease me some more with his fingers playing expertly with my nipples, which were hard as diamonds. I couldn’t believe I made it that far without cumming.

“So fucking tight,” Mr. Cooper sighed, giving my ass a nice, strong slap, which echoed throughout the room.

“Tight, but flexible,” Hunter added from behind my back, “The little whore doesn’t look like it, but he can easily take two dicks at once!”

“Two dicks at once?” his dad asked with a doubtful tone, as he glared as his son. Hunter chuckled and turned to me.

“What do you say, bitch boy? Wanna show my dad how far you can go?”

Fuck… it was a while since I got double penetrated. About a year ago, by Hunter and a college friend of his. I remembered it being really painful in the beginning… but after I got through the initial shock, I experienced one of the most powerful climaxes in my entire life. I knew that if these two did that to me at that moment, it would surely send me over the edge – no reach around necessary.

“Go for it,” I begged, “I want both of you inside me.”

“You heard the boy, dad. Scooch over,” Hunter said in a playful tone before he got closer. His dad opened up his legs some more and allowed his son to sort of kneel between his thighs. Then, his dad pulled out completely and helped me up, resting his sticky cock onto my loosened asshole.

“Get ready for it, Gary,” Hunter whispered, as he put one of his hands on my shoulder for balance, “You’re about to get fucked by two generations of the Cooper men at the same time. That might leave you a little sore in the morning.”

Hunter pressed his throbbing dick against his father’s without any hesitation and they both started pushing them up against my little hole. At first, I was almost sure that it wouldn’t fit. But then suddenly, my hole opened and accepted both the man’s tips inside me in almost a second.

I’m not going to lie – it hurt like hell for the first couple of seconds. I felt a little tear dripping from my closed eyes and my throat was howling. Both men paused at that, giving me time to accommodate their huge dicks being rammed inside me. It didn’t take me long before I was ready to continue, though. The pain subsided quickly and was left only by the sensation of the two cocks demanding to pleasure me. I loosened up and started riding them both – slowly at first, but speeding up seconds later.

“God…” Mr. Cooper exhaled in awe, as he shook his head, “What a horny little devil… I’m not sure how long I can last with this kind of treatment, boys.”

“It’s okay, dad,” Hunter reassured him, “It’s not a competition. Go for it.”

Little did either of them know that I was closer than anyone of them could be. How could I not? I was getting railed by my stud of a boyfriend and the man that raised him to be the biggest alpha fucker in my life. I felt both of their dicks, rubbing against each other, coating me with their precum from the inside, savagely attacking my sweet spot. Riding both of their dicks was stretching my ass to its absolute limit and made my cock throb almost painfully.

I only managed to hold off for about a minute. Then Hunter decided to play with my nipples once more while he was fucking me at the exact time his dad wrapped his fingers around my shaft. It was too much – way too much for my fragile body. I cried out and let it happen. It felt like a bomb exploding in my belly, spreading warmth over my entire body. It actually hurt a little when my dick starting spewing out precum, flying up and splashing Hunter’s dad right in his surprised face. He got two loads of my thick cum right into his beard and the rest of the generous batch splattered all over his hairy chest. I was surprised by the size of the load!

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