Family Wedding Ch. 1


Family Wedding

I arrive at the hotel where my cousin is getting married at 1PM the day before the wedding. I have flown half way around the world to attend this after being out of town on business for 11 weeks. I am exhausted, jet lagged and horny. I have basically worked non-stop and have been looking forward to the wedding and then a few days off to recharge my batteries and regain some balance in my life.

When I arrive at the front desk to check in, I find that I am sharing a room with one of the bridesmaids. I know my mother has had a hand in this. While it is sweet of her to try to save me some money, the thought of sharing a room with a person I have never met is not appealing. But rather than get angry, I trudge up to my room, unpack my clothes, change in to tee shirt and panties, and fall into a big comfy king size bed.

I awake later with a start when I hear sounds in the room. I sit up in bed to find a woman struggling with a large suitcase trying her maneuver it onto a chair. Although she is trying her best to be quiet and not disturb me. When she realizes I am awake, she asks me if it ok for her to turn on a light. I groggily respond yes. As I blink to adjust my eyes to the light, the girl introduces herself as Jacqueline. I reach out and take her proffered hand and tell her my name is Jacqui.

We both laugh at the fact that we share the same name. She apologizes for waking me. I feel silly and tell her it is not a problem that I am just recovering from a case of jetlag. I explain that I have flown halfway around the world and am adjusting to a new time zone. Jacqueline drops her suitcases and announces she has the perfect remedy for me. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a big, fat joint and proceeds to light it. After several deep tokes, she passes it to me. I take a hit and begin coughing my brains out. She laughs at me and offers to give me a shotgun. Without waiting for a reply, she climbs on the bed and move to me. As she moves close to me, she rests an arm on my shoulder and moves her lip inches from mine and begins to blow the smoke into my mouth. I take as much as I can and lean back to get away. This unbalances Jacqueline and we both fall back with her ending on top of me. My mind explodes as the drugs kick in and I begin to laugh. Jacqueline clumsily moves off me and continues by taking another hit. She places the joint in the ashtray and then lies next to me.

We tell each other our life stories quickly. I find out that she is a freshman in a local college and knows my cousin from school. We lie together and after some conversation, Jacqueline asks me if I am aware of our problem. I have no idea what she is talking about and tell her so. She lifts up on an elbow and tells me that the room only has one bed. Her point takes a few minutes to seep into my hazy brain but it finally does. I pick up the phone, call the front desk and tell them our problem. They try to be helpful but the hotel is fully booked and there is nothing they can do to help. I hang up the phone, and tell her what I have learned. After a moment’s thought I ask her if she snores and she laughs and replies that she doesn’t snore but she tells me she is used to sleeping alone. I look at her to see if she’s serious and find that she is. I tell her that I am willing if she is. She agrees to try it and gets up and begins to put away her clothes.

I climb out of bed and after looking at the clock tell her that I am going to shower. casino oyna The rehearsal dinner is in 2 hours. I go into the bathroom, close the door, undress and climb into the shower. The warm water feels good on my skin and reinvigorates me. I wash and shampoo myself and then sit down in the shower to shave my pussy. I have been clean-shaven for over a year now and enjoy the feeling of my naked flesh. I carefully shave myself and then liberally apply baby oil to the entire area so it won’t burn from the razor. I look up and see that Jacqueline has come into the bathroom and is putting away her toilet articles. She sees me sitting in the shower and asks me if I am ok.

I tell her that I am. She asks me what I am doing and I tell her. She expresses surprise and hesitantly asks me if it hurts to shave there. I reply that it doesn’t hurt at all and I find it very arousing. We continue to talk as I stand up and turn off the shower. Jacqueline hands me a towel over the top of the enclosure and I towel off as she continues to ask me about shaving. I wrap the towel around me and step out of the shower. She is sitting on the toilet talking to me.

I grab another towel and begin to dry my long hair. I look over at her and see her staring at me. I realize that my pussy must be showing since my arms are raised over my head. I feel her eyes on my pussy and the realization causes my pussy starts to lubricate as I watch her look at my cute, shaved pussy. I move over to her and lift her chin up with my hand and ask her if she likes what she sees. I reach down and take her hand and guide it to my mons and let her fingers stroke me. I shiver as her finger touches my skin and I can feel my pussy really begin to lubricate. I continue to direct her fingers along my mons and I look into her eyes. I am horny now and decide to force the issue with my new friend. I take her hand and direct it between my legs so she can feel my wetness. Jacqueline gasps as her fingers slide between my wet pussy lips.

I lean forward and take her chin in my other hand and lean close to her and tell her she has me really turned on. She nods her head in agreement. I remove her hand from my pussy and pull her out of the bathroom and to the bed. When we stop, I take her hand and return it to my pussy. Her hand begins to caress me. My hand guides her around my pussy as my pussy responds to our caresses. I spread my legs and close my eyes as her fingers begin to really caress me. She really has me turned on and it seems like seconds before I am moaning as our fingers drive me to climax. I hear myself shrieking as our fingers bring me off. I collapse onto the bed as I try to regain my breath. When I finally clear the stars from my eyes I look up at her and whisper my thanks.

She replies that she has never done anything like that before. I tell her she is a natural at it. I ask her if she would like me to return the favor. She shakes her head no. I look at her closely for the first time and realize that she has a very cute, petite body. She turns quickly and tells me she is going to take a shower. With a rush she leaves the room.

I sit up and wonder what has just happened. Clearly she acts as if she has never done anything like this before but she certainly knew how to bring me to a raging climax in seconds. Unable to figure out what is going on, I head in to talk further with her. I open the bathroom door and find Jacqueline furiously fingering herself sitting on the toilet. slot oyna I quickly move over by her and grab her wrist. She looks at me in shock as I tell her that I can help. Without waiting for an answer, I push her legs apart and push my greedy tongue into her open pussy. As I push my tongue up into her opening, her hips reflexively tighten around my head. My tongue slurps her juices as I wiggle my tongue inside her. I continue to thrust my tongue into her as her hips push up forcing my tongue further inside her. Her hand grabs my head and pushes my further into her pussy. I hear her moaning as her hips begin to dance against my tongue. I decide to tease her so I pull back and look up at her.

Her hooded eyes look at me in frustration as her hips and hands try to return my tongue between her legs. She asks me why am I stopping and tells me she is close to cumming. I tell her I want to tease her a little. She begs me to lick her because she is really close and needs to come. I sit up straight and take one of her tiny hard nipples into my mouth and roughly tongue and nip her. She moans in response. I ask her if she likes what I am doing and she nods her head. I take her other nipple into my mouth and worry it between my teeth as I flick it with my tongue. Her moans are really loud and echo off the tile walls of the room. Her hips are thrusting against my tummy as she desperately tries to get some friction on her horny clit. Her moans and pleading finally convince me to move back down and give her pussy the tonguing it needs to get her off. I use my fingers to spread open her pussy lips and I find her clit hard, red and pulsing. I lean forward and suck it greedily between my lips. Her hips flex off the toilet seat as she moans loudly. My tongue rapidly flicks her clit as I feel her thighs lock my head between them. Her hips immediately begin to jerk spasmodically as her orgasm begins.

She shrieks as I release her clit and move down to her opening and greedily lick her sweet juices. Her orgasm is strong as I feel her pussy opening continue to contract around my tongue rhythmically. Finally, after several minutes, her hips open and she collapses back onto the toilet seat. My hands on her ass save her from falling onto the floor. I watch as she tries to catch her breath and recover from her orgasm.

This chick came really hard and she clearly needed a release. I decide to push a little harder and ask her if she liked what had just happened. Jacqueline gently shakes her head yes. I ask her if she would like some more. She replies that she is sore and couldn’t possibly take any more. I smile at her and tell her she is wrong. I lean forward and let my tongue gently circle her pussy opening. I look up at her and ask her if that hurts. She looks down and me and shakes her head no. I return to her opening and continue to run my tongue around it; gently circling as my tongue lightly caresses her skin.

When my tongue tastes her fresh, dewy discharge, I gently spoon my tongue into her opening to taste more. As my tongue continues to gently lick around her walls, I feel her hands grasp my head. This is the signal I have been waiting for. I let her hands lift my head up towards her clit. She gasps as my tongue flicks out to touch her. I slowly run my tongue around her clit, spreading her pussy lips with my fingers to expose her tender love bud. I focus on her clitoris, running my tongue in circles around it, flicking my tongue against it pushing in canlı casino siteleri under the hood. Jacqueline’s sighs escalate to moans then screams as another orgasm overtakes her.

This time I don’t stop and as her orgasm begins, I move down and suck her fresh juices from her. Her hips thrust up against my tongue as her pussy spasms. I’m not sure if one orgasm ended and another begins or if she has one incredibly long orgasm. She finally pushes my face away from her and begs me to stop. I look up at her smile. My face is covered with her juices and I run my tongue around my mouth to taste her. I sit up and wrap my arms around her back and snuggle her to me. Her arms wrap around my neck as her breathing slowly returns to normal.

We stay like that for several minutes. I let go and stand up. I stick my head out of the bathroom and see that the rehearsal dinner starts in forty minutes. I tell Jacqueline that I am jumping back into the shower since I reek of sex and invite her to join me. I restart the shower, grab a bar of soap. I am nearly clean when Jacqueline opens the door to join me. I offer her space under the shower and begin to soap her back. Jacqueline is mostly out of it so I quickly run the wash cloth over her back and legs and then tell her to turn around. I wash her legs, tummy and breasts and then move the wash cloth down to her crotch. I gently spread her legs and begin to wash her pussy. I carefully wash her and then stand up. I tell her to turn around again and I begin to apply shampoo to her hair.

I shampoo her short hair and push her under the stream of water. I climb out of the shower and begin to dry off. I towel dry my hair and then use the hair dryer to style it. I head out into the room to put on my lingerie and then return to the bathroom to put on my makeup and find Jacqueline still in the shower. I open the door, reach in and turn off the shower and throw a towel at her and tell her to stop wasting time. She is still in another world. I don’t know if it was the dope or the sex but if she doesn’t get her act together she will miss the dinner. My words finally spur her into action and she begins to franticly dry herself. I watch her dry herself and then she begins to use the hair dryer. I finish applying my makeup and go to the closet to put on my dress. I am dressed and putting on my shoes when Jacqueline exits the bathroom. I watch as she puts on her bra and panties and then move to the closet. She dresses in a cute, short black miniskirt, pantyhose and a white linen blouse.

When she is fully clothed she turns to me and thanks me for the awesome sex. I tell her I enjoyed it also. She asks me if I expect her to return the favor and I tell her we’ll see what happens. She then drops a bomb and confesses that she is a virgin and has never experienced sex like what just happened. I ask her if she never had sex with a woman before or she never had sex with another partner before. She replies that she has never had sex with another partner before. I move over to her, wrap my arms around her and tell her I will be happy to help her with her sex education.

She asks me if I am surprised that she is a virgin. I reply honestly that I find it very arousing and look forward to spending more time with her. I ask her if she would like to continue later and she nods her head. I rub her back and tell her we need to get downstairs. She wraps her hands around my waist and gives me an air kiss on my cheek. I let go of her, grab her hand and pull her out the door. I tell her we will have plenty of time after the rehearsal dinner.

We leave the room together and head down to the dinner. My mind is already plotting the next steps in Jacqueline’s education.

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