Fancy Dress Party


“I am taking you to a fancy dress party” I tell you. “I am going to pick out the costume and you will do as I say”. Still held captive by your attacker you have no choice but to obey. You made your decision when you decided to go back to see how he eats pussy. He goes to his closet and takes out a black thong. You put it on. Wearing only the thong the cold air hitting your nipples making them hard – feeling the thread from the thong on your ass hole you step into the black cloak he is holding. The cloak covers you completely. He places a mask over your face. You can still see everything. He also puts on a strange looking mask and cloak and he leads you to his car.

You drive for what seems like hours. Down dark country roads dimly lit by the poor street lighting, it’s hard to make out where you are. Finally you arrive at a huge cottage. The gates open and you drive up to the main doors. He takes your arm in his and leads you into the house. It’s a fine house – with many antiques and paintings. You proceed to the main foyer. A group of people are assembled there all dressed in black cloaks and masks. A man dressed in red also with a mask stands in the middle.

“Let the games begin” he announces. The crowd disperses into different directions. You move with a section of the crowd into a large room. There is a table in the room. A large round table. On the table there are 6 or 7 naked women playing with each other’s bodies. One woman has her legs spread and is silent. Wearing only her mask another woman is licking her pussy. A crowd has gathered around the table and is watching. Just watching – no one is talking – just watching. etiler bdsm escort He leads you around the table and makes you watch for a few minutes. You feel the intensity in the air – 20 people watching these women sucking each other – there bodies intertwined together. The picture is incredibly erotic. You can se the folds of every woman’s pussy – tongues licking every part – cum dripping from some. You feel heat building up inside you – part of you scared part of you wanting to join in.

He whispers in your ear – “I have a lot more in store for you my slave” as he pulls you away from the table leading you into the next room. The next room is filled with different couples. Some are naked – some still in their cloaks. Everyone still wears their masks. A man is on all fours in the middle of the room – a woman lying on his back as another man is pushing his fingers into both there ass holes together. A crowd is gathered around watching them. To your left a woman is moaning as she bounces on top a mans cock. You can see her riding him – his dick disappearing into her pussy. You turn again to watch the couple’s ass. He kneels you down right in front of them as you watch the mans fingers disappear time and time again into their asses.

He picks you up and leads you again to another room. This room is fairly empty about 5 people watch you as you enter the room with him. A man is naked wearing only his mask standing in the center of the room. His legs are spread waiting. A man is beginning to take off his robe and is walking around the naked man. He grabs his ass as he walks around him. etiler elit escort Everyone else in the room is wearing their cloak.

“Take off your cloak” he commands you. You obey letting the cloak fall to the floor exposing your breasts for all to see. You have never been naked in front of so many people before. You anticipate what you are going to be asked to do in front of all these people. Will you be able to perform? You are so hot from all the sexual activity you are willing to do anything. He pulls you towards the man. “Suck him” are his only words. You kneel down – carefully take his balls into your hands and take his cock deep into your mouth. You see a crowd beginning to gather around. Everyone wants to see every detail. You move your tongue over his cock. Letting your spectators see every move of your tongue. You begin to move faster feeling his dick swell in your mouth. You notice the other man has moved to your body he is also now naked. You concentrate on your sucking wanting to please the crowd – afraid of what will happen to you if you do not perform well. The 2nd man moves behind you and pulls your hip so that you are now on all fours. Somehow you know you are not allowed to stop sucking. You have been given the task and must not deviate from it. You move to his balls taking one into your mouth moving from one to the other – licking them all over.

Suddenly you feel the thong being pulled down. You raise your knees to assist him in removing your thong. Still trying to concentrate on your task you move your tongue under his balls. The crowd has now increased there are too etiler escort many people to count. You pussy and ass are now exposed for all to see. Some are bending down closer to your ass to get a better look. Nods of approval go back and forth as the 2nd man expects your goods. Another man removes his cloak. He kneels before your and you feel his tongue lick the rim of your ass. He spreads your ass cheeks wide exposing your hole for all to see. He continues to lick. You feel the heat increase inside you and take the mans dick further into your mouth to muffle your moans. You cannot help it – you have to moan in ecstasy. You feel the tongue move from your ass and inside your pussy. He then pulls away allowing the 3rd man to continue licking you ass.

You feel the cold air on your open ass and you wonder what will happen next. You find out as a man enters your pussy. He is so large you feel your pussy stretch to accommodate him. You lunge forward sucking more of the mans cock – sucking more frantically now wanting to cum. You feel him fill you up – your pussy taking as much as it can – he begins to move faster fucking you harder. The man in your mouth begins to cum – you feel the pre cum in your mouth. You turn to see the masked crowd watching you – taking in every detail. You suck harder as he fucks you harder. You feel him squirt in your mouth – you swallow as he pours his cum down your throat. He shoots inside your pussy – you feel him fill you up and you cum – taking the 2 men’s cum inside you – your mouth and your pussy pushes you over the edge. You cry out but the penis in your mouth muffles your cry. Both me pull out and walk away to be licked of by 2 other women.

Your master picks you up – “The night is not over yet” there are many more rooms to visit” you nod your head and walk with him naked, wearing only you mask in to the next room.

Hope you enjoyed the story, you can send any comments – I love the feedback!

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