Fantastic Massage


I got the most amazing massage the other night.

I’m a single woman, and I own a company that does public relations. I make a great deal of money and stay at some of the nicest spots in the world. I have gone through at least a dozen men in the last 4 years since I started this company.

I was staying at a spa in the desert last week, on business. At the conclusion of my work, I thought that I would spend a day or so just relaxing. I had just landed a tremendous client, and it had taken everything I had to do it. I was beat, but happy. After cocktails one night I called my staff to fill them in and went to my room to shower and relax. I cancelled a dinner engagement with a colleague. I simply wasn’t in the mood. I told him that I would see him back in town. Dinner in my suite, in front of the TV sounded great.

Dinner was great, but TV stunk, so I flipped through the catalogue of spa facilities. A massage was what I needed. The woman that answered, took my information and asked some questions about what I wanted. After a run down of my options, I ordered a heavenly blend of aromatherapy, deep tissue, followed by “full body caress”. I had never heard of full body caress, but it sounded like the perfect finish to a massage.

An hour later my masseuse arrived. She was about thirty, small and cute. She had short blond hair and a creamy complexion. I would have thought she would be too perky if she weren’t so professional. Her name was Camille and we talked about my work as she set up her table and accessories in the bedroom. She laid a sheet on the table and left the room telling me to take my time and call when I was ready. I removed my robe and panties and slipped under the sheet onto my stomach. She came when I called, and rolled the sheet down to the small of my back.

The massage was great! She was very professional and thorough. The aromatherapy was nice although I didn’t see how it could really affect “my sense of inner calm”. I asked her about the full body caress. She described it in detail, saying that it was generally designed around each client’s comfort level. When I asked what that meant, she described it as being something that could be very gentle stroking over the less “personal” areas, or it could be a good deal more sensual, including the more “personal” areas.

“Is it sexual?” I asked.

“No, no. It’s just very…sensual.” She paused. “If it was done to a man, they would probably get aroused and find it sexual, but for women, I think it’s different. Plus every woman has a different level of comfort with being touched.”

After another long pause, I asked,

“What areas do you mean when you say “personal” areas?” Now she hesitated.

“Well…the buttocks, the breasts, the insides of the thighs. Please don’t misunderstand, we don’t masturbate our clients.” She stammered.

We both were silent for awhile, considering what she said. After a couple of minutes I asked,

“How do you find out where someone’s level of comfort lies?”

“Well, if someone requests the “full body caress”, it usually means that they are at least comfortable with the concept of being caressed. Usually we just ask.” She said quietly. After another very long pause she asked, “What do you think you would be comfortable with?” I considered for a long time.

“I’m not sure. Can we sort of wing it?”

“By all means. If I do something, or approach something that you don’t like, just tell me.”

“Fair deal.” I told her.

The caress was wonderful!! Her hands were soft and supple, as they traced a tender pattern over my back and shoulders. They slid down over my lower back and onto my bottom just a bit. I made no move to stop her, so she continued. They glided over my bottom and down my legs. I remember thinking that I would fall in love with any man who could touch me this way. She spent a long time running from my shoulders to my feet and back again. I could feel myself nodding out a bit. She whispered something so quietly I couldn’t hear.

“Hmm?” I asked, drowsily.

“You are so beautiful,” she whispered again. I almost didn’t hear it the second time.

“Thank you.” I said sleepily. Then, “So are you.” I awoke a bit at hearing myself saying that. I didn’t mean to say that. It casino siteleri just popped out. She was lovely, but why would I tell her, I wondered?

“Beautiful bottom.” Came another silent whisper, as her hands gently flowed over it. Both her soft hands were turning circles around both cheeks. It was heaven.

“Mmm.” Was all that came out of me. Maybe I was asleep. Her fingers traced down over my thighs and back up the insides. My legs slid a little open, almost by themselves.

“Mmm hmm.” She whispered, sighing. I remember thinking that this was certainly a “personal” area. But still made no motion to stop her. I came awake when her fingers traced a line over my pussy, then up my back. She worked my shoulders for a bit, and then back down to my feet. She gently, slowly traced that line over my pussy 3 or 4 more times. My legs seemed to creep open by themselves.

“You want to roll over?” she asked. Yes! I thought to myself.

I settled onto my back and she asked me if I wanted the sheet over me, holding it up.

“Do you want the sheet over me?” I asked.

“No.” she said plainly. I smiled, as she looked me slowly up and down, almost leering. She set the sheet aside. Now that I was looking at her, I decided that she really was lovely. Petite and cute; short blond hair; cute figure under her white spa outfit. She looked like a nurse. I told her so.

“It is supposed to make the clients more relaxed, if we appear more professional.”

“Well,” I told her half-joking, “either I’m way under-dressed or you are over-dressed.” Once out of my mouth, it sounded like an invitation.

“Would you rather…?” she stammered. I drew a total blank, not knowing what to say. “I mean, if it would make you more comfortable…” I laid there in silence. I remember not being able to make my mouth work. I wasn’t sure what she meant and couldn’t ask her …

We stared at each other a long time. She then reached up and undid the top button of her uniform. Another long pause as I noticed the pulse at her throat; it was racing. She undid another as our eyes remained stuck to each other. Via my peripheral vision, I watched as she undressed, painfully slowly. She had a terrified look in her eyes. Not, I decided, that she was afraid of being nude with me, but rather that I would suddenly freak out and she would have gone too far. I realized that her job could be at stake here.

“Is this okay?” she asked almost silently and timidly, the front of her uniform completely unbuttoned. I only nodded to her, looking into the gap and seeing her white cotton bra and panties peeking. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” She whispered.

“Please.” Was all I said. I wasn’t even sure what I meant. She slowly pulled the uniform off, exposing her underwear. It was pure white and smooth and completely sheer. I could easily see her nipples and blond pussy. She really was beautiful.

She began stroking my body again and almost at once her nipples went completely erect. Mine were as hard as bullets, as her hands glided over by body, her fingertips stroking gentle circles around my tits, as she barely avoided them. A very sexy moan escaped my lips before I could catch it. Again, she said something that I didn’t catch.

“Hmm?” I had to ask.

“I was just saying that I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Really?” I asked. What did I know? She shook her head slowly. She was almost in a trance.

“I’ve given caresses to women before, but never like this. Well, I’ve never felt like this. Sorry. I shouldn’t be telling you this I guess.”

“No, no. I like hearing it.” I stammered. “Well, I mean…I never…. It just feels soo good!” My mind was in a fog. “Have you ever…with a woman…?”

“Not really.” She said. I must have looked confused at the comment. “I mean I’ve thought about…well fantasized…” She closed her eyes. “I’m not making any sense.”

“Ssh.” I whispered. “You don’t need to say anything. It just feels good. I’ll stop you if I get…You know?” She nodded with a slight smile. Her hands gently ran up my tummy over my ribs and then very slowly over my nipples. She watched my eyes for reaction. I gently closed them and smiled.

She touched me everywhere; gently pulling on my nipples, slot oyna while I moaned my approval; stroking her fingertips through my pussy hair; her fingernails gently tickling the insides of my wide-spread thighs. She stepped back for a minute. I opened my eyes and she drew my gaze. I watched as she removed her bra, watching for my reaction. I simply smiled. Her breasts were perfect! The stood proudly up and out, full and round. Her nipples like Hershey’s kisses mounted high and slightly to the outside of each one. I longed to touch them. She was about to begin on me again when I dropped my eyes to her panties with such obvious want that she turned away and peeled them down and off. Her bottom was soooo cute! She seemed genuinely nervous as she slowly turned around. Her pussy lips were shaved bit there was a tuft of soft downy blond pussy hair, that was so cute that I wanted to touch it. She was completely nude, just for me, and stood there while I drank in her beauty. I realized that I was shaking my head at her.

“What?” she asked.

“You are so…beautiful.” I whispered. A wide grin broke out on her face.

“You think so?” she whispered brightly. I nodded to her, unable or unwilling to tear my eyes away, as she stood with her hands far back of her hips so that her breasts stood ever further out in front.

“I’m glad. Thank you. So are you.”

“Your breasts are so beautiful.” I whispered. She looked down at them as her hands came up and cupped and stroked them. She pulled them forward with a milking action, at last pulling her nipples really hard. She stretched them an inch out, and when she let them go they stayed almost a half an inch long!

“They’re my favorite part of my body. I think they’re beautiful.”

“They are so beautiful!” I moaned.

“It turns me on that you like them.” She grinned at me, melting my heart. Her hands found me again.

One of her hands traced down my tummy and into my hair again. This time however, it continued until it found my swollen, moist lips. It was so good!

“Is it alright if I touch your pussy like this.?” She asked. My hand gently settled over hers and held it there. I nodded, as I bit my lower lip, my eyes closed. “Ooh. Your pussy is so wet. Are you wet because of me?” I nodded to her again. She took my hand and placed it on her soft tummy. Her skin was so incredibly warm and soft! I stroked her tummy and then her hip gently, as she began playing with my nipples again.

“Oh yeah.” I whispered. “My favorite.” Her touch was so gentle as she played with them, twisting and pulling gently. “Is it alright to touch you too?”

“Anything you like.” She whispered to me. I slid my hand around to her bottom and caressed her. Then I moved up her back and down to her thighs. Her skin was gloriously soft. Almost as if she read my mind she bent and drew a nipple into her mouth. “Oh yeah!” I whispered. “That really truly is my favorite!”

I closed my eyes and caressed her bottom as she went from nipple to nipple sucking and licking more aggressively. She suddenly stopped moving. I opened my eyes to see her right above me, looking into my eyes. After a very long pause I reached up and cupped her cheek in one hand, then, as if in slow-motion brought my other hand to her other cheek and slowly pulled her to me and kissed her mouth. We kissed deeply, like lovers, our tongues playing. I realized in a flash, why men love women so much! I moved to get up, and for a second a brief look of sadness crossed her eyes, like it was all over. Sitting on the edge of the table, I pulled her between my legs and kissed her again. I squeezed her smooth, curvy bottom and hugged her tightly. I then stood, and now towering over her, I took her hand and led her to my bed. We held hands as we gazed at each other’s bodies, and into each other’s eyes.

“I have never…but…I want …” was all I said. She spread a dazzling smile and we embraced again. We held each other for a long time.

I sat her down before me on the bed, holding her head to my tummy, which she kissed. She then looked up into my eyes with a look that said ‘I want to make love with you like I never have before’. It was a long and deeply passionate look between us. She then laid back on her elbows and moved up the bed, canlı casino siteleri laying out before me like some delicious goddess. Every inch of her skin was creamy and flawless. I finally noticed the strong contrast of her tan lines. I realized that I wanted to touch her everywhere and kiss every bit.

“You are so incredibly beautiful.” I whispered to her. Her eyes were ablaze with passion as her hand, which had been lying on her stomach ran up so that her fingers could strum an erect nipple.

“No. It’s you.” Was all she said. I moved to the table and turned off the light. The room was dimly lit by the lamp in the sitting room, almost dark, but I could still see her clearly.

“It’s my turn to touch you everywhere.” I told her sitting down on the bed.

“God! I would love that, so much.” She said with a voice that almost made me come on the spot. I leaned over her and kissed her mouth passionately. Her tongue was immediately in my mouth, which aroused me even more. I cupped her breast in my hand; firm and warm. Her nipple was every bit as hard as mine. Her arms folded around me, nice and snug.

“I love kissing you.” I whispered into her mouth. She moaned her reply into mine.

I gently squeezed and kneaded the tit in my hand, realizing why men love to do it so much. I moved over her, straddling her tummy as we kissed and kissed. I shocked myself by whispering,

“I love you.” I looked up and we stared at each other for a second. She smiled,

“What?” she asked me.

“Is that weird to say?” It had just popped out.

“Not at all. I love hearing it. I love you too.” She rolled me onto my back and straddled my hips. “I want to make love to you.” My hands stroked all over her body; squeezing her tight behind; over her tummy and cupping her tits. I pulled her close and sucked on a very long nipple. It was so hard. “Oh! Suck it. Oh yeah. Suck my tits. I love it!”

I could feel her warm pussy stroking back and forth over my tummy, as she slowly rode back and forth. I went back and forth from nipple to nipple as my hands squeezed her bottom. She moved a bit higher and I was kissing her tummy. My fingers found her pussy and stroked her clit. Her moaning and breathing increased. I knew that she and I were aiming for the same thing. I slid down as she slid up and soon I was stroking my tongue between her pussy lips.

“Oh, baby. Yes! Oh, sweetie, eat my pussy. Oh God!!” Her hips were non-stop as I licked her up and down. She was delicious. Warm and wet like a summer peach. She didn’t have a distinctive taste like I had always heard, but rather just moist and creamy. I held her ass in my hands as I pushed my tongue as far inside of her as I could and then moved up and sucked her clit into my mouth.

More incredible than I would ever have dreamed! I had never even allowed myself, however, to explore the mental fantasy of doing what I was now enjoying so much. I always thought that I would think it was gross. Not only did I find it to be otherwise, I was loving every minute of pleasing her with my mouth and tongue. She came violently!

“Steven was right.” I said, after she slid limply down my body, to lay her head on my tummy. I lazily ran my fingers through her hair.

“Who?” she asked dreamily.

“A lover of mine. He always told me that I should try that; that I would probably love doing it. He was right.” She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Did you like it?”

“I…loved it.” I told her. She grinned and moved up to kiss my mouth, then laid back on my breasts. We lay in each other’s arms for awhile.

Her idle caressing of my breast and nipple turned into more active play. Finally she moved slightly and sucked my nipple into her mouth. “God, Jennifer. Your tits are so great!” she held them both and began really tonguing both my nipples, which I loved. “Your breasts are the perfect size and shape. I love them.” I reached down under her and held her breasts at the same time. It felt so good. She was moaning her agreement.

“Would you play with your tits so I can watch … while I eat your pussy.” She seemed nervous to say it, but once she had, she seemed even more turned on. She slowly made her way down to a position so that she could lie on her tummy between my outstretched legs. Her pretty face was inches from my trimmed pussy tuft. I took both nipples and pulled them hard. I watched as her eyes drifted down to my puss. She spent a long time looking and then gently touching me; exploring.

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