FantasySent this in an email to the wife thought I’d share!Right now I’m so sexually frustrated and it’s your fault so I wrote this…I would love to come home from work and for us to have a free house! I could come in from work and catch you sitting on the sofa all dressed up in high heels stockings and your see through undies and pretty bra. And to top it off you didn’t hear me come in and I catch you sitting there legs spread playing with your pussy! I stood there rooted to the spot looking through the crack in the door not knowing weather to leave you to climax or interrupt …. with every stroke you breathe deeper and harder and moan so much so I can hear how wet your pussy is so much so I cannot take it much more! at this point my cock has grew and is so hard I’m having to rub it to get it comfy….. then as I look through the crack in the living room door I see your fingers deep in your wet pussy…..this was too much I couldn’t keep still or concentrate I accidentally pushed the door and you saw me.At this point I thought shit now I’ve caught you and stopped your rhythm you won’t want to carry it on how wrong was I! you tell me to come in and shut the door I finally take my coat off and shoes and you take my hand and put in on your Clit as you ask me “how wet am i” to which I say “soaking”! I slid my hand over your pussy and slide in two fingers you moan with delight and then I slid these two wet pussy juice covered fingers into your mouth and get you to suck and lick you off them “sweet isn’t it” you say to me which I reply “you always are!” you then proceed to push my head down very force ably to get my tongue on your Clit you then say ” lick it good and I will let you fuck me………hard!”.I’m now at the point where my cock is so hard I slyly undo my trousers where licking I slide a finger in you then change it to two fingers and then two in the pussy while a third massages your ass you cannot control your pleasure you let out a massive moan! at this point I’m thinking you ain’t gonna know what hit you soon! I pick up the pace as I do your face tells me your getting kocaeli escort there closer and closer I pull on you nipples just enough for your legs to start to shudder a little and then…………………. I stop this is where you look and say “what did you stop for!!” to which I reply “you really think I’m going to let you come that easy after you started without me!” You say “your here now though and that’s what matters! Your telling me you don’t want to pound your cock in my tight…wet…pussy??”.This is where I decide I’m going to take charge I grab you by the hands March you upstairs to our room where I sit you on our bed and you ask “what you doing ?” I turn to you and say “I beg your pardon! it’s what you doing SIR!” your face looks at my with a glint in your eye as if to say your scared but you want to proceed and you reply “what are you doing SIR!” at this point I flip you raise your ass and spank it several times each one louder than the last to test your limits. Not a single thing was said by you other than several moans I said “you take that tone with me again I will punish you again” by this point you now knew I wasn’t messing and me being in this control you liked it was a turn on!I lay you on the bed I took your heels off and put a blindfold on you I took your bra off and your see through undies and just left your stockings on! you were moving around the bed gyrating those hips of yours highly turned on but I wasn’t ready to fuck you and give you what you wanted yet! I reached under the bed I pulled out somthing you could hear some noise but wasn’t sure what it was then I grabbed your ankle and strapped it and then the other you then realised it was at that point I had put a spreader bar on you the restriction even at this point was a turn on! I then proceed to cuff your hands to the headboard so you are starfished on the bed all spread out I ask you ” are you comfortable ?” and you say “yes” all of a sudden out of nowhere you feel a good sharp hit to your inner thigh it makes you moan you suddenly remember “yes sir!” “I’m izmit escort glad you remembered” I reply I then run my hands up and down your entire body you flinch several times and each time is followed by a God firm hit with my belt you groan with pleasure I tease you body paying close attention to your joints massaging them running my fingers all over you in between your legs even pulling on you pussy lips spreading them I can see you pussy jucies it turns me on i move up to you nipples I run my cold belt buckle over them which you weren’t expecting you groan with pleasure and I’m excited to see your nipples grow so I run my mouth over and suck one flicking my tounge back and forth as I do then the other and as I finish my suck I leave it with a teasing bite!By now I couldn’t leave your pussy alone anymore I kiss you from you lips which I tease when I kiss Down via the breasts and stomach and groin and I slide my tounge in you are seriously turned on you taste so sweet I fuck you with my tounge and flick it back and fourth over your Clit you gyrate on the bed pulling all the restraints you moan with pleasure just the fact you are restrained and restricted turns you on but to have me going at your pussy is just pushing you over the edge again you get close to Cumming I see your mouth wide open gasping for air as I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy I feel you tighten and your legs get to the point where you start to shake so I once again stop you say “don’t stop sir” I get up kiss you and slide my hard cock in your wet pussy you are holding on to the restraints for dear life and gasping for air as I push my cock slowly all the way in till you are on the verge of screaming! I then take it out covered in your come and move to your mouth I tell you to taste it but you start to suck and oh my God it feels good I stop you and tell you “I told you to taste it not suck it!” you replied with “i was just tasting it and anything to please you sir” and I see a cheeky little lip bite happen this is it now I think to myself she’s going bodrum escort to get it I undo the restraints remove the spreader bar while your still blindfolded flip you on your front and spank you leaving red hand prints on your ass you don’t say a word just moan with delight! I put you on your back again and lift your legs your wet pussy is dripping I rub my cock over your Clit over and over your breathing gets harsher and I plunge into you deep and hard but slow I repeat this several times its a turn on to know your ass is being rubbed too so I think what then hell I’m going In you ass is so well lubed by all the juices I slide my cock in again your breathing changes you say to me “slowly sir” I take your needs in to consideration and go slow it’s so tight it’s like a forbidden fruit I can’t help but enjoy and you grab me and pull me in to you to my surprise I then decide to stop I’ve stringed you on enough your wet tight pussy needs to be dealt with so I proceed to lick you and finger you while using my free hand to grab and pull and fondle your tits and nipples I do this till you cannot escape the feeling you shout to me “don’t stop I’m coming!” “good I say ” with a mouthful of pussy as you near I taste your cum so much sweeter than before and your juices all over my hand and face you shudder and I go faster with my tounge till you clamp your legs round my head and say “please sir fuck me ” I look at you and think this amazing woman really will go to any lengths to please me and my God I’m a lucky man! I put my cock in your mouth get you to suck and then I take it and fuck your pussy you clamp your legs round me and I pound into you deep and hard you scream your coming again I pound harder till you cum and your legs release me I role onto my back and you get on me and squat which is amazing! you fuck me till I’m near coming I grab your ass and spread your cheeks it’s a big turn on you then jump off and say ” come where you want sir” I’m so astounded as to what is happening but there is no time I’m coming and you are sucking and using your hand on me I can’t think before I know it I’m blowing my thick hot load in your mouth I couldn’t decide where to put it I thought tits Yeh Deffo then I thought all over your ass Yeh then I though all over your ppussy and the one place I did wanna come was the one place you wouldn’t let me ….your face but that was some mind blowing sex!

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