It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but I can tell that you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still as good looking as ever and seem a lot more at ease with yourself than compared to the last time we met. We sit outside of Starbucks chatting away, my fingertips absentmindedly stroking the swell of my breast above the confines of my black spaghetti strap top. My legs are crossed and stretched out since my knee was bugging me yet again. Though it hurt in part to the height of the black leather boots that I’m wearing, silver “studs” lining the seam of where the leather stops and the outer sole of my shoe begins. My blue jeans are tucked into my boots, and cling to my legs like a second skin. I have my grey hoodie on, unzipped except for an inch that keeps it closed over my black belt, though the hood is resting on the shelf that my thick chestnut ponytail makes.

I notice that your eyes follow the trail my fingertips are following around and across my chest and I smile slightly, my eyes darkening as a devilish idea pops into my head. I make a suggestion that we head back to my place, since I know that my family will be gone for a while seeing as how my sister is out shopping with her boyfriend and my mother has work all day. We climb into our respective vehicles and you follow me back to my place.

As I walk up to unlock the door you come up behind me and grind your hips into my ass, already showing signs of how aroused you were at the mere thought of being able to take me after all these years. I purr in my throat as I turn the lock in the door and open it, barely able to punch in the pass code for the alarm before you have me pinned to the wall and your mouth on mine. I gasp in between kisses, pretending to struggle against your hands even though I know resistance is futile. After a steamy make out session against my front door, I push away from the door, suggesting we take it into my room before anything gets any hotter.

We go up to my room and my two little “daughters” run to the cage door and beg for a treat. With a soft coo I give them each a yogurt drop, turning to see you watching me half amused at how I baby my rats. I pull an exasperated face at you and laughingly usher the rats back into the cage.

By the time I turn around you’ve already gotten your shirt off and are watching my face for my reaction. I can almost feel my eyes dilate as I rake my gaze over your upper body, etiler ucuz escort my lower lip in my mouth as I drink in the look of you. I walk towards you, unzipping the hoodie and tossing it to the side, trailing my nails down your chest when I get close enough to you. I pinch and twist your nipples, smiling slowly as I hear you moan softly at the touch. Your hands go to my back and feel around the bottom of my tank top, and I step back and let you remove the top, gazing at my breasts while they are offered up within the black push up bra I was wearing.

I run my fingers over my breasts again, purring and smiling, but gasping as you suddenly start to kiss and suckle the exposed flesh. A shuddered breath escapes my lips as your clever tongue dips between the fabric and my skin to tease at my nipple and areola. You reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, slowly sliding the straps off my back and discarding in the growing pile of clothes. I reach downwards and remove my boots, kicking them off to the side, noticing that your shoes and socks were already off. I unbuckle my belt and peal my jeans off, revealing white lace thong that barely covers the fact that my pussy is shaved completely. I head your chuckle of amusement and satisfaction and it’s my turn to watch you remove your pants, smiling at the strain in your boxer briefs.

You remove your underwear and I wet my lips and stare hungrily at your cock. It throbs with each heartbeat and pulse of your body and I slid my hands down your body to take the weight into my palm. With a nip on the shoulder I go down on you, licking your cock head until you groan, slowly pressing my mouth over your cock, swirling my tongue as far around your cock as I can. All of a sudden, I bite down, not too hard but enough to know that you feel it, which is evident by the surprised groan that pours from your throat as I graze my teeth back up your shaft and over your throbbing cockhead. By now my pussy is wet and dripping and literally aching for a touch, any touch.

You look down at me with a compelling fire in your eyes and I stand up, letting your wet cock slide between my breasts and down my stomach, my face tilted upwards to watch your eyes. You groan and capture my face in your hands, kissing me hard, and your tongue dancing with mine. Suddenly you back me up so that the back of my knees hit my bed and you push me etiler üniversiteli escort down onto the mattress. I bounce with a started gasp and look up at you, my eyes dark and hooded. You reach forward and rip my lace panties away, revealing my freshly shaved pussy. The scent of my sex permeates the air and you fall to your knees, forcing my legs apart and breathing on my sensitive cunt.

Your warm breath on the supple flesh makes me tingle all over and I lift my hips in a pleading gesture, not so subtly begging to be eaten. You give me a sly smile and chuckle that male chuckle that drives women insane before you spread my pussy lips apart and lick my cunt slowly, savoring the taste of my honey. I sigh and lay my head back, closing my eyes and reveling in the feel of your mouth on my pussy.

Suddenly I feel suction on my clit and I cry out, my eyes flying open and I look down my body at you, my breath labored and short. I can see you smile even though your mouth is still sucking on my clit, your tongue lapping at the bud as you draw it into your mouth. I shudder with pleasure and then toss my head back as I feel your finger delve into my pussy. I can feel every stroke of your finger and tongue as they move in tandem, bringing me closer and closer to my first orgasm.

I cry out and clench the sheets in my fists as I cum, my thighs falling apart in surrender and you growl your satisfaction. You raise yourself from your knees to lean over me and take my breast in between your teeth, your tongue lapping at the tip the same way you tongued my clit. Pure lightning shoots through my body as you suckle, my hips lifting ever so slightly, a barely contained whimper flowing from my mouth as my eyes close to slits.

My hand reaches between our bodies and quests for your cock, purring with my own satisfaction as I find it and squeeze it, an evil grin on my face as I hear you groan in reaction. I take your cock and slide the head up and down my slit, wetting it with my pussy juices. Almost instinctively you thrust forward, and slid your hard meat into my cunt, my hot sheath enveloping it balls deep. My eyes flutter close as I feel your thick cock fill me completely, just the way I like it. I open my eyes and look dead into yours as I squeeze my sheath around you, and grin in satisfaction when I watch your eye flutter close and your Adam’s fatih escort apple bob as you gulp.

You look down at me, your eyes dark and possessive, and you move slowly, making me feel every inch of your cock move inside of me. My hips lift as you plunge and we find a rhythm, my arms lifted above my head and pressing against the wall so to make sure that I don’t bash my head. Suddenly you pull out and I whimper, even though in the back of my mind I’m giving you brownie points for coming prepared as you slip a condom on over your cock. You crook your finger at me and I stand, a little wobbly.

You grab me roughly and spin me around, taking my ponytail in your hand and pulling, causing me to gasp and groan at the sensation. You bend me over and I feel the latex slip up and down my soaking pussy before sliding inside of me. I’m so much tighter this way, with my legs closed and my back arched that you groan at the mere sensation. In an almost strangled and breathless voice I tell you to fuck me, to just make me scream.

And you do.

You pull my hair back and thrust hard and deep, hitting that sweet spot over and over again. I am awash in feeling as you pound away, grunting and groaning while I scream as little orgasms ripple through my whole being. Suddenly I feel the pressure building and building as you hit my g-spot dead on. On a moan I tell you to keep it right there and you graciously comply, and the pressure builds and builds and suddenly I explode in orgasm. I throw my head back and scream lustily, even as I squirt and shake all over. Even as I quake you slip back inside of me, the undulations of my pussy only stimulating you more as you stroke deep.

On a whim I raise my upper body so that you can kiss and bite my shoulder, as well as fondle my breasts. The angle changes as well and it is even deeper than before. I spread my legs to match your stance and reach one hand down to rub my clit, listening to your breathing change as you come closer to your peak. I whisper one command, and you start to piston me.

The feeling courses through me again and I orgasm/squirt once more as you give one final thrust into me and spill your seed, your groan mingling with my voice as we come together. With quivering thighs that can no longer support me I slump down onto the bed, panting heavily, despite a parched throat. I wet my lips and look over to you as you gingerly lay down on the bed next to me, sweat beading out of every pore of your face, out of breath yourself. I smile slowly and ask cheekily if you feel better. My only answer is a roll of the eyes and a half grin that I knew meant “shut up smart ass”.

I chuckle and lay my head down on a dry patch of sheet and close my eyes, completely exhausted.

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