Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 4)

Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 4)Far Too Hot(chapter four)Kevin is making me so hot, the relentless slapping of his balls on my pussy, his giant cock spearing my arse, his hands playing with a nipple and my ever sensitive clit. Kevin, you’re driving me mad.I spit again on my fuckers pole, his face is contorted, his mouth is gaping, his breathing is spasmodic, his hands fist the bed on both sides of him.“Oooo, this looks like just what I need, I’ve always wanted to be in a porno.”It’s Jen, my darling Jen . . . . . fuck, that door must still be open. She’s already in the nude except for her tiny, transparent g-string, how long has she been out there watching us. Who cares, she’s here now and that just makes things perfect for me.I know we have spent many a hot, pussy wetting afternoon watching fucker in his garden, we have simulated on each other what it would be like to have him fuck us, we have laughed so hard, we have got pissed thinking about it and finally we would watch each other cum.And now here he finally is, the man of so many nasty dreams, his trunk swaying in my hand as I wave at Jen.“Get over here you little whore and let me hurt you with this thing and then let’s see if you’re a real woman who can take it up the arse, your friend here has no hope.” he spits at Jen.If Jen had had something less valuable than a camera in her hands at the time, she would have killed him with it.“Hold your horses big man, I’m the director around here, now shut the fuck up and do exactly as I say.” Jen never has taken that kind of stuff from men and she wasn’t going to start with him, she had what he wanted, not necessarily the other way round. Well he did have exactly what she wanted and she could hardly wait to do exactly what he had suggested, but she wasn’t going to let him know that.“Now roll over and stick that arse of yours right in Wendy’s face.”All this time Kevin was soothing my shoulders and neck as I gently came down from yet another huge ‘O’, he picked me up with his wonderful tool still buried in my arse, sarıyer escort turned my face to him and kissed me passionately on the mouth.That was the first kiss we had ever had and it was so soft, so full of everything I had ever wished it to be. So many times I had talked to him on the landing and had watched his mouth move slowly as the words purred out of him, so many times he had to cough slightly to bring me out of her dream.So many times he had thought that he must be so boring for me not to even be listening to him, now here we were, in each other’s arms, him buried high up in my bowels, one hand manipulating my left breast whilst his other hand pressed my pubic bone though my hair, with his middle finger gently moving backwards and forwards across my clit and G spot. We had each other in a different world, on a different level, we could feel each others souls.Suddenly our dream world was brought to an abrupt halt, Jen was tapping me on the shoulder with something.“Here, spit on that and stab him with this” she waggled my dildo in the direction of fuckers arse winking at me from the bed.I smiled up at her, took the KY covered dildo and leaned forward again, much to Kevin’s delight. Not only could he press further up now but he could feel my tightest glove milking him for all he was worth.“Oooo Wendy don’t do that, it’s too nice, you’ll have me cumming far too soon.”“Sorry my darling, I just couldn’t help it, your cock feels just magnificent up there.”I looked again into fuckers one eyed monster and spits on it. The drool runs down his hole and onto his huge balls, I pick it back up with my tongue and plants it right back where I had spat it at him. I rimmed him and presses in, then out, in and then rims him again.I hear fucker hissing through his teeth, “Oooo, you little fucker, you might not be able to take one, but you sure know how to please with one.”“Who said you could speak, here clean this for me, it’s soaking and needs your tongue on esenyurt escort it.”Jen had settled herself on the pillow, had her legs over fuckers shoulders and was pushing her gaping fanny into his face. She pushed her feet into his back and levered herself up and down his face, her juices had him coughing and spluttering.“Oh God, I love this, being done at both ends, bring it on girls, I can take as much as you like of this.”I was ready, I had taken enough time getting him ready too, one quick, sharp jab should do it. I lined up the dildo and before fucker had time to say anything else he might regret, fucked the whole thing up his brown, dilated star.He froze, his head came as far off the bed as it could, he tried getting away from the pain, but Jen had her full weight on him now, so I pulled the whole thing out but immediately repeated my action then started a wanking rhythm on the dildo in his arse.He slumped down again, I went mad, Jen was trying to smother him with her fanny and Kevin was smiling at the pain fucker must be going through as his own cock corkscrewed my bum into the bed.Jen could see she needed to readjust the camera to get the best shot of what I was doing to his arse so she got off the bed and stood under Kevin’s legs, aimed the camera between his legs, between my legs, straight at fuckers poor battered arsehole.She quickly claimed the cup of whiskey I had been drinking when fucker first arrived, drained it and put it on the bed. She climbed under fucker and pushed her dripping fanny back in his face and swallowed his raging cock.Kevin was getting close now, the only one now who could clearly see all the action was raising his blood temperature beyond boiling point and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.Oh my God, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit. I’m going to cum, I’m cumming. Oh fuuuuccccckkkkk.He knew I wanted my holes sprayed with his mountain of cum and in the back of his mind that’s exactly what he wanted to do for me. He had no idea how, but he wanked avrupa yakası escort furiously in that general direction.He scrunched his eyes closed, his stomach was just a sea of tight muscles and his cock was in the hands of the one he loved. My tiny hand bled him of all the pent up gallons of juice he had been saving for the weeks he had been dreaming of me.It was as if he wasn’t spurting at all, it was just one, long, continuous, never- ending rope of flowing, white hot, boiling cum. On and on it went, he smiled, screwed his face again, still he came, he smiled again, it was starting to ebb.He looked down and couldn’t see his cock, just the delectable sight of my tiny bum still sticking into his groin, but he could feel my hand still gently milking him, but no cum, there was none to be seen.He slowly stood back and I turned around, sucking the fingers that had been draining him. In my other hand was the cup Jen had put on the bed, I tilted it slightly towards him and put my fingers to my lips to quiet him.There in the bottom of the cup was all his slightly brown cum, the bottom of the cup couldn’t be seen, I gently swirled it around the cup to show him just how much there was before I let it drain to the bottom again.We both turned to watch Jen still hard at work on fuckers tool whilst he ravaged her fanny and arse. Jen wanked him furiously whilst he plunged three fingers deep inside her and ploughed her hard.“I’m going for it, are you ready to take it, I’m going to fucking drown you, do you hear me, here it cums, you’re going to fucking die.”“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Blast after blast hit the bottom of the cup to join Kevin’s tanned gift from my arse.“Ooohhhh more, more, more, take it bitch, you know you love it. God, there’s more.”Finally he slumped down crushing Jen. I quickly grabbed the cup as Jen squirmed out from under him. He sat up against the pillow with a big satisfied grin on his face.“There, now whose the real man around here?”“Well real men finish what they’ve started,” Jen said handing him the cup, “Here, drink it, prove you’re the man you say you are.”“You mean you want me to drink my own cum, are you k**ding me bitch?”“So, not the man you thought you were mm, told you he would chicken out,” I said turning to Jen.“Me, chicken out, I’ve never chickened out of anything in my life, give me it here.”We all just stood and grinned.

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