Female Bonding Pt. 03


Ashley and Tiffany stood stark naked in their bedroom, facing each other. Staring at each other with the best fuck-me eyes they could muster, they leaned forward until their large, pointy nipples touched tip to tip.

Tiffany bit her lip in anticipation. Ashley’s heart was beating so rapidly she could hear it.

They pulled apart.

Their nipples came away clean, as the usual laws of physics predicted they should. Their breasts hung naturally in front of their chests. No magic had happened.

“Aww…” Ashley muttered, disappointed.

“Try again!” Tiffany encouraged, hopefully.

They bumped their nipples together again, but again they came away clean.

“Aww, come on, nipples! Stick!”

“Well, you know Stuck is finicky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

“But it works best when we’re super horny! I’ve been away for over a week! I’ve been starved of you, Tiff! I don’t know if I’ve ever been this horny in my life!”

“Well keep trying. Heaven forbid we have to make love like a normal lesbian couple.”

“Mmm… but I want to be stuck to you!”

“As if you aren’t clingy enough already!”

They kept flicking their nipples together for a few minutes. While they never latched onto each other, it provided enough stimulation to drive them mad with lust. Before long, they were enjoying themselves enough that they hardly needed to have their special thing happen. They wrapped their arms around each other, holding each other tight as they kissed wildly and passionately!

Tiffany guided Ashley toward the bed. She sat down and pulled Ashley with her. They rolled over one another until they were more or less in the middle of the mattress. There, they writhed around, kissing and caressing each other, and grinding their pussies against each other’s bare skin.

“Is it time?” Tiffany practically begged after several minutes of making out.

“I think so,” Ashley gasped. “I need to get off so bad now! I can’t bear it any more, I need to cum! You want the double-header?”

“Fuck, yes!”

Ashley rolled over and opened her nightstand drawer. There were actually four double-ended dildos in there, among a variety of other toys, but Ashley knew which one to use. It had taken them several attempts to find the perfect one. It had powerful vibrations, a ridiculously long battery life, but best of all, it was the perfect size for them. It was actually smaller than some of the others, but the shorter length allowed them to press their vulvas completely together while they made love, without it pressing uncomfortably against their cervixes. That particularly intimate skin to skin contact was what made the difference between sex and full on lovemaking.

Ever since they had found it, it had been their toy of choice for those nights when their nipples wouldn’t stick together. Holding it in both hands, Ashley slid it sensuously down between her breasts, across her stomach, finally rubbing the head down her shaven slit. Tiffany’s eyes followed the device down as she again bit her lower lip. When Tiffany’s eyes rose to meet Ashley’s again, Ashley leaned toward the love of her life with a smile.

“But before we do…” Ashley whispered into Tiff’s ear, “just one more try.”

Tiffany propped herself up against the headboard while Ashley brought her breasts to hers. Their sensitive nipples pressed into each other, triggering all kinds of wonderful sensations, as both lovers gasped in pleasure. But the nipples flicked past one another, seemingly uninterested in latching onto each other like they sometimes did.

Ashley tried again, and this time pinched each pair of nipples together with her fingers. She pulled back a couple of times, enjoying the tug, pretending that their nipples were stuck together. But when she let go with her fingers, their boobs fell apart.

“Okay, then. Not tonight, I guess,” Ashley conceded, disappointed.

“Want me to get the super glue?” Tiffany teased.

“Haha! Ouch. No, thanks. I don’t think it would be the same.”

Tiffany laid back down on the bed and lifted up her knees. Ashley ran her fingers down Tiffany’s slit, sliding them down past her clit until she found the opening. She stuck two fingers in to see if she was ready.

“Oh, my! You are WET! You’re practically making a puddle! I don’t think you’re going to need any lube.

She brought her fingers out and massaged Tiffany’s juices into her inner labia, making sure the whole area was good and lubricated. For good measure, she rubbed some secretions onto the head of the dildo, then placed it against her vagina. After only a gentle push, it slid right in. Tiffany cooed lovingly.

Ashley found the button on the side and turned on the vibrator. Immediately she felt the muscles in Tiffany’s legs twitch as it came alive. Even just holding the other end of the dildo, she could feel her pussy rhythmically tightening around the shaft, almost like it was trying to pull it deeper inside of itself.

Now it was her turn. She slid her left leg under Tiffany’s right and lifted her right casino siteleri over Tiffany’s left. She felt her own pussy, and found it was nearly as wet as Tiffany’s. Making the same preparations for herself, she inserted the other end into herself and pulled their pelvises together until their pussy lips touched, like a kiss. Now it was Ashley’s turn to gasp!

She held their pussies together for a few seconds, savoring the feeling of their hot, sticky labia sliding together, and their juices mixing. Ashley squeezed her Kegel muscles a few times. It felt so good to have that thick, vibrating shaft for her vagina to grip.

Finally, she pulled back, ever so slowly, feeling the shaft slide partway out of her. Then, just as slowly, she returned, sliding the shaft back in until their nether lips kissed once again. She repeated, picking up the pace, as her pussy came alive with sensation!

Tiffany was feeling it, too. She let out a soft grunt with each labored exhale, as she started to thrust her hips in synchronization with Ashley. Before long, she had lifted her but off the mattress, and was perfectly matching each of her lover’s thrusts.

That was one of the many benefits of having a life partner like Tiffany and Ashley had each other. By now, they knew each other’s rhythms so well that they could both thrust to their heart’s content and never fall out of synch. After so much practice with each other, their lovemaking was done with perfect harmony!

Minute after minute, they continued this well-practiced dance, as the pleasure built and built, until their legs burned from exertion! Tiffany had spared one hand from supporting herself so she could massage her clit as they fucked, a clear sign she was very into it! Ashley’s hamstrings were nearly cramping, but they were both so close by now. Just a few more thrusts were all it should take. She could tough it out.

But suddenly… TUG!

Both girls’ eyes shot open in surprise! As they were pulling apart in preparation for another thrust, their pussy lips suddenly caught.

“Whoa, what the…?” Tiffany shouted!

Both girls stopped what they had been doing, despite how close they had both been to fulfillment, and looked at what was going on between their legs.

“Oh my god, Tiff! Our labia!”

Both their outer labia were stretched out along either side of the vibrating shaft of the dildo, still connected together in the middle. They tugged a few times, but the plump folds of skin only stretched with each pull. Their pussy lips were solidly stuck together!

“This is new!” Tiffany gasped!

“I’ll say! I thought Stuck only worked on our nipples.”

“Who the fuck knows how Stuck works? This feels so fucking good! Pull again!”

They pulled. Their thick, fleshy lips stretched out several inches between them like taffy, completely inseparable. They pulled again… and again… harder and harder!

“But, Tiff…” Ashley gasped. “If we cum so soon, we’ll come unstuck.”

“I’m too close! I just… I need to… OH MY GOD, I WANT TO FUCKING CUM!”

“Yeah, me too!”

It wasn’t like Ashley had much choice. Tiffany kept pulling, relaxing and pulling, simultaneously tugging on their vaginal lips and sliding the dildo in and out, both of which felt amazing! Despite the brief interruption, Ashley and Tiffany were cumming in less than a minute! As they came, they pulled back hard and held it, savoring the wonderful feeling of their flesh clinging together and stretching their lips to the absolute max!

When it was done, they flopped their butts down on the bed as one. The dildo was still vibrating inside of each of them. They laid like that long enough to let out a long, satisfied sigh, emptying their lungs of the breath they had been holding in. They started to get up… only to discover that their pussy lips were still stuck together.

“Huh?” Ashley exclaimed, as she continued tugging. “How are we still stuck? We both orgasmed our brains out! It’s always ended once we both cum!”

“Maybe because… we aren’t done yet!” Tiffany screamed, as she reared her head back and started to orgasm again.

Ashley wasn’t far behind her. With their lips still being tugged on, and the vibrator still inside them, humming away energetically, she was quickly climaxing again. By the time Ashley was done with her second, Tiffany was thrusting again, chasing her third! Almost involuntarily, they lifted their butts off the bed and kept on as they had been.

Once each of them had finished a third, they didn’t even stop thrusting, only slowed slightly. Tug… thrust… tug… thrust… they kept right on going. After another orgasm or two, their legs were too tired to support them, though their feminine parts still wanted more! They switched to a less demanding position. Their thrusts slowed down and covered less distance, but still gave them more than enough stimulation to cum again… and again.

They kept going until each of them felt they would pass out if they suffered any more orgasms. They flopped down on either end of the bed, gasping slot oyna for air! Their sweat had soaked into the bedsheets underneath them, but they were far too exhausted, not to mention euphoric, to do much about it.

They lay there for several minutes while they caught their breath, with their naked thighs still draped over each other’s bodies. The only sounds were their gradually slowing breaths, and the hum of the dildo, muffled by their flesh.

“Okay,” Tiffany gasped, once her strength had started to return to her. “Now… I… am… DONE! That had to do it!”

Groaning as they slowly moved their aching limbs, they began to get up. But as soon as they moved their lower bodies, they felt that same tug on their pussy lips, preventing them from disengaging.

“Oh my god!” Ashley gasped! “How are we still stuck together? I couldn’t even count how many times I came!”

“Well you’re the one who didn’t want to come unstuck too soon. Maybe you got your wish!”

“Yeah, but if half a dozen orgasms don’t unstick us, how do we get apart? This could be a problem!”

“I don’t know. But Stuck has never been a problem before. We’ve come unstuck every time so far, so I’m sure we’ll come unstuck this time as well.” But something in Tiffany’s voice sounded uncertain, even a little frightened.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Ashley replied, doing her best to calm herself down. “Do you at least want to get this dildo out of us for now?”

“Yeah, I’m quite finished with it! But… how do we?”

“Just stretch ourselves far enough apart and slip it out through the gap, I suppose.”

So, they tried just that. Ashley pulled away from Tiffany, while Tiffany slid her fingers into the long slit formed by their clinging, stretched out lips. She pulled the shaft deep inside herself, but even as it was backed up against the end of her vaginal canal, the opposite head hadn’t quite cleared Ashley’s pelvic bone.

“Love, pull a little more if you can. Stretch those lips!”

As odd as this phenomenon was, possibly the strangest part about it was that when they got stuck like that, even if they pulled with all the strength they could muster, they couldn’t seem to cause any significant pain or injury. Up until now, that had only been their tits, but the same rule seemed to apply here, so they yanked good and hard, trying to get as far apart as they could.

Ashley pushed off with her feet, but their labia had already been stretched taut, and she was only able to get another fraction of an inch. Tiff pulled the dildo as far inside herself as she comfortably could and tried to bend the dildo to get the head around Ash’s pelvic bone, but the problem was that it was fairly rigid for a double-ended vibrator.

“Ow! Ow!” Ashley complained. “You’re pressing it against my… Ow! Okay, stop! Stop! Fucking stop!”

“You want to fucking try?” Tiffany retorted, sounding cross. Tiffany was often the rational one, but she could get irritable when she got stressed.

“Holy shit, calm down! But, yeah, let me give it a shot.”

Ashley tried the same. First, she pulled it inside herself, but couldn’t get it far enough in to free the other end. After giving up on that, she pushed it all the way into Tiffany’s vagina, hoping to free her end.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Tiffany screamed! “What, are you trying to impale my innards? That fucking hurts!”

“Sorry! Sorry! Okay then, I don’t think it’s coming out,” Ashley admitted in defeat.

“What, are we just going to fucking leave it in there?”

“Well, if neither of us can get it out, I don’t see a whole lot of other options!” Ashley shouted back, anger starting to show in her voice as well.

“Whatever! At least turn it off so we can get some sleep,” Tiffany grumbled.

“Yeah, let me see if I can just…” she muttered as she fiddled around with it for a minute. “I can kind of feel where the button is… but I can’t… quite get it.”

Even normally, the on button could be hard to press. The actual button was seated underneath the tough rubber coating of the dildo, the location of which was marked by a small bump. Ashley tried, but as buried as it was inside both their flesh, it was hard to reach. She was able to get her finger halfway over the button, but pressing it far enough to click was another matter entirely.

After straining until her hand was nearly cramping, Ashley finally managed to push it in enough to feel a click… and the vibrator instantly intensified its motion.

“Fuck! Wrong button! Sorry!”

She had accidentally turned it up to its maximum setting. It was buzzing so loud it sounded angry now!

“God… DAMMIT, Ashley!” Tiffany screamed.

“Well… at least it’ll… run down sooner!” Ashley moaned, barely able to get the words out with what was going on inside her.

“No, it… won’t! I… charged it… this morning! It’ll be hours!”

“Oh, fuck!”

Tiffany tried her luck at reaching the buttons, but was even less successful. She couldn’t turn it off. She couldn’t even turn it back down.

“Dammit!” canlı casino siteleri she screamed in frustration. “Get this thing out of me! My vagina needs to rest!”

“We tried! It won’t come out while our lips are still stuck.”

“Well keep trying! I don’t know, maybe try pulling harder and see if we can stretch our lips farther.” She didn’t even mention trying to pull their lips apart. Both of them knew fully well that physical force would be useless.

“Sure, whatever,” Ashley conceded, annoyed. She knew it was pointless, but she didn’t have any better ideas to offer.

Ashley braced her feet against the headboard and pushed off, while pushing off from Tiffany’s knee with her hands. The tugging on their labia majora was extreme, even a little painful, but she knew pulling was safe, so she ignored it. Meanwhile, Tiffany tried to work the dildo free.

“Closer…” she grunted through clenched teeth. “Just need a little more. Can you stretch us any farther? Dammit, PULL!”

Ashley pushed off harder. For an instant, she was surprised when she actually managed to gain some good distance. But her sense of victory vanished a moment later when she realized all she had accomplished was to drag Tiffany across the bed along with her.

“Stop! Stop! You’re dragging me with you!” Tiffany shouted angrily, providing Ashley with no new information.

“Then what the hell good is pulling harder going to do? I don’t know, maybe grab onto something?”

“Onto what? And I need my hands to get the dildo out!”

“Then we’ll have to push off of each other.”

They tried as Ashley suggested. Ashely tried bracing her feet in Tiffany’s armpits, but this was far too uncomfortable for her when Ashley pushed hard. They pushed off of each other’s knees, but this didn’t leave them with any spare hands with which to remove the dildo. They tried several other positions, with many a grunt, angry curse, and painful “Ow!” as one of them pushed too hard against a sensitive area. In the end, any strategy they could think of either didn’t get the leverage they needed, or hurt too much. After nearly half an hour of exhaustive efforts, it was still buried deep inside them, buzzing away energetically.

“Oh, fuck!” Tiffany shouted all of a sudden. “I think I’m going to cum again!”

“Yeah, me too!” Ashley gasped!

“Maybe this one will do it!”

“God, I fucking hope so!”

In less than a minute, both women reared their heads back in one of the most powerful orgasms either had ever experienced: their exhausted vaginas felt pleasure so great it was almost excruciating, almost painful! Neither of them had ever been screamers, but they both screamed now.

This orgasm of unprecedented intensity lasted for well over a minute. By the time it was finally done, they could feel another one forming. The second one lasted even longer! The third one seemed to go on forever, though by then their vaginas seemed to be desensitized to the extreme sensations. Once this chain of orgasms was finally finished, they flopped down on the bed, gasping for air, while the accursed vibrator continued buzzing with no sign of stopping. Their vaginas almost ached from overexertion.

“What do we do?” Ashley asked, exasperated.

“I have no idea!” Tiffany responded. The panic and desperation in her voice was palpable. “It’s always released us once both of us cum, and we’ve both cum so many times! Hard! If cumming doesn’t unstick us, how the fuck do we get unstuck? This isn’t permanent, is it? Oh, shit, please tell me this isn’t permanent! WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO?”

“Calm down, sweetie, calm down. Maybe this is something different than what’s happened with our nipples. And if it’s different, maybe there’s another way to get apart.”

“Like what? If there is, how do we even figure out what? Is it some random shit? Because we’re damn lucky we figured out cumming gets us unstuck the first time.”

“I don’t know, but it’s worth trying different things. Maybe we might be able to just pull them apart if we do it right.”

“How? We yanked as hard as we could! Nothing! Our lips are stuck just as hard as our nipples always get.”

“Well, maybe instead of force, we can try some finesse. So far we’ve been yanking on the whole area, but maybe we can pull our skin apart bit by bit. You know, just start at an edge and peel it apart.”

“I guess it’s worth a shot,” Tiffany said, sounding unconvinced. At least she was starting to calm down a little.

They sat up just enough to get a closer look what was going on between them. They each grabbed a set of adhered labia and tried to peel their skin apart. Once their nipples got stuck together, the only way they had ever managed to get them to come apart was with the power of an orgasm. For fun, they sometimes tried to pull them apart by force, and had never succeeded once. This time seemed to be little different. The edge where their skin was knitted together was completely unyielding. They tried different areas, pinching and pulling, even trying to work a fingernail in between, looking for any weak spot where they could start peeling. But no matter where they tried, the edge where their skin was knitted together was completely unyielding. Ashley’s skin wouldn’t separate from Tiffany’s by even a millimeter.

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