Fernanda (Peituda Safada) hottest stories


Fernanda (Peituda Safada) hottest storiesFollowing are all real life encounters!You can also be part of it if you meet Fernanda (nickname Peituda Safada) in Brazil!Fernanda gangbangedThey were 15 guys, they leave me out in a Nightclub in São Paulo where I worked as dancer also. We go to a house of one from this guys, there we stayed in big room, in middle was a normal table, I had to go first on table with my short shirt on and dance for them, the guys were sitting around me and pulled out their cocks and wanked them by looking how I danced.I made my show which I always do while dancing, I show them my shaved pussy some times by open my legs and slit some fingers between, while I am looking to the guys and stick my fingers in my mouth and licking it same like a cock, after that I dance more and put out my shirt, I let them see how I play with my big boobs, I press them together and lick my hard Nipples.I see first guys which have a big hard cock, some of them comes closer and touch me.Then it goes quickly: I get fingers on pussy, tits, ass some are kissing me.They put me on the floor, I knee under them, I see a lot of cocks in front of me, first cocks are slapping my face, I put my tongue out to become some taste, then first cock go in my mouth , other guys licking on my nipples and touch my ass and pussy, I become wild, I suck on a lot of cocks, they change a lot, I get all type of cock, white, black, small, thick … I am loving it!Sometimes I must spit out some hairs, I don’t like this…After some time they put me in doggystyle position again on table, I feel again a lot of hands on my body and lot of cocks in front of me to receive head.I feel first cock now in my cunt, other hold my head and start to fuck my mouth same like a pussy, other guys change behind me, I feel that because some of them are bigger.While I am being fucked in pussy others play with my asshole, I feel how they put fingers inside..The guys are very nasty, they put some beer on my butt make me wet.First guy which fucked my cunt, changed now to go in my ass, it does a little pain,because my asshole was not so much widened yet. But I can not do anything: the guys in front forced their dick in my mouth and others illegal bahis hold my body so the guy can penetrate my ass.He keeps on fucking my ass while others are fingering my pussy. They changes positions an another guy fuck my ass.A bit later a guy stand over me fuck my ass so other guys can reach my cunt to fuck me in double, I loving it !! I become very hard orgasm, I don’t know how much guys now change to fuck my pussy, ass, mouth, it was fabulous!They changed after a while position I must lie on back on table, they fucks me again in all holes, double also, first guys now started to cum on me, some jerk it over my body, others on my holes while penetrated with 2 cocks , and of course a lot jerking on my face, others give me their loads in mouth..My face, butt, pusy was covered completly, so much cum I never had, at the end of the party they cleaned me with a lot of beer.This Gangbang session lasted about 2 hours!Serving a guy and a girl in a motelA hot encounter she had with a couple, aged about 30 in a motel room.It was the girl’s idea to have a session with partner and me. She always had a fantasy to play with other girl, I would be her first time!She was laying naked in the bed , I went on top, position 69.I started to open her legs and begin licking her cunt. Very slowly.She starts to growing, I put a finger in and continue licking her clit.Then she starts to lick me too. First very Slowly.Her Husband was sitting in front of me and looks what we are doing.The Girl now become more lust and licks me harder, I was feeling very good.The Guy now seen my face how I become first orgasm, and put his cock out directly in my mouthThe cock not was hard but in my mouth needs not long time to make him very big.Now i fucked his wife with 4 fingers and give him head.She was now very hot and liked my ass also. I feel how she put fingers in my ass by licking me.The guy saw this and lost all controll , he shot his cum in my mouth!I couldn’t swallow all so quickly , some cum dropped on pussy from girl.Guy now was out of me and ordered me to clean pussy, I did this of course.The Girl now wants be fucked also but she saw the husband was allready with cum on his cock!She was not was happy illegal bahis siteleri he used his cum allready on me!But after 10 minutes where we both worked on his cock he became hard again.So he fucked the girl while licking my pussy.This time he needed more time, she ride him hard and he comes in her pussy.I become this time several orgasm while he continued licking me!Fernanda abused in the SM-roomAlso couples uses her in the SM-room , so once what seems to be a horny hour turned bad:Initially it seemed a friendly couple, so they put her on the small table, with total restricted arms and legs, head hanging over.The guy went to her head side and inserted his dick in her mouth. And started deepthroating her…Fernanda liked this a lot!On the other side the women first gently opened her pusy lips, but then forcefully plugged her first inside without any preparation.Fernanda cried it out, but the bitch did not stop and fistfucked her continuously.It felt like all her pusy was getting distroyed…it was so painful..In mean time the guy pumped his dick until the balls in her throat.After 5 to 10 minutes never stopping fistfucking the pain was going away and she start to enjoy it even! Actually it felt so hot that she was getting verry wet and horny…She felt an orgasm was building up…and it was a real big one..The bitch kept on fisting her without mercy and then suddenly Fernanda started to squirt verry heavily, first time ever while getting fistfucked!Real lots of liquid was sprewed …even the boobs of the bitch got covered by her pusy juices…The guy was getting then also over the top and put a big load of cum in her throat…..so the bad experience turned in the end very satisfying!!!Her pusy felt soar for some days after being abused like this…Fernanda deepthroated.Lot of guys likes deepthroating. Last night I was talking about this with a lot of customers, so I became full of lust to do it again!So I did it with a hot guy: I go to the backend of the bed and let him put his cock over my face, I started to lick his balls and go slowly with my tongue more forward. At last he cannot resist anymore and take his cock between my lips. Slowly he put his cock deeper and canlı bahis siteleri deeper in my mouth. Until I was filled completely. He fucks me about 2 minutes in this position. I had to gag a few time. But he continued fucking me deep in the throat. But just before he was about to cum he took his dick out of my mouth and he put me on my knees next to the bed. In this position he stands over me and throatfucked me again , he retracted only at the last moment and covered all my face with his cum , also my hair was full of the delicious cream!Fernanda used by two hot guysLast night I had 2 english guys about 25 to 30yo, they like to use me in the SM-ROOMI think they never saw a lot of the nasty toys there before..The first guy pick up an anal plug and ask me , do you like this?He saw how nasty my eyes are looking and gives it to me.I must lie on table and open my legs, they ordered me to put the plug inside my ass,they look at me me with lust and start jerking their cocks.The other guy now picks up another dildo and gives to me,I must put this one in my pussy and fuck myself.After a some time selffucking with the dildo they took me to the wood cross and tie me on it, I was still wearing the analplug inside me.One of the guys now licks first my cunt and open my hole wide,the other guy comes over and put it his cock inside my cunt.While he was fucking me the other guy plays with the analplug, putting it in and out,omg it was so good feeling!The guy who was fucking my cunt plays with his hands on my boobs, sometimes he clamp my nipples hard with his fingers, it made a little pain…Now other guy wants fuck also, they take me off from cross and in standing position one guy goes in front and other in back into me, it was so good two cocks feeling inside me.I became a very big orgasm! They kept on fucking me some time in this position and after they put me on the table.They did not tie me on the table as I was willing to do all, one guy now goes under me I was riding him on table, the other guy then fucked my ass ! I was in 7th heaven, so great feeling !In this position both could not control any longer and they shoot their cum in both my holes.I feeling the creamy juice was running out me.They laughting because so much cum on table and I was dripping so much.I show them how much I like them and lick all the cum from table while looking to the guys.They had a very hot time and I am sure they want to come back to play with me again!

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