??? ?FFI?? ????


??? ?FFI?? ????I stared down at the wet toilet seat. Josh, the office stud, had just left from here and no-one else had been in that morning. My desk faced the disabled toilet and he always noticed who went in. Most of the guys inthe office used this room as they were too lazy to go down the hall to themain toilet. It was larger than most cubicles and had a full length mirror on the wall. Today, I knew it was only Josh that had been in. The 6ft 2 tall, jet black haired tanned lead salesman – he was a few years older than me, obviously worked out and took good care of himself. The office girls swooned over him. He usually walked round in tight fitting shirts and pants to show off every bulge he had – especially his crotch. He was definitely packing.I caught a glimpse of myself in the toilet mirror. Flush red cheeks and a bewildered look on my face. ‘What am I thinking!?’ – it was like I was possessed. Id been standing in front of the toilet seat for ages, just staring at the cum Josh had left, like a present to him. Gleaning, just a tinge of white – about five droplets. One of them rolled off the curved plastic and dropped in to the bowl. A sense of missed opportunity came over me and without another breath I hit the floor on all fours, face close to the seat, mouth dropped open. As I stared at the remaining drops I felt my tongue extend. “This is gross, right? I shouldn’t be doing this..”I thought, as my tongue gently touched the cold plastic and started to move upwards. And then the taste changed. The warm, sweet, salty taste of Josh hit my tongue – my eyes widened, tongue now firmly licking the seat as each drop came in to contact. I couldn’t believe I was actually tasted Josh’s cum – had a part of him inside now. Fuck, this felt good. It felt right to be on all fours for him. My cock was raging and pulling at my tight pants. I knelt back and quickly unzipped his flies to release my pulsating member. Three tugs and I was spueing hot cum all over the seat where Josh’s present had been. Again on all fours. I mopped up my own cum and swallowed it all, mixing his cum with Josh’s cum. I sat back, staring at myself in the mirror. That was the hottest thing my young self had ever done. I wasn’t very experienced with sex, and this was a very new feeling. But damn it felt good!This sordid affair went on for weeks. I would trace Josh’s pendik escort movements down the office from his desk at the far end, watch him enter the toilet, patiently wait for what seemed like forever for the jock salesman to return, and then wait for a minute or two to make sure no one noticed. Then I ‘d head straight for the door, clicking the switch to ‘engaged’ and checking the seat for presents. Most times I would leave a splash or two for me to mop up and toss over.Today I had been on his usual routine – eyes bobbing above the computer screen when someone walked passed, waiting for Josh to enter the cubicle. No luck so far. The whole office had been called in to the manager’s office for a sales meeting, but I stayed put. I was part of the accounts team so never went to these meetings. It gave me some respite from the hustle and bustle of the sales room – everything falling eerily quiet for half an hour. A few minutes had passed before I heard the familiar door click of the disabled toilet. Startled and bemused, I snapped out of my daze and my eyes darted over to find Josh stood in the toilet doorway – staring directly at me. I’d not noticed Josh exit the meeting and walk the length of the office, I wasn’t expecting to see anyone for some time and had been engrossed in my work. I gingerly looked back at my computer screen but couldn’t resist flicking my gaze back at Josh. He was still stood, just staring at me My cheeks flush red and a sinking feeling came mover my body. “What’s going on? Why’s he noticing me suddenly?” I thought. Josh moved his right forearm upwards, index finger extended. With one swift flick of his finger,he beckoned me to him. A quick sideways tilt of the head confirmed his intention – Josh wanted me in the cubicle. “Fuck – oh fuck. I’m totally fucked” I kept repeating in my head. Josh’s face was blank – no emotion, no smile. This felt totally surreal. I suddenly felt like a mouse that had been cornered by a dominant cat. Staring in to my eyes and unable to look away, I realized that I was already on my feet,office chair pushed back.”Get in here, Boy.” Josh’s voice boomed – there wasn’t going to be a chance to wriggle out of this. I had to obey. My eyes hit the floor and I walked quickly towards the toilet, stopping when Josh’s shoes came in to view. çekmeköy escort Patent leather, perfectly shined I started to raise my view to look directly at Josh. He was a couple of inches taller and wearing a perfectly fitted suit, white shirt and grey tie. The perfect power look.”In.” Josh barked and I obeyed. The door firmly closed and the lock clicked shut. “I know what you’ve been doing, you little perv” – he spoke as if he was spitting venom, leaning over to invade my personal space. But still I could only take in a deep breath and smell his manly odour. “You come in here straight after me every day, I’ve been watching.” I was pinned up against the wall, wide eyed and mute. “So I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted. Knees. Now” Josh was so firm with the boy. I sank down against the wall my knees hit the tiled floor. Eyes level with Josh’s crotch. This felt dangerous. It felt risky and uncomfortable. And I was embarrassed as hell.I was fixated on Josh’s crotch for what felt like forever. Then the suited jock gave a sharp sniff noise to make me look up towards him. Eyes locked, Josh started to unzip his fly. With the other hand he reached in and pulled the band of his tight pants down. His dick and balls flopped out of his suit trousers, hanging low and proud. My gaze was fixed on the junk as it bobbed from side to side, balls swinging slightly slower like a pendulum. “Open your mouth, Chris”. I didn’t even think that Josh knew my name. A rush of anxiety, panic and extreme embarrassment came over me as my jaw dropped wide open. “You’re gonna drink directly from the tap”,Josh declared as he moved closer, holding his limp dick horizontal and placing it on my tongue. I automatically closed his lips around the shaft. “You want my cum don’t you, Boy” It sounded like it should be a question, but Josh stated the fact and I nodded in agreement.Without hesitation I felt the warm juices filling his mouth. “Swallow,bitch” Josh ordered. His mouth emptied and started to fill up again. “Now keep this mouthful” Josh barked again, stopping the flow and pulling his dick out. I stared at the droplet that hung from Josh’s foreskin like the end of a hosepipe. Suddenly he opened the flood gates again and covered my face with hot cum. The stream was directed higher to cover my hair so maltepe escort it dripped down past my chin and on to his shirt. Then Josh pointed his dick down so the heavy stream poured out on to my clothes.Soaked.Josh started to stroke his now semi-erect cock. It inflated rapidly and the jock’s whole torso tensed up. My eyes slowly moved up and down from Josh’s face to his throbbing cock and swinging balls. This was unbelievable. “How is this happening!?” He thought, before making a decision that he wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity in front of him. Josh’s I quickly unzipped his fly and let his aching dick pop out. With each stroke the jock took, I copied on my own. Suddenly Josh flicked his head down, eyes piercing through mine. “Swallow my juice” he commanded. I had already let half the mouthful trickle down my throat, and immediately let the rest enter me . The sight Josh’s adams apple bobbing in his throat visually excited me- red faced, my grip tightened and the pace sped up. “Eugh, fuck!” He exclaimed as hot white cum spued out of the end of his dick, spraying my already wet face.A few deep breaths and a slow squeeze of his shaft, balls to tip, to release the last few drops of cum, and Josh was done. He smiled a little as he pushed his ass backwards slightly to allow his junk to fall back in his pants. TI watched as he zipped himself up, turned to the mirror and played with his hair before straightening his tie. Josh spun back round and took in the sight before him, the state he’d got me in. With a rye smile, lifting only one side of his lips to show me his gleaming white teeth, Josh bent down so both of our faces were level. “Good Boy,Chris ” the jock said, smoother and softer than before. A quick slap of the face, and Josh stood up to leave. Noticing his hand had planted on my face where the cum had landed, the jock wiped off the excess on my hair. One firm movement front to back. “You’re mine now, perv” hestated. “Oh, clear this all up before you leave.” And with that, he flicked the lock, swung open the door and exited.I glanced at myself in the mirror. Cum dripping down his face, cum stained shirt, and for the first time I noticed his own cum covering my pants. How would I exit the building looking like this? Who cared. The only things running round my mind at this point were two statements given by Josh: “Good boy, Chris” and “you’re mine now, perv”. I had always wanted to hear those words: “Good Boy”. They made me feel truly content. And now I was owned. A piece of furniture, a thing, a toy. Hot! I sat up from my slumped position, wiped the white liquid from his face into his mouth and quicky reached for the lock.

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