Filipina Feet


“Mr. Anderson, can you please tell the rest of the class which battle Napoleon met his end at during the 19th century?”

Wyatt Anderson snapped to full attention at the sound of his name called. All thirty or so classmates had their eyes glued to him for amusement. The only one not so amused was montone Mr. Howard, their military history professor. He also happened to be Wyatt’s least favorite professor for exactly this reason, calling out the handsome young extrovert whenever he just happened to be distracted.

“Waterloo?” Wyatt answered hesitantly, having very little hope this his answer would save him this time.

Sure enough, snickers cackled throughout the small classroom. Again, the only one not laughing was Mr. Howard himself.

“Incorrect,” he stated simply. “Now for those of you paying attention, who would like to correct Mr. Anderson for some extra credit points?”

A dozen arms shot up, but none as quick at the girl directly in front of Wyatt. She stood up for the whole class to see, clearing her throat in preparation.

“The answer is none, Napoleon didn’t die on the battlefield,” the cute Filipina girl answered in a bubbly manner. “In fact, most scholars debate the cause of death, stating either it was stomach cancer or arsenic poisoning.”

A smile, if one could call that slight smirk such, appeared on Mr. Howard’s face. “That’s correct Joy. Five extra points for you!” His gaze returned to Wyatt. “But I’ll start deducting from your overall grade if this continues Mr. Anderson!”

With one final scowl aimed at his helpless victim, the aging professor returned to his increasingly boring lecture. Wyatt nervously played with his brown, permed locks. This hadn’t been the first, nor would it be the last time that he’d be called out in class. His wandering mind had little need for all this seemingly useless knowledge. Unfortunately, this was part of a requirement for college, and this particular course was the one open at the time he registered for classes.

“Should have done it the first day,” Wyatt thought to himself.

He looked at the back of the girl that had just answered the question. That too had happened before as well. Joy Angara was her name, and if you looked up the word teacher’s pet, her lovely face would have been next to the definition. She was a straight A student, that one extrovert you always seem to have in every class, and ironically was the reason Wyatt found himself distracted so much.

Joy boasted plenty of features that could deviant any straight guy’s attention. First, her raven black hair fell beautifully down her back, like decorative curtains. Below that was a heart shaped butt that alone begged to be stared at all night. In the front, Joy’s bow shaped lips and alluring eyes drew jealous looks from other girls, while guys looked further down to her ample cleavage.

But Wyatt wasn’t staring at any of those things. Since day one of this class, the young man’s eyes had been glued to Joy’s smooth, caramel legs and her large feet, fully out on a display from the confines of her moccasins. A foot guy for as long as he could remember, Wyatt found Joy’s feet to be the most perfect he had ever seen, and that meant something, considering at the time he’d spent staring at classmate’s feet. What made this girl’s feet special was how well kept they looked, always appearing soft and smooth. Her brown soles were lighter than the rest of her skin, not a callous or speck of dirt upon them. A single toe ring was fitted on the second toe of her right foot. Though out of view from Wyatt’s angle, he knew that the toes were painted black, or perhaps a very dark purple. Either way, those amazing feet made paying attention in class impossible for him.

Wyatt attempted to avert his gaze from Joy’s peds, feeling several eyes upon him. Everyone all of a sudden was curious why their classmate couldn’t seem to pay attention in class so often. He often wonder if anyone could have figured it out. If they did, no one said anything.

Meanwhile, the snore-worthy history professor continued describing the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars and their effect on Europe culture for the next several decades.

“Who gives a fuck? We’re in America for heaven’s sake!” Wyatt thought, a joke he had repeated in his mind countless times over the course of the year.

When he though both his peers and his professor weren’t paying him any mind again, Wyatt returned his attention to the only interesting thing in the room; Joy’s entertaining feet. The right foot was now dangling the shoe from her long, succulent toes, the other foot scrunched down against the soft floor. Though Wyatt honestly did appreciate everything else that made Joy one of the hottest girls he had seen at the university, it was her giant feet that really caught his attention from the day he lay eyes on her. His best guess was Joy wore a size 12, if not a size bigger. Smaller feet never really drew his attention, and Joy’s were certainly some of the biggest casino siteleri he’d seen from someone his age.

Mr. Howard turned around again, but Wyatt had already returned his attention to the front. It was a constant battle between them it seemed. The boring professor somehow expected that Wyatt’s attention be kept on him when nothing he explained was remotely useful. One day, Wyatt realized, he would get into serious trouble for this, but he simply didn’t care as long as Joy seemingly refused to wear socks or keep her shoes on the whole class.

After a gruelling half hour of historical facts, it was dismissal time. If there was any silver lining about this class, other than Joy’s peds, it was the fact that this was Wyatt’s last class of his day on Tuesdays and Thursday. He picked up his untouched textbook and quickly hopped out of the room, hoping to get away before Mr. Howard decided he wanted a after-class talk with him, accusing him of having some sort off ADD. That wouldn’t have been the first time for teacher to say that.

Wyatt made it halfway down the hall when suddenly he heard a familiar female voice call out to him. When he turned around and saw Joy approach him, the young man’s heart nearly skipped a beat or two.

Joy gave him an apologetic smile. “Look, I’m sorry that I did that to you,” she said. “I feel like I’ve kinda embarrassed you in front of the class.”

Never before had Joy really attempted to talk to him outside of class. She apparently was a popular girl on campus, with friends usually waiting for her afterwards to walk across campus. Today, she was alone and even seemed uncharacteristically upset.

“Naw, don’t worry about it,” Wyatt answered, trying to appear as cool as possible. “I just can’t look at the guy for long periods at a time. He looks like he’ll expire any minute now.”

Normally, his dark sense had a habit of putting girls off. Joy, however, burst out in a fit of giggles. “Oh my god, right?!” she agreed. “Someone told me he’s been here for ages now! He could almost be old enough to be included in this lecture chapter.”

Few girls could produce a honest laugh from Wyatt, but today was an exception. Suddenly, he felt more at easy around the attractive Filipina hottie.

“I’d imagine he’d kill enemy soldiers with his boring lectures rather than a musket.” he joked, producing another sweet laugh from Joy.

“God, you’re funny!” she chirped between her laughter. “You really should speak up more man!”

Wyatt shrugged. “Guess i don’t really have much to say.”

“Ohhhh so you’re the quiet type huh?” Joy ribbed. “Well, nothing wrong about that.” She turned her head, as if looking back for someone. “My friends aren’t here, and I really like walking with someone? Be a gent an escort a lady home please?”

“Sure!” the nervous young man enthusiastically said. He then went for the nearby exit and held it open. “After you!”

Joy smiled, as she was lead out into the hot autumn sun. Texas had decent weather even in October, so both students walked without coats or jackets. In fact, the attractive star-student was wearing joga pants and a purple t-shirt from a band that Wyatt couldn’t recognize. He himself was wearing just a plain white tee and some old jeans with his sneakers.

They walked side by side, their chatting growing increasingly comfortable for the introverted Wyatt. From more jokes about class to new movies, both found it easy to talk to each other. Though he had friends, making new ones proved difficult for Wyatt, especially female ones with feet he admired. He was aware that his fetish potentially made him this way, but chose not to disclose them to anyone. Wyatt took it upon himself to avoid staring down at Joy’s boat-like feet and instead engaged with the friendly chick.

“So you’re telling me you’ve never watched Star Wars before?!” Wyatt gasped, their conversation shifting to the new sequel coming out the next year.

“I’ve just think it all sounds so dorky,” Joy explained with a laugh. “I mean, don’t Star Wars fan all dress up and shit? Or maybe live with their parents until they’re thirty?”

“Pshh! Stereotyping!” Wyatt shot back. “Just because I might have a few action figures from when I was kid, doesn’t make me a dork!”

“So you played with Star Wars dolls? That’s so cute!” she continued to tease.

Wyatt shook his head. “Action figures! They’re not dolls, like what you played with when you were a little girl.”

“Now who’s stereotyping?!” Joy exclaimed. “FYI, I didn’t really play with dolls when I was a little girl! I mostly played sports with my brothers and did other guy shit!”

“I find that hard to believe,” he replied back, trying to picture Joy tackling someone for a football or sweating on court.

“Now why’s that?” she stopped, and folded her arms.

The young man recognized he was a bit of hot water right then. “Well, I guess I wouldn’t guess that based on how you’re always dressed so nice, and don’t seem masculine slot oyna or act like a dyke.”

She cocked her brow at Wyatt, amused at his answer. It was true, Joy wore a lot of fashionable clothes to school, describing herself during the first day of class as “a fashionista” proudly.

“Well, I’m glad you think I dress nice,” she answered. “But I can play guy sports and still have a vagina too!”

Joy playfully punched Wyatt on the shoulder, and they continued walking and talking. For good measures, Wyatt avoided saying anything else related to her penchant for certain sports. About 15 minutes after leaving the lecture hall, they arrived at Joy’s sorority house, where they were forced to part ways.

“Guys aren’t usually allowed into the house,” she explained. “I’m sure you’d be a hit with all the ladies here though!”

Wyatt laughed. “I’m not so sure about that one. Might stereotype them.”

Joy made a face. “You can’t believe everything they say about us.” She paused for a moment. “We should walk together more often.”

“Yeah, totally,” he replied, blushing deep red. “We got class Tuesday next week.”

Evidently, that wasn’t enough for her. “Actually, you should totally come to my buddy’s party this weekend! What do ya say?!”

In all honesty, Wyatt wasn’t much a party person. He could count the number of parties he’d attended last year as freshman on his fingers. He could also count the same number of times he either left early or regretted the initial decision to go out.

As if she could sense his reluctance, Joy chimed in. “Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to everyone and you’ll have a great time! Come on! Have a little fun!”

With a defeated smile, Wyatt replied. “Sure, I’ll give it a go.”

Joy nearly jumped out of her shoes in excitement. “Great! What’s your number? I’ll text you the details later today!”

Wyatt gave his new friend his number, finally saying goodbye and heading to his dorm room. “What a day!” he said to himself as he resumed walking. Never in his dreams had he believed the sexy Asian in front of him would want to party with him, let alone carry a conversation. That’s when a moment of uncertainty struck him in full force. Why was she suddenly so eager to be around him? It couldn’t simply be because of the slight embarrassment in the classroom, could it?

He stopped and gasped. “What if she’s noticed me staring at her feet wants to call me out?!” he thought. “She might want to do it in front of all her friends!”

The whole way back to his dorm, Wyatt combed his mind to ascertain to the truth. By the time he walked into his room though, Wyatt was no closer to figuring anything out. Fortunately, his roommate was not around, so he had the room to himself for once. Wyatt paced the entire length of the cramped space. If overthinking was a trade, the college sophomore would have something to make major bucks off of.

“She seemed legit,” Wyatt debated. “But why would she even want to be seen in public with me, let alone have me go to a party with her?”

Pausing a moment in a mirror, he checked out his own reflection. Mostly family members had told him that he was a good looking young man, with her soft facial features and ok physique. Dates were hard to come by, due to his lack of social skills and his private affinity for female feet. Nothing about Wyatt screamed confident stud or jock, but he did admit he looked average enough.

Joy, on the other hand, was hardly average. That’s when his mind went back to her large, sexy peds. This party gave him an extra opportunity to see those delicious feet, perhaps even closer up. He imagined being mere inches away from those feet, enough to finally have a chance at smelling them like he’d wanted to since day one of class. Wyatt’s best guess was that they smelled like stinky cheese, or maybe she kept them smelling fresh with some kind of lotion.

Just the thought made Wyatt stiff, and needing to jack off. With his roommate not around, this was a perfect moment to do so. He locked the door behind him and pulled down his pants. Another thing Wyatt considered average was his cock, which clocked in at about six inches and wasn’t very fat at all. Neither of those things really bothered him, a cock just being a cock in his opinion.

Wyatt opened his computer up to watch some porn to get him going. Just as he opened up Pornhub though, a better idea occurred to him. Opening up Facebook, he crossed his fingers that Joy would have one. Sure enough, Joy had a profile. To make matters better, there was one mutual friend, which usually meant one could see more pics than anyone wouldn’t didn’t have a single connection with that person. He opened up the photos tab and slowly scrolled down to see if there were any decent pics of her feet.


A picture only a couple scrolls down showed Joy on a bed with her legs spread out, the tops of her feet facing the camera. Wyatt could even make out the toe ring he’d seen many times. canlı casino siteleri Grabbing some lotion, he lubed up and started jerking as he gazed at the greatest toes he’d ever seen in his young life. Each toe was perfectly lined up, long and begging to be sucked off indefinitely.

The next picture showed more of the creamy looking soles pointed right at the camera. Her toes were scrunched up, showing off those sexy wrinkles he’d seen nearly every time in class.

“Oh yeah, scrunch up those fucking toes,” Wyatt quietly moaned, pretending that Joy was doing right in front of him. “God, those look amazing!”

He pumped away at his slippery dick, lost in lust of Joy’s soles. It turned out the next few pictures were much of the same, so Wyatt simply cycled through those until he felt close to a climax a mere few minutes later. Realizing he was about to explode, Wyatt reached for a tissue and barely managed to catch the first burst of cum. Several strong strings of hot, sticky cum followed, one of the biggest loads he could remember having.

Just as he finished, the door jiggled, unlocked, and another young man walked into just in time to see Wyatt try to pull her pants up. Still, he was caught red handed.

Craig, Wyatt’s roommate was surprised to say the least. “Well, I guess we wouldn’t be real roommates unless we caught one another doing something like this right?”

Wyatt finished pulling up his pants, depositing the gooey tissue into a nearby waste basket. “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be back for awhile,” he apologized. “I should have known you were coming back soon.”

Fortunately, Craig was an understanding, cool person and shrugged off the awkwardness. “No biggie, it’s all good.” Then, he noticed the computer screen. “Who’s that there?”

Before Craig could check, Wyatt slammed his screen shut. “It’s nobody, don’t worry about it man.”

“Dude, relax a little,” Craig assured his roommate, closing the door behind him. “Was that someone’s Facebook pictures?”

Wyatt felt ashamed, his face again turning a dark shade of red. That was answer enough for Craig, so he chose not to pursue it any further. He simply took off his shoes and climbed up his bunk without another word. Both boys kept silent for the rest of the day.

A buzz from his phone woke Wyatt up the next morning. Groggy from a long night, he picked up to phone and wasn’t surprised to find Joy’s name pop up.

“Meeting @ my buds @ 10 2nite. Wanna walk w/ me?”

Having decided to take the plunge last night, Wyatt texted back “sure” to Joy. A simple “cya then” followed, and there was no backing out now without looking bad. Wyatt noticed it was a mere fifteen minutes before he had to wake up anyway, so he picked himself up to start the day.

Before he knew it, Wyatt was standing in front of Joy’s sorority again, waiting for her to come out. It was a bit colder that night, so he put on a sweatshirt and some warm jeans. When she came out though, he felt slightly undressed and silly. Joy wore a daring one piece that barely covered her fine ass and to Wyatt’s delight, a pair of revealing high heels.

Joy noticed him looking. “These are about the only heels I could find in my size,” she laughed, then did a little spin. “Whatcha think?!”

“They look great!” Wyatt replied, immediately realizing she meant herself, not the shoes.

Fortunately for him, she didn’t really seem to notice the compliment, or at least didn’t say anything. Joy lead Wyatt towards the party, resuming their conversation where they had left off yesterday.

About ten minutes later they arrived at an apartment complex, one that Wyatt was aware had a reputation of hosting big parties. Again, that uncomfortable feeling invade his conscience.

Seeming to notice this, Joy encouraged him. “Dude, don’t worry about this! These guys are really chill and a lot of fun!”

Wyatt could only give her a smile, as they walked into the building up a few floors. Loud music came from every other room, and he did his best to avoid a beer can every other step. Joy walked up to a door and knocked. Waiting only a few seconds, a black male clad in nothing but a wife beater, gray boxers and star-shaped sunglasses answered the door.

“Joy! What up girl!” the man exclaimed loudly. “Get that sexy piece of ass in here!”

Joy slid in, but Wyatt was blocked from the door by the male.

“Who the fuck is this guy?!” the man questioned,

“Don’t worry Donny, he’s a friend from class,” she explained. “He’s funny man, let him in.”

Donny looked over Wyatt intensely. It was as if he was searching for some reason not to let him in. Deciding against that, he laughed and gave Wyatt a pat on the shoulder.

“I’m just fuckin’ wit you man! Come in!”

With that, Wyatt walked into a loud, trashy apartment full of strangers. To be more specific, he felt like a stranger in this place, with everyone else seemingly knowing each other. Joy high fived everyone she saw in the room, abandoning Wyatt to socialize with friends He sat down in a recliner and watched all the action unfold around him. Guys groped against drunken women, others were already wasted and stumbling around the crowded apartment.

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