I knew it was going to be a good night. I had no idea just how good. She meets me at the door in her silk bathrobe and kisses me like she hasn’t seen me in weeks. There is an open bottle of wine – and I can taste the tannins on her tongue. She says the kids are at her Mom’s house and that we really need a special night. As if on cue, she opens her robe to reveal my favorite lingerie. The black mesh material shows off her small but pert breasts while the hem barely covers her gorgeous firm ass. I can see the black string thong peeking through the material. She drops the bathrobe, spins around and looks over her shoulder as if to tell me that this would not be a “missionary night.” She tells me to give her five minutes and then come up to the bedroom. I am only too happy to oblige.

I have a drink and head upstairs as instructed. On my way up, I wonder how crazy things will get. Crazy enough to get her to cross that one final frontier? From the look in her eyes, it is not out of the question. Time will tell.

As I approach the bedroom, I hear a low groaning. Could she be so worked up that she started without me? While adventurous in many ways, it is rare for my wife to touch herself in front of me – no matter how much I want her to. Not tonight.

The bedroom is dark save for the light of several candles. She is laying on her back in the middle of the bed, legs spread wide and her black thong pushed to one side by her hand. Her eyes are closed as her right index finger traces circles around her swollen labia. Even in the darkness, I can see that she is already wet and her musky smell fills the room. She catches my eye just as she flicks the tip of her finger over her clit. She smiles and asks me to join her. Within minutes, she is pushing my head down to her wet pussy. As always, she smells wonderful and tastes even better. I greedily lap at her juices while carefully avoiding her clit. This only drives her even more crazy with lust. She grabs the back of my head with her left hand and pulls me to her. With two fingers of her right hand, she delicatedly spreads her lips to fully expose her protruding clit. The moment my tongue touches her clit, she bucks and lets out a loud moan. Within seconds, she is writhing in agony – in the throes of an all encompassing orgasm – as her illegal bahis vaginal opening twitches and shudders on my invading tongue.

Seeing just how worked up she is, I decide to up the ante. I ease my tongue further down and gently lick from her pussy to her anus. This starts yet another orgasmic wave, but she still is not finished. She rolls onto her side and pulls my shoulder toward her. The message is clear. She does not want me to stop, but she wants to return the favor while I continue. As I start to pivot around, I feel her nails dig into my ass as she greedily pulls my cock to her waiting mouth. Immediately, I am enveloped in warmth. The feeling is beyond description as she alternates between sucking my cock and licking my balls. All the while I am teasing her asshole with my tongue while using her pussy juices to lube up the tip of my finger as I move it in small circles around her puckered rim.

Suddenly, she pulls away. For a brief moment, I fear that I have gone too far and ruined everything – but not tonight. She pushes me on my back. Her eyes are wild. She grabs the base of my dick and starts jerking it while flicking her tongue over the head. With her other hand, she moistens her fingers in her pussy and starts working them over my ass. Her slick fingers glide over my skin – from my balls to my perineum. Her finger stops for just a moment over my waiting hole. I try to push my ass down to tell her how much I want her finger up my ass like I had tried so many other times to no avail. Could this be the night? My mind is racing. For now, the answer is no. She doesn’t take the hint. Her fingers continue to tease me, but she does not take that final step. Being unusually aggressive, I take hold of her hand and try to push her fingers back down to my ass to let her know it is alright, but she seems not to notice.

I can’t help but wonder – if this does not happen tonight, will it ever happen? So, rather than give up – as I always had before – I decide to go all in. Working my hands under my ass, I shamelessly pull my ass open with my left hand while I slowly work my right index finger into my tight hole. The feeling is out of this world. Here I am getting a mindblowing blowjob from my gorgeous wife while fingerfucking my own ass. Within ten seconds she notices this illegal bahis siteleri development. My heart sinks for a split second fearing that she will be disgusted by my shameless display. However, to my pleasant surprise, this is not her reaction at all. To the contrary, it seems to turn her on even more. She positions her head so she can clearly watch my probing finger while she sucks and strokes my cock. Again, I up the ante. I lube up my middle finger, press it against my index finger and push it against my slippery hole. My ass spreads open, swallowing my two fingers with ease.

Now I really have her attention. While still sucking my dick, she starts touching and massaging my fingers as they ease in and out of my ass. Sensing she is ready, I pull my fingers out, grab her hand firmly, work her two fingers together and aim them straight for my hole. While still a little timid, she makes no effort to pull away as I guide her fingers up my stretched ass with no trouble. I moan loudly and gently pull her hair as I tell her how amazing she is making me feel. Soon she needs no further prompting. I remove my hand that has been assisting her, place it on the other side of my ass and, with my other hand, shamelessly spread my ass wide open as her fingers work deeper into me. I then pull my knees up to my chest exposing my ass even more and allowing me to see her fingers probing my willing hole.

Suddenly she stops. I immediately being to massage around my asshole with my hand while pleading with her to start again. She just smiles a wicked smile and I finally see what she is up to. She is removing her vibrator from her soaking wet pussy and holding it in front of my face as she asks me if I am ready. I cannot believe what I am hearing, but before I can even fully process her question, I am shouting “Oh my God yes.” It is finally happening. After all those years of trying. All those fantasies and near misses. All those years of fingering my own ass while dreaming it was her. Finally!

She turns her vibrator on low and moves it toward my ass. With my cock twitching in anticipation, I finally feel the tapered tip of the slick vibator against my entrance. She moves the head all around my opening until I am just about to pass out. Finally, I feel it ease in slowly. I somehow canlı bahis siteleri stop myself from cumming on the spot and simply enjoy the feelings as my ass spreads open to accommodate the girth. She is gentle but firm as she eases it in until it is completely buried in me. She slowly eases it in and out of me as I writhe in pleasure.

While it feels so good, it strikes me that I cannot let this moment pass without trying different things. Accordingly, I gently ease her off me and flip over on my forearms and knees with my ass shamelessly stuck in the air. She tells me to tell her what I want. I am too far gone to fight it. Within seconds, I am verbalizing what I never thought I would ever be able to say out loud to her as I blurt out, “Fuck my ass baby. Fuck me hard.” As I say this, I work my left hand between my legs and pry my hole open until it is gaping in her face. She needs no convincing. She grabs the vibrator, aligns it with my wet hole and pushes it in until the control knob is the only thing visible. She then proceeds to turn the vibrator up to high as she impales me.

The feeling is beyond belief. There are moments where I feel like I will pass out. Every time the vibrator starts to slip out of my ass, she grabs it and forces it back in. Soon she is fucking me at a steady pace. I start to rock back and forth on my knees to meet her every thrust. Knowing I won’t be able to last much longer, she gets on her back, slides her head between my knees and starts to suck my cock as she fucks me. Repeatedly, she brings me to the brink and then stops. It is only when I turn my head slightly and catch the whole scene in the mirror that I lose control. I flip on my back, bring my legs up over my head while still fucking myself with the vibrator, and pull her face next to mine. Within seconds, I unleash a torrent of cum – more than ever before – across our waiting lips. String after string of my juice cover our cheeks, lips and tongues and spill down our necks. We flick our tongues over each other’s faces trying to swallow every last drop until we both collapse on the bed. The vibrator, still running, slips out of my stretched ass and sits buzzing on the bed as we both pant with exhaustion until we pass out.

A few minutes later I wake up to a low buzzing sound. Still groggy and sore, I turn my head to see my wife next to me on the bed. As she rubs her vibrator over her clit and squeezes her left breast she winks at me and says, “Ok buddy. Enough resting. You’re not the only one who needs a good ass fucking tonight.”

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