Finally Blooming


This is the true story of how I first experienced that most wonderful of things; cunnilingus.

I had never been in a man’s bedroom before that day so when I found myself lying on my boyfriend’s bed being kissed and touched, I was a barely contained jumble of nerves and I was sure I was going to lose it and bolt.

At twenty years old I was a late bloomer. This guy was the first to kiss me, the first to touch my breasts, the first to show me his man parts. All those firsts had been done sneakily at work during breaks but now he had me in a secure environment where we could do anything without restriction.

And the very reason it had taken me so long to start exploring sex was threatening to rear its ugly head again.

I had mostly gotten over my crippling shyness – enough to allow someone to kiss me, touch my boobs and to give me a glimpse of his dick – but as the guy nearly twenty years my senior moved his hand to my knee and stroked up my leg, I tensed. My face flamed and I felt my heart panic like a bird trapped in a cage that was miles too small.

I was so terrified, so nervous, so embarrassed.

No-one had ever touched me ‘down there’ and the churning inside my stomach was almost more than I could cope with. But my body was passionately fed up of the constant denial my shyness had forced upon it and wasn’t letting me go anywhere.

My boyfriend pushed my skirt up over my hips and played his fingertips softly over the front of my thong before he slipped it down my legs and threw it to one side. I squeezed my legs güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tightly together and felt the heat of embarrassment flare throughout my entire body.

What if he didn’t like the way my pussy looked? What if he found my vulva repulsive? I certainly found that I looked nowhere near as pretty and perfect as the ones in porn videos so surely he would hate mine, right?

I fought against him a little as he began gently encouraging me to open my legs but after a few beats I let him push my knees away from each other. I realised most of my fears had to do with my appearance so I decided it would be ok if he touched me, he just wasn’t allowed to see me.

But the second I was exposed he sat up from beside me and peered down my body.

I immediately baulked and snapped my legs shut.

‘You ok?’ he said and placed a reassuring hand on my knee.

‘Yeah, I just don’t want you to see,’ I said honestly.

‘Why not?’

‘…Because I don’t like my pussy.’ I inwardly cringed at hearing myself say the word.


‘…Because it’s not pretty.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ he said, giving me a sweet smile, ‘Pussies are so sexy.’

He then started to open my legs again but I was reluctant and held them shut.

I really didn’t know what the hell to do here and it must have shown.

‘It’s ok,’ he said, placating me with a gentle voice and kisses on my knee.

It was enough to win me over a little and my legs gave a fraction.

‘It’s ok,’ he said güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri again as he brought his face down to my hip, ‘I’m just gonna kiss here…’

My boyfriend placed a light kiss on the soft hill of my hip bone and my stomach lurched with butterflies. He lingered, his lips pressing against me until I relaxed a little and sighed, feeling some of the tension slip away.

If I ignored my nerves, it felt amazing.

‘And here…’

He shuffled himself down the bed and placed the next gentle kiss on my landing strip.

My mouth involuntarily parted in a breathy gasp as a warm tingle swirled somewhere below my belly button. It spread outwards along my skin, making every nerve swoon and shudder. My heart started to thud and the beat was suddenly being matched somewhere else.

I loosened my legs a little. It was very coy, I couldn’t banish my concerns completely but…

*C* shifted immediately when he saw the invite and swung himself directly between my legs, wrapping his arms around each of my thighs.

Suddenly his face was inches from my pussy but instead of baulking again, a white hot jolt of pleasure ripped through me out of nowhere at the sight.

Oh my god he’s going to lick me.

My eyes fell closed at the weight of desire and when I opened them again *C* was smirking up at me.

It was intoxicating. Why hadn’t I let someone do this to me sooner?!

‘And here.’

His last sweet kiss touched my swollen lips and then I felt his tongue nudge against güvenilir bahis şirketleri me, he pushed the tip lightly between my lips and licked slowly, so deliciously slowly, up to my clitoris.

Holy. Shit.

It was paralysing.

A moan came out of my mouth, a sound so strange to hear in my own voice, but I couldn’t help it. Nothing had ever felt as good. And he didn’t stop. He licked me again and again then let his tongue roam along one lip then the other before he gave my clit another feather light lap.

‘Oh god,’ I managed to breathe.

He pulled back and gave me a hazy look, ‘You like that?’

That time I could only nod.

He grinned then ducked his head back between my legs but, just before he continued with his mouth, he leant forward and put his nose against my pussy and inhaled deeply.

I instantly recoiled. I was pretty sure sex smells were supposed to be disgusting. Guys at school teased girls for that sort of thing right… but he surprised me by making a low appreciative sound in his throat.

‘Mmmm, smell that pussy,’ he practically growled, his voice suddenly husky.

I instinctively bit my lip.

It was strange. It was that one reaction of his that completely turned me into putty.

Every fear and concern was suddenly gone. I felt the intense desire to surrender to him from… somewhere. I don’t know where it came from but right then there was nothing I wanted more than for my pussy to be the centre of his world in that moment.

It was like a switch.

I opened my legs as wide as I could and my boyfriend dove straight in. He licked and sucked and kissed every part of my pussy… and I moaned and whimpered and gripped his head closer to me, wanting his mouth to devour every part of me…

Although orgasm was elusive, my first time being given oral sex was heaven.

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