*Hey y’all. It was nice to have a break with no dangling story threads to worry about.

This story was one I had cooking for the Halloween story contest, but it took me a few extra months to finish it. For anyone who has read my ‘Bottom Tier’ stories, this is more of that format.

This story, as it stands alone, is a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. If I never wrote another chapter of it again, I wouldn’t feel guilty.

That being said, I feel like I’m not quite done with Willem and Isaac.

Please enjoy!

All Characters are 18+*


“The unfinished house has been reported to be ‘haunted’ because of the abnormally high rate of accidents within. Four men have been injured in the wreckage, which doesn’t seem unusual, but the odd thing is that these only seem to happen at night, when the men weren’t even supposed to be in the building, weren’t even on duty.”

Willem was in a bar, so he watched the scrolling black subtitles under the woman’s earnest face to get the news story. The woman’s face was occasionally replaced with pictures of the building, a derelict old house with peeling blue paint and a sagging roof. And then again to a hospital, showing the four injured men with their faces blurred.

Willem couldn’t be sure without seeing the faces, but he thought he could see some of the telltale signs. He reached for the bowl of pretzels and popped the stale snacks in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully. The screen was reflected in his pale grey eyes.

“The company in charge of construction has told us that there has been some untoward behavior, drinking and partying in the ruins at night, and that any injuries are the fault of this behavior. However, we have testimony from a worker who will be referred to as ‘C’, who states that each of the men was in the building alone, while the injuries occurred. This is Laurie Dhue, from Fox News.”

Willem rolled his eyes. Fox was bound to report it wrong, but it wouldn’t kill him to look. Activity was rare in the small town that he lived in, but Minneapolis was only an hour’s drive away. If it really was something above and beyond human stupidity, maybe Willem could do something to help.

It would only be a little while until the deaths started, if it really was what Willem thought it was.

Willem glanced around the bar. It wasn’t a loud flashy bar, but just a quiet hole in the wall where men could meet and hook up. Willem knew most of the regulars, but there was a sweet young thing at the other end of the bar, looking around nervously and nursing a beer.

He had to be one of the kids from the college, sneaking away to the next town over to avoid being seen. He had shaggy brown hair and slim shoulders. He was dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt and converse sneakers. He seemed to be trying to take in everything at once with his wide green eyes.

Willem moved over and sat next to the young man, who glanced at him, startled. Like a rabbit in a den of weasels.

“Buy you a drink?” Willem said smoothly, gesturing to the beer glass, nearly empty.

“Um, sure?” The kid couldn’t have seemed less sure. He was eyeing Willem warily. Willem just gave his most charming smile and gestured for the barkeeper.

“Top off this young man’s drink, and give me a Cuba Libre.”

The drinks were in front of the pair in less than a minute. Bud Lite, and coke and rum with lime. Willem took a sip of his drink and started to talk to the young man, who loosened up slightly. The young man’s name was Maxwell.

It was getting to be about eleven when Willem put his hand on the young man’s shoulder for the first time. “Tomorrow is a Saturday, do you have any obligations?”

Maxwell glanced at the older man that had approached him in the bar. There was something about Willem that he couldn’t put his finger on. Something frightening. Physically, he was just a tall slim man with dark red hair and a great smile and sexy grey eyes. Good looking, with a nice physique and a touch of chivalry, buying the drinks and acting the gentleman. He should have been all over the guy.

But Max just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something off about Willem.

“I’m very sorry.” The young man murmured, getting up. “I… I have somewhere I need to be tomorrow. Here.”

Maxwell was fumbling money from his wallet, blushing bright red.

Willem sighed. “You’ve had a bit to drink. Let me call you a cab. No, no keep your money. I had a nice time and a nice talk.”

Willem made sure to see the tipsy boy into a cab and back to the college. He was in a darker mood than he appeared. All he could think about was the stream of handsome faces that had hesitated before coming to his bed, or made sure to get away after they had slept with him once.

He was an attractive man, a kind, intelligent, and successful man. Modesty wasn’t his strong point, but he knew that he was good in bed.

But he always drove them away. They could always sense that something wasn’t casino siteleri quite right.

Willem walked out to his car. He had nursed one drink all night long and wasn’t feeling the effects. He started to drive north to Minneapolis. He was angry, and he hoped that there really was a demon in that house. He wanted to take out his anger on something.

Eli Burns had shut down the construction site. The injuries were more baffling and complex than anyone knew. He had shut down the construction site after the first two incidents, but another of his men had wandered in late at night, and the most recent attack was on a local homeless man.

Nobody but the police and the contractor knew that they were attacks.

The four men in the hospital had each lost a huge impossible amount of weight in one night. Almost forty pounds on one of them. They all had burn marks around their lips and genitals and eyes. The last man hadn’t yet woken up, and the other three remembered nothing.

Eli Burns knew that it wasn’t his fault. The first had been deemed a freak accident and the entire foundation had been searched, safety and security had been tightened, and hours had been reduced. After the second attack he had stopped the project indefinitely.

He had reacted properly, and yet if the attacks continued, he would turn into the scapegoat. He already knew that the media was trying to pin it on him, making it seem as if construction had continued after the horrible injuries.

He heard a knock on the door of his office and checked the clock. It was after midnight. Who the hell was here after midnight? Burns was here for the overtime himself, knowing that it might be a while before he got paid at all, much less overtime.

“If you’re with the press, television, radio, anything at all, fuck off. No comment, no trespassing.”

He thought that whoever had come knocking had left, but then he heard a soft male voice. “How long did the comas last? It’s hard to get information from the hospital.”

Eli Burns froze.

“I didn’t commit the crimes, if that’s what you’re thinking. But I know that I can stop them.”

“Who are you?” Eli snarled, grasping his company-issued cell phone in his hand, ready to flip it open with his thumb.

“My name is Willem, and I’m afraid you might have an infestation. With creatures like this, it only takes one or two to qualify as an infestation. I’m something of an exterminator.”

Burns wanted to flip open the cell phone and call the police badly. But something in the man’s voice reassured him.

“Trust me. You don’t have to see me, or speak to me again, but I can get rid of your problem. I just need some information.”

“Why should I trust you? You could be the attacker! What do you want, money?”

“I am not the attacker, and no, I do this service for free. Just tell me what you know about the victims so I can know what I’m dealing with. I don’t need to know names or phone numbers. Just the gender, age, and symptoms.”

Eli relaxed slightly, keeping his hand on the phone.

“Three construction workers and one bum. All were men. Forty-year-old hispanic fellow, thirty-eight-year-old white guy, twenty-six-year-old white guy. The bum was black, and they don’t know his age. Each of them was in a coma for three to five days after their attack, and they all had burns on their eyelids, mouths, tongues, and dicks. They don’t remember anything, not even the day before they were attacked, and the bum still hasn’t woken up.”

“Thank you, I’ll take care of your problem now. If you call the authorities, and trust me, I’ll know if you call them. I wont.”

Then the voice was gone.

Eli glanced down at his cell phone. There was no way the guy could know if he called the authorities, was there?

Eli decided to wait one night, then alert building security. He stayed in his office all night though, afraid to walk out before all of the building’s lights were turned on.

Willem stood in the middle of the empty street, eyeing the sagging yellow police tape that had been strewn over the chain-link fence surrounding the house. Some construction equipment lingered, cinderblocks and plywood, but the vehicles were gone.

Something was in there, and Willem knew what it was almost one hundred percent. He hadn’t had to deal with a succubus in a long while, but at least he knew it would be easy. Most demons were like animals, harmless if left alone. Willem usually only had to deal with the ones that were frightened or crazed by busy cities or humans that could see them. But succubi and incubi were a different story. They were malicious sexual vampires that fed off of living energy.

He quickly climbed the chain link fence and landed on the torn-up mud that had once been the yard. He climbed through a smashed window and looked around in the near-darkness, his pale eyes glowing very slightly.

He was surprised to hear a soft mewling sob. “Hello?” Willem murmured, flexing his hands. As slot oyna long as he could get a hold of a demon, it was as good as dead. “Who’s there?”

Willem moved over the creaking and rotten floorboards, following the sobbing. A quavering voice whispered, and Willem strained his ears to hear.

“Papa?” The voice whispered. “Papa? Is that you?”

Willem felt cold. Had the succubus dragged some little kid in here? The voice sounded older, husky, but even a grown man could be reduced to begging for his mother and father after a succubus was through with him.

Willem turned the corner into some sort of living room. There was no furniture, but something small was huddled in the corner under a pile of stiff canvas drop-sheets, splattered with pale blue paint.

“Papa?” Whispered the pile of drop-sheets.

Then, the creature inside pulled back a sheet to reveal a dark mussed head with a pale heart-shaped face. Dazed glassy eyes peered out into the moonlit room. Willem squinted, and he saw the tiny horns in the messy black hair. They were like sheep horns, ribbed and curled slightly back, but what was unusual was the size. Willem had seen incubi and succubi before, and they had horns as long as a man’s arm. This dazed and confused little creature only had horns the size of a curled finger.

“I’m so hungry, Papa.” The little creature whispered. “So cold… Papa?”

“Yes, I’m here son.” Willem murmured, curious. He paced several yards away, knowing that these demons could be fast if they needed to be. The strange little incubus crawled out of the drop-sheets.

Small and skinny though he was, tufts of dark hair under his arms and between his thighs revealed him to be older than Willem thought. His hair was a tangled rat’s nest and his horns were shiny-black. His eyes were dazed and dark and hungry, and his skin was moon-pale. He lacked the great raven-wings that Willem had seen time and time again, and only had tiny vestigial wings on his shoulder blades.

The boy was crawling to him on his hands and knees, and Willem felt the glammour. The boy was alluring enough, but he felt the attraction that could be used to draw humans in. The boy flopped onto his back, spreading his legs to show the surprisingly large and thick penis that swelled into a powerful erection. Underneath the penis was a set of heavy testes and a small twitching pink hole, lined with crinkly dark hairs.

The eyes were dazed and hungry. Willem could see the little creature’s ribs and hip bones. He was trembling.

“Hungry little incubus… why are you so small? Are you a baby?”

The boy shook his head, even more confused. “Papa?”

Willem shook his head, walking in circles, keeping his distance. His own erection distended the crotch of his jeans, but he kept himself removed, protected from the little incubus’ glammour by his own force. “No, not a baby. Even baby incubi have large horns, and a tail. Do you have a tail? Little one?”

The boy rolled over onto his hands and knees, following him like a stray dog. He could see a long fuzzy tail, like a cat’s tail. Except that it forked at the end into two separate swishing limbs.

“Papa?” The boy mewled.

Willem shook his head slowly and sadly. “I’m not your Papa… You killed him, didn’t you? You’re a halfling. Was it your mother or your father that was human?”

The boy shook his head slowly. The creature was very confused and weak from hunger. Willem knew that he should just swallow the little halfling up, end it’s misery, but he was so curious.

He unbuckled his belt and pushed his underwear down, revealing his angry red cock. “You are a mystery, little one. I’ll feed you, and you can tell me how you came to be.”

The creature’s dull eyes brightened with hunger and he lay on his back, spreading his legs, showing his genitals and that tiny pucker.

Willem got on his hands and knees over the little creature and cradled the large cock of the tiny incubus in his hand. He stroked it, watching precome dribble from the swollen red tip. He had to be a halfling… Incubi and a Succubi were as ethereal as any other demon, only materializing when they felt like it. This boy was very solid, very real. The little halfling mewed when Willem stroked his heavy cock. When Willem let go, the tip of the boy’s massive cock dribbled precome into the boy’s navel.

Willem touched the little dimple in the boy’s stomach. As a rule, if a demon had a navel, it was just stage dressing. Part of a disguise. This navel was real. This child had been born of a human womb. That meant that an Incubus had been the father. Interesting.

Willem was jolted out of his thoughts by the boy squirming under him. Willem watched warily as the boy got on his hands and knees, facing the strange man who had entered the half-made home.

The boy caressed Willem’s cock. His hand was small, the skin white. Willem was shocked by how warm those slim fingers were on his thick cock. Feverish, almost. the boy opened his mouth, but Willem halted canlı casino siteleri him.

“Hold on there, little one. Open your mouth, let me see what you have in there.”

The halfling looked up at him. His dark eyes were round and sleepy and confused. He opened his mouth, sticking out a pink tongue, and showing where his canines came to very slight blunt points. Barely noticeable. More noticeable was the tattoo on the soft pink surface of that tongue. The faded symbols.

Willem put his thumb on the halfling’s pointed chin and held his mouth open a moment longer, to satisfy himself.

“You have sharp little teeth my friend… Do you promise to be careful if I let you suck my cock?” Willem kept his voice gentle. The halfling was weak from hunger, and soothed by Willem’s soft words. He cooed and sucked gently on Willem’s fingertips.

Willem was on his knees, and he leaned back slightly, feeling the floor creak softly under his weight. His cock was thick and angry red. His circumcision scar was uneven, from some minor lapse of attention on the part of some doctor twenty-seven years prior. Twenty seven years of near-constant proximity with demons that gave him his power.

The little demon crawled up, his vestigial black wings trembling. Wisps of black down rained down to the floor. He lowered his head, with the little black horns gleaming like ebony. He stuck out his soft pink tongue and licked his cock hungrily.

“Feed all you like little one… I have a bit too much for you to ever really drain.” Willem murmured. He touched the halfling’s hair, stroking gently as the demon started to suck, his throat bobbing as if he were drinking, though all he did was gently suck Willem’s cock.

The demon was trembling with ecstasy. That fat long cock was throbbing between those slender white thighs as he bowed his head to suck the stranger’s cock. The stranger wasn’t a little man like the others. The stranger was a big man. Full of essence. Full of food. The little demon was starved for it, almost as badly as he craved the gentle touch of the stranger’s hand.

He tried to control himself as he had with the others. He didn’t want to kill the stranger, who stroked his hair and spoke to him kindly. He couldn’t stop sucking. The man was so delicious. The man was going to die. He was going to suck all of his life out of him and then he wouldn’t just sleep, like the others. He would die, like papa.

The demon started to cry, tears dribbling down his cheeks. Slow hot tears.

“Why are you crying, little one?” The Willem whispered. The demon looked up at him, those hungry sleepy eyes full of shock and awe. Willem smiled, showing teeth that also came to very slight points. His grey eyes glowed in the darkness, shedding faint silver light on the halfling’s awed face.

“You and I have a bit in common, little one. You are too hungry to listen now, but I will tell you. Just as soon as you have a nice long feed.”

Willem reached into his shoulder bag and slathered his cock with lube from a small bottle. It was a good thing that he had been at the bar before pursuing this little interloper. The demon was as substantial as he was, and needed the lubricant as a human boy would have.

The boy saw what he was doing, and dropped to his back, spreading and folding his legs to show his asshole. His long cock lay on his belly, leaking precome. The little halfling mewled with hunger as the man got down on his knees and lined up the tip of his lubed cock with the demon’s asshole.

The halfling’s dark muddy eyes opened very wide and his mouth opened and he let out a little shriek of ecstasy and pain. Willem panted. He could feel the halfling feeding, trying to suck out all of his life energy to make it his own. But Willem had more energy than the little halfling had ever experienced before, and the halfling was writhing with ecstasy.

The little demon had a hot ass. Willem felt like the hot muscles were softening to accommodate him, opening to his cock like a flower to a bee. He hadn’t meant to really fuck the boy, just to dip the head of his cock in and allow the boy to feed. But now that he realized he would be able to stick his entire manhood in the boy’s excellent little ass, he was starting to have second thoughts.

He put his hands on the boy’s soft stomach. “Are you hungry, little one?”

The boy was feeding. The shadows under his ribs were almost gone, the gaunt look of his hips was softening. His eyes were changing color. But the boy nodded, panting high and hot and soft.

Willem grinned, his pointed teeth clicking together with delight. “Well alright then.”

He put one hand on the boy’s slim thigh and the other on his shoulder and he heaved with his hips. The stroke was enough to move the boy’s entire body and make him wail. His muddy brown eyes were wide with shock, and his back arched high, his little vestigial wings fluttering under the half-moon curve of his spine.

The boy’s eyes had changed. Willem thought, as he moved slowly in and out of the boy’s hot tight little hole. The boy clung to his shoulders, panting quickly, his eyes fluttering with ecstasy. Willem could see the eyes changing. From black, to dark muddy brown, to a deep cherry red.

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