First Dance


A/N: The song referenced in the story is “Yellow,” by Coldplay. Thank you very much for reading & I hope you enjoy.


“Look at the stars,

Look how they shine for you,

And all the things that you do”

The night of her high school graduation, and Nina’s favorite song played on the dance floor. She was, however, not dancing to it. Instead, she was sitting by herself in her pretty red dress, her brown curls pinned up high, chewing on her bottom lip, and wishing someone had asked her to dance.

This was her song. The one she had played whenever she need a pick-me-up throughout high school, when no boys had shown interest in her and fewer even knew her name. Gwen had told her to put herself out there on numerous occasions, and Nina had tried, stuttering and blushing each time Will Tenneson walked by her locker.

There, across the room from her, Will sat with his friends, laughing and shaking hands. The flash of white teeth, his big hands, his dress shirt tight across his shoulders, little snapshots of him between the swaying dancers. Gwen and Julian were out there somewhere, likely grinding instead of slow dancing, and Nina sat by herself in the corner, nursing her crush.

Will, popular and handsome and star baseball player, orbited in a different world than she did, and that wasn’t going to change on the night of graduation. Sure, they’d been project partners in chemistry, working together throughout the last semester, and she’d helped him with his math homework once or twice. He’d lean over her shoulder in class, his breath on her neck, her voice stammering out the explanation as she shivered in her chair. He even told her little jokes that made her giggle; Nina hadn’t thought that differential calculus could be so funny.

But that was less than flirtation than confirming that he was simply aware of her banal existence.

All she knew was that he was focused on baseball, and that they were going to the same community college in the fall. Where she was sure that she’d be swallowed up by the masses.

Nina had arrived at the dance with a plan (and downed two shots in the parking lot for liquid courage). Walk up to Will, ask him to dance. A two-part plan that failed to launch almost immediately. She’d forgotten how shy she was, she’d forgotten how popular Will would be on graduation night. The one moment they’d been half-alone together tonight, she’d fallen back into usual habits and scampered away like a rabbit, almost caught by a wolf.

Halfway through the song, Nina stood and slinked in the shadows of the hallway. The song drifting out the doors behind her, warming her even without the press and heat of bodies. She found a place to sit, just around the corner, the corridor dark, atop a little metal crate. Nina wilted against the wall, letting the chill of the stone feather through her.

She had barely taken a breath before she heard the double doors open, and footsteps on the tile. Towards her, not towards the front of the school. Nina froze, knowing she couldn’t get in trouble anymore, not really, but also didn’t wish to deal with an overzealous teacher on her last night on campus.

From around the corner, Will stepped into view. He stood a moment peering into the shadows, adjusting his dress shirt and running a hand through his hair. He glanced left and right, and then his eyes settled on her. He grinned, cleared his throat, “I’d hoped I guessed the right way. Gwen told me you’d wanted to check out your locker one last time before you guys left.”

Nina’s belly tightened; half tempted to turn to see if he was actually talking to someone else. But she was too nervous, too hopefully to move a muscle, and she sat frozen until he stopped directly in front of her.

“Why aren’t you dancing, Nina?”

Her face flushed as he bent down close to her. His jaw was angular, his eyes dark, and Nina swallowed hard, trying not to tremble. Was this really happening? Or was this a fever dream, and she’d fallen asleep, slumped over at one of the tables.

“I danced once already. Why aren’t you?” She breathed out.

“Well,” he said, his hands landed on either side of her hips. “You didn’t ask me.” On his breath, the sweet smell of alcohol. Where he’d gotten it, she could only guess. But it had loosened him up, a button undone at his throat, and for whatever reason, he was out here with her, the final notes to her song ending.

“You going to dance with me tonight, Nina?” His breath was hot on her cheek, and Nina trembled, a hitch in her breath.

“Okay, Will.” She couldn’t even believe he was out here talking her, but she rose, slipping off the crate, ready to head back to the dance floor.

“Good,” he’d said, and then he placed one hand high up on her thigh, another on her waist, bent down and kissed her.


Earlier when she’d been at the punch bowl, he’d slid up next to her, towering over her, waiting his turn. When she’d filled up her little cup, hand shaking, she’d reached over to put the ladle back, canlı bahis şirketleri straining against the constriction of her dress.

His big hand had landed on top of hers, and she’d let go of the ladle immediately and jerked her hand back, surprised by the sudden contact.

“Sorry,” she’d whispered, even though she hadn’t done anything wrong, but the words slipped out, the two shots that Gwen pushed into her hands as soon as they got out of the car apparently doing wonders for her courage.

“You’re fine,” he’d answered.

And that had been that. She’d went to sit by herself, watching him beneath her eyelashes, and waited for Gwen and Julian to return.

Oh, God, she’d wanted someone to dance with her. That someone being Will.

He had been staring at her all night. All damn night. From the moment she’d walked in with her friends, and then been immediately left by herself as they all took to the dance floor with their boyfriends. Even Nina, who thought herself mostly invisible, couldn’t deny his eyes followed her around, even when surrounded by his friends.

Then Gwen and Julian had returned, and Gwen grinned at her like she always did when she had a secret she couldn’t wait to share.

“I heard Will likes you,” Gwen had said, a hit of a tease in her voice. Her face was flushed from dancing, and Julian’s arm around her helped steady her in her high heels. “Thomas said so, and you know they’re best friends.”

Nina blushed instantly. “No, he doesn’t. That’s not true,” she protested. Why she protested, she wasn’t sure. Perhaps it was simply safer that way. Her heart couldn’t be broken when she’d inevitably find out that her four-year crush on one of the most popular athletes at the school was for nothing.

Well, nothing except writing late-night love notes in her diary and wishing he’d look at her more in math class.

Julian’s hand on Gwen’s hip dipped lower, somewhere Nina couldn’t see, but he looked at Nina. “It’s true.” That was all he said before he dragged Gwen off to a dark corner somewhere on the dance floor.

Nina swallowed. Gwen was an absolute tease, but Julian didn’t usually lie. If fact, she was pretty sure he thought of himself as Nina’s older brother and looked out for her because it made Gwen happy.

However, Nina proceeded to ignore both and sip her punch. Once again, by herself. And maybe, just maybe, she wanted to cry. Especially when her song came on.


In the dark of the hallway, Will’s mouth met hers over and over, and Nina could hardly breath. His body was big and warm, pushing her against the crate, as his hands cupping her hips. On their own accord, her hands rose and clutched at his collar, pulling him tighter against her. She didn’t even know how to kiss, but she suddenly burning up from the inside.

Whatever this was, whatever this fucking was, she wanted to feel his chest, his strength and heat enveloping her. She tipped her head back farther, and he dragged his lips to her cheek, her chin, her neck, before his tongue began to lick at her. The corner of her mouth, the little clef of her cupid’s bow, the curve of her bottom lip.

“Does this mean l-like me, Will?”

He suddenly bit that bottom lip with his teeth and laughed. “Fuck yes, Nina.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She asked, heart about to burst, and absolutely sure she was flushed as red as her dress.

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because I am shy!” Nina suddenly pulled away from his mouth. The fingers at her hips lifted her against him, and then up onto the crate. His hands grabbed her legs and hooked them around his hips, so that the front of him pressed against her, and she could feel the stark heavy outline of him under his dress pants.

“Me, too,” he said, and his big hand tipped her head back, and he kissed her, licking at her lips until she parted them. His tongue swept inside, filling her mouth again, making her pussy flood with heat. She hardly knew what to do, and despite the way her thighs and arms and belly shivered with nervousness, her hips certainly knew, beginning to push themselves into his.

“You’ve been drinking.” Even as her heart raced so fast from his attention, her stomach plummeting, knowing this might all just be joke to him. Surely, in the last four years, someone must have spilled her crush to him. Maybe this was a bet, maybe she was being laughed at right now back in the dance hall. “I think you might be drunk, Will.”

“Hardly, Nina,” he said, licking her upper lip in a way that made her squirm. Then he pulled away, head cocked to the side. “Have you?”

“Hardly,” she repeated, not really knowing if that meant they both were drunk or neither. Either way, the way he kissed her made her dizzy, heady, and warm, and she wanted him to do it again. But she had to know, even if she was almost too scared for the answer. “What do you want from me then?”

“Do you know what your ass looks like in that dress, Nina?” He asked, hand trailing down her back to splay against canlı kaçak iddaa one of her cheeks. “I just wanted to stand behind you the whole night and watch you walk around. The way the dress slid up a little while you were dancing, flashing that thong.” His hand squeezed, and Nina gasped. “Wanted to just come up behind you and drag that ass against me.” Will squeezed her again, and dipped his hand beneath the hem, running a finger along the curve where her thigh met her bottom.

“Heavy and hard for the whole night for you.” His hands vanished from her, and she accidentally let out a mew of disappointment. Oh, even if this was a joke, she didn’t want him to stop. His hands found the edge of her dress, his fingers rubbing where the hem met her thighs. “I swear I only came out here to kiss you if you let me,” he groaned, dipping his head to press his mouth to her temple. “Can I show you, Nina? Can I show you how much I really fucking like you?”

Nina dragged in a breath. He meant out here in the darkened hallway, just around the corner from the double doors. No one would have cause to walk this way, but if they did…What a horrible, insane idea that she certainly should not consider. Nina licked her lips, and his gaze fell to her mouth. One of her hands made their way up his chest to his collar, and she dragged him to her, her chin upturned, demanding his mouth.

Will gave it to her, kissing her like he wanted to devour her. His hands dragged her towards him, so her bottom was perched right on the edge of the crate, and he pressed himself tight to her, the rough fabric of his pants scraping her. Nina moaned, so sure she was dripping wet. Something hard fit against her pussy, and one of his hands ran down her back. That heavy, thick part of him pushing more fully against her, and she gave little, uncertain humps that made him grunt into her hair.

“Fuck, you feel so good against my cock, baby.”

“Will!” Her head swam, so much, so fast, hardly believing that her dress now sat above her hips, and he stood between her open thighs.

“Are you sure, Nina?” For a moment, it was he who was unsteady, and Nina began to pluck at his belt buckle, the button, the zipper. Then, when he was free, she was shy all over again. His cock was big and heavy and upright. Pleasure pooled in her belly, that she had done this to him. She’d read more than enough romance novels to know what happened next, and Nina trembled in anticipation.

His hand left her and slipped into his back pocket, pulling his wallet out, and from inside, a silver little wrapper. He tore the wrapper off, and Nina’s belly flipped and flipped, and she watched him slide the condom onto himself.

“Did you plan for this?” She gave a shaky laugh, everything feeling so suddenly real and still just a dream. Surely this both meant they were drunk, right? But Nina looked at Will, and Will looked at her, and Nina really didn’t care about being caught in a stupid hallway.

“No, I promise, I didn’t plan for anything.” He gave a ragged breath. “I just really hoped something would happen after math class one day.”

“At school?” She squeaked.

“I mean, we are at school now. And well, after math class would’ve been after the last bell.”

“Is that why you would linger by the door every day?”

He blushed, Will Tenneson actually blushed. “I wasn’t sure if you even liked me very much.”

There was a pause, Nina blinking at him, taking in sweat at his temple, the jolt of his throat as he swallowed, the sudden uncertainty in his eyes.

“Oh, God, Will,” she whispered. “Please kiss me.”

He kissed her, long, wet, open mouthed kisses. He was so good at it that Nina let him take charge, trying to mirror him, melting under his ministrations, his demanding licks and nips. She could hardly swallow, the kiss deliciously wet, and he took all of it from her, everything she gave him. Tentative gasps and small, quick, glancing touches with her tongue against his.

“I need to finger you first, baby,” he said into her mouth. “Before…” he groaned, “before you can take my cock.”

Nina’s belly tumbled at that. She was sopping and soaked; she could see it on his fingers as soon as he delved between her legs with a hand, pulling aside the little string of her thong. One blunt finger drew back and forth across her labia lips, slow and deliberate, and it made her hunger for something inside of her. He gave that to her quickly, pushing one finger to split her open.

“Oh, fuck, that hurts,” she cried, biting down on his lip until that sharp pinch between her legs dulled and passed. Will held his finger steady for long moment as she adjusted around it, and then he slowly, achingly dragged it back out of her. In, and then out, her wetness on his fingers, her thighs, on the crate below her.

“Just like that, sweetheart,” he murmured, eyes between her legs, and Nina realized she wasn’t even nervous at him seeing her like his. His eyes were dark and burning, and Nina felt his desire for her all the canlı kaçak bahis way to her curled toes.

“More, Will,” she begged, and he added another finger. This time, she fell back against the wall, so full and tight that it took so much longer for her pussy to stop squeezing and tightening at the intrusion. And still he fucked her with his fingers, opening her and stretching her for himself.

Then, his voice low and dark in her ear. “Do you want to come, Nina?”

Nina froze, then flushed with sudden heat. “Yes,” she said, grabbing more handfuls of his shirt, pulling him to her. She crushed her lips to his, and he thrust his tongue back into her mouth.

His fingers slid out of her completely, and for a moment she clenched down on nothing. Then his thumb found her clit, and that finger on her was insistent, unrelenting, uncoiling that boiling, exhilarating spark between her legs.

“Will, please,” she moaned.

His other hand grasped his cock, and he placed it at her very center, rocking forward with each gasp and moan and squeak she uttered. His cock was hot, and too thick for her. Inch after inch of him entered her, and she couldn’t help but clamp down on him each second of the way. To push him our or pull him in, Nina couldn’t decide.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me come if you keep that up,” he ground out, a muscle in his jaw pulsing. “And I really don’t want to come yet.” His teeth grit, his own breath swallow, his shirt sticking to his skin. He dipped his head, burying it into her neck.

“I’m leaving tonight for the summer,” he said, his mouth on her throat. “Will you wait for me, sweetheart?” His hips pushed into hers, his cock filling her up to the hilt. He held himself there, opening her fully and completely. Nina mewed, tightening her legs around his waist and grasping at his dress shirt for purchase. His thumb still circled her clit, thickening her arousal, and her belly fizzed with a burgeoning pleasure that eclipsed the soreness and sting of a cock in her for the first time. He dragged his teeth down her neck and sucked on her throat. “Will you wait for me to come back, baby?”

Nina whimpered, his thumb rubbing and rubbing and rubbing her. “Yes,” she cried. Then, teeth chattering, tried to find her courage. “W-will you wait for me, too?”

“Yes,” he said, lifting his head to look her in the eyes.

She came. Oh, God, she came all over him, shaking and shivering in his arms, his lips at her ear, her forehead, her chin, whispering her name over and over again. She rode that crest, legs spasming, moaning and whimpering in the dark. Her pussy grew needy, trying to keep him completely still within her, but he refused, fucking her steadily through it.

His eyes traveled across her face as she sailed to the end of her climax, the frenzy of it giving way to a warm, lulling wave. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Nina,” Will growled, and then he began to fuck her in earnest. His hands landed on the wall above her, his cock driving in and out of her, she brought one foot up, and then the other, now holding herself spread for him, the cool air on her thighs and hips and lower belly.

“Just like that, baby, hold yourself for me. Nina, you’re so damn tight.”

“Will,” she whined, his thumb still on her, the little bud so swollen and responsive.

“I know, darling,” he murmured. “Can you come with me? Can you come all over me again, Nina?”

Nina quivered and quaked at the timber of his voice, dark and panting for her. Will Tenneson was fucking her, kissing her cheek, running his hands lightly over her thighs. She nodded, pulling her legs wider, half her pleasure from his thumb and his cock, and the other from being splayed open like this, his eyes on her, raking across her body: her pussy, her legs, and her breasts that were spilling from the top of her dress.

“Oh, fuck—I can’t—” his voice grew jagged, his lips at her ear. “Come, baby, come with me.”

His cock pushed into her one more time, hard, and then she felt him hot, spilling himself, snug in her tight warmth. Nina came, his lips on hers. She moaned his name, falling from that great height all over again, her body nothing more than a bundle of nerves and sparking ends.

“Are you okay?” He asked, tongue dipping back inside her mouth. This time, she sucked on him, tentatively using her tongue to play with his, which earned her a thumb on her clit, so sensitive it made her shiver. She nodded, clutching at his collar, almost slumping against him, his other hand rubbing the inside of her thigh, as she kissed him.

Too soon, she sat back against the wall, dazed and warm, as he peppered kisses on her neck and throat and jaw. Then, he helped her adjust her dress, half-tame her wild curls that slipped from her clip and used his thumb to wipe at a bit of mascara that must have smudged under her eye. He slipped off the condom and tossed into the can nearby, before zipping himself back up.

Will smiled down at her. “Will you dance with me, Nina?” He asked, and when she nodded, he kissed her hard, one hand tucking a loose curl behind her ear. He held out a hand, and she took it shyly, slipping off the crate and onto shaky legs. There in the corridor, Will held her as they swayed, her ear pressed to his heart.

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