First, First Times


[This tale spans exhibitionist, First Time, Group and perhaps a little anal wrapped in a surprise.]

“Are we drunk enough to play Tooth or There?” spouted Caroline. Apparently SHE was.

“I think we need one more frosty pitcher before I am. THEN I’m willing.” volunteered my always eager wife, Sue. All but Caroline and her new husband, Chuck, had been to our hedonistic gatherings. “But-choo aren’t drunk enough to slur yer werdz!” Sue teased, then as she rose from the thick carpeted floor, she flashed Chuck her panties.

His eyes widened and he slyly checked his chubby wife to see if she caught the brief show. She was laughing with Maria instead. He looked at me and I smiled. We all chose to slide to the floor so when we fell over it would be a short fall – yea, that was it!

Sue ground up the fresh ice and doubled the Tequila in the pitcher before returning. She bent over, her back to Chuck, to gently and slowly put the pitcher on the floor tray. She cleverly bent next to Car so she would not see her groom staring up my wife’s skirt for an extended view of her snug panties wrapped around her oval mound. I saw his mouth drop, so I knew he had a clear view. The ladies all sat daringly in a cross legged yoga pose and fussed with keeping their skirts flat and nearly modest.

Car and Maria flanked me. As we chatted and teased, Maria’s hand frequently ended up in my lap, usually bumping my distinct bulge and making it twitch noticeably. This wasn’t lost on Caroline, who Sue and I had known for a few years. We frequently teased her with bawdy limericks, jokes and dares. She teased back, but she always seemed too innocent to follow thru with any risque dares. Maybe tonight would be different.

We just recently found out that she had been an absolutely stunning model before we’d all met. She still has a very pretty, if chubby, face and is nearly double her ideal weight. At five foot one, even with her DD tits, she should not be 200 lbs. I had noticed a photo on her fridge of a stunningly beautiful blonde with perfect curves, bright blue eyes and a radiant, perfect smile. When she said that was she just five years earlier, I stood riveted to the floor, silently stunned, mouth drooping for a long minute until her sigh woke me. My thoughts were ‘What the hell happened?’, but all I said was “WOW! Beautiful, just beautiful!” She sighed a sad smile.

Tonight she wore a pale blue, loose skirt with a tan, profound drop-front, braless top. A few inches of her chubby thighs were daringly exposed, even more so to Chuck and Mario. Her huge, shapely tits trapped the cloth and generally protected her modesty, if that’s even possible in a top that’s open to your navel. This was the most revealing clothing she’d ever worn around us, since her wedding. Though her low-cut wedding dress showed much more tit flesh, normally.

Maria was in a short skirt that she kept pulling back down to modest heights, more to keep our attention on her shapely legs than to hide them. Her top was a light, full-sleeve sweater with fat, full length zipper that gripped a two-inch ring attached for easy access. Her nipples announced themselves loudly and my x-ray eyes ‘saw’ her tempting tits as I saw them the first time.

As my sweet Sue squatted, then dropped inelegantly to the floor, her crossed legs exposed her wet spot to Car, me and Maria. She fluffed and adjusted her skirt so even Chuck got a view of her shapely thighs up to her pale blue panties. Car gasped lightly at the display, but Maria just smiled. Sue downed a big sip and said “OK, NOW I’m ready for Tooth or There. Who’s first?”

Chuck, eyes flicking between my wife’s thighs and Maria’s chest, raised a hand. “Tooth, I mean TRUTH. Al, when’s the FIRST time you saw my pretty wife’s pretty tits?” He blushed at his daring dare and Car blushed and stared at him. Why was he picking FOR me? Has he never played ToD? I played along.

“Truth: “At your wedding, she wondered why guys stood behind her when she sat. I moved behind her to check and saw the reason and told her. ‘Both your nipples are exposed every time you exhale.’ She looked up at me staring down at her nipples, looked down and saw them clearly exposed.

“She smiled brightly, looked back up at me and shrugged her full tits into view, saying ‘Oh well. I hope they, and you, enjoyed the show.’ Then she smiled so sweetly and crooked her head while leaving both big, beautiful tits displayed to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and just sheepishly nodded while enjoying their beatific beauty. I ignored you, though I knew you were watching me stare at your bride’s big, beautiful tits floating inside her virginal white dress. She always dresses so button-up conservatively at work!”

Caroline spoke up, “My turn. Um, Al, assuming you still pick TRUTH, tell us about your FIRST romantic kiss. Dish!”

“OK, but you’ll be very disappointed. I was in FIRST grade, holding hands with a very cute blue-eyed blonde in a pink dress with several petticoats under it. We were both giddy and glassy eyed and couldn’t illegal bahis stop staring at each other. After skipping down the hall with the class, and getting yelled at for skipping, as soon as the teacher turned away, I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth. We laughed at how daring we were and that was it. Until we were told to wait against a wall while the teacher went to get something. As soon as she was out of sight, I leaned my six-year-old lips in for a lingering kiss and I saw stars. My knees shook and she felt the same. That’s all that happened that day. Next!”

“Awww, how cute. Was that your wife? You know that doesn’t count. I want to hear about your first REAL romantic, breathless kiss.”

“No, that wasn’t Sue. Sorry, you’ve had your TOOTH shot already. Who’s next? Maria?”

“OK, I’ll have a go. TRUTH! But I want you to answer Caroline’s question AND tell us about your first time eating pussy!” Car gasped loudly; everyone else laughed.

“Why are you picking on me? This isn’t how to play this game! I’d rather hear about Car’s first time eating pussy.” She gasped again, but didn’t deny it. “You may find this hard to believe, but I was VERY shy as a kid and a late bloomer. My FIRST time seeing, eating and fucking a pussy was with the same girl. I was twenty, stag at a frat party. A friend was boasting about his hot new girlfriend, let’s call her Barbie, who was somewhere around; telling me about her cute, pristine tits; how she was still a virgin when they met and how he changed that and how great a French kisser she was.

“I didn’t believe his boasts and was busy scanning the room for a connection of my own. After several beers, the girls all got cuter. A short, stag girl I knew from classes wove thru the crowd right to me. I tried looking past her ugly glasses and pulled her to me. She actually was cute. Hard to hear anything over the music, I got against her ear and kissed it instead of talking. She smiled and I kissed her full on the lips, my FIRST adult kiss. She warmly kissed back and our mouths opened. I felt her warm tongue hug mine for a few seconds before she pulled sharply away and told me she had a boyfriend and I shouldn’t do that again. Then she smiled sweetly and left. THAT was my FIRST French kiss.

“Seemed like a mixed message to me, so I had another beer and kept looking for Barbie or my friend Frank. Before I found them, I saw tiny, ugly glasses girl again. She was flirty and asked who I was looking for. I said, ‘you’ and asked where her boyfriend was. When she said he wasn’t there, I said ‘good’ and kissed her again. She didn’t object at all.

“My tongue found hers for my second French and was very warm and happy – until I felt this HUGE pain! I saw stars in the darkening room. She’d bit my tongue – hard! Then she said ‘I told you not to do that again.’ and left. Was she playing with me? I downed another beer, mostly to cool and assuage my burning tongue.

“While more slowly downing another beer, my drunken eyes spotted Barbie. She was very cute and matched Frank’s description. I wandered over and introduced myself. Frank hadn’t told her about me at all so I had to convince her that I knew him and wasn’t JUST hitting on her. We went up to the dark, quiet attic, the make out room, and chatted, but I was really feeling the six or eight beers I’d had and said I need to lower my head. She offered her lap and I took it. After several deep breaths, I turned my head inward, my nose against her groin as a filter and whiffed her arousal.

“When I snuggled tighter against her and rubbed my nose in her crotch, she asked me to stop that. I turned my head back outward, but the beer smells were nauseating. I told her so and pressed deep against her groin again and told her SHE smelled much better than the room. She let me press and smell her crotch, even pulled me against her, for some minutes before saying I just needed some clean air.

“She lead me outside and after many deep, clean breaths, I did feel better. I realized the car we were on was mine, so I offered that we get inside for the warmth and quiet. She readily agreed. While chatting about college, I learned that she wasn’t out of High School yet and it was her eighteenth birthday (really?) That lead to questions about Frank and their relationship.

“She said they didn’t have one. They NEVER kissed, got to third or second and certainly never screwed. I believed her and so her RED light changed to GREEN. I leaned in for a kiss that quickly lead to second base and Frenching warmly for a long, blissful moment. Another FIRST! Suddenly, the car rocked. Frank was drunkenly kicking my door and cursing me for stealing ‘his girl,’ mocking her kissing me.

“I got out and confronted him with her facts and asked if it were all true. He just shouted ‘WHATEVER’ waved us away and left. Barbie was in tears and I consoled her then drove her home. We kissed and fondled, her tits were even smaller than Sue’s, for a long time before exchanging numbers and saying ‘night.”

Caroline spoke up, illegal bahis siteleri “OK, that was two or three firsts, but I think Maria asked about your first time dining at the Y and your first fuck!”

“Such language, from lady Caroline! Frank didn’t talk to me for a week since he was embarrassed to admit he lied about Barbie. He knew any slim chance he had with her was gone, so he gave me his blessing, as if I needed it. I called her and told her where things were and asked her out for the next week. She said OK, and though she loved our Frenching, she didn’t want to go much further. We met for light dinner and found a barely lit place to park.

“After steaming the windows a long while, and lingering on her tall nipples on her A-cup second base, I pulled her hips to me and slipped under her dress to attempt third base. I cupped her mons, another FIRST, and felt her dampness. She looked deeply into me and said ‘OK’ so I ignorantly rubbed her vulva. I knew my anatomy well, but didn’t know what to do with it. If she was a virgin, she wouldn’t know much either. I felt her slit and rubbed her panties into it. When I found her clit, it was half out of her hood and sent a jolt up her body. My fingers slipped under her panties and I got my first feel of girl hair and damp pussy. It was glorious!

“I tried to be gentle and respectful and maybe romantic, but my conscienceless dick was fighting me. I turned on the inside light and pulled down her panties. There, before my virgin eyes, was a pristine, gleaming, fuzzy pussy. I rubbed it gently, but she lurched firmly against my hand and spread her juvenile legs to split open her nubile pussy. As if in a living anatomy class, I rolled open her outer then inner labia and exposed her throbbing clit. When I touched it, she gasped and shook. Her young labia were wet, slippery and pleasantly fragrant.

“I pushed a finger half way inside her velvet tightness and she tensed up and shook again. Anatomy lessons didn’t tell me what to do next, and she wasn’t talking. I leaned the seat back for greater access, enjoyed the beauty of her blonde tuft and vulva, then I ate her. A FIRST, yet not! With no instructions, I fumbled my way around her most intimate parts, licked then CHOMPED on her hair. I ate her bush! It tickled! Why was THIS such a hot thing to do? It smells great, but tastes like hair. Don’t laugh!

“She finally whispered ‘lick me’ and raised her mons so her slit met my tongue. Fortunately, she was aroused, fragrant and DELICIOUS. It could have gone all wrong for life if she weren’t. The first taste of her intoxicating nectar put my tongue on auto and it lapped its way around and between all her scrumptious labia and welcoming clit. I probed deeper, as deep as my tongue allowed then learned my fingers reached deeper.

“They scooped more of her juices out for me as I kept licking. Her moans were my secondary rewards. She clamped her legs around my head as she shuddered and squealed. I didn’t care that I couldn’t breathe. I kept licking and she came again on my face. I LOVED IT! Whew. I’m a little breathless recalling her sweet/salty flavor. She leaned her hand on my stiffness, released it and sucked it down, but you didn’t ask about my first BJ, so, The End.”

Wide-eyed Caroline gasped “YOU’RE breathless? Wow. My turn. I choose DARE, but be gentle with me Al.”

“Hmm, gentle? OK. I dare you to take both tits out and leave them out for me to suck on while you tell us about your first fuck, or anal if you’ve done that. You didn’t expect your tits to stay hidden with that wide open shirt anyway, right? Gentle enough?”

“You bastard! Chuck, are you OK with this? Thumbs up? Really? Here goes.” She only had to move her shirt aside a tiny bit to free a huge, pendulous yet firm and shapely boob with its half dollar halo and thick, hard and tall nipple. She pulled it over the shirt and let it fall back – in slowwwwwww motion! Before she got the other one out, Maria reached in and took its weight in her hand. She thumbed the hard nipple and let it fall. Car gulped.

I had to adjust my stiff dick before I could lean over and lick an exquisite nipple. “Mmm, what did you dose this with? Tastes like vanilla and peaches. Very tasty.” Maria licked the other sexy nipple and agreed then sucked harder and we both GENTLY bit the hard nipples.

“Ugghh, ouu, that’s just me. Umm, what was I supposed to tell you . . . oh yes. I have never done anal beyond a finger or two in me and I got nothing from it, so no story there. My first sex? Let’s see . . . OH!” I had pulled her big tit up by its nipple and Maria mimicked me. We both let go at once and watched our fun bags collide and shake randomly. One tit had bounced back into the open shirt, so Maria easily slipped the sleeveless top over Car’s head and tossed it aside. We lifted the big bared tits to our mouths again.

Car quipped, “I guess I won’t be needing that again since I’m all bare now.” She shifted and her skirt raised higher and she left it exposing more of her chubby thighs.

“My canlı bahis siteleri FIRST is a short story. I had been dating someone for nearly a year and only let him finger or eat me. I like watching him spurt, but I wouldn’t swallow! He’s the same guy who deep fingered my ass. I was still a virgin at eighteen, so I decided that my real gift to me was real sex. During my birthday party, he took me to my bedroom and ate me til I came. I flipped over, hands on the bed, feet on the floor with my soaked bare ass and pussy aimed at him and whispered ‘Do me. Do me now!’ And he did. He took my cherry in two minutes and unloaded on my back and dress. When people asked why I changed, I answered truthfully that something spilled on it. The end. May I have my shirt back now?”

Car stared intently at her husband until he got the message. Enjoying his wife’s dare he chose DARE. Car brightened up, “Good! I dare you to eat Sue until she cums on your face. YOU have to undress her first.” ALL the rest of us groaned ‘WHOA!’ at the same time. This was heading exactly where we wanted.

“My dear, loving, sweet, wonderful wife, may I do that in sixty-nine?” he begged hopefully. She looked around at all the smiles, knowing that would mean both would be totally naked, and agreed. Chuck whooped loudly and as he got to his knees, slid his hand and Sue’s skirt to her waist. He pushed her arms straight up and deftly shifted her blouse over her head. Her bare, tiny tits slid out from under her shirt, perfect nipples already hard. He licked his lips and stared at her tall nips then shifted to the enlarged wet spot on her panties and grinned before helping her up.

With my topless wife in the circle center facing Chuck, he unhooked her skirt and let it fall. After a long stare at her shapely, toned legs, he put his face against her panties and slid them to the floor. Sue got her wish to be the first one naked. After admiring her light brown landing strip, he slowly turned her around by her sexy ass for a good look at her jogging-shaped cheeks. We all got a clear full frontal view as she slowly spun and soaked in the admiration. Chuck spread her cheeks and took a long look at her back door.

Sue pulled Chuck’s shirt off and helped him up. She knelt and loosened his tenting shorts. His dick was threatening to sneak out the bottom already. She slipped a hand under his shorts and whistled, “going commando today?” His shorts lunged and a bit of his helm escaped. As she unzipped and pulled the shorts off, she whispered to the stiff dick, “Whoa boy, you’ll be free in a second.” And it was. As the shorts hit the floor, his thick 8″ cock sprung up and slapped Sue’s ear.

As his balls swung free, Maria turned to Car and gave her a big ‘thumbs UP’ which Car happily returned. She added, “I’m very happy with his tools. I’ve always wanted to see them in action especially as they please another woman. I’m glad he gets to fill my friend.” I reached for the small remote behind us and clicked it in two directions, pointing at the two cameras aimed at us. “Are you recording this? Oh, I need a copy.”

“Yes I am.” I replied. “And there’s a third camera focused on us so we didn’t miss your tits on parade. You may take that camera and manually frame your husband eating and maybe fucking my wife, if you like.” Hiking her skirt showed that her panties were also wet, but she was at the camera ‘in a flash’ and circled the first two naked players. Enjoying all the amateur errors, she zoomed quickly into Sue’s tits, ass and pussy then her husbands stiff cock in Sue’s hand as she posed it on her leg and against her wet pussy.

“OK you two, Chuck on your back; Sue spin around and sit on his face. That stiff cock won’t wait, so you’ll have to make him spurt first before he can get you off. Then make him cum again.” She stayed with them until Sue swallowed his cock wholely down her throat and filled her belly with several strong spurts. She placed the camera back where it was and framed Maria and me before she sat back next to me with her hypnotic tits swinging freely. We watched the couple hump each other’s mouths for a while.

Mario spoke up, “I haven’t had my turn yet in this scrambled ToD game, so how about I dare Caroline to replicate Al’s FIRST two pussy munchings and her BJ? I want to see Caroline naked when she’s finished up.”

I looked at Car and helped her to the sofa edge. “I like the way you think, Mario.” My dick was at the edge of my shorts and Maria’s hand was helping it peek out, then hide as she gently stroked it. “I don’t remember any helping hand back then, but I would have loved it. If you make it shoot before I get it in Car, be neat and lick it all up, OK? Now, Car, we have been to second, but missed first.” I slid her skirt up as I leaned up to kiss her. Our tongues quickly merged and hugged.

I felt Maria push my shorts up to let half my cock free to explore her hot mouth. Mario latched onto the big, free tit and rubbed his shorts. I licked, then pinched her nipple hard before Frenching her again. Her moans were distracting her husband, but we didn’t care! I whispered, “I wanted to suck your tits while Sue watched from the first day I met you. Then I wanted to feel your hot pussy wrap and grip my cock as it filled you with cum. I hope you are on the pill.”

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