First Kiss 6 – Fuffy #5


First Kiss 6 – Fuffy #5B.t.V.S. – First Kiss 6 – Fuffy #5″Faith.” Buffy said, looking at the raven Slayer.”B.” Faith nodded.Eight months. It had been eight long months since they’d seen each other. Sure, Buffy had visited Faith in her hospital room a few times but Faith had been slightly c*matose.”Tell me, B. You put a girl in a c*ma, right after telling her you love her? I still remember those last few seconds before I blacked out, and I remember them well. We were fighting on the rooftop. You tell me you love me, and you wished things could have been different. I agree with you, and say I wish it was different, too, then tell you I’m in love with you, too. We fight some more, and I tell you that I’m just in way too deep. I’ve done too much to turn back, I say, and your friends, and the council, and the cops won’t let me get away with any of it. I can’t go to prison, B, I wasn’t built for prison. You grab my knife and push the tip of it, then the rest of the blade into my gut, then push me off the building. I watch you burst into tears and start hugging your knees as I land in the back of some truck. Then, I wake up in a hospital room. Luckily, the nurses didn’t know what I am, so when I ask if I had any visitors, they mention one name, and one name only. And that name wasn’t yours. So tell me. You tell a girl you’re in love with her, then try to kill her. You fail to kill her, only putting her in a c*ma, and you don’t even visit?” Faith’s eyes were glistening in grief and anger at the betrayal.”I did visit, but not officially. The mayor made arrangements so I couldn’t come near you, thinking I’d try to finish you off. Instead, I had to come by at night, after everyone went home. I snuck in through the window. I stayed as long as I could, whenever I could. No one knows, not even Giles. Not even Willow, and she bursa escort knows how I feel about you.” Buffy’s eyes were glistening as well.”You… you visited?””Yes.””I… I remember… a voice. I think it was… reading… something?”Buffy held up a book. “Goodnight Moon. My mom used to read it to me when I was sick. Thought I’d do the same for you.””You read a book to me?””Over and over and over. It made it feel like you were actually listening, like you were just going to sle*p, not almost dead. Made me feel close to you.””B… I… I don’t know what… what to say.””Then don’t say anything.” Buffy said, and she leaned in to kiss Faith, suddenly realizing that they’d been moving closer and closer together.But just before their lips met, the police burst into the room.”Faith Lehane! You are under arrest for the murder of Deputy Mayor Allan Finch!” One of them said, then they all stepped forward to arrest her. They all wore bulletproof vests and carried semi-automatic assault rifles.”Faith!” Buffy screamed, and pushed her out of the way, standing between Faith and the police.”B, get out of the way!” Faith shouted, trying to push past. She couldn’t let Buffy get hurt because of her.”No! Stay back, Faith! Run!” But Buffy wasn’t about to let them take Faith.”Buffy! Back off! Let me go!””No! I just got you back, I’m not letting you go again!””Miss, you’ve got to move!” The cops were shouting.Time slowed, as if they were moving through molasses. Faith pushed past, ducking under Buffy’s arms and running towards the police. Buffy saw the cops’ eyes widen in terror, seeing a known murderer running towards them. They held their ground, but the pressure was too much for one.Buffy saw the flash and watched Faith fall long before she heard the POP of the gun. The police surrounded Faith, keeping their sights trained on her, bursa escort bayan and one of them read her her rights as another called for an ambulance. Buff could barely see her through the throng of law enf*rcement officials, but the growing wet red splotch on her jacket was plainly visible, as was the shaking of Faith’s body, then the stillness that followed.It all happened in seconds. Buffy just stood there, unable to believe her eyes, no, refusing to believe her eyes. Her mouth was open, her body rigid.Buffy’s mom came downstairs and saw Buffy standing there.Buffy didn’t respond. She didn’t see her mom, couldn’t hear her voice. She became aware of someone shaking her, and turned her head slowly, to see her mom there. She mouthed something Buffy couldn’t make out.Buffy tried to read her lips.Honey… Are… you… okay? Did… she… hurt… you… Buffy?Buffy shook her head no slowly. Her hearing returned as the world came back to her.She looked back over and saw the ambulance had arrived. They were loading Faith up in the ambulance on a stretcher, her blood pouring out, staining the carpet, and her precious leather jacket.Buffy doubled over on the ground, sobbing. She only just got Faith back. She had Faith right there. She could hear her breath, smell her hair, and feel her skin. She had almost finally kissed her. And then it was all torn away. Justice, they call it. Justice for whom? For some guys who were already dead? Like arresting Faith, almost killing her, was going to bring them back? Was going to stop the killing of others? Another killer would take her place, more people would die, and the ones Faith had killed would still be dead.How about justice for the living? Buffy finally had the true love of her life, Angel be damned, literally, she’d had her, could hold her, and she was taken away. Where escort bursa was Buffy’s justice?Faith just spent eight months in a c*ma. Almost brain dead. Relying on machines to live. Buffy suffered alongside her, unable to look into Faith’s eyes. Unable to see even the slightest sign of life other than the constant beep… beep… beep of the machine, which grated on her nerves. Knowing it was Buffy herself who had done it to Faith. Never hearing Faith’s voice, not knowing whether or not Faith could understand anything that was going on.Hadn’t they, together, been punished enough? Hadn’t they, together, suffered enough?So Buffy was angry at everything. Angry at the Deputy Mayor for surprizing Faith in the heat of battle, when she could barely distinguish between humans and demons. Angry at Giles for pushing Faith to join the Mayor, whether on purpose or not. Angry at the Mayor for being evil, and being there for Faith to join. Angry at Angel for being poisoned, forcing Buffy to fight Faith for her blood to cure him. Angry at the law for taking Faith away from her again. Angry at the mother who was shaking Buffy wildly, unable to understand why she was crying. Angry at her friends and fam!ly who would congratulate Buffy on beating Faith, and being relieved that that “monster” was finally behind bars, where she belonged.And angry at Faith, for pushing past, giving herself up, not allowing Buffy to find a way out of the situation. For being close enough to kiss, but then being too far away to even see.But mostly, she was mad at herself for not being strong enough to protect Faith, both tonight, and back when it really counted, when Faith was standing on the edge of a metaphorical cliff, teetering on the proverbial wire, ready to fall one way or the other.So if Joyce Summers couldn’t understand why her daughter was sobbing relentlessly, then that’s too bad. No one would ever understand. Buffy herself didn’t even understand.Yet somehow, Faith would. Buffy just knew Faith would.Because only Faith could ever understand Buffy at all.

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