First Love


I had very little to do with boys through my high school years. I graduated at the end of May and wasn’t due to start college until September so I had over three months in which to enjoy my freedom from studies and exams. My friend Joan and I hung out a lot. I had a few dates mostly with boys who had attended the same high school as me. There were, of course, those dates when I was kissed and my breasts fondled. One boy even got his hand on my inner thigh before I stopped him. I had promised myself there would be no pre-marital sex. I did, however hedge my bets by going on birth control. It wasn’t difficult to maintain celibacy with most of my dates. They were all immature inexperienced fumblers who were incapable of making me feel anything but irritation. One exception was a frightening and painful episode with an older man.

Mr. Simmons and his wife were friends of my parents. They lived a few blocks away from our house and they sometimes sought my services babysitting their 5 year old son. The last time they asked me to baby sit was on a weekend when my parents were out of town and I was home alone. The Simmons always paid me well for my services and I welcomed the prospect of additional money since I wanted to have a healthy bank balance when I went to college in the fall. The Simmons did not stay out late that night and when they returned Mr. Simmons paid me double what they normally did. I assumed it was because I was no longer a schoolgirl and warranted a higher rate. Mr. Simmons had always been kind to me in a fatherly sort of way and I had no reason to feel any suspicion when he offered to give me a ride home.

When we drew up outside our house Mr. Simmons jumped out and came around the car to open my door.

“I know your parents are out of town so I’d better see you safely inside” he said.

Smiling at him I replied, “Thank you, Mr. Simmons, perhaps I can offer you a cup of coffee before you go back.”

“That would be nice” as he ushered me up the walkway to the front door.

On entering the house I took off my jacket and headed straight to the kitchen to set up the Keurig coffee machine. As I was reaching to the overhead cabinet to get a couple of K-cups I became aware that Mr. Simmons had followed me into the kitchen and was standing close behind me; so close that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. His proximity made me uneasy and I slowly came to the realization that this older man might have less than innocent intentions. When his arms encircled me in a vice like embrace with his manhood pressing against my buttocks I froze. I just couldn’t believe that this family friend whom I had known since childhood would behave in this way. He suddenly freed my arms but before I could even attempt to struggle he pushed me forward and down over the counter. I was still paralyzed with shock and was slow to react. In any event I was no match for his size and strength and was helpless under the strong male hand that had me pinned across the counter top. This was no inexperienced boy who could be stopped before going too far.

I felt the air conditioned coolness on the back of my thighs as my skirt was unceremoniously hiked up around my waist and my panties dragged down over my hips. He kicked my feet apart and I felt his free hand groping at my bare behind. By the time it finally registered on my stunned brain that I was being sexually assaulted knowledgeable fingers were parting the lips of my vagina and a thumb was probing my anus. I finally regained my voice and shrieked

“Let me go you old pervert. I’ll see you in jail for this.”

My shouts and threats had no effect. This experienced married man already had one finger deep inside me. Another finger quickly joined the first and though I continued to wriggle helplessly and shout for him to stop the relentless finger fucking continued. Despite the rage I felt at this unwanted violation my body was telling a different story. A warm glow was spreading from my loins, and despite my resentment I knew that his ministrations were overcoming my resistance. My cries of rage were slowly changing to throaty groans and moans that let him know he had succeeded in overcoming my defiance and that I was now subjugated to his will.

Suddenly his fingers withdrew and I was about to re-commence venting my rage when I felt a hot hard rod of flesh slipping up and down between the lips of my sex. The head of his manhood entered me and I stiffened in trepidation; this was my first experience of penetration and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What I hadn’t expected was the sharp pain as his stiff member suddenly plunged into me. After only a few strokes in and out I heard him grunting and felt his semen jet into me. He withdrew, released me and I turned in time to see his back as he headed for the front door. I was mortified with shame at having been treated this way and spent the next couple of hours contemplating whether I should inform the police and or tell my parents about it. canlı bahis şirketleri In the end I decided to do neither. In retrospect I realize that Simmons had only one thing in mind and that was to satisfy his own needs and didn’t care whether it was a pleasant experience for me. The pain and a little blood from his assault left me feeling that I never wanted to have sex ever again.

It was a few weeks after the incident with Simmons when I met a young man at Joan’s nineteenth birthday party. John and I danced a few times and we arranged to meet the following day. After a couple of dates we seemed to be hitting it off. We liked the same music and enjoyed each other’s company. John was a handsome boy and I had no problem with a little kissing and hugging but he never got any further. Because he never pressed me I felt secure and comfortable in his company. So when he invited me to spend a weekend in the mountains I felt quite comfortable with the invitation and, in any case we would be staying with John’s older brother and his wife at their mountain chalet. When we got there, however, Simon told us that his wife, Susan had just left. Her father having suffered a mild heart attack, she had gone to be with her mother for a few days.

I took an immediate liking to Simon who was about twenty-three and even more handsome than his younger brother. There was also a big difference in their build. Whereas John was only five-feet-seven and slightly built, Simon was a muscular six-feet-four. Slow moving and easy going, he had a great sense of humor and kept us constantly amused.

When John had to go to the nearest town that Saturday to get some groceries I begged off with the excuse that I didn’t feel too well. In truth I just didn’t feel like traveling on those mountain roads, especially since John was an indifferent driver. I felt no trepidation at the thought of being left in the cottage with Simon for a few hours.

In retrospect, I guess I had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on Simon and actually relished the idea of being alone with him. It was for his benefit that I was wearing my sexiest outfit instead of the usual tacky jeans and sweatshirt. That day I had donned a short pleated plaid skirt and a white short sleeved shirt. Of course it was the furthest thing from my mind that Simon would make a pass at me. I just got a thrill from the notion that he might find me attractive and secretly admire me.

After John left, I picked up a book and went to the porch. Sitting on the big swing seat I alternated between reading and gazing out over the beautiful panorama of lake and mountains. I must have been sitting there for about an hour and was beginning to doze when Simon came out and sat beside me. With a big smile he said, “A penny for your thoughts, Donna.”

“O, they’re not worth a penny,” I replied. “I was just enjoying the view.”

“Yes,” he said, “I feel very privileged to have such beauty before me and next to me at the same time.”

I’m sure I was blushing when I responded, “Simon, you’re teasing me, but thank you anyway.” I felt his arm across my back and a large hand gripped my shoulder. He did it so casually, a natural spontaneous gesture that I never thought of protesting. Smiling at me gently he said, “I’m not teasing you. You are a very beautiful girl and John’s a lucky dog. Would you call me a dirty old man and slap my face if I asked for a kiss?”

His request startled me. I hadn’t expected anything like that, yet I still didn’t feel threatened. His deep calm voice was so reassuring. I spoke hesitantly, “No… I mean…I guess it’s all right.”

Bending down and drawing me toward him with his strong arm he brushed my lips with his. This delicate touch was so different from the mashing grinding efforts of my usual dates that it left me with a faint feeling of discontent. But then the lips moved across my cheek and down to the hollow between neck and shoulder. A tingling sensation swept through my body and I trembled a little. A few seconds later, when his lips again met mine, they were still gentle but a little more insistent. This time his tongue slipped between my parted lips and flirted with my tongue.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to pass off Simon’s attentions as a friendly gesture. There was no mistaking the passion in his kissing and, through the thin cotton shirt; I could now feel a hard male hand kneading one of my unfettered breasts. My mind was telling me that this was wrong, that I should stop it. He was a married man. A devil within, however, was inciting me to wait a while, to enjoy a little more of this forbidden pleasure. The combination of burning lips and the roving hand, that had now opened a few shirt buttons, was having a devastating effect. My nipples were rampant and aching deliciously as he rolled them sensuously between his fingers.

Finally I found the will to push him away, saying breathlessly, “No, Simon… Please don’t. We mustn’t…” His hand immediately withdrew canlı kaçak iddaa from my open shirt and his lips left mine though he kept his arm around my shoulders. There was a kindly concerned look on his face when he spoke.

“I’m sorry Donna. I didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s just that you’re so beautiful I couldn’t help myself. Please forgive me.”

If he hadn’t been so ready to halt, if he hadn’t been so obviously repentant, I might have heard the alarm bells and broken it off at that point. As it was, my heart went out to this big gentle man. I hugged him, saying, “Please don’t feel bad, Simon. It’s all right. I just don’t want it to get out of hand.” But I didn’t object when his lips once more descended on mine.

This time his hand did not return to my breasts, but after he had been kissing me for a few moments I felt something between my legs. It was so light a touch that, at first, I wasn’t sure what was happening. It took a few seconds for it to sink in. His hand had stolen under my skirt and through my satin panties I could feel his fingers gently caressing my vagina. This was something I had never allowed a boy to do and my brain was telling me to push him away. None of the boys I had been out with, however, had made me feel like this. A paralyzing languor was spreading through my body, stealing any will to resist. I tried to close my legs but the muscles would not respond.

Apparently sensing my subjugation, his kisses became even more passionate. A knee levered my unresisting legs apart, giving his busy hand room to maneuver. Fingers plucked my panties aside and began to explore. At the same time he lowered his head to my breasts and took a nipple in his mouth.

The deft tongue and fingers were awakening sensations more intense than anything I had ever experienced and before long I had totally surrendered to the debilitating effects. Lying helplessly in the crook of his powerful arm, my nerveless legs sprawled wide, I moaned blissfully while he finger fucked me to paradise. Waves of acute sensation washed over me until I finally erupted. I cried out in ecstatic relief.

While I languished in a satisfied euphoria, he divested me of my panties and tossed them carelessly on the porch floor. Hiking my skirt up around my waist, he effortlessly heaved me astride his lap, facing away from him. Pulling the open shirt down over my shoulders, he dropped it on top of the discarded briefs. As he weighed my heavy breasts in his hands and gently fingered the tingling nipples, it dawned on me that he had found time to drop his pants. I could feel his hot burning flesh against my naked bottom.

Something was pulsing beneath me and rising up between my legs. Looking down, I gasped. Jutting up between my parted thighs was a huge thick pole of inflamed muscle. The big burgeoning head was twitching like a snake poised to strike and I saw drops of lubricant oozing from it. I knew it was his intention to impale me on that monstrous thing. Trembling, I began to plead with him, “Please, Simon…”

Strong hands under my armpits had lifted me until I was poised over his hot throbbing penis. I felt it probing and parting the lips of my saturated, defenseless pussy. Then, slowly but inexorably he lowered me on to it. I sucked in a great gulp of air and held my breath as I was filled with his pulsing flesh. O, God, would it never stop. I felt sure it was going to come up my throat. Then, with his cock buried to the hilt, I came to the realization there was no pain. All I felt was a warm liquid sensation that was exciting every nerve end while gradually paralyzing my limbs and ability to think. I let my breath out in a sobbing rush.

Simon sat motionless for a moment, his arms holding me tightly, while his big cock throbbed and twitched within me. It was then that I heard the returning car. “John’s back.” I cried, while trying to jump off Simon’s lap. But the strong encircling arms did not slacken their vice like grip. Unable to move, I cried, “For God’s sake, Simon, let me go. It’s John. He’ll see us.”

“So what?” said Simon laconically? “Who cares?”

I was speechless with shock. Was he mad? How could we let John see us like this? Anyway, it was too late. The car had pulled up and John was getting out. Catching sight of us he stopped, stared, and then slowly climbed the porch steps toward us. I was mortified with embarrassment and, not knowing where to look, I closed my eyes. I heard John’s voice, “So you’ve done it again, big brother. You just can’t keep your hands off my girls. Still, I have to admit, I didn’t think you could fork Donna. She’s never let me get anywhere.”

Simon’s deep voice rumbled in my ear, “You just don’t know how to please a girl, kid. Watch closely, maybe you can learn something.”

If I said I was flabbergasted it would be an understatement. I just don’t know how to express the shock that swept over me when I realized what they were saying. Big Simon intended to continue fucking me while his little canlı kaçak bahis brother John looked on. In any event they weren’t about to consult me. John stood before us, only a foot in front of me. His hand dropped to his crotch and the sound of a descending zipper seemed extraordinarily loud to me in my mesmerized state.

Simon, with his hands around my waist began to raise and lower me in a slow rhythmic movement so that I was sliding up and down the full length of his cock. Within seconds I had recaptured the magic and no longer found it bizarre that I was being taken by a married man while his eighteen-year-old brother watched. The joys to which I was being introduced were too acute to ignore. There was an incredible eroticism in the situation. I had never allowed John to even touch my breasts. Now he was standing in front of me, his face swollen with lust as he enjoyed the picture of his hitherto unattainable girl friend being deflowered by an older brother.

After a while, John stepped toward me. I stared at his quivering penis. It seemed a little shorter, but thicker than his brother’s. But what was he intending to do with it? It was prodding at my lips. Did he expect me to take it in my mouth? Just then Simon changed the direction of his thrusts and the soft head of his driving piston hit a particularly sensitive spot deep inside my pussy. I cried out, John’s well oiled member took immediate advantage of my parted lips and my mouth was instantly filled with hot male flesh.

It took a little time but I began to acquire a taste for what was being fed to me. The salty flavor was not unpleasant and the feel of it was strangely soothing. That big mushroom head was like soft velvet, yet vibrant and alive. Tentatively at first but then with increasing confidence I swirled my tongue around the pulsating head. Soon I could feel the urgency building in John. He was making guttural sounds and his hips were jerking convulsively. Then suddenly he withdrew and stepped away.

Meanwhile big brother was relentlessly and rhythmically fucking me senseless. Bouncing up and down on that huge rigid cock, my tits jiggling wildly, I was being carried ever higher toward a peak. Pulsating waves of intense sensation were washing over me; I was moaning and sobbing uncontrollably until finally the dam burst. I was shaken to the core by a series of spasms so acute that I almost blacked out. Almost immediately, Simon bellowed like a bull as he released a flood of warm semen into me.

Now exhausted I wanted nothing more than a few hours of sleep. Simon, as though reading my mind, picked me up, carried me inside to his bedroom and deposited me on the king size bed. He unfastened the plaid skirt that was still rolled up around my waist and removed it. He then left the room. With a grateful sigh I rolled over on my side, pulled up my knees and prepared to get some shut-eye. Then, sensing a presence, I looked over my shoulder in time to see a now naked John sliding on to the bed behind me.

Gathering me in his arms, John tucked himself around me and I could feel his arousal pressing against my ass. Since my pussy was still slack and slippery from Simon’s seminal fluid, his cock met with no resistance as it eased between my thighs and sank into me. With one hand cupped over my pudendum, his fingers were slithering back and forth over my clit while he feverishly plunged in and out. His other arm pulled me tightly into him each time his heaving loins slammed against my tingling fanny.

Tired though I was the well lubricated friction of John’s thrusting cock, assisted by his nimble fingers was beginning to arouse me again. John’s excitement, however, was growing faster than my sated appetite. He came within a few seconds and I felt warm jets of semen spurting into me as he cried out in loud relief. We fell asleep in that position with John’s now inert penis still gripped between my thighs. I awoke sometime during the night to find a sleeping man on either side of me. John was snoring loudly. Big brother Simon, though not snoring was just as soundly asleep. Being careful not to wake them, I slid softly from the foot of the bed and headed for my own room where I gratefully locked myself into the large on-suite bathroom.

When I emerged half an hour later, after a long hot shower, I was much refreshed and wide awake. The small single bed in my room was not inviting so I donned a short silk nighty and unlocked the french doors. I found myself on the wide porch that ran half way around the house. The sound of a running shower was coming from the main bedroom further along, and I could hear muffled male voices. It seemed that John and Simon had also awakened and were freshening up. Standing with my hands on the porch rail I stared over the moonlit valley and relished the feel of a cool summer breeze on my slightly fevered skin. Absorbed in the view, I did not notice that the shower had stopped running in Simon’s bedroom. When I heard his voice behind me, I was startled and turned quickly.

“Enjoying the view again, Donna. I think it’s even more breathtaking at night when there’s a full moon like this. And talking about that, my breath is taken away every time I see you. Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

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