First Male Massage


My back had been giving me problems for some time and it had been a while since my last massage. I did not have a regular massage schedule partly due to the cost but also because I really didn’t get any long term benefit. I decided to look for a new masseuse on the internet and found one near home, one that offered a firmer more therapeutic massage.

Further reading detailed that the masseuse was male. I had not experienced a male masseuse before and pondered on the fact that many masseuses in the past had massaged all of me including my buttocks and on occasion my cock and balls. I went looking further but ended up back at this one site.

I was perplexed, on one hand they offered the firm massage I was after but on the other I was afraid of what to do should the masseuse touch my genitals. On the other hand this extra touching did not happen at every massage so I figured I would be safe and rang and made an appointment.

Upon arriving at the salon I was greeted by a efficient young man at the desk who took me to my designated room and asked me to undress and lay on the table and my masseuse, Alex would be with me shortly.

As I undressed somewhat nervously I thought about why I would be nervous, I was here for a firm massage to relieve the pain in my back, that’s all.

As I slipped my underwear off the nervousness increased. I fought it off with the memory that I was always nervous with a new masseuse. I lay on the table face down resting my head in the hole at the end and pulled the towel over my bare buttocks. I head the door open and close then the click of the lock.

Alex introduces himself and I lifted my head to greet him. He was about 30 I guessed, slim wearing just a pair of shorts. His muscled torso certainly had the promise of a firm massage and I relaxed a lot. We chatted a bit about the type of massage I was after and small talk about our day. This was a little difficult with my head down in the hole of the table, so I let it drop and started to relax with the soft music and prepare for the massage.

I felt warm oil dribble up the length of my back followed by soft but firm hands. This was going to be a good massage I thought and congratulated myself for overcoming my nervous tension in going through with this massage.

His attention to my lower back was pure bliss and after a while I was so comfortable with him that I let out the odd moan here and there to let him know he was doing what felt very good on my back. I had relaxed to a point now where I did not feel threatened by the fact this was a man running his hand up and down my back.

Next he started on my feet, which was just heaven and I was starting to drift off a bit when he stopped and adjusted the towel over me so that my legs were exposed for the next stage of the massage. He folded the towel into a small are that must have just covered my butt. He then unceremoniously lifted my legs slightly apart so that he could continue the massage on my legs.

I felt very comfortable with Alex and his very talented strong hands.

As he completed the second leg I heard him move to my side and the towel was removed and I heard it fall to the floor. I was relaxed and comfortable so thought nothing of it.

Warm oil drops hit my buttocks and trickled down my open crack and I felt a tingle in my balls. Without warning his hands were all over my butt, kneading the cheeks deeply, his thumbs running the length of my crack. There is nothing I like more than a good arse massage and Alex sure knew how. I was in heaven and a loud moan escaped my lips.

He obviously took this as a confirmation of my willingness to continue and that I was not afraid güvenilir bahis of his touch being so intimate. I did not notice at first but instinctively I was raising my hips each time his thumbs ran down the length of my crack. It was when they went over my puckered hole that I realised what I was doing. I didn’t know what to do. This felt so good but Alex is a man, but on the other hand he had not stopped either. While this was all spinning in my head Alex continued his manipulation of my arse. His thumbs were now circling my hole and as he did one would just poke into the opening teasing me.

He moved back up to my lower back and I relaxed and told myself that it was nothing more than part of the massage. I heard another noise like when the towel hit the floor but could see nothing new through the hole in the table and went back to enjoying his wonderful hands on my lower back.

Alex then moved up and down my back again and then back to my feet. He was standing at the end of the table and ran his hands from my heal right up to my buttocks and back. As he leaned forward I felt his bare skin on my feet. This was the first contact we had had other than his hands. It felt odd. This was another man’s skin. Is this normal or even allowed? I was very comfortable feeling the soft skin of a woman as she massaged me, but this was different. How should I feel? I then reminded myself it’s just a massage.

As he moved to my side again he ran his fingers softly up my leg to my buttocks again then up and down my backbone. My arms were by my side with my palms facing upwards and I was surprised again by his skin against my hand at the edge of the table. I have no idea why but I turn my hand to make better contact with him and my hand closed on his skin. It then hit me that I now had his very erect cock in my hand. What do I do now; I had never touched another man’s cock before. I didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened.

He made no attempt to move, just kept running his hands up and down my back. So I have not offended him. What did he expect of me, what is the protocol here, my head was spinning. I didn’t let go though and I had to admit it felt very different to when I hold my cock, but it was so, so big. I could only just get my hand fully around it. I moved my hand up and down to survey the length and then over the very smooth head. A loud moan escaped my lips. That I definitely didn’t expect.

Alex then moved to the top of the table and started to massage my shoulders. I thought that was it and I could relax and forget what happened. I was a bit embarrassed thinking that he would think that I was groping him, but he hadn’t pulled away or said no, and what was he doing with no shorts on anyway.

I was looking down through the hole in the table trying to think what might happen next when I felt his skin touch my ear. I lifted my head and turned to the right and was presented with the biggest, hardest cock I had ever seen. It looked even bigger than it felt. It was an inch from my face. He was still rubbing my shoulders as if this was just business as normal.

I was overcome by how good his cock looked and even though I had never really thought about it I was curious as to how different it felt in my hand and how soft but firm it was. My tongue then flicked the end of his cock. What the fuck was I doing? That was actually pretty nice, not as foreboding as I would have expected had you asked me an hour ago. I then opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it gently. Now it was his turn to moan. What the fuck was I doing? It tasted and felt really, really, good. It was warmer than I expected and smoother for türkçe bahis some reason. It was hard, but soft, kind of like feeling my own cock but different just the same.

I was never going to take the excuse from any woman that she didn’t like sucking cock. Having tried it and loved it. I just had to get more in my mouth, but the size of his cock and the angle was not going to let that happen.

Alex moved away and stood further down the table massaging my lower back softly now. I licked my lips and savoured the taste of his pre-cum as I looked at the floor and wondered what next. I wondered if he knew I was straight. Did he think I was gay and was expecting to suck his cock? I really hoped he liked the way I sucked his cock.

He then patted me on the buttocks and asked me to turn over. Aghast, what if I have an erection; he would see that I am turned on by his cock. I am straight; I can’t have an erection when I am alone with a naked man, even one whose cock I just sucked. I was so nervous it was like the first time I had sex. Everything was new but I didn’t want to stop.

As I turned over I was surprised that even though I was extremely aroused my cock was only partly up. Alex moved over to the table against the wall and applied more oil to his hands. Now I had a good look at the size of his cock and his body as a whole. It was curved upwards and was at least 8 inches and fat. Now that’s what I call a cock! No wonder he doesn’t mind showing it off. It looked like one of my wife’s big dildos only curved.

Our eyes met as he stopped at my side and he gave me a nice reassuring smile. I returned a nervous smile which changed quickly to one of surprise as I felt his oily hand around my cock. Now I was in over my head so to speak. One hand stoked up and down my cock and the other cupped my balls. I was instantly hard as a rock. My head was spinning, I was so aroused but this was wrong, this was a man stroking my erection and by God it felt so good.

His cock was standing straight out near my hip; I took it in my hand and stroked it. It seemed like the courteous thing to do at the time. I looked down at us stroking each other’s cocks. It felt so good in my hand but this wasn’t enough, I wanted to taste it again. I motioned for him to move down the table so I could get closer to his cock. As he moved I turned slightly on my side so I could get a better angle. His cock was so smooth and inviting as I looked at it admiring the form and size of it. I was trying to ignore the throbbing in my balls as he slowly stroked my cock as I was not ready to cum yet. I might not be in this situation again and wanted to make the most of it.

A drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit in the enormous bulging head and I reached forward with my tongue and licked it off and ran it along my lips. A moan escaped us both. I then took the head in my mouth and as best I could ran my tongue around the bottom, across his glands. I knew he would like that from my own experience.

I needed to feel it deeper so I moved closer to the edge of the table. I was oblivious of my cock right now just concentrating on the buzz in my head from what I was doing with his cock.

I bobbed up and down on the head trying to get more in my mouth and finally pushed my head down hard on his cock and got it in about half way. It was so big but I couldn’t give up. I slid it back and forth in my mouth.

Alex moaned and it brought me back to reality that this was a guy’s cock I was sucking. Me, sucking a guy’s cock! That thought sent a jolt through my body and with his cock as far in my mouth as it would go my cock erupted into the biggest orgasm I have had in a long time.

The güvenilir bahis siteleri first squirt hit the pillow near my ear. I felt cum land on the side of my face and shoulder and all over my chest, it was going everywhere. I exploded so hard it was like I was turning inside out as Alex continued to pump it out of me.

He moved back and his cock came out of my mouth. I felt a loss, but euphoria at the same time. I looked down and his hand was still wrapped around my cock, we were covered in cum, running down his hand, all over my chest, arms and even a splash on his chest.

Alex picked up the towel and wiped the cum from his chest, arms and hands. He told me to lay back and relax as he placed the towel over me from toes to shoulders. I watched him as he pulled up his shorts and juggled his still erect cock into them. He turned and left the room and I closed my eyes and relaxed in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm and the totally unexpected series of events which led to it.

I left the salon not knowing whether to be embarrassed, relieved, overjoyed or what, but one thing for sure was that my back didn’t hurt any more. During the drive home I reflected on what had occurred and wondered whether I had gay tendencies but reasoned that I was not attracted to men. On one hand I got aroused by women, not men, but on the other his beautiful cock made me very aroused and sucking it gave me a massive orgasm.

It was difficult to stop thinking about it all night being home alone until my wife returned the next day from her trip. I couldn’t think of any possible way that I could bring it up what happened without her getting the wrong idea. “Oh by the way Dear, I had a guy give me a massage and I sucked his cock while he gave me a handjob. Can I go back next week for another?” I hypothesised. I decided that this was something I needed to keep to myself for the time being at least.

During my shower before heading off to bed, I couldn’t help but compare the size of his cock and how exciting it was to feel it as I stood in the flow of the water. My cock was rock hard but I resisted the urge to stroke it rationalising that it was wrong to fantasize about Alex’s beautiful cock.

It was no easier when I got to bed, I just tossed and turned and the image of his hard penis followed me everywhere, but my cock was rigid and would not rest. After all if I had seen a beautiful naked woman then I would have no hesitation of wacking off while fantasizing about her.

I gave in and tossed the covers back and retrieved a bottle of oil from the night stand. I laid back and dribbled some oil on my cock and started to rub it imagining that it was Alex’s hand stroking me. As my lust built I relived the massage in my mind. I recalled how his cock felt in my mouth and how taboo it was for me to give in to my lust. I was close to cumming with my mind firmly fixed at the point where his cock was throbbing in my mouth and his oily hand stoking my cock. Then unexpectedly I imagined what it would have been like if he had filled my mouth with cum right then. It was not a thought that I had even entered my mind before and just the thought of tasting his cum started the familiar feeling at the base of my balls. I looked down at my rigid cock and saw the first squirt fly straight at my face and felt it land on my lips. This just added to my fantasy that he had just cum in my mouth as I licked and tasted it. Lustily I opened wide and aimed my cock in time for the second spurt. With 2 shots of cum in my mouth I just went off, I was thrashing all over the bed, cum flying everywhere, the thought of his throbbing cock in my mouth and the taste of cum on my tongue. I collapsed exhausted with cum all over me again for the second time that night.

I drifted off to sleep thinking, “Would I go back?” But one thing I did know for sure was that my wife was in for a very thorough fucking when she got home.

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