First Night at The Club


It was my first night at the ‘Gentleman’s club’; my boyfriend wanted to show me off to the world for my 18th Birthday. I was shy and wasn’t sure I could dance in front of all the men. I told myself I could do it to make Bill happy. Before we left my boyfriend’s apartment Bill said I need to be hot and juicy before I could show off. He started playing with pussy, I have very large lips that really swell when I am excited. He never really let me get off, he brought me to the edge several times ; I was screaming to get off, but to no avail.

It was about 7pm I had to show at 9 pm, so I found my skimpiest bikini I owned a thong witch little to the imagine and other items. He wanted me to get there early so I could do a crash course on dancing on the pole. I loved to dance, every night I would do what I thought was a sexy strip for him. I never had a pole but it should it should be easy to dance on a pole.

At 7:15 we got to the club I saw all the very sexy girls there and got cold feet. After talking to my boss which make me do a lap dance for him, which made him hard instantly; he told me to strip down and patted me. Felt my 36C breasts, my love firm legs and lingered at my pussy and stuck one finger in and I flinched. He told me he casino oyna need to see how tight my pussy was, he didn’t worn out and gaped open like a air port hanger. I ask if I passed his inspection? With flying colors and he may take me to the VIP room himself and have some real fun. He told me to get dressed patted my ass and go back stage.

I went back stage set down and started to cry, I didn’t know what to do. Scared to death shaking in my shoes frozen with fear. One of the veteran dancers ‘Dallas’ came up to me ask if I was a ‘newbie’. I said I was and had no idea what to do or how to do it and was scared out of my skin. She told me with my long dark hair and as she said my Fab body I could just stand still and have a garter full of money. I said my boyfriend want me to put on a real show a real show and I don’t think I can do it now, and started tearing again. She said I’ll fix you up and give you a crash course. She said come over and lets get some make up on. I was at the end of the dressing table no other girls was close to us. She made me up so I looked like a doll, smoky eyes, fake tattoos, then she said lets see that pussy and see if we can make it stand out a little. She got on her knees, told me to spread my thighs so slot oyna she could get to work. She started spreading my lips and applying pressure on my clit. She did this a few times and my pussy reacted, look like they were blown up like balloons. She said my, my you do respond. She kept playing with me and I was getting very wet. I told her my boyfriend had gotten me so close to cumin but then he stopped and left me horny. Dallas said no wonder I was a mess, I didn’t need to be in such an excited state, it would make me too excited to be relaxed on the floor.

So Dallas started playing with my nipples, I ask what she was doing? She said picking up where my boyfriend had stopped. I told her I have never had sex with a woman before and , she stopped me and said we do this all the time for each other helps us perform better which means more money in the garter.

Dallas went back to my nipples, she was squatted on her ankles, right in line with my 36C’s. She started caressing my tits then gently sucking on my nipples, doing little circles and figure 8’s on my nipples. I could being to feel my pussy getting wetter than I have ever felt it before. He hand slipped down to my pussy and started playing with my clit gently flicking it with canlı casino siteleri her long finger nails, scraping from my ass hole up to my pussy. She started slowly inserting a finger nail into me while nursing my nipples. I laid my head on he should and started biting the nape of he neck. She said you like don’t you kid. All I could do was whimper yes.

She shifted to her thighs and was in ling with my nearly squirting pussy. She spread my ballooned pussy lips and started flicking my clit with her tongue, then started sucking me, and pulling on my clit with her lips. Then I felt a finger in my pussy and a finger sliding into my ass.

I was so wet she had little resent inserting her finger into my asshole. I was laying on her back almost in tears from the joy of feeling so sexy and so hot. She had a thumb all the way in my pussy and a finger in my ass the she pinched he finger and thumb to gather and started pulling on me, he hit my G-spot and it was over for me I started to squirt. She dropped down and started sucking hard on my pussy and drinking all of the juice that was pouring out of me.

She stood up and wiped my juice from her mouth with a finger, then offered her finger to me, that was the first time I have ever gotten off with another chick and the first time I have ever suck my cum off the finger of a woman. As for the dance; don’t remember a thing but I did have 5’s 10’s and 20’s in my garter.

I may have found my profession.


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