First Taste Ch. 05


As Jeff and I sat there like statues, Jeff more so than me, I couldn’t help but glance down and see that Steve was hard in his dress slacks! It wasn’t fully erect but was clear to see he was pretty aroused. I could almost hear Jeff’s heartbeat and he was breathing pretty fast in anticipation of what Steve was going to say! Steve could tell that Jeff was freaked and said, “Calm down Jeff, nothing bad is going to happen.”

Jeff let out a small sigh but still sat erect and tense. Steve looked over at me and said, “Tell him it’s all going to be ok.”

I looked at Jeff and could see the fear in his eyes. I put my hand on his leg and said, “No worries bud, trust me.”

Jeff locked eyes with me and said, “What do you mean?”

I smiled and looked at Steve and said, “Should I tell him or do you want to?”

Steve said, “Probably better to show him!”

With that, Steve stood up and unzipped his dress pants and pulled his now fully erect cock out of the zipper. It took some fishing and wiggling but after a few seconds, he managed to get all 10″ out. With his zipper constricting it a bit, it stuck straight out from his pants which somehow made it look bigger than it was! He stroked it a couple times and then sat back down in his recliner. I looked over at Jeff to see his mouth open in shock as he stared at his step dads huge cock for the first time! Steve put both his hands on the arms of his chair and said, “Come over here Bill, show him “our” little secret!”

I got up from the couch and started to make my way over to Steve’s chair. Once there, I looked over my shoulder at Jeff and said, “I’ve been doing this for a few months, he found out about us and asked me to help drain him on a regular basis.”

I got on my knees and turned my attention back to Steve’s cock. Before I reached for casino oyna it, I noticed it was bouncing with his heart beat and could tell he was a little nervous too with how fast it was bouncing! I reached out and grabbed it with my right hand while I got more comfortable on my knees in front of him. Once I found the sweet spot for my knees, I leaned forward and started to lick the tip of his cock. Once it was wet, I opened my mouth and slide his cock past my lips to my waiting tongue. We both let out a soft moan as I worked his cock deeper into my eager mouth. Having about 8″ in, I started the slow suck back up to his swollen head and let it plop from my mouth. I again looked back at Jeff and noticed he looked calmer. I moved a little so he could see Steve’s cock as I slowly stroked the entire length of it! I said, “Pretty nice cock eh?”

Jeff said, “It’s huge! How long have you been blowing him”

Before I could answer, Steve said, “Since the second time he blew you in your room watching the porn I gave you!”

Jeff laughed and said, “Jesus man, you could have told me you were blowing my step dad!”

I said, “Like you and me, it was our secret.” As I turned and put Steve’s cock back in my mouth. Sucking it a few more times to lube it back up, I turned back to Jeff and said, “You can only cum so many times in a day and I wanted as much as I could get so Steve let’s me drain him a few times a week.”

Steve interrupted and said, “More like 4 to 5 times a week.” As he nudged my head back to his still throbbing cock. Taking the hint, I put him back in my mouth and sucked a little faster, wanting his load and wanting Jeff to see me take his load. After a few minutes, I heard Steve say, “You can jerk off and watch if you want, or come help Bill, it’s all our secret now!”

With Steve’s slot oyna hand still on my head while I sucked his cock, I heard shuffling behind me on the couch. Wanting to see what was happening, I tried to come off Steve’s cock and look but Steve held my head and said, “Don’t stop, Jeff has his cock out and I want him to watch you suck me!”

I moaned at the thought of Jeff jerking his cock while I sucked his step dad. Steve said, “If you can cum again Jeff, I’m sure we could both cum in Bills open mouth.”

I let out a positive moan letting them know I loved that idea. I reached down and felt Steve’s balls and felt that they were tight against his body meaning he was going to unload his cum any minute. I took my hand off his balls and stroked him while sucking to help draw out his load.

I heard Steve say, “You getting close Jeff?”

Jeff said, “Oh yeah, I’ve been close!”

Steve said, “Good, me too.” As he took his hand off my head and started to stand up. He looked over at Jeff and said, “Come on up, let’s cum in his mouth together!”

I heard Jeff scuffle behind me as I moved myself to give him room to stand close. I looked up to see Steve and Jeff both standing in front of me furiously stroking their cocks. Steve looked down and said, “Open your mouth, I’m going to cum!”

I let out a moan and opened my mouth, waiting to taste his seed hit my tongue. As soon as I turned my mouth towards Steve, I heard Jeff say he was also going to cum so I turned my head so that they both had access to my open mouth. Steve pulled his cock tight to the head and a ribbon of cum launched from the tip and hit my tongue and cascaded onto my upper lip. A half a second later, I felt another rope of cum hit me in the cheek and across my lips from Jeff’s cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the canlı casino siteleri cum coming at me from both sides. As I would feel and taste one on the left side, the right side was also being sprayed with hot cum. As the jets started to subside and their cum was oozing out of them, I felt Steve push his cock onto my tongue and say, “Suck the rest out!”

I closed my mouth around his cum covered tip and felt it pool on my tongue. I moaned and started sucking to make sure I got every drop of his hot, salty load. He pulled it from my mouth and told me to suck Jeff clean now. With his cum still in my mouth, I turned and felt Jeff’s cock press against my lips. I opened my mouth and felt a big gob of cum squirt out and mix with Jeff’s cum on my tongue. I let out a very satisfied moan as I sucked Jeff clean. With his cock being extra sensitive from having just cum 20 minutes ago, his legs started to buckle and I eased up my suction on his cock. After a minute or so, he pulled his now softening cock from my mouth and I tipped my head back and felt the mix of cum slide down my throat. Although I swallowed and it was all headed to my stomach, I could still taste the cum in my mouth which was making my cock almost burst through my zipper.

With cum still on my face, Steve said, “I think we should do this more often, be our little 3 way secret.”

Jeff said, “Hell yeah, that was hot!”

I looked up and said, “I’m down whenever you guys are, but next time Jeff, you should help me suck Steve’s cock, it’s amazing.”

Jeff smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll help out!”

They put their cocks away and we all went our separate ways. On my way home, I was playing the whole scene in my head and reached down to feel I was still rock hard. I rubbed my cock in my pants for maybe 5 seconds and started cumming. The next few weeks would be full of me blowing them one on one and both at the same time, just depended on their schedules. But on a cool June night, I would finally get Jeff to help me blow Steve which was another experience for a later story!

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