First time together: Outdoor Pleasure


First time together: Outdoor PleasureWe’ve known each other for a few weeks, every time we talk online or the phone, our conversations simply flow. And… they typically end up talking about sex. I’ve heard about some of your incredible experiences. We discussed fantasies and even so much detail as to what exactly we like. Each time we discuss what really turns us on, I can’t help but secretly rub my dick. I think you get turned on just as much, but we never seem to go as far as talking dirty and having phone sex. But each time we do talk, we seem to get to the sex part of our conversations quicker and quicker. The tension is building between us, even though, to this point, we haven’t met. I think ’cause we are both married, we think we shouldn’t get physical, and that’s what’s holding us back. Then again, it could be the fact that we are on opposite sides of the state. I know that as hard as you make me, if in person, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t resist plunging all seven inches deep inside of you.A couple of weeks go by and I tell you that I have a business trip planned to SoCal. The question in a chat session sits unanswered “Do you want to meet? Cup of coffee or something?” I asked, and I anxiously tap my pencil against the desk waiting for your reply. Meeting isn’t as big of a deal as the delay is making it to be. You’re delaying because you got a phone call? Or you’re delaying ’cause you don’t know what to say? Or you’ve maybe fallen and you can’t get back to the keyboard? Then… I see it. “Yes!!!””Great… see you next week.”We talk a few more times between now and then. We go over the schedule of my day and I worked it so I have the entire afternoon off. We talk about going for a hike or even just go out for a picnic or something. This is a bit more than “just coffee”, but we both seem totally into it. Have you noticed that our conversations, once laden with sexy and teasing talk, has become pure as fresh snow? I have. I think we are both a bit nervous as to what may or may not happen.Then the day finally arrives. My morning meetings consisted of me fading in and out. I kept visualizing the topless photos you sent me yesterday. I stir in my seat as I feel my member slowly engorge.”Hey, you with us here?”. I’m snapped back to the meeting. ‘Argh’, I think to myself. ‘I don’t want to be here’. “Yes, lets go back over point 2 and 3…” My meeting continues with no one the wiser that I’d rather be about 60 minutes away from here.Finally, my work day has ended. You told me to meet me at the park. Told me where to park my car and which trail to take to find you. This hour drive to the park feels like it’s taking forever. I am excited to finally meet you for the first time.You hear the sound of a car door shut in the distance and your stomach’s butterflies flutter as you wonder if that’s me. ‘Why did I set this picnic up so far way?’ you think to yourself. A few minutes pass, you check your phone again.. then you hear footsteps. You turn and see me for the first time as I round the corner. Our eyes instantly meet and lock in place. Smiles cross our faces as we take steps towards each other. We hug and briefly kiss. It feels like I know you, and you me. It is great to finally meet you. You look great in your sun dress. Your cleavage is daring me not to look, but I catch the occasion glimpse.The plan is to sit on the picnic blanket. I see a basket, a bottle of white wine. It looks like a great setting to spend some time together. You start to tell me the plan… first some cheese and crackers with some nice wine, then pendik escort you have some fruit… g****s, apples, bananas, etc… As you talk, I fade out as I can’t help but stare. That little, friendly kiss, has me buzzing…You stop, smile and flirtingly say, “Are you paying attention?”We sit, have some crackers and wine. The wine is great, as it is doing its job… relaxing us both. I think we were both a bit nervous. After conversations about our day, our spouses, this place, the conversation fell silent. Normal conversations would flow just like this also, then we would end up talking about sex. But just as the past couple of weeks, we both stop short. We may not be talking about it, I sense we are thinking it. I stare at you again for a moment, then motion for you to lean in… With my finger under your chin, I pull your mouth to mine, and instead of a quick ‘hi-nice-to-see-you’ kiss, we passionately share a open-mouthed kiss. Tasting each other for the first time. Growing increasingly intense. Tongues intertwined, heavy breathing; passion.You pull away and say “Wow. That’s one why to break the silence.” Then you look down and see the outline of my cock straining against my pants.”That’s another way, too.”Reaching over, you trace the shaft through my slacks. I involuntarily moan. Pulling your mouth back to mine, we kiss again. You squeeze my cock through my pants, and I let out “Hmmm” as we kiss. You move your mouth to my neck and begin to stroke me. I feel you struggling for the zipper and with a little bit of my help, I feel your hand split the teeth of the zipper, reach inside of my boxers and find a throbbing cock.You look up and say, “Did I do this to you? Did I make you hard?” You know you did, and I can only nod with approval, as you pull it out into the open air.”Maybe you’ll like it when I do this..” And then you position your face above my cock, letting your hair hang down, as to mask what you’re going to do. Then I feel it. I feel your tongue slowly drag up my shaft.I moan, “Ahhh… “You wrap your fingers tightly around the shaft and give me another squeeze. Slowly you start to move your hand up and down, as you get to the base, you squeeze hard. With just your hand you are driving me wild. I can’t see your face, but imagine you are intently watching my cock grow even larger, where the mushroom head fully expands and turns a faint shade of purple. Then I feel it again…. your tongue. It slowly circles around the base of the head.. tracing all the way around.I hear and feel you moan as you place my cock inside of your mouth, letting it ride against your slick tongue. You take it deep while your hand again, squeezes the base extra hard. This is driving me nuts. You slowly slide your mouth off of me and begin to slightly stroke my now saliva slick fuck stick.”Oh baby… you are really good at this…”Then, my cockhead disappears between your lips again. You rhythmically piston your head up and down in time with you hand. I can hear slurps, moans, gasps mixed in with the birds chirping in the distance. I almost forgot where we are…You continue to give me the best blowjob I’ve ever had… “Baby… mmm… I’m… ughhh… going… to…” and before I could finish my struggled sentence, you take most of me inside of you and suck so hard, as if you’re trying to pull the cum from my balls… I feel and hear you moan. My balls tighten, my cock swells, I inhale hard, raise my hips up skyward and with a whimpering grunt, my cock convulses sending the first of many spurts kartal escort of cum in your mouth. You hold your mouth tightly against my cock and ride me though my entire orgasm. I feel you swallowing each salty drop of my seed. My whole body convulses as you slowly pull your mouth off of my throbbing cock. We both gasp.You crawl back up me and when our eyes meet, no words are necessary. My reactions told you how intense and incredible that was. You lower your mouth on mine our tongues dance wildly. I can taste the salty-ness of me in your mouth.We turn over and continue to kiss like teenagers. I kiss your neck and move up to your ear. I pull on your earlobe with my lips and you pull me tighter. As I’m laying between your legs, I feel you pressing your crotch against mine. My hand moves to your left breast and kneads it. I lean up and kneel between your legs. You look great, laying there. Panting.You have too much clothing on, I exclaim as I reach under your dress and reach for your panties. I slowly pull them down and off. They are soaked. I bring them up to my nose and inhale. This makes my cock, which as been just hanging outside of my zipper, twitch. I pull up your dress you resist.”what if someone walks by?” you say. “That’s part of the risk, don’t you think.? Besides, you picked a good spot. We are pretty much hidden behind these trees and bushes.”I proceed to rest the folds of your dress on your stomach. Looking down, I see a perfectly trimmed/shaved delight. The lips are swollen and open like a flower. Normally, I’d rather work my way down there, but I don’t think I can wait. I must taste you.Positioning myself between your legs, resting on my elbows, you feel me nibble, kiss, lick up the inside of your left thigh. You pull the dress over my head, hiding me. Your skin is so soft. Then, as I near your wetness, I merely pass over it, inhaling deeply. As you sense my mouth is near, you raise your hips hoping to meet my mouth, my tongue, something… But I keep my distance. You next feel my mouth on your right inner thigh. Kissing, nibbling, licking. Back up to your pretty pussy. Again, inhaling deeply you raise your hips trying to find some stimulation. I hear you say “please…” I next place the tip of my tongue at the bottom of your dripping slit and then slowly drag it up, further parting your lips. As I approach your clit, I lightly graze over it lightly. I hear you gasp. I pull away and repeat.Placing the tip of my tongue on your wetness and dragging up. You taste amazing. My cock hardens against the picnic blanket. With my fingers I trace around the outside of your lips. You are so wet. I again, press my tongue into your pink flesh and drag it up firmly. This time I stop near your throbbing clit. I begin to lazily lick with my soft, fleshy tongue the base of your pleasure button. Just the base… round and round. Your moans of approval fill the air. round and round. I flatten my tongue and you grind your clit against its soft, wet, spongy surface. Your hips rock as your pussy grinds my face. I feel your hands come down and hold my head in place. Your hips buck against me. Your moaning become panting, and then you feel two of my fingers enter your wet hole. I hear you gasp. I drive them in and out in time with your hips. Holding my tongue on your clit, fingers buried inside of you, I feel your fingers drive into the back of my head. With my fingers, I stop sliding them in and out. I instead press them against your g spot. Each time you rock your hips down, my fingers maltepe escort press against your swollen spongy g-spot. Your panting becomes gutteral now. I then purse my lips over your clit, and suck it between my lips.Your hands come off of my head and grab the ground as if you’re trying to stay on the earth. I hear you say “Oh.. My… Gaw…. d…” as you start to cum. I hear you hold your breath, stop moving for just a second, then without warning, your pussy contracts around my fingers and I feel a gush of liquid spew onto my chin, coating my mouth and fingers. I pull my mouth away from your clit as you convulse against my fingers. I feel you clamp down on me as each wave crashes against you. I pull the dress off of my head and look up to see your face filled with unbridled pleasure.. As your ride the waves, you try to catch your breath. Chest heaving, face flushed… leaving my fingers inside of you, I lean up and find your lips. Our kiss is passionate then you pull away to continue to catch your breath. Wrapping your arms around me, holding me tight as you continue to come back down to earth.I roll over and lay on the blanket. We are both looking up at the sky. My dick is outside of my pants, throbbing wildly against the air. You look over and say, “Incredible! See that piece of flesh of yours”, pointing to my pulsing dick. “I want that in me… now.” You then get on your knees and point your dripping pussy at me. “Fuck me. Fuck me good.”Not one to miss a hint, I kneel behind you, unbuckle my belt and pull down my pants and boxers. With one hand guiding me in, the other on the small of your back. I place it at your entrance and tease you for a short minute. You look back and say “Fuck me. Feed my pussy your fucking cock.”With that I shove every throbbing inch as deep as I can inside of you. We both moan. Hands on your hips, balls deep, I can feel your pussy squeeze my pulsing cock. While, I want to savor this, a****l urges take over and I start to wildly drive my cock in and out of you. “Yes” you say between grunts. In and out, pounding against you. You’re so wet, we can hear sloppy sounds with each stroke. My swollen head pistoning in and out of your tight pussy. I reach up and grab your tits. I pull down your top and bra exposing them to the warm air. They swing with each powerful stroke. Your nipples feel so good and hard. My fingers pinch each one, and I hear you gasp as you throw your head back. I pick up the pace… Pounding your sweet pussy at a strong pace.I slow the pace for a minute. In and out. My hands back on your hips. In and out.”You like my cock from behind Baby?” In and out slowly. I hear a “mmmrrph” escape your lips.”You feel so good. I’m going to pump my seed inside of you.””Yesssss, fuck me!!”, you shout, not caring who hears.I instantly drive my cock hard into you. In and out. Like a piston. Fucking you hard. Our bodies slapping together. In. Out. In. Both of us grunting with each thrust as you push back to meet my cock. I feel I’m close and I squeeze your hips and pump even harder, faster. I hear your panting become frantic indicating you’re cresting towards another mind shattering orgasm. Then without warning, I drive my cock in, pressing your hips forward and to the ground, pinning you against the picnic blanket. My cock swells then every inch violently shudders as cum erupts from the head and splashes against your cervix. I grunt loudly as I drain my seed inside of you. Spasming, panting, gasping… So involved in my own orgasm, I didn’t immediately hear your gasping or feel your pussy contracting as you came in time with me. Our bodies are a heaving pile of flesh. A few more involuntary twitches from my dick and I slowly pull it out of your steaming pussy.Laying next to you, catching my breath, I say “Wow. Great picnic!”Comments not only welcome, but encouraged. 🙂

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