Five Birthday Gifts for My Sir, John


Dear Sir,

My life changed for the better on June 26, 2015 when I got a match on Tinder and a message from you.

You see, I always liked sex before I met you and was quite horny many times and ALWAYS ALWAYS in control of my life. After we started to get to know each other I realized that I do not like to always be in control and I am much happier being submissive, especially when it comes to you. I am new to this lifestyle and very inexperienced AND you have been very patient and nurturing.

This is a fictional story of your birthday.

My alarm is going off and it is 11:55 pm, I sneak out of bed and quickly and quietly brush my teeth and slip back in to bed so I do not disturb you as you are sleeping. As the clock strikes midnight, I crawl under the covers and in between your legs, you must feel me there because you begin to spread your legs as I start to lick and play with my tongue on the dick that I love to worship. I feel your arousal as I begin to take you in my mouth slowly, like I am eating a Popsicle, relishing every taste of my Sir and kissing and squeezing your balls. I know you are enjoying this not just because of your dick getting harder but because of the incredible moans that I hear. I begin to go faster and faster, deeper and deeper, your tip tickling the back of my throat until you explode and swallow every last drop of you and then I start to lick any leftover cum.

This was just the start of your birthday and we have all day long to celebrate!

I am so excited I am having a hard time sleeping but I know that I must rest if I want to give mobilbahis güvenilir mi you your four other gifts.

The sun is shining through the blinds and I look at the clock and realize you may be waking up soon, you are now sleeping with your back towards me and I have a great view of your hot ass.

I wet my finger and trace it along your beautiful hot ass, almost teasing you as I enter with it. You stiffen and then relax once you know that it is me and I continue with it as I reach around and start to play with your balls and dick. I can feel the excitement building as I continue with your ass and now your dick is in my mouth growing bigger and bigger, you are ready to cum quick this time and so you do, squirting all over my face and down between my tits. I plan on wearing the “birthday boy “on me in observance of the special day. I expect no thanks for your second gift of the day because today, like every day, is all about you.

I also know that you like your coffee black and served to you with a banana and a yogurt each morning but today I will make you a feast and feed it to you in bed. I walk away naked, as I always am, with such pride in my stride (lol) to the kitchen.

I am whistling and singing to myself as I whisk the eggs, fry the bacon and butter the toast because I am so happy to be serving you.

As I walk back into the room I see a big smile on your face and realize that you are very much enjoying your birthday and I cannot wait to give you your next three gifts.

After your breakfast we sit and talk like we often do mobilbahis for hours until I reach up and start biting and licking your nipples and reach down and start to stroke your cock. Your pleasure is important to me and I want to concentrate on just you but the wetness between my legs is distracting me so I climb on top and straddle you. Your dick is hard and you nod yes that you want to enter me so I slowly position myself so you can be inside me. I know I may be selfish for wanting this right now but I also know that you want it too so if I must be ” punished ” later I will accept that. We rock back and forth, up and down as I arch my back and hear your moans we cum together. Even though this was your third gift you were kind enough to share it with me and I will always be honored.

It is now late afternoon and the sun is beginning to set and I still have two more gifts for you.

Instead of cooking, we order dinner out and have it delivered. I light some candles and put on some “Hooters” and we just enjoy ourselves. After a few minutes the doorbell rings and I jump up excited to answer it while you have a look of anticipation on your face.

At the door in a leather clad corset and red stilettos is “Flo “my bestie. She walks in and we kiss each other, tongues and all… you are about to get your fourth gift. I introduce you both and you both smile at each other because we all know what we are here for. Since you and I are both naked I ask her to remove her clothes in front of us as your eyes light up and you get a big ass grin on your face. Once she is done mobilbahis giriş “Flo” and I continue to kiss touching each other’s breasts and we make our way over to you. She starts to suck you while I am sucking your nipples and kissing you hard and long. I am loving watching your face as you begin to get hard and moan, you cum in her mouth and then after she is finished she starts to kiss me as I taste My Sir on her lips and tongue. I start to suck on her nipples as you I see that you want in on the action too, you move one hand to “Flo’s ” pussy and one to mine as we are making out and teasing each other’s breasts. Your fingers are magic and you make both of us cum at the same time. We all decide there will be more fun later but “Flo “needs to hurry off. You say “Bye, ‘Flo’ it was nice meeting you and thank you for cuming, cum again soon”. Now that was your fourth gift and by the look on your face it was the BEST gift but time is running out and I still have your fifth and final gift.

It is now after 10 and we are both tired so we fall asleep but I wake up at 11:55 pm and am ready to give you your final gift. I whisper in your ear ” Sir, this is going to be your fifth gift ” as I pull a tube of lube out and start to coat your dick in it, I position myself so my back is to you and start to guide your huge dick to my ass, as your fingers start to penetrate my ass I feel you starting to enter me. You are moving hard and fast, hard and fast and I am taking it like a ” good girl ” should, I know how much you want this and I am giving my body to you to use for your pleasure only. It does not take long before I feel you fill me with your cum and hear your cry out, that was music to my ears, I gave My Sir his final gift… ALL IN ONE DAY!!

I hope you enjoyed my story for you, no matter what life brings us I am glad that we met.


Your Good Girl

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