Florida Friends


I play with the coarse hair on your chest. It is springy and threaded with silver. You are a throwback from another era with your big meaty hands and barrel chest, so unlike the slim neophytes that I’m used to.

I don’t understand my attraction to you. I don’t have daddy issues. No longing for direction or leadership. Just a desire to see that look of panic on your face when I push your boundaries too far. Women your age don’t let you do those kinds of things to their bodies; Don’t do those things to your body.

You are sleeping very deeply beside me. I can hear the slight snore in your throat on the exhale. The covers fell off the end of the bed earlier when you were trying to get leverage with your feet and I’m too lazy to get them now. The cool breeze from the shore swirls over our naked bodies from the open slider. You are the perfect Florida cliché with your condominium and too big gold watch. I pull myself closer to you for warmth and fall into sleep.

I feel my legs being pushed apart and arranged so that I’m left illegal bahis open. It stirs my sleep but the languid humidity of early morning encourages my reluctance to wake up. The air is the same temperature as my skin and feels like a warm bath. I feel a short breath on the face of my pussy before a thick tongue licks the length of my opening. The tongue is wet and sloppy and soon delves into the hole, lapping my juices. I pull my legs farther apart and your mouth sets a rhythmic pattern of licking the ring of my pussy and then brushing my clit. My hips start to roll in time to your tongue and I feel your hand lift my ass so that your face buries deeper in me. I try to pull my arms from behind my head to stroke your hair and encourage you, but they are held tight by my wrists.

A frown creases my forehead as I try to pull them down again. My mind wraps around the familiar warmth at my back, the meaty hands wrapped around my wrists and the hot mouth feasting on my pussy. I look down to the top of an unfamiliar head and don’t quite recognize illegal bahis siteleri him. I think that you play golf together sometimes. He is doing delicious things to my pussy with his thumb and I am on the verge of cumming.

Sensing that I am awake, he looks up from between my outstretched thighs and smiles. He is naked as well and rises from kneeling on the floor. He is short but extremely well-endowed, disproportionate. I have never had sex with a cock this large. At any other moment, I would not be attracted to him but my pussy is ravenous for relief.

He grabs me from underneath each knee and pulls me to the edge of the bed. You still hold my wrists so my ribcage pulls tight, like a sacrificial offering. My breasts are heavy with desires and my nipples are beaded tight. He pushes the blunt head of his cock into me and I try to accommodate his girth. It is to the point of discomfort, but my body lubricates him as he makes shallow strokes.

He murmurs encouraging words to me and keeps calling me ‘baby’ as canlı bahis siteleri rubs the torso of my body with the palms of his hands, as if he is polishing me. My back arches up to his touch, inadvertently allowing him deeper penetration to my cunt. He takes advantage of my distraction and starts pumping into me in earnest. He is huge and stretches me to the hilt. The tip is so bulbous that I can feel the head of his cock as he pulls along the sides of my cunt.

I wonder what you are thinking behind me. Does this excite you? Do you like watching him fuck me with his huge cock? Pressing my knees to my chest, he has unrestricted access and soon his balls are smacking against my ass. His thumb strokes my clit and I scream out, twisting against my restraints. My body jerks and my pussy spasms around his thick cock. I know that he is close, too.

He takes my ankles and pulls them up and apart. His whole body is slapping into me, making my breasts bounce on my chest. He closes his eyes and tilts his head up to the ceiling, finally cumming in fast, hard strokes. I feel him violently pull out and squirt hot cum up on my stomach.

I lie there dazed and feel you release my arms. Stroking my hair away from my face, I look up into your smiling face. I try to decide your intent.

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