Fly Boy Ch. 01


I love hearing the stories of how couples met. No matter how weird or mundane the story is there is always a hint of magic in it. Each story is a reminder of the magic of love. My favorite love story of all time is still the story of Rory and Amelia Pond… it is by far the most epic love story! He waited two thousand years for her. She gave him up to save him. Throughout all of time and space they found each other time and time again… the girl who waited and her centurion. However, for as much as my heart swells at that particular love story none compare to the story of how I met my one true love.

His name was Pierce. He was about 5’11” and thin and toned with unruly brown hair and eyes that changed color on an almost daily basis. Some days they were just a brilliant blue it was like looking into the sky. Other days they were dark and brooding. He had a few freckles across the bridge of his nose and a laugh that still gives me butterflies. He had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. Four years of braces had paid off well! He had full lips for a white guy and every time he bit down on his bottom lip I melted. He had just a hint of a southern accent. He loved kids and was anxious to have his own family. He had all the qualities that I had ever wanted in a guy. He hates this word but I don’t care because to me he will always be PERFECT! Yes, I know he has flaws and I’m not blind to them but I love him all the more for them but there is no one in the world who is more perfect for me than he is.

I was 5’0” and at the time more on the thicker side than I am now. When we met I had just cut off my long illegal bahis hair in honor of a friend of mine who had cancer so it was shorter than I had ever had it before, looking a bit like Miley Cyrus’ super short haircut but mine was dyed black instead of platinum blonde. I had porcelain white skin with a scattering of freckles across my nose and shoulders and green eyes with a dark black outline around my iris. I had a cute little button nose and a very sing song voice.

I was twenty five at the time and he was eighteen. The age difference was never an issue for either of us. He was far more mature than you would think given his age. I was divorced and for the first time in my life I was living for myself. In an attempt to unload if you will, I had downloaded the Whisper app to my iPhone and I used it to free myself of my secrets. It was shortly after Christmas and I saw a post on the app from a person seeking a friend. I find making friends a little difficult because I am such a nerd so the friends that I do make are usually guys and when they decide they want more the friendship usually dies. For some reason I replied to the Whisper and before I knew it I was messaging this amazing person.

We had so much in common but you know how computers are… more often than not people are not who they say they are so I had my defenses up and knowing that nothing would ever transpire from our talks I opened up to him but I never expected what happened.

We messaged each other daily, sharing our joys and our hurts. We opened up to each other about our dreams and our fears. There was nothing that was off limits. illegal bahis siteleri I’m not sure when it started to change between us but before I knew what was happening we started to share our deepest sexual fantasies with each other, then pictures, and eventually even videos. Maybe it was the fact that we lived several states apart or maybe it was just that we were strangers but we were both able to tell each other things that we hadn’t been able to tell anyone else. Eventually we started to send pictures of us in our daily lives. We emailed, texted, snapchatted, and called each other so much I had to upgrade my cell phone plan because I kept going over my minutes. I wanted to see his face more than just on the occasional videos we made for each other so thanks to technology we began to FaceTime one another on a normal basis.

He introduced me into his life and his family and I opened up to him about all of mine… even the fact that I was the mother of a wonderful five year old daughter. The more we got to know about each other the more we liked one another. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Over time, even with the distance between us, we were closer to one another than we were to anyone in our day to day lives. We were the first person either of us texted when we woke up and the last person we talked to before we went to sleep. It got to the point that I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it and it hit me like a ton of bricks the day that I realized I was in love with Pierce.

I didn’t know what to do honestly. I didn’t want to tell him and risk loosing him so I kept it to canlı bahis siteleri myself and decided to be content just having him as a friend. I supported and encouraged him when he took his ASVAB for the Air Force and I waited anxiously to hear how MEPS went for him. He encouraged me in my pursuit of owning my own bakery and pushed me to become a better person.

One night our talk became intimately serious as we both admitted that neither of us had been able to be fully satisfied since we had started talking to each other, that our need for one another was so intense that nothing was doing more than just taking the edge off. He told me he had broken it off with his girlfriend because he wanted to see where things with me might go and then he told me he had something he wanted to tell me. When he said the words I had been wanting to tell him for so long my stomach was filled with butterflies, I blushed, and I smiled so wide I’m sure that NASA could have seen it from outer space! He told me he was in love with me and that he had been for awhile. Saying those words back to him was the most freeing and wonderful thing… I had wanted him to know for so long and finally telling him how I felt about him opened up a floodgate in me.

Shortly after he got back from MEPS we decided that we wanted to meet in person. We made plans to do just that. Unfortunately, life had other plans and our meeting was postponed by nearly six weeks but the day that we finally met each other face to face is a day I will never forget!

A friend of mine dropped me off at the airport and I swear time has never gone by so slowly! The flight took off at long last but then I had a two hour layover in Dallas that just about made me go crazy. I was so impatient to finally meet him face to face! I was excited and nervous and I knew that things would never be the same.

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