Fly United Ch. 04


As the vacation trip wraps up the participants begin to think of the future. The flight back on MHC Airline has a much different vibe than the flight out.

The remainder of the day the group split up to explore different parts of the Vegas experience. They met for dinner at the Hard Rock Café and discussed plans for the evening. Rob and Janice planned to go to the Cirque du Soliel show ‘Mystere.’ Kendra and Clark chose the Cirque production of ‘O’. Lori and Hunter were going off the strip to a show that featured a lot of skin. Arnold and Gayle chose a different nude revue.

They arrived back at the hotel at different times and went to their rooms. Rob and Janice fell onto the bed with their clothes still on. He brushed some strands of brown hair from her face and kissed her. “I love you, Janice.”

“I love you, too. I wish I knew when my movie project will wrap up. It looks like another month or so.”

“I know. It’s hard to plan a wedding when you’re marrying a movie star.”

She laughed. “Hardly a star. I’m just a minor character.”

“You’re my movie star.”

He kissed her and rested a hand on a breast. “I love how you fit my hand.”

“No one has ever made me feel like you do when you touch me.”

He kissed her neck and throat, leaving his hand resting on her. She whispered in his ear “The only thing that would feel better than what you are doing now is if you were touching skin instead of clothes.”

“Is that so? Maybe we need to remedy that.”

Rob unbuttoned her blouse and dipped his head to kiss her abdomen and between her breasts. He slid the blouse off her shoulders and she rose up enough to shrug it off and toss it aside.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I’m trying to decide what to remove next. My cock says your bra, but my head tells me your slacks.”

He removed her shoes and slowly lowered her slacks, kissing the skin as it was exposed, all the way to her feet. He kissed back up her legs and noted “you’re panties are wet.”

“Damn right. Get on with it already.”

“All in due time. You must be properly prepared.”

Rob continued kissing up her body until he kissed her throat again. She grabbed at his shirt, but he stopped her and wagged a finger. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now.”

He rested both hands on her breasts and she eased up and reached around behind her. He grabbed her hands. “No, no. That’s for me to do.” His hands reached around and unclasped the bra, slowly drawing it off. He kissed around her neck and throat and down to the valley between her breasts. She twisted and turned for him to kiss them, but he kept between and around them.

At last a hand covered a bare breast. “So perfect, so beautiful.”

“Them or me?”

“Both. You are a perfect package. All of you.”

She grabbed his face and pulled his head to her to kiss him. He returned the kiss and she settled back onto the pillow while their tongues wrestled. A hand gently massaged a breast and rubbed over a nipple, hardening it. She drew her breath in sharply. He pulled his head back and looked into her smiling brown eyes.

At last he kissed all over a breast. The nipple, he kissed, licked and tugged with his lips.

As she sighed in contentment he kissed down to her navel and felt her breathing. He reached a hand down to the waistband of her underwear. Fingers slipped under the elastic and touched the dewy lips. Gradually he removed the last garment. She arched for him, but he reached a hand down her leg and trailed his fingers slowly up the inside of her thigh. When he reached the top she gasped and trembled in anticipation.

A finger explored and found the magnificent clit already fully erect and ready to be touched. His kisses moved down from her navel to the rectangle of hair on her mons. He inhaled her scent and lowered his kisses until they were at the outer lips. Her inner labia peeked out from their hiding place, and he kissed them as if they were a mouth, using his tongue.

Janice cried out in pleasure as his tongue explored deeper and deeper. With a final lick and tug with his lips he visited her clit and went up her body once more. This time when she twisted and turned his mouth hungrily took her breasts. A finger plunged into her and her abdomen clenched several times in a small orgasm.

This time when she grabbed his shirt he didn’t stop her. Two buttons popped off as she almost ripped the shirt off. Busy hands roamed his chest and back and she kissed him. She pulled his belt open and yanked down his zipper. He paused as she pushed down his pants. With only a glance at the bulge in his underwear she pulled them down, releasing his throbbing hardness.

With hands on either side of his face she looked him in the eyes. “I want you, Rob. I want you now.”

He smiled and laid her back on the pillow. With a few more kisses on her breasts and a final trip down to the garden of delights he had her begging. After kicking off the clothes bunched up on his legs he spread her with his fingers and stroked the length of her clit until güvenilir bahis she almost screamed. At last he lowered his body and entered her.

Janice immediately began thrusting her hips up and he matched her. He kissed a breast and then her neck. Both hands covered her breasts and she whimpered.

He possessed her. She possessed him. They were only mindful of each other.

She began to thrash and buck and he tried to stay coupled, although once he slipped out but entered again on the next up thrust. He felt the tightening and let loose with strong jets. She felt them and her body answered. Her abdomen clenched so tight she almost sat up. Her vagina pulsed around him, gripping.

Her legs went around him and her arms embraced him, her nails digging into his back. He kissed her hard and they moaned into each other’s mouth. When they were finished they stayed coupled, feeling closeness that was hard to describe. She felt the pulse beating in his penis and her own heart pounded.

Rob put an arm around her and rolled them onto their sides, holding the feeling as long as possible until he finally slipped out.

Janice ran her fingers through his damp hair and he brushed wet hair from her face. Wrapped up together they fell asleep.

Lori and Hunter found it difficult to keep their hands to themselves as they returned to the hotel. In the room they practically ripped each other’s clothes off and tumbled onto the bed. He bent to take a tiny breast into his mouth and massage the puffy nipple with his tongue.

She pushed him away and grabbed his erection, twisting her body so she could feast on it. Her long tongue stroked it inside her mouth and she pulled him out to wrap her tongue around it. He twisted around so he could nibble a nipple.

Nothing was said between them as animal lust overcame them. He spread her open and his tongue dove into her wetness, stroking and sucking until she whimpered. She pushed him off and straddled his legs. Lori grasped him with two hands and pumped. She rubbed him between her labia. At last she raised her body, aimed him and sat down hard, rocked and he pulled her down on him to suck her nipples.

Hunter rolled them over and thrust hard and fast. Her legs wrapped around him as she came. She cried out and whipped her head from side to side. As she finished she was aware that he was about to come.

Lori pushed on his shoulders. “Come on my tits. I want you to come on my tits.”

He thrust hard and fast. When he was at the point of no return he pulled out and scooted up onto her body. Her hands pushed his away and she grasped him, stroking and tugging until he burst a torrent onto her. She aimed him from one breast to the other and milked him until he was finished.

“Rub it in, Hunter. Rub it in while it’s still warm.”

“I love your tiny tits.” He put a hand over each breast and massaged the semen into her skin while she sighed with pleasure.

“Now lick them.”

He knew that she liked a tongue bath, and fell on her chest, sucking and licking. She ran her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes. “I love when you do that.”

He gradually kissed up to her neck and her lips and she played fingers lightly over his chest. They lay next to each other and she held his limp member. “Do you mind that when you lick me like that I’m covered with your own come?”

“I don’t think about that. I guess there is a residual taste, but I don’t mind it at all. I do it because you like it, and because you like it I do also.”

“Hmm. I think I’ll keep you around.”

“I think you have a perfect body.”

“Better than those showgirls? They seemed to get you hot.”

“I’m always comparing them to you. I noticed that none of them were comparable in size to Gayle, or even Kendra.”

“The big tit girls probably gravitate to the strip clubs. Hey! Want to go to one someday? I’ll buy you a lap dance. I’d love to watch your reaction.”

“How about I buy you one, too?

“You like to watch girls together, don’t you? Yeah, I’d like that.”

“You seemed taken with some of the girls in the show as well as the guys. I wonder if the bulges they sported were real.”

“I wondered that myself. But I think I like your bulge best of all.”

“Maybe I’ll keep you, too. You have a wild side I like.”

“Really? Maybe you’ll like this.” She straddled his legs and bent to take him in her mouth. “Let’s see if you have anything left. You seem to be hard again. Just relax.”

He laughed and shook his head in wonder, but put his hands behind his head and watched her. She kept her eyes on his as she licked and took him in deeper than she ever had before. In and out, lick and suck. Hand stroking and tongue stroking.

“Feeling anything yet?”

“Oh, yeah. I feel it all right. All soft and warm.”

She smiled and resumed. She held him in her mouth for longer periods, using her tongue.

“Oh, shit! You’ve got me ready to…”

Before Hunter could finish she straddled his hips and guided him in. She pumped and rocked. When she türkçe bahis felt him tighten she switched to pistoning up and down, faster and harder until he tipped his head back and groaned. She felt him fill her and reveled in the sensation of him pulsing inside her.

When he was finished he grabbed her hips and pulled her up on his chest. His tongue teased the labia and he sucked on her clit until she rocked on his face and came. He thrust his tongue into her to feel her contractions.

Lori toppled over and snuggled up to him. “I’m definitely keeping you.”

During the show Arnold put an arm around Gayle and played with a breast. She rested a hand on his leg and let her fingers dance over the bulge in his pants. The show they had chosen was explicit and surreptitious glances around the room noted that other couples were likewise engaged. At the table next to theirs a woman had her hand in her partner’s pants.

Arnold moved his hand from around her to slide it up under the dress she had worn. She smiled at his delight when he discovered she had gone commando. She repeatedly squeezed his bulge.

After the show they hurried back to the hotel room and stood facing each other, breathing heavily. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall. Her labia were already engorged from the stimulation during the show, and appeared like very pink flower petals. Flower petals after a rain, all bathed in moisture.

He removed his shirt and quickly shed his pants. They continued to face each other, she wearing only a bra and he only his underwear. She panted “Let’s…do…the last…of it…together.”

He stepped forward, reached around and unclasped her bra for her ample breasts to swing free. She pushed down his underwear, allowing his erection to spring free. They embraced and his penis slid between her thighs. She rubbed her thighs together and he lifted a breast to kiss a hardened nipple.

Arnold gently laid her back on the bed and stretched out beside her, massaging a breast.

Gayle asked “What did you think of the girls in the show?”

“Pretty, but their tits were way too small. I like to heft something substantial.”

“What if I wanted a breast reduction?”

“You wouldn’t dare!” He considered “But if it’s what you want I’d adjust.”

“Well, it’s not gonna happen, but it’s nice to know that you’re with me. You’re not with me just for some big tits.”

“I’m with you whatever you do.”

“I like when you heft them. I like what you do to them. I think I’ll keep them after all.”

“You were testing me, weren’t you? But I mean it. Your breasts attracted me, but even if you cut them off it’s you I want to be with.”

She placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed him.

“You’re more than breasts, Gayle. I like everything about you. I like touching you all over. I like how you touch me.”

“Like this?” She grasped him in that way she had; a grasp different from any other girl he’d been with.

“Yeah, just like that. You know, even without actually having sex I think I could be happy with you just holding me like that.”

“B. S. You want the sex.”

“I never said I didn’t want it.”

“How do you like it? Like this?”

She straddled his hips, guided him in and bent forward so her breasts dangled over his face.

“Yeah, like that.” She bent further and he nestled his face between the two pillows, squeezing them together and all but smothering himself.

“You like to put your cock in there too, don’t you?”

“Uh huh. So many things do with these puppies.”

She dismounted and rolled off him, looking at him expectantly.

Arnold spread her legs and knelt between them, bending to kiss her ‘flower petals’. He took each one in and sucked on it, then sucked on them together and slid his tongue between them. She thrust her hips up at him and his grazed the trimmed hair.

With his tongue busy he reached up and massaged a breast. He grasped it and squeezed gently, noting how every time he shifted his grip it looked and felt different.

Gayle pulled him up for a kiss and sat up. He put his legs on either side of her body and moved up close, until his penis touched her vulva just below her golden triangle. He held a breast in two hands, lifting it and feeling the weight. With both hands he massaged it, and bent to kiss the soft flesh.

Gayle grasped him and aimed him as she wiggled forward until he lodged inside her. Not deep, but deep enough to feel it. She squeezed her vagina and he gripped her breast tighter, his lips encircling a nipple.

Arnold reached behind her back and pulled her hips toward him so he slid in deeper. Their bodies touched, chest to chest and she swayed from side to side. He sighed with pleasure at the sensation of her ample breasts rubbing across his chest.

Arnold laid back and pulled her with him until she laid on him with her breasts crushed against his chest. Gayle moved her body in a small circle so her breasts rolled around on his chest.

He rolled them over and güvenilir bahis siteleri began to thrust. She used two hands to grasp one of her breasts and hold it up for him. He bent to take the offered nipple and suckle. As he did he felt a gush of wetness and she moaned. His thrusting picked up speed and force and sucked on her nipple with greater intensity.

“More, Arnold! Do it more!”

He sucked a nipple completely into his mouth and used his tongue as he sucked. Her body began to thrash around on the bed and she whimpered and mewled. She thrust up hard against him and ground against him as her vagina began to pulse.

“Shit! I’m so close!”

Arnold thrust hard and fast until he exploded and filled her. He let go of her nipple and rubbed his face against the soft breast.

They rolled on their sides and he caressed her chest as she sighed. “Nobody but you knows what to do with me. What you do with my tits makes my orgasm so much more intense.”

“Mine, too.”

They were silent and she stared at the ceiling. When she turned her face to him she asked “Your apartment is really small. I have loads of room. When we get home will you move in with me?”

For a moment he was stunned. “Seriously? This is Vegas after all.”

“Seriously. You know, tomorrow on that plane back I think we should fuck until we can’t even walk.”

“Now, THAT’S something I can live with! Then back home we’ll see how we can make it work.”

Kendra and Clark ambled back to the hotel after the show, holding hands. In the room they embraced and held each other for several minutes.

They helped each other undress, still impressed by the show they saw.

He shook his head. “I don’t know how they do what they do under water without drowning.”

“I like water, but think I’d rather stay where I can breathe whenever I want.”


“What do you mean by that?”

“Let’s make use of water ourselves.”

“As in…?”

“Shower. Didn’t the show make you want to play around in the water?”

Kendra laughed. “I love showers. Especially showering with a friend.”

Clark gave her a serious look. “Are we just friends?”

The question caught her off guard and she paused. “I’d like to think we’re more than that. It was just an expression.”

“How much more?”

Kendra blew out a deep breath. “I wasn’t prepared to have a serious discussion tonight, but I think, from my perspective, we’re a whole lot more than friends. Clark, I don’t know what you’re getting at, but I thought you knew how I felt about you.

“Yeah, well…I see Janice and Rob together and…I don’t know. It makes me think.”

Completely undressed he sat on a pile of clothes on a chair and pulled her onto his lap. She touched the tip of his nose with a finger. “About?”

“Do we have a future together?”

“I’d like to think so. You make me feel things no one else does. I’d like to explore those feelings some more.”

“Me too. Kendra, I feel something for you. I…I don’t know if it is real love, but it’s something I’ve never felt before.”

Kendra tilted her head. “Same here. The more we’re together the more I feel it.”

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to say!”

“Good. We’re on the same page. Now, there’s another page I’m on this minute and I hope you are too.”

“What page is that?”

“This one.” She wiggled her bare bottom in his lap and felt his response. “Seems we’re on this page together right now.”

She twisted around and kissed him as he caressed a breast.

“That’s definitely an answer. Ready to try some water?”

Clark stood up and scooped her up in his muscular arms, carrying her to the bathroom. As the shower water warmed they kissed. With a grin he led her into the walk-in shower and closed the door. He backed her against a wall and pressed his body against hers. They kissed again and she reached up to disengage the handheld shower head.

Almost like children they shrieked and laughed as they took turns turning the shower on each other and themselves. She spread her legs and shot it up into her vulva. He sprayed her breasts and tried to tickle the nipples. She held it under his erection and teased it from below until it twitched.

The shower head was once more snapped back into place to pour water over them from above. He held a breast in one hand and laid his other hand flat over her sex. She ground against his hand and reached down to grasp him and pump.

Breathing hard, she leaped up with her arms around his neck. He supported her from underneath and they managed to get him inserted, laughing at the awkwardness of the situation. With her back against the wall she wrapped her legs around him. Clark began an easy rhythm and freed one hand to hold a breast and stroke the nipple with his thumb. She pulled herself tighter against him and matched his rhythm.

Stroke for stroke they slammed against each other with ever increasing speed and force. He pressed her tight against the wall as he spurted into her, grunting with each spurt. Before he finished Kendra ground harder against him and he felt her vagina pulse around him.

He slowly lowered her and she dropped her legs to the floor. They sagged down to the floor together with their lips locked.

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