For His Pleasure


“Remove.” So far, that was the only word he had said to her since she had followed him upstairs. He had sat down and was now watching as she took off her clothes one piece at a time as directed by his word and gesture. She did as she was told, removing the tank top, pulling it over her head, letting it drop to the ground to join her outer shirt already on the floor.

“Remove,” he said, this time gesturing to her skirt. She unbuttoned it and slid it over her hips till it fell around her ankles. She stepped out of it lightly, standing before him wearing her sheer baby pink panties and bra, her heels discarded downstairs. He motioned with his hand for her to come closer.

As she approached where he was sitting, he again said, “Remove,” pointing to her bra. She immediately reached behind and unclasped it, pulling her arms out of the straps. It remained on her momentarily, held in place by the shape of her ample breasts before it too fell away. He stood and closed the small, still remaining gap between them.

His eyes danced as he looked at her and a smile played at the corners of his mouth as he placed his hands on her hips and said, “Remove,” one last time, putting his thumbs under the fabric and pushing down, leaving her nude as her panties joined the rest of her clothing in a small pile on the floor. She held her hands in front of her curvy form, creating an abundance of cleavage as she shyly hid her shaved sex, looking up at him from under her eyelashes.

He wrapped one of his arms around her naked figure, using his other hand to first pull her hands away from in front of her then pulling her close, tilting her chin up towards his face. He kissed her, stealing her breath and then shifted his hands down to her nipples, twisting them gently between his index finger and thumb. She pressed closer against him, wrapping a bare leg behind his, rubbing her fingertips along his back under his shirt, the cloth soft against her skin. He moved his hands over her curves tracing the lines of her body till he reached her ass, which he grabbed and squeezed before bringing one hand back and gave her a swift hard spank. She gasped at the suddenness, pulling away from his kiss, but there was a smile on her face. He did the same with his other hand, spanking her other ass cheek. She gasped again, but moved into him, giving him a better angle. He gave her two more resounding slaps as she moved her own hands to the front and began unbuttoning his shirt. He stopped her, holding her wrists, “No. Not yet.” She obeyed and let him lead her to the couch, sitting her near the middle with her face in a slight pout, saying nothing else.

Seeing her confused and pouting face, he sat down beside her and said, “What was it you said last time you were here?”

She bahis firmaları thought for a moment, remembering, then replied, “I said that the next time would be all for you. Anything you wanted, you would have and could do to me. I’d be your plaything.”

“Good,” he said chuckling, “Now I believe this is the next time, so I can do whatever I want.”

“Yes,” she said, smiling at him.

With that, he kissed her deeply and her eyes closed as she bit lightly on his lower lip, then caressing it with her tongue. He pulled her into another embrace as he whispered in her ear, “Now, please me.”

In reply she nibbled his earlobe and said, “As you wish.” She ran her hand over his shaved head, as her other hand moved to his zipper. She pulled him out, circling him with her fingers and massaging his hard dick. He pressed down on her shoulders, moving her off the couch and she reluctantly moved out of his arms, but became more eager as she knelt in front of him. He looked down at her and their eyes met as she gave him a naughty grin. He leaned his head back as he felt her tongue starting from the base of his shaft and tracing up to the tip, then starting over, until she had licked every part of him. He entwined his fingers in her silky blonde hair, feeling every kiss and nibble slowly begin to fill him with pleasure. She kissed her way all over, moving her tongue in an intricate dance over him before finally taking him all the way in her mouth. She sighed audibly, causing a vibration all around his cock. She was terribly enthusiastic and glanced up to watch his face occasionally, moving according to what pleasured him the most.

He swallowed hard and closed his eyes as she moved him in and out of her mouth, sucking him in and pressing with her lips as he moved out from between her rosy lips. He held her head still and shoved himself deep into her mouth. She pressed with her tongue and gave a surprised jolt as he completely filled her mouth. Even though he was down her throat, she continued to press with her tongue and swallowed around him, pressing her throat against him, using every muscle in her mouth to massage the cock she worshipped. He released her head slightly and she continued her motions, reaching up and lightly rubbing his sack with her small hand as she sucked him in and out of her mouth. Then she switched, her hand moving to continue pleasuring his shaft while she leaned further down, licking the ball sack softly before taking first one then the other into her mouth, finally taking both gently sucking on the soft flesh. She let them fall from her mouth and resumed her cock sucking with zeal. After a few more minutes of this, he pulled out and grabbed her arms as he stood, bringing her to her feet. Then working kaçak iddaa down from her neck began to kiss, giving quick little bites as he made his way to her breasts, pinching the nipples hard, fondling her with firm hands. She kissed the top of his head, scratching her nails softly along his scalp. Then he put his between her legs from behind, caressing her inner thighs as he felt upwards, her wetness running down her thighs. He pulled his hand away and put his soaking fingers in her mouth. “Enjoying your self?” he asked. Her eyes fluttered close and she nodded, as she tasted herself. He turned her around and as he removed his fingers, kissed her hard, tasting her as he did so.

“Close your eyes,” he said as she sat down on the couch. She tilted her head in confusion, as she was half leant forward, eager to continue sucking him, but she obeyed and closed her eyes. He grabbed his glass from earlier, empty but for three ice cubes, and set it next to him as he laid her down on the cushions, holding her wrists in one hand. He took one ice cube from the glass, and using two fingers of the same hand opened the lips of her bald pussy and shoved the ice cube into her tiny wet hole. Her gasp was rewarding and she began a series of high-pitched sighs as she shifted her hips, trying to remove the cold object from inside of her.

“Leave it,” he said. She stopped her shifting but continued the sighs as her hot pussy melted the ice. He took another cube and pushed it in behind the first. She arched her back and struggled for a moment against his grip on her wrists but remembered her promise, only slightly trying to close her legs. His hand remained where it was, watching as she ceased her movements on her own, a half smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. He followed the ice cubes in with two fingers, and curved them against her G-spot. Her eyes still closed, her mouth opened in a small “O” as he moved his fingers inside her making her twitch and emit small chirps and coos of delight as he stroked her inside. She whimpered when he took his fingers out of her. Taking the final ice cube, he first touched it to each nipple rubbing each nipple, then across her lips, before pushing it inside her pussy as well.

He let go of her wrists, moving to her legs. He straddled her right leg, his left foot on the ground, kneeling on his right on the couch. Taking her left leg, he put it over his shoulder leaving her completely open to him. He kissed down her leg and then he placed himself at her opening and pushed into her. Her eyes flew open as she inhaled swiftly, the sudden temperature change from the ice cubes to the heat of his large throbbing cock shocking her and pleasuring her. Once his head had opened her, he thrust all the way forward, burying himself kaçak bahis in her tight pussy all the way to his hilt, his hips pressed against her skin. The chill from the fast melting ice cubes sent a tingling sensation up his spine. He stayed immersed in her and leaned forward suckling on her hard little nipples, grabbing her tits and squeezing the soft flesh. She wrapped her arms around his neck, touching him, caressing his shoulders and pulling on the shirt fabric, bringing it over his head and laying it behind her and then she resumed running her nails across his skin, only able to say “So deep,” muttered softly in his ear. He pulled his hips back and thrust into her again hard, her tits bobbing up from the sudden movement.

He continued to thrust into her, slowly at first, moving in long deep movements, then picking up speed, moving in and out of her. She clung to him, arms around his neck moaning with pleasure, turning into an almost chant in rhythm with his pounding cock her hips rising to meet him. He paused briefly to sit and pull her on top of him, facing away and she continued the movement, squeezing his cock inside of her as she moved up his shaft. She arched her back putting her head on his shoulder, giving him a new angle as rocked her hips forward and backward against him. He drove his cock into her hard, holding her tits in his hands, using them as leverage to pull her farther onto him, impaling her.

Her breath came in short gasps punctuated with successively louder moans as she moved closer and closer to her climax. He could hear it in the urgency and volume of her voice. He pinched her nipples, twisting them again, and she rose up into his hands. Each drive into her pussy brought both of them closer to the zenith of pleasure. Finally, she gave one drawn out cry, her body stiffening and twitching, her pussy clenching around him with the intensity of her orgasm, her liquids flowing over his cock. She breathed and sighed heavily, collapsing against him, but still moving, her only goal to satisfy him. She could feel him moving faster, the change in his breathing, as he moved closer to his pinnacle. She moved faster, putting all of her energy into it. Before he let go, he pushed her swiftly to the floor, and she covered him with her mouth as he continued to shove his cock deep in her mouth. A few seconds later, he grabbed her head, pulling her into him again as he released his load deep inside her mouth. He growled, emptying himself into her as she swallowed eagerly each burst bringing another wave of pleasure over him and ending with another deep-throated growl. She licked him clean, savoring every last drop of his cum. After she was satisfied that she got it all, she climbed up and put her head in his lap curling into a small ball next to him as she looked up at him dreamily.

“Yum!” she said, lightly touching his face, a cute smile on hers, “Round two?”

He chuckled and said, “But of course,” pulling her towards him for another kiss.

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