For Jenni Ch. 02


Matt sat there nervously on his sofa. He was dressed pretty smart but casual. Had just put on some of his best aftershave, and was trying to control the thick throbbing bulge in his trousers. The pit of his stomach twisted and knotted as he looked over at the clock. 3:05….she was keeping him waiting and he knew it. He leaned his head back and moved his hips forward slightly, pushing his dick hard up against his trousers….it felt good. All he needed was for Jenni to arrive and they could get to it.

The doorbell rang, Matt’s heart leapt and he calmly crossed the room to answer. He slowly pulled the door open…and there she was. Jenni. Wearing a long black trenchcoat. Her eyes almost sparkling as she looked at him with a very naughty smile on her face as she leaned against the doorway..

“So, are you gonna invite me in?” she whispered.

Matt took her hand and closed the door behind her as the clik-clak of her high heel shoes echoed through the room. He locked the door and made sure to put his key on the side so Emma could use hers from the outside and let herself in later. Jenni quietly looked around the room, picking up things and putting them down gently….Matt turned round to see her examining a photo of Emma taken the year before. He slowly approached her from behind…putting his hands on her waist and kissing her neck. She stood staring at the photo……leaving Matt unsure as to what she was about to do. Probably make some remark about Emma he hoped. He wanted to hear any word against Emma that would only spur him on into fucking another woman on the floor of the home they shared….

Jenni stood there..she turned around and put her arms around Matt, still holding the photo frame, pulling him and kissing him tenderly…not a word had been spoken since she entered the flat….the look in her eyes as she looked up at him was driving Matt crazy. With just one look she was saying everything she wanted to say. And everything he wanted to hear.

The wait for this had been agonizing! He had longed for her body against him for so long. Her lips against his. Now here they were, in his home kissing tenderly….their tongues teasing each other wetly as their lips parted. Her free hand held the back of his head as she ran her fingers through his hair. He placed his hands on her curvy waist…feeling her body under the soft material of her coat…she clearly wasn’t wearing much underneath. His hands slid round and rested on her big round ass. he gripped it tight through her coat and pulled her right up against him. She lifted her leg around his waist and the portion of coat covering it slid down, revealing she was wearing sheer black stockings underneath…Matt held her thigh round his waist as his other hand gripped her firm round butt. She eagerly sucked his tongue and began to moan, clearly loving the feel of Matts hands on her body once again. Especially on that ass.

Jenni moved back from Matt. Slowly unfastening the belt of her coat with one hand, she held the photo of Emma up in front canlı bahis of her. Staring intently at it but with a…vacant expression, suggesting she really didn’t care at all for her. She looked back up at Matt…..”He’s mine now, bitch.” she growled and threw the photo frame as hard as she could at the wall. The glass shattered loudly, the wooden frame broke into pieces with the photo, torn and damaged following pathetically to the floor! “Now are you going to fuck me or what?!” she shouted

She threw open her coat and let it slide to the floor in one swift movement. And there she stood….the sexiest woman Matt had ever laid eyes on. His Jenni.

Her sexy, curvy body was really being shown off by a tight black corset with pink lace that hugged her body tight and pushed up those big tits. Matt’s eyes moved down her body to see she was wearing a tiny black thong…and her black stockings and heels just sealed the deal. She looked stunning…he had to try not to just stand there with his mouth open. He tore open his shirt, threw his trousers to the floor and approached her fast with his thick hard cock bulging in his tight shorts. He grabbed her by the waist and kissed her deep. Her hands ran over his now bare body as he held her close to him.

The tips of her fingers felt good on his back as did her soft silky lips on his. Her hands slid down and rested on his ass as their lips parted and their tongues found one another, sliding wetly over each other. Her hands gripped his buttocks playfully, and they laughed softly together as they kissed. Pressing her big heaving tits against him she ran her lips and tongue from his mouth down his bare chest as she slowly moved down his body…followed by those soft fingertips.

She slid right down…squatted right in front of him…teeth tugging at the waistband of his tight shorts…she slowly slid them down, staring up…her eyes looking deep into Matt’s as he hands pulled off those shorts…his hard, throbbing cock springing free right in her face. A sly smile spread across her face, a naughty look in her eye as she gasped in delight…eyeing up the hard, pulsing meat in front of her. Taking it in her hand…sliding from the bulging head all the way down to the base….looking up at Matt, winking at him…that naughty smile still on her face as she slowly ran her hand up and down his hard dick…

“Mmmmmm ohhh Matt, it’s still as fucking big as I remember then baby…” she said, giggling as he ran his hands through her soft, dark hair. Looking down at her as she continued stroking…then moving her head down to tease his heavy balls with her lips, kissing softly…running the tip of her tongue over the skin…letting go of his dick, running her hands back round to grab his firm ass. Gripping it tight and taking his balls in her mouth…softly sucking, licking…teasing him with her warm wet mouth. Matt kept a hand firm on the back of her head as she sucked his balls…and started to pump his hard dick with the other…so hard as she ran her teasing tongue bahis siteleri below. Even the way she took his balls in her mouth was masterful…yanking them slightly as the pull of Matt’s hand, wanking his dick pulled them away…she sucked softly…moaning deeply so he could feel the vibrations run straight through as he stood there, leaning back slightly…stroking that hard cock in anticipation.

“Sit down, boy…that dick is MINE!” Jenni growled…standing up and pushing Matt onto the sofa…he fell back, totally naked, and spread his arms out on the sofa as he leant back…legs apart over the side, just waiting…

Approaching him very very slowly…those heels once again echoing in the large room…Jenni eyed up that cock as it lay there against Matt’s stomach…pulsing and throbbing like a beast with a mind of it’s own. Jenni turned away from Matt and stood with her legs either side of him as he lay there…grabbing the cushions in his reach as he watched her slowly bend forward, pushing out that big, round ass…the black thong clearly already wet and riding right up, the thin fabric disappearing halfway up between those huge soft globes of flesh. Matt loved the way her ass bounced slightly however little she moved, and this was no exception.

As she bent forward…running her hands down his legs, he just stared up at that ass as it shook and bounced ever so slightly…admiring the size…the heft of that perfect ass. He’d always been a sucker for a girl with curves and a big round ass but Jenni’s was something else entirely. He’d dreamt of this incredible, smackable, so very distracting butt for so long since they’d last been together, and here it was..positioning right in front of his face as he felt Jenni’s hands on his legs….then one of them wrapping its fingers round his stiff pole…running down to the base…coating him in his precum as she did it again and again.

He placed his hands on the back of her thick, thighs…and began slowly running them all the way up to that ass, his low groans of pleasure shaking slightly as his body trembled at her pleasing touch. Her fingers delicately running down the length of his aching cock…then without warning…he felt her lips. Softly kissing the bulging, sensitive head followed by playful flicks of her tongue. Slithering all over the wet, throbbing head, her tongue continued to tease and pleasure Matt as he moaned softly behind her…his hands resting on those big, full buttocks…He sank his fingers deep, gripping that ass tight before smacking it hard with one hand, feeling it bounce and shake as Jenni giggled in delight before taking him in her mouth, wrapping her lips round that throbbing length and lowering her head…swallowing him whole.

She started to suck him long and slow…running her tongue piercing up and down his length…Matt felt it bumping over the thick veins of his cock while she engulfed him deep in her wet, hot mouth. Matt’s legs were shaking…leaning his head back he let out a long moan while continuing to grope bahis şirketleri and grab at that big ass…hearing Jenni’s encouraging moans vibrating through him as she kept sucking…all the way from the bass as she held his balls…all the way up…sucking hard on the head, running the tip of her tongue along the slit…then letting go with a loud sucking pop. “You like me sucking that big dick baby?” she gasped between long hard sucks…Matt could only moan his positive reply as he leant up, hands still on that ass…and start to kiss up the back of her thighs. Those thick, creamy thighs…looking so taut and firm with Jenni stood in those very high heels and bent over…pushing that ass back to his face.He loved running his spread hands all the way up the back of those thighs followed by his lips, softly kissing up to that amazing ass he knew sooo well.

While she caressed his throbbing head with her tongue before occasionally kissing it with her soft full lips….she pushed back harder when Matt’s lips found their way between her thighs…kissing all the way up her buttocks while his hands held her hips. He kissed up to the bottom of her back and grabbed the waistband of her thong with his teeth…..yanking it up…pulling it up further between her legs. He held onto it a little longer, knowing it was riding right up there…feeling how much she liked it in the way she suddenly sucked harder on his dick and gripped his legs a little harder as she stood bent over with her ass in his face. She let his dick spring out from her mouth…coated in her saliva and his precum…and started to grind her ass up hard against him. Moving those hips back and forth…side to side…pushing that big soft ass against his face again and again as he held the waist of her now soaked thong high up in his thumbs….

“Take it off” she managed to moan…”fucking take it off!!” – Matt grabbed the thin stretchy shred of material in his hands…and in one sudden movement tore that thong straight off her…watching that ass bounce and smacking both hands on it hard as Jenni let out a shriek of delight!

She threw her head back down, taking every last inch of him in her mouth and sucking hard…grinding that ass back as Matt spread it wide and immediately set about licking her dripping wet pussy…She was clearly as into this as he was, he could feel her warm wet juices on his face as they ran down the inside of her thighs. His hands holding that ass tight, he pushed his tongue hard against her hot, wet hole…dragging it back and feeling her throb…her lips spreading round his tongue with each long, patient lick. Jenni’s legs trembled in those high heels as his tongue worked her pussy in a way she quickly remembered that only he could.

Butterflies seized Matt as a mixture of lustful abandon, pleasure and sheer excitement took over. He prayed Emma would be back as late as possible….sure, he wanted her to catch him with Jenni…but he wanted to savour every last minute…and he knew he’d be a bit disappointed if she were to come in right then while they just getting started. But so what if she did? They could always just carry on when she’d gone…only encouraged by the turn on of being caught in the act and telling her to get the hell out…

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