For Love


You know, a lot of people think that Internet relations are crap, even if they talk on the phone everyday. “It will never work,” they all say. Long distance relations stay long distance most believe. Well for those people, I only have one thing to say, fuck you. I love a girl who lives on the other side of the country, a beautiful, smart, and talented girl who I would take a bullet for. I talk to her a lot and ever since she lost her grandma, a very important person in her life who she lived with, I have been trying to bring her as much happiness as I can but even I cant fill that gap. But I will sure as hell try. We talk on the phone every once in a while and talk a lot online, I do wish I was really there but some things have to wait I guess. We have even cybered, imagine that right? And phone sex but these things aren’t sick or twisted, they are just the only way we can really express our love since we are so far away from each other. And if you don’t like it, I say again, fuck you.

I was just laying on my bed today when I thought…hey; why not write a story about what could to happen when I go to see my love. (I doubt this exact thing would happen but yea…) So, since I believe I am a decent writer, I just started typing, and here we are, guess I should get on with the story right? Well, here we go (Song of choice: Three doors down – Here without you)


“Thank you very much,” I said as I walked toward the car. I had finally done it, got enough money saved up. The sun was setting but my hopes were rising. I jumped into my dad’s jeep and sat there staring at the check for $100. “Just a couple days…wait for me baby,” I said to no one in particular. The car rocked as my dad closed the door.

“Damn if I ain’t worn out.” He said sighing to emphasize his point. After a couple seconds he looked over at me. “Are you going to start the damn car or what?” Snapping out of my daze I nodded and cranked the car.

I drove toward the bank and pulled into the drive through window. I turn the check over and signed the back with slow, smooth movements. My dad cocked his eyebrow thumped me upside the head. “What’s wrong with you?” I finished signing the check and gave the pen to my dad who signed his. I put both in the slot and waited for the slow bank workers to process it. They never seemed to go fast enough but today they seemed to take a million years.

“Dad, you realize I now have enough money…” I said turning to look at him.

“I’m amazed you saved up that much, I thought you would have spent it by now.” The money finally came back out and I picked it up handing it to my dad. Since my dad had the same first and last name as me they always put the money in one packet which really pissed me off. My dad reached in and pulled out 5 twenties and handed them to me. “You know, your mom still doesn’t like the idea of you going that far by yourself.”

“I’m not going by myself, Patrick is coming with me most of the way and we are only splitting up once we get between Oregon and Arizona.”

“Well your mom still thinks that is alone. She would probably try to go with you if she didn’t have to work.” he said looking through he front window. “I think we should go before the guy behind us gets out and I have to kick his ass.” He said smiling. I giggled for a bit before putting the jeep into drive and pulling out onto the main road, heading towards home.

“Its so funny though, I’ve been trying to save up all this money in a hurry and I still have to wait a bit.” I pulled into our dirt road and road down it extra fast getting a few curses from my father. Yep, this was going to be the trip of my life, and I couldn’t wait.


Even though I couldn’t wait, I still had to. There was still another week till the end of the year. Exams were in progress and everyone was wired, except for me I guess. All I could think about was the trip and what would happen when I got there. I walked into the Spanish 2 classroom, my first exam. I saw Patrick over in the corner so I moved over to him and sat down. “You ready for this” he said smiling.

The test or the trip of destiny we are taking.” I said smiling back.

“Both I guess, I got all the money we will need from my grandparents, it good to have relatives that own a car dealership.”

“Very true, I got all the money I will need for my stay. Took a long time.” He nodded.

“They still made me work for it, they said I had to learn how to work for what I get. But that’s ok, we are taking a long vacation from all the work.” he said smoothing back his hair.

“Well that long ass drive is work as far as I’m concerned.” It was now the end of our junior year in high school. We both had our license and were planning on splitting the driving, but still, it was one long ass drive. I had convinced my mom to let me borrow her 99 Honda accord for the trip, and let me tell you, that was no easy task. It was only after my dad talked to her for a couple hours she relented illegal bahis and gave me the keys. Over my junior year I had been working on the engine, making it faster and giving it better fuel mileage. Also I worked on the body and made it look like a street racing car. This did not sit well with my mother as you may guess but she relented. After we got to our parting point, Patrick was planning on renting a vehicle so he could go visit his girl. I guess now would be a good time to explain how everyone looks.

My name is David. I have dark/light blue eyes depending on where I am. Sometimes they even look silver. My hair is dark, dark, dark brown or black pretty much. I like to keep it reasonably long but never where it gets in my way. I am about 6’1 and pale cause I don’t like the sun that much. I do keep in pretty reasonable shape just from walking around my school carrying those heavy ass books.

My friend’s name is Patrick. His eyes are what you call hazel I guess. His choice of hair is sandy brown and would be what I call poofy, it’s combed over but if you press it, it has a lot of bounce. He is taller than me only because of that poofy hair but I have size where it counts…. you get my point. He used to be a bit jelly-like around the stomach but now, since his family are freaks, he has slimed down a lot. Ofcourse, I can still kick his ass.

Now for the girls. Brooke lives in Arizona sometimes and Colorado during the other time. She lives with her parents who are split and that’s why the two locations. Her hair is long and is light brown to blonde in color. She has a pretty face and nice body even though she doesn’t think so. From what I have learned about her and what she has told me, she has had sex about 20-40 times now. She does drugs and drinks at parties and that is usually the location of her fuck sessions. This is whom Patrick is going to meat…er.i mean meet. 🙂

Now there is Desiree. My pet name for her is Dezi. She is my whole reason for going on this trip besides getting a little fresh air. She has long brownish hair and pale skin. Her face is beautiful and drop dead gorgeous when she smiles. She is the same age as me and I love her with all my heart. (For those uninformed, I am 17, do the math.) Her body is just as beautiful as her face. Sometimes she looks so good I just wanna eat her…er…. not in a sexual way….or maybe…

Well yea, now back to the story.


“Finally” I said as I turned in my exam and walked out of the room. I breathed in a great big breathe of air and walked towards the parking lot. Patrick was already there leaning up againced my car. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the remote and hit panic. When it sounded he jumped up into the air and turned around looking at it. I laughed and turned it off.

“Hahaha, very funny.”

“I know I am. Vamos (lets go)” We got in and pulled out onto the highway, heading towards his house. My stuff was already packed in the trunk of the car. That morning I had said goodbye to both of my parents and grabbed my money and all my belongings I would need which really wasn’t much.

I turned into his driveway and we got out and grabbed his stuff. His mom was there eating lunched and about to leave to go back to her job as a nurse. She gave us the talk about all this nonsense and even touched on no sex. We listened….really. He kissed her on the cheek and walked down the stairs, I kissed her on the mouth and ran away giggling. “See ya later doc,” I said driving away. He slapped me in the arm laughing so hard we were choking. I joined him and for the next 30 minutes, that’s all we talked about.

Authors note: I will write about what happened on our trip another day. Lets just say it tested my love for Dezi and leave it at that.


I coasted into the hotel parking lot and found a space open. I grabbed a couple bags and walked into the main office. The guy there looked like he watched to many alien and star wars movies. He turned around and looked at me through his ½ inch thick glasses. They almost made him look like an alien.

“Can I help you sir?” well atleast he speaks earth.

“Can I get the best room you have please.”? He cocked an eyebrow at me then turned around and grabbed the key on top of top of all the others. It had a heart key chain attached to it, how cute.

“The honeymoon sweet will be $350 for two nights.” Damn this place is a rip-off…well, might as well pay. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my wallet. I counted up 7 hundreds and gave it to him.” Ill take 4 nights. He smiled and took it. I looked up and read the sign.

4 nights in our sweet


Save $100 off origi

I stopped reading and grabbed at one of the hundreds in his hand and put it in his pocket. “Honesty is the best policy,” I said smiling. He looked daggers at me but then put the key on the counter and opened a notebook.

“Sign here” I signed my name and laid down the pen. “Ill need to see your illegal bahis siteleri drivers license.” I got my wallet back out and grabbed my fake id. An exact copy of my real one except the birth date made me 18. He handed it back to me, closed the notebook and handed me the key. I grabbed it, thanking him and walked out.

I went over to the other side of the building and found the room 1. “Why the hell did he put it on the other side of the building, dumbass.” I pulled out my key and opened up the door dragging my luggage with me. Dropping my luggage I put the key in my pocket and looked around. The room’s walls were read and all the bed sheets, window curtains, and chairs were either pink or red. The bed was a king-size and looked inviting. I whistled and then walked over to the refrigerator. Inside was an assortment of booze and wine as well as a bucket of ice. “Nice” I said eyeing the wine at the top. I took it out and read the name and year. “Knew I should have learned about this stuff” Picking up my new cell phone I had got on the way up here I dialed Patrick’s number.

After 3 rings he picked up. “Hello?”

“Hola, como estas?” I could tell he was smiling.

“Mui bien, y tu?” “Bien bien, so, have you gone to visit brook yet?”

“No not yet, still trying to find a good hotel room around here.” For the next 10 minutes I went on about how great mine was and how bad of a dump the rest of the building appeared to be. “Coo, so, when are you going to go see yo lova?” I smiled and thought for a moment.

“I dunno, I was thinking about surprising her, she still doesn’t know I’m here.” I looked around the room and noticed a laptop sitting on the table. “Actually…I have an idea, I’ll talk to you later man. Bye” I hung up and put the phone in my pocket before walking over to the table. Pulling up a chair, I opened up the computer and waited for it to boot up. It automatically logged into guest and I got online. “Wow, T3 connection, how do they afford this,” I said, not hiding my amazement. I downloaded and installed msn messenger in less than 20 seconds. “Might have to borrow this without asking” I logged on under my email. “There’s my baby,” I said noticing that Maniac Little Girl was online.

Darkies: Hi hunny

Maniac little girl: Hi baby

Darkies: What’s up

Maniac little girl: I’m glad you got on; I was just wanted to say goodbye and that I love you.

Darkies: What? What do you mean goodbye

Maniac little girl has logged off

“Oh no” I quickly dialed her number. One, two, three, four rings, no answer. “Oh no, you cant…” I rushed out of the room not bothering to lock the door and jumped into the car. I cranked the car and was in reverse, speeding backwards before the engine would have even had a chance to idle down. I swerved out onto the main road barely avoiding a dump truck going the opposite way. I reached in my pocket and looked at the paper I found. “There it is,” I said, finding the road sign that matched what was written on the paper. I gunned the gas reaching 120 before slamming on the brakes in front of her apartment. I jumped out and looked up. “Oh god no.”

There she was, standing on the rail of her porch on the 2nd floor. Below her was pure asphalt. “NO DEZI DON’T” She looked down and stared at me for a moment, reorganization came into her eyes. “…. darkieEEEESSSS” she screamed as a large wind hit her making her topple off the balcony. Running as hard as I could, I ran and dived under her right before she hit the ground. When she hit my back I felt like someone had taken a knife and gashed my spine. I hit the ground hard scraping my arms and face badly. My tooth felt a little lose as well. Dezi moaned before rolling off me. She turned around. “No, David, are you ok?!” I groaned in answer. She crawled over and wrapped her arms around me. “I’m so sorry” She said crying hard. Her tears dropped down onto my cheek. I put my arms out and turned over.

“Please don’t jump off any buildings again, I don’t think I can handle another hit like that.” Her sparkling eyes opened wide and she started laughing/crying. Dezi jumped on top of me and hugged me tight. We stayed like this for what seemed like weeks but only lasted maybe 20 minutes. Her sobs stopped as she raised her face to look into my eyes.

“Is it really you David?” I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips gently and leaned back.

“Do you think any other random guy would know where you lived and jump under you risking injury? Of course it’s me silly. Her eyes started to tear up again as she buried her face in my shoulder. Slowly my back started to feel well enough that I thought I could move. I slowly lifted myself up still holding onto Dezi. She stood up and grabbed onto my arms helping me stand. She gave me a look over and I did the same for her. Our eyes met and we busted out laughing. “You look terrible” she said still giggling.

“Well, not every day I have someone land on me.” I replied, canlı bahis siteleri wiping the blood off my face with my shirt. Her smile faded and she looked down. Noticing I stepped closer and lifted her face with my finger. “What’s wrong hunny”. She lowered her face again.

“I…I cant believe I almost killed myself…I didn’t even think of how it would had made you feel.” Tears started to fall down her face like a torrent. I rapped my arm around her and let her cry. I rubbed her back and uttered soothing words into her ear then kissed her forehead and led her to my car. I opened my door and closed it after she got in. I got in on the drivers side and started the car, pulling out onto the road and headed toward my hotel. Dezi kept silent the whole way. Knowing what she had just went through I let her be until we got to the hotel. I was actually glad my room was far away from the office. What would he think if I walked by with all these wounds? I got out and opened her door. She stepped out and started walking to the door. I closed the door and put my hand on her shoulder. She stopped long enough for me to under her and carry her the rest of the way. Luckily I hadn’t locked the door so I just pushed and it came open. I carried her to the bed and laid her down gently before going back and putting the No disturb sign on the doorknob and locked it. Turning around I met her gaze. I walked over and laid behind her. I clapped twice turning off the lights and lighting the fireplace that also was incorporated into the room.

I slowly moved behind her until I was laying againced her back. She moved back againced me. I rapped my arms around her and nuzzled her neck, placing kisses from her ear to her shoulder.

She sighed and turned her head to look at me. “Thank you”

“My pleasure” I said before leaning down and placing a loving kiss on her lips. We stayed like this for a couple moments till she leaned back and looked into the fire.

“I was up there because…I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was thinking about my grandma and I got really depressed, then I couldn’t get in touch with you either. Your parents said you went on some trip and told me they didn’t even know where you had went (go dad). And my Grandpa is drinking more now and my brother is getting meaner every day. I just couldn’t take it, I couldn’t…” She started sobbing fiercely so I wrapped my arms around her tight.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get here earlier. I would have told you I was coming but I wanted it to be a surprise.” She slowed her crying down to a gentle sob. We looked into the fire long enough for her tears to dry againced her skin. Slowly, I got down off the bed and took off my cloths. She didn’t turn around but I knew she knew what I was doing. I got down to my boxers then crawled back into the bed. “I know you said you wanted to have sex with me when I got here, but I don’t want to do anything with you more than lay here and be there for you. I am here to make you happy. I love you Dezi. With my whole heart and soul.” she gently nodded then got off the bed and striped her own cloths in the dark. When she got back into bed, she got back in the same place. I wrapped my arms around her again only this time to find she was totally naked. “…Dezi…I…”

“I want you to make me happy, make me a woman tonight David. Show how much you love me.” I stared at her with a shocked expression. She turned around in the bed so she was facing me. “Please Darkies, David, My love, make love to me tonight.” I smiled and nodded.

“I will my love” We closed the gap until our mouths were connected in a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around around her back, rolling us over until I was lying on top of her. I timidly slid my tongue into her mouth only to be met by hers. We slowly licked each other’s tongues as her hands rubbed up and down my back as mine ran along her shoulders. Her hand grasped mine and pulled it down to her chest. I opened my eyes and leaned back so I could rub her breasts easier. I gently squeezed and rubbed them not touching the nipple. I kissed her on the mouth then slowly kissed my way down her neck and collarbone. I raised up on her tit until my mouth touched her nipple. Slowly I ran my tongue around it before taking it in my mouth and gently suckling on it. Her mouth opened slightly and a small moan escaped.

She put her hands on my head and tried to push my lips againced her nipple harder. Instead I kissed my way over to the other nipple and licked it gently. With my other hand I grabbed her other beautiful breast and squeezed the nipple. I brought my teeth down on her nipple and gently nibble it while I pinched the other with my fingers.

Dezi’s breath caught and she pulled harder againced my head. I smiled and leaned back till the nipple popped out of my mouth. Slowly but surely, I kissed my way down to her belly button and licked all inside then kissed down farther. “Oh David, lick me please”

“Yes mistress” My tongue found its way down to her lips. With no hair obstructing my view, it was absolutely beautiful. I smiled as I thought back to one day were on the phone talking about it. “One lip is bigger than the other,” I said smiling. Dezi busted out laughing and looked down at me.

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