For the First Time


A special thanks to LaliaLewd for the editing prowess. Please leave your thoughts and any tips you might have. Enjoy.


Dan stood staring at his reflection in the bathroom mirror trying to calm his nerves. Trying to stay in control, stay cool and relax. After all the make out sessions, heavy petting and the odd but incredibly satisfying blow jobs, Kassy said tonight was the big night. They were at Jeff’s place, in his basement and the party was just getting started, everyone was getting changed out of there formal wear and pouring themselves a drink.

Jeff’s mom was more easy going then most everyone elses’ parents and had offered up the basement for their own after prom party instead of going to the bigger, cop monitored, party that was held on the soccer field beside the school. Better you act crazy here where I can keep an eye on you was what she always said. Dan stripped off his dress pants and shirt and stood in his boxers as he rummaged through his back pack for his favourite jeans and t-shirt. With a quick knock, Kassy opened the door and slipped inside, she was already out of her prom dress and into more comfortable clothing.

“Your still not changed?” she inquired as she put her arms around him and moved in close. “What have you been doing in here all by yourself, the excitement too much for yea?” She giggled and pressed her body into his, kissing him deeply.

Kassy stood 5’8″, with shoulder length brown hair and incredibly dark brown eyes. She had a nice tan form sun bathing the day before and her soft full lips felt like heaven. She was wearing a little pair of baby blue bed shorts that barely covered her ass and a care bear tank top that fit tightly across her C cup breasts and then hung loose exposing her belly. Kassy was just a little over weight but was too confident to let that stop her from showing off her body.

As she pulled away they both looked down to see a bulge starting to form in the front of Dan’s boxers, she gave him a sly smile and started to message his cock through his boxers. Dan closed his eyes and gave into the pleasure. He was hard as a rock within seconds. Kassy pushed him back against the wall and pulled his boxers over his raging hard-on, letting them fall to the floor.

She kept messaging him and leaned in close, “how about a little release to ease the tension.” Dan gulped and nodded his head and she worked his cock and kissed his neck and chest. Dan was lost to the world, lost in the scent of her perfume, the warmth of her mouth as she left wet kisses everywhere and her soft hands as they pushed him towards climax. He tried to fight, tried to last longer and enjoy the attention but Kassy cupped his balls with her free hand and picked up the pace of her strokes, pushing him over the edge. Moaning loudly, Dan came all over her hand and belly as she aimed his cock towards her.

“Wow,” she said “that’s so much cum! You sure you’ll have anything left for later?” She giggled and started cleaning herself with some tissue as Dan slowly came back to reality. Dropping the tissue in the waste basket, Kassy turned and kissed him on the cheek giving his cock one last rub and said, “don’t be to long, everyone else is already mixing a drink.” With that, she smiled and slipped out the door and back to the party.

Dan took one more minute for himself before pulling his boxers up illegal bahis and putting his jeans on. All the tension that was there before was completely gone now and Dan was looking forward to the rest of the evening. He packed his tux up and slid a superman t-shirt over his head. Digging in his back pack again he pulled out his eight-pack and downed half a beer with a satisfied sigh. They had to get Kassy’s older sister to get them alcohol as Dan had only turned eighteen three weeks earlier and while Kassy and the others at the party where graduating from high school, Dan still had another year to go.

Turning the light out as he left, Dan stepped out of the bathroom and into the rec-room with the others. There was ten people, all close friends, with the exception of Dan who had only met them when he first met Kassy. The others had grown up together in town and went to the same schools there whole lives, Dan had moved to town with his mother only two years prior and had some trouble fitting in. He stood 5’10” with black hair and brown eyes, his slim build and glasses made him an easy target for the jocks. Dave, Jeff, and Will had slowly warmed up to him over the last year, only giving him a chance because he was with Kassy and the girls in the group liked him, cause he treated Kassy well. Or so they said.

Dan put his beer in the fridge and gave Kassy a kiss as he wrapped his arms around her midsection. The two stood there laughing with friends and drinking as the night drifted on. Dan and Kassy found themselves a chair and relaxed with Kassy sitting on his lap as the others paired off on there own. The conversation continued here and there with each pair taking little break’s to make out or fondle each other. Dan had his hand up Kassy’s shirt pinching her nipples and messaging her tits as she slowly ground her ass on his lap getting them both worked up. When Kassy was turned on she got really wet and tonight was no different, a little bit of her shorts where damp with pussy juice and the smell that drifted up was intoxicating.

She buried her face in his neck and started kissing and biting him as Dan surveyed the room. Will and Tammy where completely occupied with each other in the opposite arm chair and Jeff and Miranda where getting up and heading toward his room. Him and Dan exchanged nods as he walked by not trying to cover his hard on at all. Lisa and Katie where making out and moaning softly on the couch, they had their hands down each others’ pajama pants. Cindy was kissing her way down Dave’s chest when she noticed him paying way more attention to Lisa and Katie then to what she was doing. At which point she jumped off him and went to the bathroom without a word. Dave spent the next twenty minutes saying how sorry he was before she let him in and closed the door.

Kassy moved so her back was to Dan and started bucking her ass on his crotch more and slid Dan’s hand down the front of her shorts. To Dan’s surprise her thick mound was gone; all he could feel was just a small strip.

“You like that baby,” she cooed, “I shaved it down for you; I wanted you to be able to see yourself fucking me for the first time without anything in the way.” Dan didn’t say anything, but showed is approval by sliding a finger deep into her wetness. She was soaked, her shorts were noticeably wet and what was left of her pubes where damp to the illegal bahis siteleri touch. He slid his finger in and out slowly a couple times then buried it to the knuckle and Kassy moaned with pleasure. He repeated the same motion over and over working his finger as deep as he could get it until she was ready to climax.

Dan pulled his hand away and let Kassy lick her juices off, this was something that Dan loved to see and his cock was getting so hard it was becoming painful inside his jeans. He started to dry hump her as he buried his hand in her pussy again, this time two fingers and then three. He could barely fit the third finger inside her tight young pussy and she was moaning and begging for him to push them deeper.

“Oh fuck baby that’s it, finger me hard baby,” she groaned, “ooohh yea! Fuck that feels good.” She was grinding her pussy on his hand and his jeans where starting to get wet as Kassy soaked through her own shorts. Dan could hear sex all around him; Tammy was making loud slopping noises as she sucked Wills cock and played with herself. Lisa had Katie on her hands and knees on the couch as she finger-fucked her and licked her pussy from behind. Katie and Kassy locked eyes for a moment just before Katie came and collapsed.

“It’s so fucking hot when those two go at it.” Kassy said as she pulled her shirt up so she could play with her nipples easier. Dan slid his fingers out of her and started working her clit, in quick circles. She reacted by grabbing both her nipples and pulling on them hard as she arched her back. Dan knew that meant she was ready to come so he put two fingers back inside her and fingered her as fast as he could. Kassy moaned and shuddered as wave after wave of bliss washed over her body. She fell back panting against Dan as he put each finger inside her slowly before putting all four in her mouth to clean them off.

After she licked his hand clean, Kassy spun herself around so they where face to face again. She kissed him long and hard for several minutes before she stood and told him to fallow her. They went past the bathroom where they could hear Cindy begging to be fucked harder. They found Jeff’s older sister’s room, she was away at college for the last couple years and this room was barely ever used. Kassy closed the door behind them and the two grabbed each other again, kissing and groping. Kassy slid herself down onto her knees and started undoing Dan’s jeans. When she popped the button and undid his fly his cock burst out fully erect and rock hard. Dan let out a sigh of relief now that the pressure was gone. Kassy pulled his boxers down and immediately went to town licking his shaft and sucking on his balls.

Dan almost came before she even got his cock in her mouth and had to ask her to slow down a little. “Don’t worry baby,” she said between mouthfuls of cock, “it’s your first time; you can come as much as you want.” With that she went back to working his balls and rubbing his cock with one hand as she played with herself with the other. She stopped for a moment to pull her shirt off and discard her soaked shorts, giving Dan a moment to compose himself and finish undressing.

She pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his knees, making a show of pushing her fingers deep inside herself. She moaned and bucked her hips as he watched, even this was becoming too much canlı bahis siteleri and Dan thought he might cum without her even touching him. But she didn’t give him time, she garbed his cock with her wet fingers, smearing herself all over him and then swallowed his cock so deep she choked a little.

That last action was too much and he came hard and without warning. He shot a big wad in her mouth before she could move away and then spurt the rest all over himself, Kassy and the bed. “oh god, oh shit, sorry baby. I didn’t mean to get it in your mouth.” He said, still trying to find the world in all this ecstasy. Kassy licked her lips and swallowed his cum. “Don’t worry about it this time, oh what a mess; I’ll clean you up before we continue.” She leaned down and licked the cum off his belly and cock, spending extra time licking the tip.

“I hope you’re still ready for more.” She whispered as she moved her pussy over his cock. Slowly and without taking her eyes off him she lowered herself down onto his still hard cock. Just the head first, Kassy held his gaze as she rolled her hips around and moaned softly. Dan had been waiting for this for his whole life and Kassy’s pussy didn’t disappoint. He thought that he might not be up to it after cumming moments before but once his cock slipped inside her every nerve in his body came to life again.

Without warning she dropped down on him, buried him inside her juicy womanhood. Dan could feel pussy juice running down his thighs as she bucked back and forth. With a deep groan she started to bounce up and down on him with reckless abandon, her fingers found her clit and she rubbed it frantically as she built towards orgasm. Dan didn’t even move, he just laid their drinking it all in. The sounds of Kassy moaning over his cock, the squeak of the bed, the wet slapping noise her ass made when she landed on his thighs. Her body glistened with sweat and sex, her tits bounced in rhythm and she pulled on each nipple with her free hand as her other hand worked her clit bringing her closer and closer.

For Kassy the world was a million miles away, she had wanted Dan’s first time to be special but once she got his cock inside her, she was only concerned with getting off. His dick was the perfect fit; it filled her up and was just long enough that she could feel the head reach the very depths of her cunt. She was fucking him with everything she had and she could feel a powerful orgasm building, screaming to be released. All of a sudden she felt Dan stiffen and suck in a huge lung full of air as he blasted his load inside her. She could feel his cum spraying all over her insides and that was more than enough to push her over the edge with him.

Kassy’s mind spun as her body was rocked with wave after wave of pleasure. She could feel every inch of her being come alive as she bounced on Dan’s cock as hard as she could. The two of them convulsed and gasped for air as they tried to come back down to earth. She collapsed forward onto his chest and Dan put his arms around her, drawing her close as he slowly got soft insider her.

Neither one of them spoke, they just laid there drenched in sweat, cum and pussy juice. The scent of sex filled the room and Kassy could feel his cum slowly dripping out of her but none of that mattered. She slowly slid to the side and rested her head on his chest. Dan was still breathing heavily when he noticed Kassy had already fallen asleep, completely drained form all her effort. He didn’t try to wake her or even draw any covers up around them. He just held her naked body close to his and drifted off to sleep with her.

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