For the Love of Renee


© 2002 Patrick Flanagan

Permission to copy or reprint for distribution without charge is granted. All other rights reserved to the Author.

# # #

In September of 1990 I was managing a small restaurant in a small town and the majority of my crew was no more than twenty years old. I was a married man at the time and while my wife had been an incredible lover before we were married, that all changed after we were married. Being as that I was constantly horny and frustrated I was always on the prowl, although I usually chickened out when I came up with a willing prospect. As horny as I was, I still didn’t want to cheat on my wife.

Then Renee came along. I can’t say that Renee was a raving beauty because she wasn’t, but she was possessed of a captivating, almost childlike innocence, and she did have the most amazing sexuality that just seemed to take over a room, making every man pay attention to her. She had a radiant and captivating smile that more than made up for her lack of supermodel looks. But the one facet of Renee that sent me over the top was her hugs.

A Renee Slemp hug was the closest you could come to having sex with your clothes on. The first time she hugged me I couldn’t help but fall in love with this little elf. Her body clung to my every curve and I felt all of her lovely form up and down my own body. That first hug of hers still ranks as one of the most incredible erotic experiences of my entire life. I’d frankly trade a lifetime of her hugs for sex with anyone else: her hugs are really better than sex itself with most other women.

After a year or so of getting to know her, she had occasion to break up with a boyfriend and came to me for comfort and friendship. We met for lunch at a place in the next town over where I lived and our discussion focused on the dastardly deeds of the recent boyfriend. After the lunch was over I was going to drive her back to her car when I decided to ask if she’d mind stopping by the house for a bit to see the place. She gave me the perkiest smile and readily agreed to what she thought would be an innocent tour of my house.

We got to the house and I entered first and took off my shoes at the door and she immediately followed suit as I’d hoped. My cock rose in my pants right then and there as I’d effectively started undressing her. In our stocking feet we padded around the house and she made nice comments about the decorations, the art, and etc. I sat down with her after the tour and we resumed our chat about the boyfriend and his idiocy and I idly took off my socks as we chatted and pulled my feet up on the sofa, inviting her to do the same. As we chatted on I reached over and took one of her little feet in my hands and gently removed the sock before removing the other sock. Then I just held her feet in my lap and rubbed them, which she seemed to adore. I struggled to think up a way to migrate our chat upstairs to the bedroom when she pulled her feet out of my grasp and asked me where the bathroom was.

“Um, the bathroom down here isn’t working right, why don’t you let me show you the one upstairs?”

I choked as I waited for her to tell me what a line of crap that story was when she said ‘sure’ and motioned for me to lead the way. I was in absolute heaven as she followed me to the master suite and I guided her to the bathroom. When she closed the door behind her I pulled down the covers on the bed and removed my belt in anticipation of what I was going to try next. I brushed my teeth while I listened to her peeing and was done when she flushed.

When the door opened she looked at me hesitantly, maybe quizzically, trying to explain away the look that was surely on my face. For lack of anything else to do, I gathered her into my arms and I kissed her. Her feet hung in the air as I held her to my lips and she didn’t fight me at all. A moment went by where she was surely surprised, but then she put her arms around me and kissed me back. Heaven got better.

I carried her to the bed and sat her down as I knelt between her legs and we kissed again. The zipper on her jeans fell to my fingers and the button wasn’t far behind. I stood her up and she stared at me as her lust and her reason conflicted.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. I can’t make out with you, you’re married!”

I smiled. “Let me worry about the marriage, okay? A little making out isn’t going to hurt anything.” She thought I just wanted to ‘make out’, she was so cute!

I recalled that she’d told me she and the boyfriend would strip down to their undies to anadolu yakası escort make out, but that was all as far as they would go. I kissed her again and she surrendered as I began to undress her. The buttons on her top came away to reveal her white bra underneath and she let me take the top off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. My shirt came off next, and I will say that back then I had a nice chest and abs and her hands were drawn to my bare chest immediately. We kissed some more and I pulled her tight to feel her bare belly against mine.

My pants were soon undone and I dared to let them fall to the carpet, stepping out of them rather smoothly for a change. Renee caught her breath as her own jeans were pulled to the floor.

“Kelly, I don’t think we should be doing this…really!”

I rose up and kissed her and her complaints were muffled at first, and then replaced by an encouraging series of moans. Her bra fell victim to the experienced hand of a married man and I guess that this was moving too fast for her. She held it to her chest as I tried to get it away from her.

“No, this is too much, Kelly, we can’t do thi…”

Her eyes went wide as I pulled down my shorts and freed my cock from its’ hiding place. I pulled her close and let her feel my cock poke into her belly as I ran my hands over her shoulders and down her sides. In one swift motion I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and knelt to the floor, taking them with me.

“Kelly! No!”

I pushed her back to the bed, ignoring her complaints, and held her feet as I pulled the panties off of them. I forget what I’d said at the time, but she ended up retreating her nakedness to the protection of the covers and she pulled the comforter up over her. I climbed into bed with her and said something about how we could make out so great now and she reluctantly allowed me to start kissing her again. Our kissing went on for half an hour or so before I eased the rest of the bra off of her shoulders, her mewling protests going unregistered. I now had her naked. This was my dream come true.

My lips sought out her nipples and she gasped as I pulled first one, then the other into my mouth and chewed on them lightly. All the while I loved her breasts I was pushing her onto her back and slowly moving onto her lovely body. Our feet rubbed together as we both enjoyed feeling our naked legs together. It was in the middle of kissing her neck that I moved myself between her legs.

“Kelly, we’re just making out, right? I’m a virgin and I can’t go any further, okay?”

I looked down into her pleading, doe-eyes and lied to her that we were just going to feel each other closely was all. I went back to kissing her neck and feeling her body and after a while she spread her legs wider to get them out from under me and I moved myself up to where my cock touched her warm pussy.

“Kelly…” she felt me poke her a little, “..please, we can’t…I’ll get pregnant…my parents…your…unnh!”

I kissed her into silence as I started to work my cock into her virgin body. She struggled a bit with me, but it was way too late to stop now. Her legs went wider as I pushed into her and she gasped deeply when I met the resistance inside of her. Her head went to the side of me.

“Oh, God, Kelly! It hurts, please don’t…ahhh!”

I thrust my cock through the resistance and started to stroke myself in. When I finally snuggled myself inside of her the feeling of my cock buried to the root in her incredible pussy was worth dying for. Our pubic hair tangled and mashed and I thrilled to thought of her delicate wispy pubes mixing with my wiry cock whiskers. I’d wanted to hold back a bit, but soon got into a rhythm and continued Renee’s deflowering without delay. She was crying into my shoulder and gasping with each of my thrusts into her body and I found her experience of pleasure and pain to be an exquisite turn-on. It wasn’t long before I felt my come rising and I slowed down my rhythm, taking longer, deeper thrusts into Renee’s unsoiled belly. I rose up on her in a push-up position so that the only part of us touching was where my cock was plunging into her belly. I loved the view of her body splayed out for me, her cute breasts with their pink nipples heaving with her breath, her perfect waist, her pussy impaled with my cock. I felt dreamy as my orgasm built and I planted my cock into her as deeply as I could go. She was naive, but she wasn’t ignorant.

“No, Kelly! Please don’t ataşehir escort come in me! Please!”

Her tears started to flow as I looked down on her and the sight of her innocence and vulnerability overcame my judgment as my cock began to throb pulse after pulse of my sperm into her unprotected pussy. My cock refused to soften and I just kept at it, reveling in the feeling of my cock bathing in Renee’s sperm-soaked pussy. My peak passed, I lowered myself on top of her again and settled into a slow and deliberate fucking of this wonderful girl beneath me. Her tears slowed down as my ardor renewed and she held me tight as my lips sought out her nipples and the delicate nape of her neck once again.

“I can’t believe you did that to me.”

She just said this with a sort of amazement in her voice, I can only imagine what she must have been thinking at that moment with a married man fucking in her freshly spermed pussy. I suppose it would’ve been quite the epiphany for my lovely Renee. The nuances of what we had just done, and the ramifications of what we’d just done were totally lost on me as I continued to mindlessly plow my hardening cock into the girl.

For some reason or another, I think she thought she was going to get up and leave and she pushed me up and wiggled out from under me. When she rolled over to try to get out of the bed I simply fell on her from behind and, despite her feeble protests, I slipped my hungry cock back into the slickened warmth of her depths. Amazingly, she arched her back as I drove myself into her and she allowed me to run the head of my cock right up against the nub of her cervix. Our lovemaking took on a new passion as we thrilled to the new feeling of each other’s body. Her hands clenched at the sheets as my cock pumped in and out of her pussy with a strong, steady, and ceaseless pace.

This time she didn’t complain as she felt me begin to intensify my passion for her and I noticed her ass rose to meet my thrusting cock, begging me to go as deep as I could. My toes tingled as the orgasm came over me with an electric force and I felt Renee brace herself as I held my cock against her cervix and spurted more of my sperm into her receptive pussy. I thrust at her a few more times and then just lay on top of her, crushing her into the bed with my cock still firmly embedded in her newly opened pussy. As I lay there contemplating the sheer joy I’d just experienced I felt my sperm leaking out from the girl and I was just lost in incredible joy with the wonder of feeling the object of my desire spilling over from our lovemaking..

The glow of a freshly fucked girl was all over Renee as my cock finally fell out of her pussy and I got up and took her hand and led her to the shower. I got the water going and turned to motion her in and saw her looking down at the stream of sperm and pussy juice flowing down her legs. Her innocence remained even after my debauchery and I found myself loving her. I led her into the shower and we quietly ministered to each other with tenderness, my hands washing her body, her hands washing mine. We were lovers in every way.

She took my cock in her hand and felt its’ length as her other hand cupped my balls and manipulated them. Her explorations of my crotch excited me yet again and she marveled as my cock hardened in her hand. I kissed the top of her head and then turned her around to face away from me. I washed her back and then allowed my hands to linger on her perfect waist before drifting down to admire the globes of her ass. I couldn’t resist feeling her pussy and she moaned as my fingers searched out her cleft and wandered through her delicate pussy lips. Her back arched as my probing finger slipped inside of her and that did it for me. Lifting her hands to the tile wall of the shower, I pushed her back into an arch and then held her hips out at me.

Once again, I slipped into heaven. She told me later that she had been very sore at this point but wasn’t going to tell me to stop since she had been so aroused as well. I held her belly with one hand and her breast with the other as I felt her body yield to me again. I reached a hand down along her waist and around to her pussy and found her little clit waiting for my attention. Our lovemaking became truly mutual as she responded to the concentrated attention of my cock and my fingers in and on her pussy. Unbelievably, she didn’t take long before her head dropped down to her chest and I felt her fucking back on me as she demanded her own satisfaction. Her ümraniye escort pussy rippled with the sweet tremors of her release and I instantly felt my own satisfaction boil up and my cock danced inside the girl again, trying to spurt out whatever little was left in my balls.

Completely wasted now, we completed our shower and then dried each other off. I reluctantly watched as she dressed herself and then it was time to go. I wondered how she would be around me after this, would she hate me or what? My answer came in the car when she laid her head on my shoulder.

“I had no idea it would be so wonderful…mmmm”

The drive back to her car was the lovely postscript to our afternoon of love and exploration as she reveled in the events of the day. She gave me one of her wonderful hugs and followed up with a soft and tender kiss as I let her out. I saw her get into her car and then drive away and then it was time for me to go home, too. My wife, ever disinterested in sex, didn’t miss anything since there was no way I was getting it up again that night. She never noticed anything amiss in the house as I’d done a very thorough job of covering my tracks when I got home. When we went to bed that night and she cuddled up to me I have to admit that I was thinking about Renee cuddled up to me.

I didn’t hear from Renee again until she came to work later that week and then she caught me alone in the office and drove me crazy with lust when she hugged me and kissed me and held my crotch all at the same time…a Grand Slam! We quickly agreed to have her come visit my house again the next day on my day off (I had split days off in the restaurant business) and then we went back to work, trying not to tip off everyone else that there was anything going on. The next day was actually the next morning. Renee had parked down the street early and waited to see my wife drive off to her job and then surprised me with a knock at the door. I hadn’t even gotten dressed yet and found her in my arms. My bathrobe quickly fell away and then her clothes joined it on the floor as we climbed into the bed still warm from my wife and I sleeping in it. Renee had thought ahead and brought condoms this time and laid them on the bedside table, intending for me to use one when the time came. Right.

As any normal man, I start out my day with a raging, Man-of-Steel hard-on, and I wasn’t about to wrap it up in latex for any sensible reason. I got my fingers into Renee’s bush and worked the naked girl into a bucking frenzy as I brought her to orgasm in my warm bed. Once she was helpless with passion it was simple to just get on top of her and mount her with my bare, naked cock. She forgot all about the condom as we made love and even reached down to hold my balls and my cock deep in her as my sperm filled her pussy again. We made love like newlyweds all the rest of that day. She tried out being on top of me and decided that she loved the position when she came, hard, while riding my spurting cock. We showered and ended up refreshed and clean and in bed again as our lust overcame us and we satisfied ourselves with each other just one more time. It was hard to let her go that night, but it had to be and I saw her go home.

I saw her at work after that, and we kissed at work a few times, but we never got together as lovers again that year. It was about six weeks later when she told me that her pregnancy test had been positive. We had a few teary-eyed conversations about our options, I offered to leave my wife and marry Renee, but she said that didn’t make any sense. The end result was she moved to Utah with a friend and our daughter was born the next spring. I’ve met my daughter twice now and she thinks of me as her benefactor who makes sure she has tuition for private school and spending money for clothes. I’ve even set up a college fund for her. Renee moved on with life and became a teacher and a noted volunteer in her little Utah town. She never made time for a man, she told me that she wanted to save her time for our daughter. I eventually divorced my frigid wife and found life less frustrating simply being alone.

Then last year I flew out to Utah, just before 9/11, and got stuck there when all of the flights had to be canceled. Renee and I ended reliving our old times and we were soon in bed together again to seek solace for the wounds of time. When she drove me to the airport in Las Vegas I looked into her eyes and told her that I didn’t want her out of my life again. I skipped the flight and found myself married to my true love only four hours later. Our son is due for the New Year.

I guess it is somehow a part of the universe restoring balance that our marriage and our love was made possible by the tragedy of that awful September day. It’s a shame that it took so much to finally bring Renee and I together, but I am thankful for what I have with her now.

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