Forbidden Passions Pt. 01


She is not the girl that I am supposed to be interested in, she is not the girl I should fantasize about and she is definitely not the girl I should be having sex with, the reason for this is that she is my best friends girlfriend. We’ve been friends for years and this kind of thing has never arisen but there is just something about this girl that drives me wild, her hair, her eyes, her lips, her body, her smile, everytime I cast eyes on her my blood boils and I break out in a sweat and I can’t focus on anything other than her beauty and her curves.

It started out as just a harmless conversation during a boozy evening. We had all been out for dinner with a few more people and ended up back at their place for some drinks, the conversation took a turn towards sexual fantasies so one by one we all began divulging some of the things we had done or that we would like to do, it was all in good natured spirits but I was sure out the corner of my eye she was looking at me and only me throughout this.

We talked about various things and everyone listened quite intently when I spoke about some of the things I had done. The tale of the girl who was into tying up and spanking got a few approving cheers from the crowd so I continued my story in great detail, describing how I handcuffed her to the bed and completely pleasured her from top to bottom. I started by kissing her neck, I felt her body go rigid as soon as I began, I could hear her breathing repeatedly sharpen as she enjoyed the sensation, as I glided my hand over her body she began to lick her lips and arch her back, I could tell that she was getting wetter by the second and that she wanted me to satisfy her fully but I wasn’t ready to let her have it just yet.

I slowly worked my way down to her chest cupping her left breast in my hand so that I could tease her already erect nipple with my tongue and then gently nibble at it with my teeth, she was beginning to really thrash around now, as I moved onto her right breast she began to moan loudly, I once again ran my hand across her body, this time I moved up her right leg and she immediately threw her legs open as wide as she could but I stopped just as I reached her inner thigh, I was loving the control of this situation, in honesty my cock was rock hard and I was dying to fuck her but there was something about her being at my complete mercy that was so much more erotic and overpowering. I began my descent down her perfectly toned body again and she arched her back so high when I got to her pussy that she literally thrust it into my mouth. I pulled her wet lips apart and began to gently tease her clit with my finger, slowly rubbing it up and down, she was bucking wildly and moaning audibly, I leant In and started to use my tongue, she tasted so sweet and came as soon as I began to lick. I slid two fingers inside her, she was so wet and she groaned as I began to massage her g-spot and she soon came again loudly.

I pulled my fingers out and placed them to her lips so she could taste herself, she willingly sucked my fingers clean and this was enough for me, I was ready to give her what she wanted. I pressed my cock against her throbbing clit and slid it up and down a few times just for one last tease and then I grabbed her hips and thrust myself completely inside her as hard as I could, she squealed as I did this and was soon pulling hard at her wrist restraints. I continued to fuck her in this starfish position until she came intensely again, I honestly thought she would break her bed if I didn’t unbind her after her last orgasm, so i quickly undid all of the handcuffs and she threw herself upwards and pulled me into a lust crazed embrace. She was panting and kissing me wildly, her hands were running up and down my back, scratching at my skin and it felt so good, that’s when she whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck anadolu yakası escort her from behind and that she loved to be spanked too.

I didn’t need to be asked twice so I flipped her round and then eased myself inside her, her nice round ass was so inviting and a picture to behold as i held on to her waist and continued to plough into her, I raised my right hand and gave her cheek a nice hard slap, the noise was spectacular, it was a perfect hit and the moan she let out made her grind down hard against me, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate so I picked up my speed and then continued to spank her ass cheeks till I felt her whole body shiver and her pussy tighten, she was screaming oh god, oh god as she hit her extreme climax and with one final thrust I hit my own and filled her pussy up with my hot sticky cum.

Now I never realised just how caught up in telling my story I actually was because whilst I was enjoying my flashbacks the rest of the room were clearly beginning to feel the heat themselves as there were a few very quick and rushed exits from the party, leaving just me, my best friend and his girl. I decided I would leave as I’m not the spare wheel type of guy but as I got up I saw her staring at me intensely and biting her lip, it was almost as if she was in a daze but the fact her eyes followed me across the room told me that she clearly had something else on her mind.

As I left to get my cab I looked back toward the house and saw her looking at me as she drew the curtains, I swore she gave me a wink as she pulled them to. On the journey home all of my thoughts were focused on her and the looks I was getting, did she really do that? What did it mean? Surely she was just a bit carried away with the drinks flowing and the convo turning dirty. Just as I began to shake off these notions my phone went off, it was a message and it was from her. She told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about how I fucked that other girl and that she had never been so turned on by a story before, we began to chat and divulge a bit more info about each other than either of us expected but she was just so easy to talk to that these sordid secrets just rolled off my tongue. She told me about things she had done and was surprised to hear some more of my tales but she was certainly enjoying them. She asked me to send her some of them in full so she could get a better picture, like the one she admitted to having whilst I spoke at the party, I was a little apprehensive but I agreed to anyway. Over the next few days I sent her three separate stories, her reactions were unexpected to say the least, I could tell I was getting to her on so many levels and with this thought I started my next tale but I substituted the woman in the subject with her, she immediately caught onto this and before long she was asking me what I wanted to do to her next, I realised I was starting to fall into dangerous territory but I just couldn’t help myself.

I decided to try and distance myself for a couple of days and let things calm down a bit but the idea of telling the stories made me want to start a journal of my exploits. As I began writing my latest episode, I received a message from her, she wanted to meet me and talk as she didn’t want our friendship nor that of me and my friend to be damaged by our obvious flirtation. I reluctantly agreed but I knew I was going to struggle to keep control if I saw her as I was now picturing her in every scenario I spoke of since that night she winked at me. I asked her if she wanted to come over but she said she was had a few errands on the other side of town so asked if I could meet her at the park in the centre of town.

It was a quiet park just off of small side street that was mainly used by dog walkers and the occasional jogging enthusiast. ataşehir escort She was already there when I arrived and as i parked behind her she got out of her car, she looked stunning in a pair of tight fitting sports leggings which hugged round the shape of her ass perfectly, she had the matching top which had the exact same effect on her torso and breasts, her hair was tied up in a ponytail and her eyes seemed to sparkle brightly in the evening sun, she must have seen me mouth the word fuck when I saw her as she gave a coy smile and walked over to a nearby bench. As I watched her walk my eyes were transfixed on her perfect body, I felt my trousers begin to twitch which made me try and snap out of my gaze.

Somewhat flustered I got out of my car and went to join her on the bench, before we said anything we just looked at each other and smiled, I gave a little chuckle and she asked me why, I told her I’d never really done anything like this with anyone, as in writing sex stories and creating explicit fantasies let alone doing it with a friend’s girlfriend, she blushed and bit her lip again, the same way she did after hearing my story. I was truly in a difficult position now, my head was telling me not to do anything other than talk but every other part of me was urging me to lean over, run my hands through her hair and pull her towards me to kiss her succulent lips, this woman looked more amazing everytime I saw her, her perfume she wore was intoxicating and I was finding her almost shy vulnerability increasingly more attractive, at this point I realised we hadn’t actually spoken much at all, so I awkwardly broke the silence by asking about my friend, yes, great move I thought to myself sheepishly. We chatted casually about random subjects for a good half hour, it turns out I had more in common with her than I thought which really wasn’t helping my situation any, she checked her watch and realised that she should be going as she had a dinner date to get to so I stood up and offered her my hand to help her up, she blushed again at this and commented on me being such a gentleman, as I walked her back to her car I used all my strength not to go for a sneaky squeeze of her ass, what was coming over me!

Later that evening she messaged me again to thank me for meeting her and for the chat, she told me that I keep surprising her with the hidden aspects of my character, I smiled and thought to myself that maybe she wanted to find out what else I had hidden. As we began what had now become a regular occurrence of messaging each other at night she told me her date had cancelled and that my friend was out so she was home alone, she asked if I would give her another story for some bedtime reading, I took a few minutes to try and think of something when the image of her on the bench popped into my head so I began to tell her what was going on in my head.

I told her how I watched her walk so sultry towards the bench and how I took in every fine curve of her body, I got out of my car and went to sit beside her, I was immediately drawn to how pert and firm her breasts looked in her sports top, she asked if I liked what I saw and before I thought of anything to say I leant over and ran my hand through her hair and pulled her towards me so I could kiss her. It was a passionate kiss and one that we both enjoyed as I could feel her breathing getting harder, her hands were running all over my back as she was pulling me into her embrace, I began to kiss her neck and this was clearly pushing her over the edge because she pushed me away and stood up, I thought she was about to leave but she took my hand and led me to her car.

We climbed into the back seats and continued kissing, she then began to unbutton my jeans and pull my cock out, I was already rock hard and ready for her, she lowered her head and took ümraniye escort my whole length in her mouth, she began to suck my cock steadily, using her tongue to flick over my frenulum which made me moan in pleasure, this felt so good but I wanted more, I lifted her head up and kissed her hard on the lips, as I was kissing her I started to pull down her leggings, she wasn’t wearing any underwear so I had straight access to her hot wet pussy which was throbbing and aching to be well fucked. I lowered myself between her legs and began to tease her clit with my willing tongue, as I flicked over it and occasionally gently nibbled at it she began moaning loudly, she was stretching her arms up and pushing the roof as I brought her to climax to some very satisfied screams.

She told me that she needed to feel me inside her and that she had been thinking about my cock for weeks, I sat back in the seat and she climbed on top of me, I slid inside her with ease and we both gasped as she took my full length, her pussy felt amazing and surprisingly tight, she began to pick up rhythm and was soon cumming loudly again, I could feel it running down over my balls as I continued to thrust. I picked up speed and she was hammering herself down harder on top of me, this got too much for me and I groaned and threw my head back as I came inside her, she painted and carried on bouncing up and down squeezing every last drop of cum out of me before sliding off me and taking my cock in her mouth. She said she loved how my cock tasted after fucking her and looked at me as she licked it clean.

As I finished writing the message, I realised I was incredibly turned on so I began to play with myself whilst I waited for her reaction, it wasn’t long before I got my response, it was two words “holy fuck”.

I smiled and responded by agreeing and then took the step to tell her what I was doing, I immediately regretted my decision after I sent it but to my surprise she responded saying she was doing the exact same thing and asked if I wanted to see? I only had one reply for her and soon I got my picture, her body was exactly as I had pictured it, her breasts looked amazing and her nipples were so hard showing just how turned on she was, she was wearing black silk panties and her hand was placed in them clearly pleasuring herself, my cock went into overdrive and I began to stroke myself furiously, I decided to return the favour and sent her a picture of my stiff cock. She responded by telling me she now realised why I had such a candid sex life and also why I came across as a cocky shit sometimes. We both agreed that this shouldn’t really carry on much further but our lust for eachother was beginning to grow and it was too difficult to not speak to her regularly.

Over the next few days we carried on texting and occasionally meeting up at the park for chats, after a few of these visits I plucked up the courage to grab her ass as we walked back to the cars, she jumped in surprise but also giggled which told me she was waiting for me to do that, this became the subject of our chats for the next couple of days and she admitted how much she liked it and wanted me to do it again next time we met but I was wanting so much more, I asked her to meet me at the park one Friday evening after work, she said she had plans but I told her it would only be for a quick chat so she agreed to meet me. I waited patiently for her at our secret rendezvous point and when she arrived I got out to meet her, she said she literally only had 5 mins so I started with small talk, I was so nervous because I was going to make my move now, I told her that I only had one reason for her to meet me, she asked what and then I pulled her towards me and kissed her. It was an incredible kiss, her lips were so soft and she was kissing me back which made it even better. She pushed herself away and licked her lips looking slightly taken aback, she told me she had to go and got back in her car before driving off.

I sat there thinking to myself, well done what a great way to ruin things, but just then I got the familiar ping from my phone, her message just read;

“That was exactly how I imagined it would be x”.

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