Forced Ch. 06


The next moment he was off down the clinic hallway. I made my way to the outer office, walking in a happy daze. I walked out of the building and started the journey back to the hotel by foot. It was a beautiful day in Vegas — in the high 60s and I wanted the exercise.

I walked the 4 miles back to the hotel. During my walk I checked in with my wife. I told her I had made it to Vegas and would be there for 2 more days. She was in a hurry as always and reminded me to call the kids tonight.

As I neared the hotel I thought about the last 2 days. I am not going to put myself in this situation again. I felt free.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got up to my room and checked my email and voicemail. I was bored and decided to head over to the convention center. I decided to stay in the clothes Scott had put out for me earlier in the day. I hailed a cap and took the quick trip over to the convention center. I signed in, grabbed my vendor badge and information packs and headed toward the main ballroom. It was packed with trade show booths, vendors, prospects and customers.

I suddenly became focused for the first time in 2 days and started working the crowd. I was one of the top reps in this field and knew quite a lot of people here. I lead a number of people over toward our booth, for the first time coming in contact with Scott. We worked the crowd together — we followed each other’s lead and I found him to be the boss I always dreamed about. Some of our other reps were at the convention, but didn’t seem as successful as Scott and me.

The conference ran for the next several hours. I never took a break for lunch or dinner. Scott has some of the junior reps fetch us water and snacks throughout the day. The pinnacle of the day was meeting the buyer for one of our target companies, Abrah Manufacturing — who had been with our chief competitor for years. It turned out Scott knew him well and made introductions to me. Over the next several minutes I sold my heart out. They agreed to have dinner with Scott and me the following evening.

As the conference ended, we cleaned up our booth. Some of my team seemed pissed off at me. “What?” I asked a couple of the guys who were obviously talking behind my back. I just got some dirty looks and they walked away, calling me ‘Goldie’.

Julie Clein, one of the reps from Florida, came up to me and said, “don’t worry about them, they are poor sports. They are mad you came late today. They think Scott is playing favorites and you are his golden boy. That is why they called you Goldie. Good job on Abrah. If you need any help on them, let me know. They have a big plant in Florida.”

Julie and I finished cleaning up and I walked to the lobby of the convention center with her. Scott was talking with some folks and broke away and joined us when we got closer. “Let’s grab a cab back to the hotel. You staying at Caesar’s, Julie?” he asked.

Julie was there, too — so we all jumped in a cab and went back to the hotel. When we entered, Scott asked us if we wanted a celebratory drink. We went directly into the bar and ordered a round of drinks. I planned on ordering a soda only, but Scott gave me a sideways glance — so I ordered a vodka tonic instead. Julie had a cosmo and Scott had a beer. The talk was light, with Julie asking Scott a lot of questions about himself, as she reported to him, too.

I found out that Scott was single, but seeing someone. He lived in Silicon Valley, but had a place down by Malibu on the water. He was an only child and both his parents lived near Lake Tahoe. Then he started talking about why he was brought into our company. The board wanted to make some changes and get rid of underperformers. He liked both of our style and was thinking of creating a level of management — basically splitting the country in half — either north south or east west. He wanted to find two people to run the teams, so he didn’t need to babysit 20 reps himself. And then he told us that both of us were on his short list. We ended up having 2 more rounds during this conversation, then Julie excused herself. “Sorry boys, buy I have a deal with my husband — no more than 2 drinks while at work functions,” she said with a bow.

I looked down at my watch and saw it was getting close to 7pm. Before I could even come up with an excuse to get away, Scott said he had to meet someone for dinner. “Be sure to keep the door between our rooms open tonight, baby. Good job today!” he said with a devilish grin on his face. As he put his drink down on the table he brushed his hand against mine. I instantly felt a charge go through my body and could feel a swell of blood down to my crotch. My faced glowed red and I felt my breathing change slightly. Why did this guy have such a hook on me?

Scott got up and walked toward the lobby. Before he left the room he turned back to me and smiled broadly. I was like a school girl — what a fag I was becoming. I slammed the rest of my drink and got up to leave. As I was leaving the bar, I could see Scott talking with a tall, handsome, black man near the restaurant. They both looked over at me casino oyna briefly and then disappeared into the dining room. I started walking towards the elevators when I heard my name called — or at least my nickname called.


I turned and found Tom, the nurse from the clinic, coming my way. “Hi, Jay,” he said as he neared me, “I guess you didn’t hear me at first.”

“Oh, sorry, I was preoccupied,” I said. Tom was holding an envelope in his hand. I looked down at it, and then back up at him. I didn’t want to do something so personal in the middle of a busy hotel lobby so I invited him back into the bar for a drink. We sat down at the same table I vacated just a moment before. The waiter came back and I ordered my 3rd gin and tonic for the night, while Tom asked for a two shots of tequila. That surprised me, but then again, Tom was a young buck. And to prove it, Tom was carded.

Once the waiter left the table, Tom slid the envelope to me. I stared down at it.

“Don’t worry, everything is fine. All negative,” asserted Tom. Again, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, Tom, you and the doc are life savers. I can’t believe I got myself into this situation to begin with, and now I can go back to my normal life.”

“Jay, if you are a happily married man, how did you get into this situation?”

Over the next hour and several drinks, I shared my story with Tom. It was easy, with what I had been through with him earlier today, it seemed easy. And the alcohol helped, too. I also learned a bit about Tom. He had gotten a 2 year degree at a community college. He and Dr. Davis met one night at a gay bar. They ended up fucking the night away and in the morning had enjoyed each other so much they decided to start dating. After a couple of months, Tom joined Dr. Davis and started up the clinic. It was successful and they were profitable after only 10 months.

My mind was swimming. The alcohol, in combination with our discussion and my last couple of days had gotten to me. I decided I should stop drinking and head up to my room. I got up to leave the table and say thanks to Tom, but I was a bit unsteady on my feet.

Tom jumped up quickly and told me he would help me to my room. I told him I was grateful for all his help today. In the last 2 hours I had consumed 6 gin and tonics. And this was without dinner. Tom was also feeing no pain as he had at least 4 shots of tequila during the same time. The trip to the elevator and to the room was pretty tame.

Once I got my door opened however, I turned toward Tom to thank him. He was smiling at me so innocently. I banged the keycard into the doorknob and it dropped to the floor. Tom bent down and picked it up. He opened the door for me and led me inside. Once the door was closed, he suddenly pushed me up against the wall and started tonguing my mouth with a vengeance. I was drunk and horny (not a good combination for me), and went with the flow. Tom pulled my shirt front open, popping a buttons or two on the way. Once my bare chest was in sight, he dove for my nipples and started sucking and biting them — while his fingers worked on my belt and zipper.

My cock slapped up against my stomach the second he released it from my pants. I heard it “Thwack!”

“Fucking hot, Jay!” Tom panted in my ear. “I can’t wait to fuck you silly.”

“I don’t know about that, Tom” I said more to myself than to him. “Let’s just see where it goes, ok?”

“I sure know where it is going to go,” Tom said as he dropped to his knees and slid his lips around the head of my dick. He swallowed it right down to the base in one quick motion. I could feel the head of my cock in the base of his throat. And his tongue was massaging the bottom of my cock at the same time.

Tom put his hands on my hips and ass and used them to pulse me back and forth a tiny bit. He was kneading my ass at the same time and I started getting weak at the knees. I was still up against the wall, but started to slowly drop down the wall towards the floor. Tom pulled away as I hit the floor. He towered above me.

Tom is about 6 feet tall and pushing 200 lbs. He is blonde and blue eyed, kind of a mix between a wrestler and surfer. At the clinic today, Tom wore scrubs. Now he was in a t-shirt and light khaki pants with loafers…but not for long. He kicked off his shoes and pulled the t-shirt off his body. I see his upper torso nude. He is barrel-chested with thick shoulders and arms. This guy could bench press tractors. He is completely hairless. He then starts undoing his pants. He drops them and kicks them off — leaving him only in a pair on black thong underwear. He fishes in his pants pockets for a moment and pulls out a condom.

He then grabs the waistband of his thong and pulls it from his body, pulling them down to the floor. When he stands back up I can see his cock. And what a cock it is. It is 7 inches long, but thick as a beer can.

“Doc calls it the home wreaker,” he says to me as I see it waiving in the air. “Tonight it gets a special treat.”

I started shaking my head no and got scared. While his cock is not as long as Scott’s, Tom slot oyna sure has him beat in the width department. He had shaved all his pubic hair with the exception of a small strip of dark blonde hair right above his dick. It looked exactly like the strip of hair on this chin — his little goatee. While I was thinking this, Tom jumped down to the floor and started going down on my cock again.

I started telling him there was no way that monster was coming anywhere near my ass. Scott continued to blow me, and then moved down to my balls. He sucked both of them into his mouth. He reached up for my cock and started jacking me slowly. My hips went on auto pilot and started thrusting with his movements. Before I knew it, Tom had moved down to my ass and started tonguing my asshole. He was aggressive — while Scott had basically kissed my asshole, Tom was fucking me with his tongue. His tongue was actually going in my body. He had my hips tilted up so high, I was basically balanced on my upper shoulders and neck. My ass started spasming to the intrusion and my cock was leaking a ton of precum.

“I’m gonna fuck you all night,” he said. I was so excited it was hard to think straight. His cock would break me in half. But he was doing such fantastic things to my body that I couldn’t think. I actually reached back with my free hands and spread my cheeks apart, giving him better access to my gaping asshole. I was covered in goose bumps from all the sexual stimulation that was running through my veins. Could I take his hugely thick dick?

Tom pulled away for a second and I heard the snap of condom as he stretched it to fit over his cock. I looked over at the condom wrapper on the floor and saw the packaging – Durex XXL. Holy crap, even I knew those condoms were huge. I looked down at his cock. I was whimpering in lust as he spread my legs wide and climbed up my body. I heard another tear and looked down, he was pouring lube of some kind on his cock, and then suddenly I felt cold wet gel being applied to my asshole. He shoved three fingers right into me with no resistance. “Aghhh,” I moaned like a whore. I was expecting the intrusion to hurt – instead it felt good. Thinking he was going to finger me for a moment, I relaxed…but Tom had other plans. He moved quickly and lined his cock up to me and pushed.

I screamed. It felt like a baseball bat was being shoved up my ass. The head of his cock rammed past my rim and then he stopped. I started whimpering and my eyes watered – the pain was so much. I pushed at him and kicked my feet off the ground to get away from him. His tried to maintain his depth and gain more, but his cock was too thick. “STOP!” I yelled. “Get that fucking thing out of me. NOW!!!”

My asshole was on fire. Tom eased up a bit and the intense stabs of pain went away. But he kept the head of his cock in my ass. He looked down at my and slowly grabbed my arms and put them over my head, like he had done earlier in the day at the clinic. “I know my dick is thick, but let’s try to do this nice and slow. Let me drive, it will get easier. It might go easier without the rubber.”

“No fucking way, man!” I barked back at him. “Get your dick out of me, now!”

“Jay, come on, I’m already in,” he said then jabbed his hips forward a bit. His cock moved forward, too. He eased up on me and I tried to pull away from him. I could feel my insides raking the girth of his cock.

“Please?” he asked and jabbed forward again, gaining a tiny bit more room.

“No, you are too fucking big,” I gasped and tried moving off his dick.

“It feels great to me,” he said with a smile as he jabbed me twice. This time, more of his cock went in me. I felt so full. My cock, on the other hand and shriveled up and was not interested any more.

“It feels real good, Jay” he jabbed in again. “I have half my cock in you dude!”

Jab, jab, jab. Holy crap, it felt like my ass checks were going in my hole, too. Tom bent forward and started licking on my left nipple. Then he bit down on it hard and pressed forward with his hips. The pain in my nipple made me lose concentration of the pain in my ass and he slid another inch in my body.

“Fuck!” I groaned. “That is as far as you go. You should pull it out now.”

“OK, I will pull it out” he said, then jammed another inch inside me.

“Please stop, Tom!” I groaned. “OUCH…ugghhhh…your cock is tearing me up!”

“Are you sure you want me to stop, dude?” he asked, again pushing forward — then back slowly. I could feel my insides retracting a bit when his cock pulled from my body.

“Yeah — pull it out…ughhh, that feels better” I grunted, feeling relief as a bit more of his cock exited my body.

“Your ass is so fucking tight, Jay” he said, as he changed direction and pushed back in, gaining all the ground he had lost.

“Aughhh, take it out! You are too big!” I groaned.

“Oh, dude, that is some nice pussy you have,” Tom sighed as he moved deeper.

“No more — please!” I begged.

“OK, OK, I’ll stop,” he said, and twisted his hips from side to side — making his cock twist inside my maxed-capacity hole. canlı casino siteleri

I bit down on my lip and felt the tears streaming out of the corners of my eyes. Tom still had my hands pushed down over my head. He centered more of his weight on his cock, which pushed slightly more into me. “Ohhhh, God — take it out of me.”

“I know it hurts, we just need more lube. I will take it out, but only if you agree to let me put more lube on it and put it back in. OK?” he asked.

“No, I cant’ take it anymore. It hurts too much,” I said biting my lip. His crotch was still not touching my body, so I knew he had a bit more to go. I could feel the veins of his cock pulsing.

“Come on. Only an inch or so to go. The lube will help. I promise. Plus, it will feel good to get it out of you for a minute or two” he sounded like he was begging.

I agreed to him pulling out of my ass, not to additional penetration and said, “OK. But just pull it out. I can’t do this any more.”

Tom slowly pulled out of me. The relief was immediate and intense. It felt like my insides were being pulled out of my body. When his cock head left my body, the rim of my asshole had to flair to get around it. That extra spreading shot a flash of lust through my body. I looked down at his cock. The condom was still in place. I lay back and took in a couple deep breaths.

I heard Tom open up another packet of lube. He held it right up to my asshole and pushed it in, the lube shooting out of the packet directly into my cavern. It was cold and wet and felt great. It soothed the deadly ache and burning in my ass. Tom did this a second time with another packet of lube until I could feel the gel start coming out of my hole and leak down my ass. I felt the blunt head of Tom’s cock back at my hole and he grabbed my hips.

“Here goes,” was all he said as he pushed forward. His cock spread me again, but went in much easier. His cock seemed much hotter than before and in a matter of moments he was exactly where he had left off — with only minimal effort on his part. Me on the other hand? I felt each agonizing inch of his thick shaft spreading me open.

Like I said before, his cock seemed hotter than before. And there was less friction. I shook that off to be the added lube. Tom pulled my legs up off the floor and put them on his shoulders. That movement allowed Tom to get a bit more of his cock in me. But there was an inch to go. I took a deep breath and exhaled, and he told me to push out like I was going to take a shit.

WHAM! I saw stars. I actually couldn’t focus and felt like I lost all the air in my lungs. My ass clamped down on him so hard, he grunted and I just mumbled, FUCK, FUCK FUCK!

Tom screamed lightly in my ear, “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” He dove down and started French kissing me deeply. I could taste some of my taint on his tongue. He pulled his cock back then began to jam it in and out of my asshole. I kept pulling my ass cheeks apart giving his cock total access. I screamed into his mouth as he fucked me hard. The sounds in the room were a mix of my yelps, his grunts and the sound of his hips slapping my ass as he fucked it.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to get a hold of all the different sensations — the taste of his kiss, the smell of him. The smoothness of his body. The aggressive, burning thrust as his thick cock spread my asshole. Every time he would pull out it felt like I was taking an enormous shit. I know, it sounds gross, but it felt delicious. Over and over and over.

Suddenly, Tom pulled his cock out of me and jumped up onto his feet. He reached his hand down to me and pulled me up. “Let’s go to the bed, I am getting rug burn on my knees,” he said. Sure enough, I could feel a little rug burn on my back and ass as well. Tom moved quickly to the bed and flopped down on it, laying on his back. He looked so young compared to Scott, maybe it was the lack of body hair. Maybe it was because this guy was 15 years younger. I didn’t care. My ass felt used, but empty.

“Ride my cock,” he said. Still horny as hell, I straddled his shaved legs. It turned me to see my hairy legs against his bare ones. I straddled him. He reached down and guided his thick cock to my back door. He lined it up to my hole. I very slowly eased myself onto his thick rod. My asshole was numb and sore from being fucked so hard and spread so wide open. Tom laughed as my face tensed up in pain, knowing his cock was the cause of my discomfort. I only made it half way down when I said, ‘No more.”

Tom pushed me off, grabbed another packet of lube and opened it with his teeth. He put it right up to my ass and pushed the lube inside me. Again, cool relief. Tom scooted under me on the bed and pulled me on top of him. He lined up my hole onto his cock and then moved his hands to my upper thighs and pushed down, forcing his cock into me. He spread me. I felt like a virgin on prom night. I closed my eyes and exhaled, that sent his cock directly into my guts. My hole was ruined. I would have to wear a diaper forever. I would never regain the use of my sphincter. I moaned over and over, Tom sighed. Then he asked me to ride his cock. I slowly did as I was asked. I moved up and down, while my hands lay over his — which were on top of my thighs. As I rode his hard and immensely thick dick, my own cock slowly came back to life.

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