Forcing Perfection

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I hate whenever people start these stories by saying “I’m just a normal person.” Well, you clearly aren’t, or you wouldn’t have such a fantastic story to tell, now would you? I’m not a normal guy, and I’m proud of it. I am not, however, above clichés, so I will get that out of the way right now.

So I had a cock that granted wishes. All you had to do was eat the cum, and you were good to go. Over the years I slowly changed my body. It was really fun savoring the growth. By the time I was 18, I had completed my transformation. I was 6′ 4″ Adonis, broad and jacked. My body rippled with massive muscles, putting all but the most hardcore fitness nuts to shame. Beautiful eyes, perfect skin, and a massive cock completed the look. At 16″ long and 12″ around, with balls a little bigger than grapefruits, my cock was a magnificent sight. The day after my 18th birthday, I discovered one more thing about my the wishes. I could deny them.

My girlfriend at the time decided to get me really drunk and promised me a great blowjob. We got extremely drunk, and I spilled the beans about my magic dick. I did lie and told her she needed to swallow as much as she could to get the most effect. So she immediately went down on me. It looked almost comical, watching her 5′ even frame try to wrangle my massive tool. She barely got most of the head in her mouth, but she was still quite skilled. About ten minutes later, right as I’m about to cum, she pops up for air and says “I wish my boobs were smaller.” I immediately responded with “No,” and came like a fountain. She only swallowed a little bit, the rest covering her face and almost all of her upper body. She stood up and smiled and said “I can’t wait for my wish to come true.” I was pissed. Her tits looks great on her body. Sure, she was a full 28DD, but that’s what was so hot about her. The proportions.

A week goes by, but her tits are the same size. She tries again and waits another two weeks. No change. I had denied her both times. Finally I snapped and broke up with her, saying I needed to find a woman I could fuck, not barely titty fuck a woman whose tits were almost as big as my balls. She was just tits to me anyway.

I figured out what I wanted in that moment: a size queen that I could turn into a sex slave. Someone I could slowly force into my idea of a perfect woman. I was headed to college at the end of the month, and that seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Once I got to college and got settled in my dorm, I started my search. Not directly though. I had my friends listen out for anyone that was truly slutty. Not just the girls who went crazy the first weekend, but the bitches that kept it up week in and week out. By the end of September, I had a perfect candidate. My buddy’s arranged for us to meet at breakfast one morning. I decided to wear large and excessively baggy clothing to see how she reacted to me even if she didn’t know what I was packing.

So we were sitting the dorm room cafeteria, waiting for her to walk in, when one of my friends gestured towards the door. I looked over to see the woman, and was instantly unimpressed. She was about 5′ 3″ tall, with barely and shape to her whatsoever. She was very slight, with only the faintest curve in at the waist and flare of the hips. She came over and sat down with us, and my friend said “Thomas, this is Jenn. Jenn, Thomas.”

We shook hands, and she purred “Big hands. I like that.” Her voice exuded sex and confidence. Now I was intrigued.

My friend look at Jenn and said “I told you he was a big guy.”

Jenn kept her cool. “We’ll see about that.” She then leaned in and whispered in my ear “I only like big boys. If you don’t have a real cock, don’t bother. If you think you’re worthy, then follow me.” She turned around and walked away, me in tow, wondering what was going to happen next.

She took me up to her dorm room, which was on the corner of the top floor, very much removed from anyone else. “This is fairly private.” I said.

“I requested it that way. You’ll see why in a minute.”

As she opened her door, I immediately understood. She had sex toys everywhere, from dildos and vibrators, to fucking machines, and everything in between. “I don’t just fuck a lot of people for fun. I do it because I need to.” She started stripping and she pranced around her room, feeling in total control. “I’m never satisfied. I haven’t been my whole life, no matter who I’ve been with.” Now completely naked, she pulled a 4″ vibrator out of her pussy. “I need this to go anywhere, or I can’t focus.” She then walked over to her nightstand and pulled something out of her drawer. “This is my pride and joy. It’s a foot long, 8″ around, lifelike vibrator. This is the closest I’ve ever come to being satisfied, but it still didn’t get me there.” She sauntered over to me, feeling in complete control still. “What do you say, fucker? Does your dick measure up?”

So this is her bit, I thought to myself. She brings guys up here with the promise of sex and then does this whole bit in front of them. Turns them into her personal play thing for the day, so they will anything to try and satisfy her. Alright then. Here goes casino oyna nothing.

I started to laugh after a brief pause, and she looked confused. Then I took my hoodie off, revealing the mountain of muscle underneath. She just stood there, mouth agape. Then I pulled my pants down, and my monstrous cock slowly rose to full glory, making her, and her tiny dildo, look absolutely ridiculous. After another few moments of letting her stare, I said, very softly, “Suck me off. Now.”

She dropped to her knees immediately, the giant head obscuring most of her face. She took her time, giving proper attention to as much of my cock as she could. “So how does it measure up, bitch? Judging by the fact that you look tiny next to my cock, I say pretty fucking well.” She just continued to administer her expert blow job. “Stop. Can you fist yourself?

“What?” She looked very confused.

I reached down and pulled her to her feet by her hair. “Answer the question bitch! Can you fist yourself?”


I threw her on the bed. “Show me.” She leaned back and quickly slid her hand inside her pussy, all the way up to the wrist. “Good.” I said, and walked over, flipped her on her stomach, grabbed her legs, and slammed my dick into her. She took about half of it inside her, screaming in pain and pleasure. I just plowed into her, fucking her as hard as I could. “For a size queen, you can’t take a lot can you? I guess that’s what happens when you get fucked by a real cock for the first time.” She didn’t respond, already in a constant state of orgasm. She started squirting, and squirting, and squirting until there was a puddle at my feet. She stopped trying to break free after about five minutes, accepting that my iron grip and steel dick had her trapped right where I wanted her. She passed out after about twenty minutes or so, just completely overloaded by pleasure. As a parting gift I pulled out and covered her entire body, head to ass, in my cum.

Satisfied by my work, I found a pad and paper and left her a little note. “Get rid of all of your sex toys. Be in this room at 4:00 PM, naked and ready. I own you now. From now on, my name is Master.”

The next day I went up to Jenn’s room and four o’clock, and she was there, ready and waiting for me. “Good. Everything is gone, so that’s a first step. And now for the ground rules. I own you. You’re mine. You will do nothing without me telling you to, besides keeping yourself healthy, clean, and fed. Otherwise, you follow my instructions. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. I’m going to change you, slowly, into a creature of perfection. It will be my version of perfection. You will help me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Come suck my cock.” She hurriedly pulled my pants down and starting shoving as much of the head inside her mouth as she could. I laughed at her. “You can barely get the head of my cock inside your mouth. I would tell you to tit fuck me, but your tits are tiny. Even my balls look massive next to your tiny tits. You will make your tits bigger. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” She didn’t even ask how, she just went right back to sucking.

“Good. My cum is magic. All you have to do is speak your wish aloud, swallow some of my cum, and your wish will be granted. But don’t try to fuck with me. I can deny any wish you may have. If you make a wish I don’t like, I will say no. If you do it again…well, let’s just say you will be punished.”

“Yes Master.”

“You will wish for your tits to grow one cup size. You will make this wish every week. You will continue this until I tell you to stop. You are allowed to add anything into your weekly wishes that you think will please me, but tell me first. I don’t want you wasting wishes.”

“Yes Master.*

“Good. With this wish, add that you are able to take my whole cock into your pussy. I can’t have some bitch that I can’t tit fuck, face fuck, or actually fuck. You need to be useful somehow.”

Jenn’s face lit up with delight. “Yes Master!”

And so it was. I set up cameras and a computer in her room, and started a website so people could watch me and my titanic body fuck the tiny woman with the steadily growing tits. I made a fortune in my first month, and by the holidays, I decided to move out of the dorms, and into a house. I told Jenn to pack all of our stuff and move it in while I went out to celebrate with my friends. It was nice having someone around to do everything for me. Meant I had more energy for stuff I liked to do.

Two days after we were moved in, I set about setting up cameras. Business was booming after all, and Jenn’s tits had blossomed from a tiny 30B to her newly formed 30G cup, much to the excitement of her fans. It was just after Thanksgiving, and she was cleaning up around the house in her usual attire of stilettos and nothing else. She had done good work with her wishes, making her skin a permanent faint tan. Her hair was now bright red and down to her ass, and she had piercing blue eyes. She had straightened and whitened her teeth. Her tits were where she put all of her focus though. They were perky and almost made cleavage slot oyna without a bra on. Her nipples and areola were perfectly proportioned and centered, pointing straight out from her tits. They hung naturally but they were very full, overflowing the sloping nature of all but the skimpiest of bras. I told her to come over, so she did. I could tell something was bothering her though, so I asked.

“Master, can I stop growing my tits now? They are big enough.”

My eyes flashed in rage. I jumped up, grabbed her around her waist and threw her on the ground. “Are you fucking kidding me? Are they big enough?” I straddled her waist, and stroked my cock to full mast. “Do they look big enough to you? Look at my balls, and then look at your tits. Your tits are barely bigger. Now, look at this.” I slammed my cock down between her tits, making a solid thud against her chest and causing her to flinch in pain. “Did you forget how big my cock is? It dwarfs your tits. Your tits are tiny next to my fucking cock. Your tits aren’t even close to big enough yet. You’re not close to finished yet, so you might as well enjoy the growth. Because one day you’ll be big enough. Because right now you still can’t tit fuck me, and I’ll never be able to face fuck you. So you’re just a pussy to me. In fact, that’s your new name. Pussy. Because that’s all you are.’ I picked Pussy up and slammed her down onto my cock, using her like a fleshlight, pumping her body up and down on my massive cock with my mighty muscles, until I shot a massive load into her. I took her off my softening dick and threw her onto the couch. “Clean up in here, it’s a fucking mess.” I got dressed and walked out to go get a beer with some friends. I could hear her crying as I left. I didn’t care. She was just a pussy to me, and pussys don’t cry.

Despite how hard I was on her, Pussy bounced back the next day, going right back into being a perfectly obedient little woman. It was also wish day, which always put her in better spirits. I was curious to see what she would come up with. She hadn’t disappointment me yet with the new things she could dream up.

After lunch she looked at me and said “Master, I think I have some ideas for the wish today.”

“Alright Pussy, lets hear it.”

“I would like to make my tits more sensitive. A lot more sensitive. If you want to tit fuck me, I should be able to have multiple orgasms from it. I should be able to orgasm from you just grabbing my tits.”

I pondered her idea for a few minutes. “I like it. I like it a lot. Let’s do it slowly, so you get used to it. You stop when you feel like they are sensitive enough, OK?”

“Yes Master.” She seemed very pleased with herself, and I had to admit I liked the idea of being able to cause her to orgasm at any time, just by grabbing her tits.

That night, she made her wish, but instead of just wishing for growth, she surprised me and wished for instant growth. She finished sucking me off and swallowed some of my cum, then popped off and leaned back to take the rest of my epic load onto her tits.

She reached up and grabbed her tits, massaging the cum into them, and I watched as her tits, slowly, gently swelled one cup size bigger, her head thrown back in pure pleasure. It was quite an erotic sight, and one that had my dick immediately on the rebound, ready to tuck again. I played Pussy down and climbed on top of her, fucking her with the full length of my dick while she kneaded her brand new, and newly sensitive, H cup tits. In that moment, I realized that she had taken what I told her yesterday to heart: she new she wasn’t good enough yet, but she was going to enjoy the growth, for as long as it lasted.

And last it did. By Christmas time, Pussy had full, perky 30K cup tits. Her tits were also sensitive enough that just a few seconds of my rubbing them was enough to send her over the edge. I had spent all of my time feeding off of her nymphomania. One day I woke her up by impaling her on my cock, wrapped her legs around my waist, and told her that she could stop when my dick went soft. She was so small and light that I just went around doing my daily business while she rode my cock to her hearts content. I have no idea how much she came, but after about ten minutes her pussy was just a river of juices. I came four times before she finally got tired. It was a valiant effort, I had to admit. She had lasted about six hours. I laid her down on the couch when she finally passed out from exhaustion, and jacked off onto her, covering her body in cum. I decided to reward her with a good Christmas present this year.

When she woke up, I had her clean the house, and I cooked Christmas dinner. After it was ready, I sat down on the couch with our food. She sat down on my cock, facing me, so she could feed us and I could play with her tits. They were finally handfuls, and her extra sensitive nipples stood out a good inch and a half. I had her cumming in seconds. She fed both of us our meals while I made sure her tits were well massaged, and she looked quite full and satisfied by the end of the meal. I figured that this was a good time to show Pussy my gratitude for all that she had done canlı casino siteleri to me this year. “So, Pussy, I have a Christmas present for you.”

Her eyes lit up a bit through the sexual fog of my tit play. “Really? Yay, I love presents!”

“Good. My present to you is simple. You can change one thing about me. Think very carefully about this, because if what you say disappoints me, you will be brutally punished. I will give you full time to explain what you want and why before I decide of you need punished or not.”

“Oh Master, thank you! And I know exactly what I want: for you cock and balls and the amount you cum to be bigger! I love how massive your cock is, but if it was even bigger, than we could do even more kinky things, like you physically punishing me with your cock because of how huge and heavy it would be. And your balls would have to be bigger proportionally. And then you should cum more, because I love being covered in your thick, delicious cum. I need more, more of my tits and body and face covered, more thickly. And I love the thought of being even more pitifully tiny next to your massive fuck stick. And then my tits would need to be even bigger to be real tits, and I could be Pussy for a while longer. Do you like my wish, Master?”

My initial rage at her asking for my cock to be bigger had slowly faded during her speech. “You are completely obsessed with my cock. You worship my cock, don’t you?”

. “Yes Master! Your cock is so perfect, the only thing I could wish for is more of it.”

I just laughed. “Alright Pussy, if you want me to have a bigger cock, you’re going to get one. A much bigger cock. But since my cock will be so much bigger, we are going to have to speed up your tit growth. I can’t have your tits be tiny forever.”

“Yes Master! Oh thank you, Master!” And she hopped off of my cock and started sucking on it, while I made my wish exactly how I wanted to. When I came, she swallowed some of it and let me cum all over her for the rest of it. I licked some cum off of her tits and waited for my growth to start. And grow I did.

Over the course of about a minute, my already mighty fuck stick grew to truly awe inspiring proportions. What was once a massive 16″ long and foot around dick was now an 15″ around a full two feet long cock. My balls were massive, and hung extremely heavy, now each the size of a cantaloupe, and once again almost as big as Pussy’s positively tiny tits. The head of my cock was the size of Pussy’s head, completely obscuring her face as she knelt in front of me, her mouth agape in awe and her pussy squirting, orgasming from the simple sight of my epic tool. Once I was done growing I looked down at where her body was. “Alright bitch, I hope this is more than enough cock for you. It’s as big as your whole torso now, and there’s no way you’re ever getting more than half of my head in your mouth. And one again, your tits are tiny.”

“Master, I thought you said my tits were finally getting there.” She knew it would provoke me. She knew what my reaction to her insubordination would be. And I was damned if I wasn’t going to deliver.

I twisted my body to one side and knelt down slightly, then swung my hips hard and fast back towards her face. My cock connected with her jaw with incredible force, causing her to sprawl out on the floor, crying in pain. I walked over, lifted her by the hair to a kneeling position, and cock slapped her on the other side, her crying out in pain again. She lay on the floor whimpering, but I wasn’t done yet. I picked her up by the hair again, this time all the way to a standing position. I pulled my cock up close to my body and for about six inches from her tits, then simultaneously relaxed and flexed, causing my cock to slam into her chest, sending her staggering back into the wall. Standing there, Pussy looked thoroughly beaten, and she stood crying and cowering from me. I walked over and picked her up and set her on top of my cock, not giving her the satisfaction of penetration. “If you ever ask that question again, you will not see the light of day. My balls are the size of your itty bitty titties. You’ve got a lot of growing to do.” I started to walk away, expecting her to slide off of my cock, but it was so wide that she stayed on perfectly. I lightly brushed her off and stepped over her body as she crumpled in a heap. “Let me know when you want to be useful. I would obliterate hour pussy right now. You’re nothing to me. Nothing.”

She came into my room about an hour later and, begging, said “I am imperfect, Master. I am unworthy. Please help me. Please.”

“I guess I can help you. You have to be useful for something. Don’t move. You’re so tiny you won’t be of any use anyway. Wish for a pussy that can take my cock.” So she did, and I jacked myself off for the first time since Pussy had become my slave. I came quickly, still wound up from using my cock to abuse her, and let out a rope of cum so thick it even caught me off guard. Pussy immediately started scooping up handfuls of the jizz, shoveling it into her face as fast as she could. My previous best of coating most of her upper body in cum was a thing of the past. Her whole body and the hardwood floor beneath her was absolutely drenched in cum by the time I was done. She had eaten most of it greedily, her pussy gushing the whole time as it expanded and became even more sensitive.

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