Frat House Visit Ch. 04



The shots of alcohol hit him hard and fast. Josh didn’t realize how buzzed he was until the redhead bumped into him on the dance floor. He managed to stop himself from falling over, but the abrupt movements left his head trying to catch up. Some of his buddies straightened him up and asked if he was okay. They had seen Jackie leave after he’d carried her upstairs, and now he wasn’t looking too good. He nodded, mumbling something inaudibly and continued his withdrawal from the party. He had lost the mood to be sociable, and was already wondering how much longer the party would go on.

At the top of the stairs, it occurred to Josh that he had not seen Manny in a while. He didn’t recall seeing her on the dance floor, and thought it worth a peek around the house. He turned slowly, checking his balance as he spun. He was better this time, and brave enough to descend the stairs without grasping for the rail. He started on the main floor, searching through every room. Then he went down to the basement near the bar, shaking off the thought of another shot. “Focus,” he whispered to himself as he walked. Manny had to be here somewhere, and it was his duty to watch out for his little sister.

Fifteen minutes passed, and Josh had completed his tour of the lower floors of the house.

Manny wasn’t on both dance floor, and no one had seen her in a while. One of the frat brothers remembered her asking for a bathroom, so maybe she had gone upstairs. “Of course,” Josh thought. She was probably drinking too much and was now paying her dues to the porcelain gods. He smirked to himself as he headed back upstairs. “High schoolers. They think they can handle the college parties, but they can’t.”

Josh turned off the top of the stairs and stuck his head into the bathroom doorway. “Manny! Manny you in there?”

“Who the fuck is Manny,” a deep voice snapped back from one of the stalls.

“My sister, dipshit. Have you seen her?”

“As far as I know, I’m the only one in here, bro.”

“Takin a stroke ’cause you can’t get no poke?”

“Oh, fuck you!”

Josh turned, laughing out loud as he headed for the room. It was the only sensible place left that she might be. He was not ready for panic mode just yet. She was probably unconscious after emptying her stomach in the bathroom. He imagined he would find her snoring on her bed. She used to snore when she was younger, and he wondered if she still did that. He thought to open the door slowly in an effort to not wake her, but figured if she was sleeping through the party ruckus, opening the door couldn’t do any harm.

Dim light from the door fanned across the room like the curtain before the opening act. Josh could never have guessed what the first act would be, but he discovered he had front row seats. Manny’s legs were spread wide and her dress was pulled up to her waist. Her fingers were at work as she gyrated and moaned, but her eyes were closed as she was deep inside her fantasy. Josh stood in silence, frozen to the spot. His eyes were transfixed between her legs and he watched in awe as for the second time tonight, he saw his little sister as a sexual being. She was moaning just loud enough for him to hear it above the noise from downstairs. The syllable was not quite discernable, so he stepped further into the room; closing the door behind him and muting the din from below. She repeated her groan more clearly this time, and it brought his cock to attention.

“Josh,” her voice wavered, drifting off into space. Then again, she repeated his name as she slid her fingers in deeper. “Teach me what its like,” she pleaded dreamily. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Josh felt the hardness growing in his pants. It was pleading to be released, yet from above, the instructions were to stand fast. His hand unconsciously stroked the fabric that held his mindless desire, while his mind raced wildly, still clouded by the drinking. He watched Manny’s hand as it traced the length her body, up to squeeze her firm young breasts. Her nipples stood proudly against the shimmering fabric of her dress, and yearned for a tongue to lick them. Would he dare oblige them, he heard his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mind ponder, but was equally ashamed by the thought. He tried to create some distance by taking a step back, only to knock over her hairdryer.



Manny was startled by the sound of the hairdryer as it fell from the table. She tried to cover up as fast as she could, grabbing the side of the bed sheets and pulling them over her naked legs while trying to roll herself into a cocoon. “Get out!” she demanded from her veil of cover. She listened for the sound of movement, but there was none. She yelled again, louder this time. “Get out of here you Peeping Tom! I’ll scream ‘rape’. My brother is downstairs!”

“Emmanuelle,” Josh said just above the party noise.

“Get the hell out!” she screamed again, this time her fury gave her the courage to face the intruder. She sat up with the sheets still wrapped across her chest and looked into his face. Her mouth dropped open in silence. Her brother stood not 5 feet away. It was difficult to hold his gaze. His eyes expressed surprise and embarrassment but the bulging outline in his pants expressed arousal.

“Manny,” Josh started again. “I didn’t mean to walk in on… I mean, I should have knocked. I just never expected that you would be…”

“I never expected to either,” Manny began. “I have seen so many things tonight, and I started thinking about them again. I got, well.. So I started to…”

“I know,” Josh responded. “These parties can get pretty wild sometimes. I was worried about what you might see once you got here.” His face was turning to a look of disappointment, and he could feel his erection subsiding. “I mean, even I was…”

“I know,” Manny interrupted sheepishly. She swallowed hard before the next words left her lips. “I saw you with that girl in the room down the hall.”

His eyes widened at the news. “You saw me with Jackie? You saw what she was doing to me?”

“THAT was Jackie,” she asked? “She is beautiful, just like you said. I thought you wanted to be with her, Josh. What happened in there? Why did you stop?”

“It wasn’t right. That is not the way I wanted to be with her.” Josh’s face showed signs of remorse.

Manny sat up on the side of the bed with her feet back on the floor. “I’m sorry, Josh.” She could feel his pain, and was struggling to understand the feelings she was having right now. “It’s her loss, not yours.”

He continued, “I don’t want her pity. And I don’t want to be a way for her to get over her guilt. I’ve known her too long, and she has known how I feel about her.”

“I would never do that to you. I mean, if some guy felt that way about me, I could never do that to him.” Suddenly the conversation changed. “Do you think I’m pretty,” Manny blurted out. “Would guys think I am as beautiful and sexy as Jackie? Would they want to be with me as badly as you wanted to be with her?”

The change of topics caught Josh off guard and he tried to find a neutral response. “I couldn’t compare you two. You have different qualities.”

“Do YOU think I’m beautiful? Do you think I am sexy?”

It was obvious that Manny was boldly going down a road Josh was unsure he wanted to travel, but thought back to when he found himself unconsciously leering at Manny downstairs. He remembered the hard on as she moved about the room dancing. His little sister was growing into a beautiful sexy young woman, and if his conscious mind was struggling to cope, his baser instincts had already rendered their decision. He nodded to her in silence, unwilling to hear himself say the words.

“Do you love me, Josh?”

“Of course I do, you are my sister.” Josh was trying to maintain a level of distance from the conversation, but he could feel himself being swept away with the tide.

“Will you help me then?”



Josh grew nervous even before the words finished leaving his mouth. He knew the answer, but the question came out anyway. “Help you with what?”

Manny pulled the sheet from across her lap, exposing her long thinly muscled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri legs. Part of her dress was still up high enough for him to see her pubic hair. “I want you to show me what it’s like. I want to know how good it feels to have sex. Please teach me.”

“Emmanuelle, I can’t do that. It is just so wrong!”

She spread her legs wider and reached for his hips. She pulled him closer by the belt loops on his pants. His hardon was most obvious to her now. “Please,” she whispered again. “I know you won’t hurt me because you love me, and I love you too so I won’t tell anyone. Show me how to do what Jackie was doing. Let me see what it’s like to do that.”

The last shards of resistance and reason melted away as he looked down at her sweet face. Her brown hair was falling across the sides of her face and there was true love in her eyes. He loved her as well, and knew this was testing the limits, but he couldn’t focus on why he shouldn’t do this, and finally succumb to her desires for an education that isn’t found in any college course of study.

Manny held his belt loops until he opened his buckle and zipper. Then she let them fall to his ankles, and his penis was just one layer away. Josh lowered his boxers and his hardness sprang into view. She found its thickness surprising and wondered if she could ever stretch to fit its girth. Josh took it in hand, giving it a few strokes. Class was about to begin and he wanted to be sure he was fully ready.

Josh stood before her, as Manny tested its weight with both hands. “I have been thinking about your penis since I saw you with Jackie,” she said. “And before that I saw some girl sucking some guy in the shower. I wanted to try it.”

Manny leaned forward to take the end of his cock in her mouth. It was not difficult to get her mouth around it, but she could not take it very deeply without the urge to gag. “That’s okay,” Josh said as he stroked her soft brown hair. “Concentrate your tongue and lips around the head, and use your hands in a circle as an extension of your mouth for the rest of it.”

She was a quick study, and her excitement was obvious. She paused to slide off the bed and drop to her knees on the floor. Josh kicked his pants aside and assumed the position for the rest of the way. Manny’s tongue lapped at every inch of his throbbing flesh, kissing him down to his dangling balls. She held them gently and scratched the hair with her fingernails, drawing gasps of pleasure from above. It wasn’t long before he could feel the approaching orgasm. She pumped him in and out of her mouth and hands faster and faster, and his hips were thrusting in time. Her excitement grew with each thrust, as she felt his hands holding the top of her head. His groans escalated until she felt him withdraw, saying he was about to cum.

“Use your hands now, keep stroking it,” he instructed. Manny did as she was told and used both hands to stroke his length as fast as she could. His body began to shudder and it was not long before he was shooting his offering onto her chest. She stroked until every drop was released, amazed by the experience. She wanted more, but Josh put his hands over hers to slow her pace, and allowing his erection to subside.

Manny sat still with her eyes fixated on his cock. She watched closely as it began to droop, losing its will to stand. “Does it come back,” she asked with a hint of despair. “I want to try some more.”

Josh tried not to laugh at the question. “Yes it does, my dear little sister, but it will take a little time. In the meantime, I think you better remove that dress. It’s going to need a cleaning after that.”

The dress was matted to her chest by his ejaculate. It clung to her small pert breasts and pointed nipples, and she stood to peel it off. Josh admired her succulent body as he slipped his sweater over his head. Her elongated form with arms stretched high was a magnificent site to behold. Manny was a wonderful vision of strong shapely calves and legs, tight firm abs, perfectly sized flawless breasts with finely toned arms and shoulders. He saw the beautiful young woman Manny had become, and he güvenilir bahis şirketleri was quite eager to demonstrate his appreciation.

Josh stepped closely behind her as Manny’s dress finished its ascent. His hands gently traced the sides of her torso, savoring the warmth of her flesh. She shook her head to free her hair, radiating the flowery sent of her shampoo to his nostrils. He pulled her closer, pressing her muscled back against his chiseled abs and chest. Snaking forward, his strong swimmer’s arms embraced her tightly, fingers pinching her wanting nipples.

The electricity leapt from her breasts to her clit, and she leaned further into his body, emitting a long relieved groan.

“You are beautiful Emmanuelle,” Josh whispered in her ear. “You are sexy, and I do want you, any guy would. I love you, and I will teach you.”

She spun in his arms, putting hers around his neck. She looked deeply into his eyes and smiled. “I’m happy you are the one to teach me, Josh,” and then she kissed him softly on the lips.

He sat her close to the foot of the bed and gestured for her to lie back before bending down to his knees. Holding her ankles, Josh raised Manny’s legs and draped them over his broad shoulders. She shuddered with the thought of her brother seeing her in this most revealing position, but was simultaneously eager for his first touch. Feathery kisses danced up her thighs; first one leg and then the other. He teased with his slow approach, feeling her roil with flaming desire. She parted her wet hairy lips, exposing her large hard clit; the gesture a plea to experience his tongue. Her clit was huge by Josh’s experience, and her fragrance was irresistible.

Manny’s hard clit slid quickly into his mouth and he suckled as if it were candy. Her hands flittered at her sides caressing her fingertips from hip to chest. Josh’s fingers pushed inside her while his tongue lapped at her clit, driving her on to further heights. He briefly pulled away and her hips rose from the bed yearning for more. He knew she was ready and wrapped his arms tightly over her legs. He sucked her large clit into his mouth and drove her over the top. She screamed with the onrushing climax, tossing her head frantically from side to side. Lost in the wake, she scratched at her stomach, raising red marks, and pulled furiously at her nipples. At the peak of her release she was pushed higher still by the finger Josh pushed into her ass. It was abrupt and unexpected, but the pain was fuel on her bonfire. She shrieked at his assault. She had never imagined putting anything in her ass, but it was exciting and she wanted more. She cried ‘yes’ over and over as the glorious feelings subsided and her racing heart started to slow.

“Oh my God,” she whispered from a hoarse throat. “Josh, that was incredible.”

He crawled up onto the bed and Manny saw his stiff cock dangling between his legs. She raised her knees as he brought himself down over her, wanting to feel the thickness of his cock. Josh paused to put on protection and had time to think about what he was doing. She saw his hesitation and pulled him to her, whispering “I want this, please Josh. I want this to be with you.”

Josh rose again and Manny lifted her legs while her hand guided his cock to her. Her lips parted under his steadily increasing pressure. Her warm wet virginal flesh strained to accept his girth. Each slow thrust parted her more deeply than the one before. She concentrated on the ripples of pleasure emanating from their connection; ignoring the twinges of pain as she tried to get comfortable with his intrusion. The thrusts were slow and shallow and seemed to go on and on. He kissed her neck and face throughout. His hands stroked her hair and caressed her body until his breathing became faster and he started to groan. He let loose a low guttural moan and his hips started to shudder. Emmanuelle wrapped herself tightly around him and pulled him insider her as deeply as she could bear. She felt the tension seep from his muscles, but she would not let him go for a very long time.

She felt their hearts beating in unison and knew that he was the right one to be her first. She loved her brother and knew that he loved her. Even if he had never said the words, she could feel it in his touch. She had given her virginity to the man that cared most about her in the world, and no one cared more for him than she. It will probably be an uncomfortable tomorrow, but today had ended just right.

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