Free Meal


Free MealIt started out as a normal dinner at our favorite spot in OBX. I was wearing a sundress that was low cut for a vacation to a family joint. Skippy in his normal shorts and a golf shirt. Our waiter was an attractive older lady that was super nice and I could tell Skippy liked her. So we started drinking which usually turns bad, well good. Skippy asked if I thought she was attractive and I said I like the manager much better who happened to be a youngish gentleman very handsome. He said we lets see who can score first. So Skippy started flirting and I ask for the manager to come to the table and he couldn’t stop looking down my top. The waitress kept moving as the manager kept staring. After dinner and drinks we moved to the bar to see either of us could bursa escort make this happen. I no longer sat down, the manager was over with us, arm around my back asking if he could get me anything. I ordered three shots an we all slammed them followed by many more. I was drunk and Skippy was pretty far gone as he asked the waitress if she was interested in having a few and he was turned down. I made Skippy pay for the shots and told the manager he could make it up to us later. I wrote our address on a napkin as Skippy was paying the tab and we taxied home. We no sooner got home and I changed into lingerie there was a knock on the door. Skippy was like what the fuck they can wait. I said no you can wait go get the door. He opens it and it was the manager bursa escort bayan form the bar. Skippy said what’s up and he replied her to see your wife as she let me the address on this napkin. He lets in this young gentleman an I’m sitting on the sofa in lingerie an he was like holy shit. I said glad you could make it an offered him the seat next to me. Skippy sits in the chair across from us. I turn to the k** an put me hand on his leg an move his onto mine. I take mine an start to rub his cock which is very hard. I look over to Skippy an he smiled so I proceed to unzip an see this young boys cock. I pull out a 8inch hard cock and very thick, and put my lips right down on the head. Wow it was fat and tasted very good as I went up and down sucking escort bursa this boys cock as he moaned like he had never had his cock suck like this before. I moved to the floor and my knees and worked his cock deep into my mouth. Up and down on his shaft. I stopped and looked up at me and he asked that I stopped cause he didn’t want to cum in my mouth. I said son that’s why im here to take your load for you. Skippy moved off the sofa and next to the boy to watch. I took that cock as deep as I could with no hands and man did he ever blow a load into my mouth. I never thought it was going to stop. It was more then I think I have ever tried to swallow… yes I did get I all. He laid back like he did all the work. I look over and Skippy has his hard as a rock and cums all over himself. I continued to clean the boy up and he said thank you and said next time your in dinner is on me. We went back two days later and had a great meal and of course he was invited over again…..Too be continued

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