Frenemies with Benefits Ch. 04


For the prequels to this story, please see Frenemies With Benefits chapters 1-3



He was beginning to wonder if life could get any better. The last several weeks had been the most incredible weeks of his life. After he’d stayed the night with Jennifer the first time, they hadn’t spent much time apart, her always being at his place or vice versa. They both had keys to the other’s home, so it was never a surprise to walk in and see her making herself at home. It actually felt really good to him. He’d never felt so good.. so comfortable with someone.

They still fought, whether it be playful banter, or serious anger, but it usually resulted in amazing, heated sex. Jennifer had even gotten used to being called Jenny. It’d almost turned into a term of endearment.

It’d only been a few weeks, but he felt a real connection with a woman for the first time in his life. He saw in Jennifer someone he could spend his life with, which was no small thing for him.

He couldn’t help but feel her hesitation, though. He knew about Shane, a guy she’d been pretty serious about a while back. Apparently it ended pretty badly, but he also knew that their relationship was more than a fling. It could be the real deal, if she’d let it be.

He walked into his house late, having just come from work, to see Jennifer dancing to the music coming from her ipod around the kitchen as she cooked up something that was smelling amazing. He smiled and sneaked up behind her, quickly wrapping his arms around her. She jumped, then turned her head for a quick kiss.

A quick kiss wasn’t enough for John, though. He held onto her tightly, and pulled her back to him kissing her deeply, feeling her tongue dance in his mouth. He quickly began to harden against her ass, and she broke the kiss and giggled, “Not now John! I’m trying to cook! You’re gonna make me burn something.”

She moved away from him, but he quickly caught her hips in his hands again, moving his head down to kiss across her shoulders and neck. He mumbled against her sweet smelling skin, “But I’m hungry for something other than food…”

She smiled and turned to kiss him deeply before whispering into his ear, “If you’ll be good, let me finish cooking, and eat like the growing boy you are, I promise you’ll be greatly rewarded…”

He moaned as her breath heated his ear and nodded, moving a safe distance away from her before he ravaged her right there.

She continued to dance and cook, the spices beginning to smell like Mexican food. Mmmmm. She must have known how much he loved Mexican food. Then again, she had to since he dragged her to Mexican restaurants allll the time.

Finally, the food was finished, and he was devouring it. He had to admit, she was a pretty good cook. Way better than he’d expected, and he was feeling a little sluggish, completely content with just spending an evening with her…. He was up for anything else she had in mind too, though.



Soon, they were snuggled on the couch watching T.V., bickering over what channel to have on.

“John I hate this show! Ugh, pleeeaaase change it! There has to be one thing on T.V. we can watch together and simultaneously enjoy.”

He sighed rolling his eyes, “You’ve been watching your shows since before I got home! Let me watch this!”

A new episode of “Criminal Minds” came on, and she made a show of gagging. “These shows are so gross. All gory and creepy. Let’s change it. ‘What Not to Wear’ is doing re-runs…”

“I am NOT watching another one of your girly shows. Just let me watch one more… Besides I figured you’d be into the gore.”

“John they aren’t girly they’re informative. Just give me the remote!”

“No. My house. My T.V. My remote. My show.”

“Ass hole. I cooked for you. I don’t even like Mexican food.”

John laughed and shook her off as she tried to grab the remote, “I told you Jenny. I’m watching my show.”

“Ugh. Fuck you, Tate.”

“Mmmmm. Please do, Jenny.”

She dramatically rolled her eyes, then greedily eyed the remote.

She reached over him and tried to snag the remote out of his hand, but he had an iron grip on it. She practically laid in his lap trying to reach it, and soon the situation had obviously changed.

He held her waist, and leaned down kissing her neck and upper back through her thin tank top. She giggled and rolled over onto her back, looking up at him through mischievous eyes, and that was all it took.

His mouth came down onto hers in a split second, their tongues dancing in each other’s bahis firmaları mouths, and their breathing rapidly becoming heavier.

Jennifer began to squirm under him, her position not entirely comfortable.

Breathing hard against her skin he whispered, “Bedroom?”

She nodded furiously, and with that he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up, carrying her to his bedroom.

He set her down gently, kissing her again, and reaching to take off her clothes, but she stopped him. He pulled away, confused as he watched her walk away, and soon return with two silk scarves.

Tip-toeing, she whispered into his ear, “Do you trust me?” She then licked his ear and sucked his earlobe into her mouth, her breath hot on him.

He groaned and nodded, seeming a little unsure, but willing.

She first blindfolded him, taking care in being gentle as she pulled the scarf tight around his head. As he was still standing up, she began to undress him, her nails lightly going over his skin as each inch became uncovered.

First his tie, which was already hanging loosely off his neck, came off, then his half buttoned dress shirt. She ran her hands underneath his undershirt, softly caressing his stomach and chest, then removing the shirt completely as John was obedient and still under her hands.

She then kissed him with deep passion, moving every kiss lower and lower… Down his neck and to his chest, she could feel his breathing become ragged as she got to his stomach, licking and kissing as she went along.

Getting on her knees, she began to unbuckle his belt as she kissed and licked the naked flesh above his pants. Ever so slowly, she unbuttoned and unzipped, and pulled his pants and boxers down together. He stepped out of them, his hard cock standing at attention, and his chest rising and falling from his heavy breaths.

She lightly kissed the head of his swollen member, then just barely took it into her mouth before standing back up.

“Jennifer…” He groaned, his hips moving forward searching for her.

She reached to his ear again, her whispers turning husky, “I told you you’d be rewarded for letting me cook… But you didn’t let me watch my show. For that, there will have to be a lengthy process before you’re allowed your reward. I need to make sure you reeaally…” She reached down to squeeze his shaft, “really deserve it.”

The only reply she got was a groan, bringing a smile to her lips as she led him to the bed. He sat, and she moved him so he’d lay down flat on his back. Pulling his arms over his head, she tied them to the middle bed post as he made a protesting whine.

Leaning down to him, she kissed him again and murmured, “Don’t go anywhere.”

She undressed quickly, then climbed into the bed with him, watching his head turn in her direction as he felt her entrance. She kissed his jaw, moving her kisses along his jawline as he moved his head to feel her kisses on his lips. She moved further away from him, kissing down to his shoulders and down the curve of his biceps and forearms.

As her mouth worked him, her hand moved down to his cock, wrapping around him and slowly pumping him. Her other hand moved to play with his balls, gently squeezing the way she knew he liked.

She moved her kisses to his chest, taking his nipple into her mouth, playing with it the way she liked to be played with. He gasped at the unexpected touch, and she quickened her movements on his shaft, rubbing the head with her thumb as she pumped him.

She felt his balls draw up, and new he was close, so she pulled away, suddenly moving back up to kiss his mouth.

He grunted into her mouth and groaned, “Jennifer please…”

“Mmmm please what baby?”

“I…just fuck me Jen.. I need to feel you..”

“Sorry,” she breathed in between kisses, “I just can’t do that yet.”


“You haven’t said the magic words.”

“I.. I said please..”

“Those are noooot my magic words.” She grinned against his lips and grabbed his shaft again, suddenly leaving his lips to move down to his hardness.

She took his head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him while tugging on his balls with her hand. Suddenly, she took all of him into her hot mouth, moving his throbbing cock as deep into her throat as she could. He gasped and lurched under her. She felt him draw up again, so she popped him out of his mouth, and began kissing his stomach.

“You are one evil bitch,” He groaned.

She grinned against his skin and mumbled, “Those certainly aren’t the magic words.”

“Jeeennnn…Ugh kaçak iddaa I will never, ever deny you the remote again.”

Suddenly, she climbed atop him, and impaled herself onto him, her hot, creamy center enveloping him.

He gasped, breathing a loud, “Fuuuuuuck Jen..”

She leaned down kissing him again, and murmured, “Those were the magic words.”

Moans erupted from both of them as they finally received the pleasure they needed. She rode him slowly, leaning back as she shook her hair out of her face. John recognized the feel of the gesture, and moaned, “Ooh Jen… let me see you.. please?”

She leaned forward to lift his blindfold from his face, and he groaned as she came into view, her nipples taught and standing at attention, swaying before him as she bounced on him.

With his hands still bound, he could only watch, and when she reached down to play with her clit, he nearly lost it. He held on for her, but thank God soon he could feel the familiar tightening of her delicious cunt around him as she began to climax.

“Oooh fuuck John… Aaahh I… I’m cumming… Oooh Jooohn.. yeess…”

And with that, he let go with her, losing himself in her… her smell, the sight of her, her lust filled fire eyes that bore into him… it overwhelmed him as he gasped her name and shot deep into her.

As they came down together, she collapsed on him, breathing heavy and making small whimpers in her afterglow.

He shifted under her, and she looked up then gasped, “Oh John, I’m sorry.” She quickly moved to untie him from the bedpost, and was very happy to have his arms around her again as they fell asleep tangled together.



He was now absolutely convinced. Jennifer Brandon was the woman of his dreams. She had to be.

He watched her sleeping as he got ready for work early for a meeting that day, all curled up and naked, her creamy skin looking so tempting this early morning. He couldn’t indulge today, however. The meeting was to go over his design he’d sent out a couple months ago. The one Jennifer had helped him with, in fact.

He leaned down to kiss her cheek, and whisper into her ear, “I’m leaving early Jenny. I have your alarm set.”

She mumbled something unintelligible, but he knew it was just her sleep talk. He quietly slipped out the door, and headed to his meeting with a hopeful spirit. This could get him promoted, if he played his cards right, and he wanted to make a good future for himself, and hopefully, for Jennifer, too.

Two Hours Later:

He did, in fact, play his cards right. His and Jennifer’s design was a hit, and they were looking at him for a general manager position. It was only one step higher than where he was at, but he was willing to take anything.

He kept sending Jennifer smiles across the office as his spirits lifted all day. He called her cubicle extension and she picked it up, “Jennifer Brandon, how can I help you?”

“Here’s how I want you to help me. Go to your house after work, and get all dressed up. I’m taking you out tonight.”

“Oooh,” she glanced to him through his office windows and smiled, “What’s the occasion?”

“It’s a surprise. Just do as I say, get your sexy self all dolled up, and I’ll pick you up at 7:30.”

“Sound like a plan, sir,” she winked at him, and he laughed hanging up the phone. Tonight was going to be amazing.



She was freaking out. After she hung up the phone with John, she flew to Heather’s cubicle and burst into whisper/screaming, “He’s going to propose! Oh my God, Heather, he’ going to propose!”

Heather had finally put the relationship together after the night at the bar, and at this moment was jumping up and down, “Noooo way! Oh my God!”

They squealed for a few minutes, but Heather soon came crashing down, “Look, Jen, I know you like him a lot…but marriage? Don’t you think it’s a little soon? You’ve only really been together for, like, a month…”

Jennifer, being the level headed person she was, came down too, “I know, I had thought of that too. I mean, maybe he’s not proposing… But if he were, it’d have to be a long engagement. We have known each other our whole lives, but still, we’ve only been together a short time… You’re right. I honestly don’t know what to think…” She glanced back into John’s office, watching him work ever so studiously, “Oh who the hell am I kidding. I totally will say yes.”

They started giggling again, and Jennifer left her friend to pretend to work for the next few hours until she could leave.

When kaçak bahis the clock finally hit five, she flew out of the office without even telling John bye. She ran to her car and drove like a mad woman home. It wasn’t so much that she wanted the entire two hours to get ready, she was just so psyched she couldn’t sit still.

She knew exactly what she’d wear. She had a teal colored dress that accentuated all the right places, and looked lovely on her pale creamy skin. She did her hair up and had on her usual make up, and though she didn’t look much different than most days, she felt amazing. Maybe it was the anticipation that had her glowing, but she literally felt like a million bucks.

Finally 7:30 rolled around, and right on the dot she heard a knock at the door. She apprehensively opened the door, and he was completely enraptured by her. She knew before that she looked good, but at this moment, the way he was looking at her, she felt like the only woman in the world.



There wasn’t a woman in the world that could even come close to comparing to Jennifer tonight. She was stunning…glowing almost. It was like she knew this night was going to be as special as he did.

He took her to one of the nicest restaurants in town where he made her get everything he knew she liked. It didn’t matter the price. Tonight he was treating her. It was going to be memorable.

Yes, he was going to tell her about the promotion. But he was also planning on proposing. He had a wedding ring set his grandmother had given him upon her death that she wanted him to give to his dream girl. And here she was, sitting right in front of him, looking more breathtaking than anything he’d ever imagined.

Yes, it’d only been a few weeks, but John was no rash man. He knew what he wanted, and when he wanted something, he got it, and stuck with it. He wanted Jennifer. Maybe it was too soon, but if it was, she’d let him know, and he would wait. He could wait forever for her.

“So,” Jennifer interrupted his wandering thoughts, “What is the special occasion tonight?”

“Well, first of all, I think I might be getting a promotion.”

First her face sort of fell, but then it lifted right back up, and her eyes widened, “Oh John! That’s great! How? What happened?”

“Well, in my meeting this morning, we were going over the design that I turned in a few weeks ago, and they loved it! They want to move me up to general manager!”

She paused a second, her face frozen, “You mean… the design we worked on together? The one I helped you with?”

“Well, yes. That’s the one.”

“Did… did you tell them I had a hand in it…?”

His heart stopped. Her face looked…different. Like it did…before. “No…I… I told them I worked on it… but I knew I wouldn’t get a promotion if I didn’t.. I thought it was the only way to… play my cards right… You know… For us, baby. I want to have a good future… for us..”

“You mean you took credit. You took my ideas and… kept them for yourself? John… How could you?” Suddenly there were tears… Jennifer never, ever cried. There aren’t supposed to be tears… not sad ones anyway… What was happening to his evening?

“Jenny… I just… I thought if I could get this promotion it would sort of set things in motion for us…”

“John… I… I have to go,” She got up, leaving him, deserting the table and his now dashed hopes. What had just happened? He honestly couldn’t understand why she couldn’t understand. He’d done what he’d done for them… both of them..

While he sat there for a moment, stunned, he soon gathered his wits and followed her outside. It was rainy and cold, and very befitting for the way this dinner had turned out.

“Jennifer! Jennifer, come back…”

“Just leave me alone John.”

“Just tell me what I did wrong! I don’t understand…”

“John you know how much I’ve always wanted to work here! How I love what I do, and how good I am at my job! You KNOW those things! You stole your position from under me the first time, and that hurt bad enough… But… Now… You’ve done it again when it means so much more. I don’t want to sit at a cubicle for the rest of my life, John! I deserve better than that! And you lied! You lied to get ahead! You took something from me and passed it off as your own… didn’t even give me credit… I… I can’t believe you would do something like that!”

“Jenny I did it for us!”

He stumbled into the rain as she threw a taxi door open, she turned, soaking wet, her eyes beginning to well up, “Fuck you, John Tate.”

And for once, as the rain came down harder and harder on him and he watched her drive away, he didn’t reply.


To be continued.

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