Friends Ch. 01



Steve and Amy had been best friends since early high school. Steve had noticed her right from the start, as Amy had always been one of the prettier girls in school. But back then, Steve had been quite shy, especially with women, so they hadn’t actually met until sophomore year.

Steve had initially wanted more, of course, but she had been dating someone when they had first become friends. That kind of bad timing would follow them for years, as either one or the other always seemed to be dating someone. So if there was anything more than friendship between the two, it had yet to be discovered.

When college came, they had ended up going to the same school, but only for two years. Then they both transferred to schools that were hours apart, so their contact was largely limited to phone calls and emails. Only the occasional surprise trip, or more often breaks in school allowed them to see each other.

Steve thought that every time he saw Amy, she got more and more attractive. But with being so far apart, and still with the bad timing, neither one seriously thought to bring it up. But like Steve, Amy appreciated how well Steve was maturing. Her biggest gripe about him was his lack of confidence, which she didn’t understand. She told herself that it was just because they were friends, but she liked that he was much more confident by graduation.

It had been a little more than a year since graduation, and mostly by chance Steve and Amy had managed to get jobs in the same town. Until recently, both had been involved in semi-serious relationships, so both naturally continued their usual affectionate and flirty friendship as before.

So when Amy called Steve one day at work about possibly going on vacation with some friends, Steve was more than willing. Unfortunately, business had been picking up, so he wasn’t sure if he could get away for an entire week.

“Oh, c’mon you sissy, take a break,” chided Amy.

“Easy for you to say, you don’t do jack shit. I myself, on the other hand, am a very important person and have much to do,” Steve replied.

“You’re so full of shit.”

“Yeah, pretty much,” laughed Steve.

“Well, what’s it going to take to get you to come?”

“Sticking it in your ass would probably do the trick,” Steve said in the same tone he had used thousands of times before.

“Ok, but only for a little bit. Last time I couldn’t walk straight for a week,” Amy said even-toned.

“Yeah, I don’t know for real though. When are you guys leaving?”

“We leave sometime on Friday, depending on if you can get off or not.”

“Oh, I can get off baby, don’t worry about that.”

Amy laughed into the phone, hoping Steve would be able to make it. They were going to a friend’s cabin up north. Steve had never been able to make any of the previous trips to the cabin, and Amy knew he’d have a blast.

“It’s a great time, you should really make an effort to go,” she said, almost scolding him.

“Ok, ok, I’ll try. But I gotta go, I’ll let you know.”

Steve had gotten off the phone almost sure he’d be able to make it, but he wanted to leave Amy in suspense. The suspense hadn’t lasted long, as Steve had called her back that night to let her know he was in, but he couldn’t go until after work. So the plan was Steve and Amy would drive up right after work on Friday and meet everyone there.

The drive on Friday was surprisingly quick, even though it was a little over three hours long. Steve and Amy seemed to have that affect on each other. They ended up pulling into the driveway just after 9 o’clock to see the house lights ablaze. Everyone seemed to have gotten a head start on them.

But what first caught Steve’s attention was the “cabin” itself. “Cabin my ass,” he muttered to himself. Amy only laughed at his reaction. She’d had the same one herself. The cabin was huge, considerably bigger than Steve’s house. He got the quick rundown from Amy: four bedrooms, each with their own full bathroom, living room, dining room, full gourmet kitchen, and all the electronics a man could dream about. Plus it overlooked a very scenic lake, and was shielded from the neighbors by heavy foresting.

“If I’d have known this was what it was like, I would’ve made the trip a lot sooner,” Steve said, carrying in their bags.

“And here I was thinking it was all the butt sex that got you here,” she said.

“Butt sex? Oh yeah, that’ll be cool too. But look at this friggin’ house!” Steve joked, causing them both to laugh as they entered the cabin. Everyone greeted them loudly, clearly on their way to getting drunk.

Before Steve or Amy could even get their bags to a room, people were getting drinks ready for them. For the next couple of hours, everyone drank and had a great time, but not getting carried away. This was the first night after all.

Around midnight, things were starting to wind down, so Steve grabbed their bags and headed for a bedroom. The last one he found unoccupied already was at the very end of the hall on the second floor, and appeared to be the smallest. sarıyer escort It was still a pretty good size, but not as lavish as the others. The bed in this one was only a double, and the room had only one dresser.

Steve was fine with it, and tossed their bags onto the bed and went to return downstairs. He passed Lindsay and Kurt, who had been dating for years, as they were coming up the steps.

“Kurt, helluva place you got here,” Steve said.

“Yeah, the parents did alright on this one,” he laughed. “Oh, I think you and Amy are gonna be in the room at the end of the hall, if that’s cool.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I just dumped our bags in the first empty room I found.”

“And the window in that room is broken, so it doesn’t close all the way, so it might get a little cold in their tonight. Sorry man.”

“Not a problem. Have a good night guys,” Steve said and went downstairs. He found everyone lounging on couches and in chairs, and things looked like they were shutting down for the night.

“What, I leave for a few minutes and you all go down?” Steve asked.

“No, that’s Stacy’s job in a little bit,” Jake said, referring to one of the four remaining women on the trip. Jake had been trying to hook up with Stacy for a long time, if Steve remembered right.

“Yeah, that’ll happen,” Stacy said sarcastically. “I’m going to bed though, that’s for sure. I’ll see you guys in the morning.” Everyone said their goodnights as Stacy went upstairs, and soon everyone else was following.

“Guess that’s our cue,” Amy said, heading for the stairs. Steve followed behind, trying to look at something besides her swaying hips. Steve felt his buzz beginning to recede, but it was still working for him. He felt the all-too-familiar tingle in his crotch as he watched her walking ahead of him, but ignored it. Neither of them was nearly that drunk.

As they walked by the master bedroom, they could hear Kurt and Lindsay already screwing wildly. As Amy walked by, she paused, turning to face Steve with glee on her face and began laughing quietly.

“Like a child,” Steve said, referring to Amy.

“Sshh,” she scolded back.

None too gently, Lindsay could be heard giving forceful directions to Kurt through the doorway. Listening to the two of them fucking was giving Steve an erection, so he moved past Amy just as it sounded like Lindsay began to climax. The doorways to the other two bedrooms opened in almost unison at the commotion, and everyone had a muffled laugh about it all.

Once they were in their own room, Steve and Amy began getting ready for bed. Steve thought that Kurt was right about the window not working, as the room was a bit chilly. He tried focusing on that, hoping his erection would be down enough not to be noticed by Amy. They were entirely comfortable with each other, but Steve had his limits. And in the mood she was in, he wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Amy moved over to her side of the bed, and quickly unpacked her bag. She shoved clothes into drawers, not caring when a pair of lacy black panties fell from her bag. She picked them up cheerfully and looked at Steve.

“Maybe if you’re lucky….” she teased.

“If I’m lucky, those won’t ever make it out of your drawer,” Steve said, finished emptying his bag.

“True enough,” Amy agreed.

Steve grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste and headed to their bathroom. His hard-on had receded thankfully and he quickly brushed his teeth. As he was walking out of the bathroom, he saw Amy with her back to him, changing. Not able to help himself, Steve stopped and watched her. He could have just as easily walked into the room and Amy wouldn’t have stopped. But now he could look all he wanted without having to be a “nice guy.”

Amy was tallish, about 5’9″, with a knockout body. She had been a star swimmer and runner in high school, and had kept in that shape. She was wearing just a pale blue thong at the moment, her bra tossed carelessly on the bed. He noticed the sexy little tattoo of a hummingbird just above her thong, remembering how it always drove him wild.

Steve started at her legs, and worked his way up her body. Her legs were long and toned, with perfect calves and thighs connecting to a tight ass that Steve had long ago concluded was the best he had ever seen. And that was before seeing it in the thong tonight. Her back was sleek and smooth, slimming down from her round hips before moving back outward at her shoulders. Steve had always found it hard to control himself when she wore a backless dress.

At the moment, Amy had her dark brown, shoulder length hair pulled into a hurried knot on top of her head, giving Steve a clear look at her neck. He had used a considerable store of willpower to resist kissing it on many occasions. From this angle, Steve could just barely make out the silhouette of Amy’s perky C-cup breasts as they moved with her body as she slipped a tight white tank top over her head.

Steve had to hold his breath when she bent over esenyurt escort to gather up her clothes. Steve noticed that she wasn’t going to put on anything over her thong apparently. Steve then realized that his erection was back, and stronger than ever. He tried to push it down as best he could as he walked out of the bathroom, doing his best to look casual.

Amy flashed a smile at Steve as he walked by, noticing the weird look on his face. For one, he was flushed and it was quite chilly in the room. Amy searched her bag for her toothbrush as Steve began changing into a pair of shorts.

“Damnit, I can’t find my toothbrush. I think I forgot it. Can I borrow yours?” she asked finally, giving up.

“Um yeah, it’s next to the sink,” Steve said, turning slightly to point at the bathroom. When he did, Amy thought she saw what would have to be a hard-on through his shorts. But he turned away before Amy could tell, so she went into the bathroom.

It then dawned on her that Steve had probably seen her changing. She smiled to herself in the mirror as she brushed. It was nice to know she could have that kind of effect on him. It hadn’t been intentional, but she had never hid herself from Steve. But this was the first time he’d gotten excited about it. That she knew about anyway.

Amy found herself wondering how big he was. They knew slightly more than the basics of each other’s sex lives, but they never got into too much detail. But from what Amy had heard, Steve was a pretty good size. Definitely not small she decided. For some reason, she found herself smiling again.

As she was finishing up, she started wondering what it would like to have sex with Steve. She’d wondered before, but in an abstract way, like how it would affect their friendship. Now she imagined what it would feel like, if he was a good lover. Again, Steve had a good reputation.

For a moment, Amy thought it was the booze, but she could barely feel it anymore. Steve was after all quite attractive, so it wasn’t very surprising Amy was thinking about it. In fact, everyone told her she was crazy for not finding out for real, long before this. But the timing had always gotten in the way.

She stole a quick peak into the room, seeing Steve just settling into bed after changing. He was taller than Amy, which she liked, at about 6’2″. Steve had always been athletic like her, which she liked, and his toned body showed the years of hard work. He wasn’t about to be working in Chip’n’Dales, but there had never been a shortage of women to stare at his body. The only reason he had relatively few girlfriends was that he was shy around women, which Amy found incredibly sweet.

She set the brush down next to the sink, still thinking about Steve as she turned out the lights and climbed into bed. Steve still looked awake, and Amy sure wasn’t ready for sleep anymore. Her body was starting to tingle with an excitement she had never felt with Steve before this.

Steve tried vainly to think of anything except the woman lying next to him. Amy had always been attractive, but as a full-blown woman, there were none sexier. Tonight was only confirming that. When she had walked to bed, Steve had gotten a perfect look at her hard nipples poking through her thin tank. He had thought he could even see her areolas, but had been afraid to stare too long. None of this was helping his erection subside, although he was managing.

“It’s kind of chilly in here, don’t you think?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, Kurt said that the window was broken. Why, you cold?”

“Only a little, but my nipples sure seem to be,” Amy teased, watching Steve for a reaction.

He smiled, blushing only a little before responding, “Yeah, I saw that.”

Amy rolled over onto her side, her back to Steve. She needed a moment to think. She found herself suddenly, and incredibly, attracted to Steve. If she made a move, she had to think of something. And she was sure Steve wouldn’t, as she had made it clear before they were just friends. Remembering his hard-on, Amy was sure he would go for it if she started something.

She reached behind her and groped for Steve’s arm. She finally found it, and pulled him towards her, wrapping his strong arm around her. She quickly felt Steve’s warm body press against hers, but he was careful not to press his hips into her, just as always. She put his arm just underneath her breasts, hoping he wouldn’t be able to feel her heart pounding.

Steve’s heart was racing, right along with his mind. They had slept next to each other numerous times, and sometimes close like this, but something felt different this time. Steve wasn’t sure what, if anything was going on, but he wouldn’t fight it if anything did happen.

“Better?” he asked, waiting on her response.

“Much. And if you get cold, you can just snuggle yourself into my warm buns,” Amy said, giggling a little.

“Ah yes, back to the butt sex.”

“It’s always back to the butt sex.”

Steve let that hang in the air, unable to think of anything to say for the moment. avrupa yakası escort He was trying desperately not to think about getting Amy out of those clothes. Which of course meant that was all he was thinking about. He could feel blood begin pooling in his groin, even as he wished it would stop. If this was going nowhere, and he got a boner just by laying next to her, things could get a little awkward, even for them.

“Kurt and Lindsay sure seem to be getting the week off to a great start,” Amy said, trying to turn their normal banter towards something more obvious. She thought she could feel Steve growing against her, but his hips were still too far away. Her heart was beating faster as she realized she wanted to feel him pushing against her instead of staying his polite distance away.

“Yeah, they didn’t waste any time. And who would’ve thought that Lindsay was so vocal?” Steve said, trying to keep his voice light.

“Do you like girls to be vocal Steve?” Amy asked, only wanting to be half subtle.

“Depends on how you mean vocal,” Steve answered.

Amy shifted in bed, purposely brushing her breasts against Steve’s arm. She could feel her nipples stiffen at even that slight touch, and was sure he could too.

“Do you like a woman who screams and yells like that?” she asked.

“Depends I guess. If we were really going at it, then it would fit. If it was right after a really romantic date, then maybe not so much. But if she’s vocal, there’s a good chance I’m at least close to doing something right.” Steve couldn’t help but start thinking about Amy and how vocal she might be. It was getting harder to hide his inflating erection.

“What about talking during sex?” Amy was beginning to get aroused. She could feel blood flowing to her sex, getting herself ready.

“You mean dirty talk? I guess it’s kinda like the yelling. If it fits, I’m all for it. And unless it’s something really obnoxious, it probably can’t hurt anything.” Jesus, Steve thought, I’m gonna have to jerk off or I’m not gonna sleep. “What about you, you like talking?”

“Sometimes I talk,” Amy said, pausing. “Ok, most of the time I talk at least a little. I don’t mind dirty talk at all. I think it can be really sexy.” Amy decided to lay it on a bit thick now. “Like, it can be really sexy, even if it’s a romantic setting, to just whisper something like ‘fuck me’ in his ear.” Amy paused, consciously reminding herself to breath as she waited for Steve’s reaction. She felt it before she heard it.

Steve felt his dick filling with blood, and there was nothing he could do about it. There had to be something going on here. But he just couldn’t believe it. Hell, he’d wanted Amy for years. He knew his swelling head was pushing noticeably into Amy’s ass. There was no way she couldn’t feel at least something.

“Um yeah, that would always help,” was all that Steve managed to say. Still unable to believe this was really happening, Steve shifted slightly, moving his hips away from Amy. But to his surprise, Amy immediately responded.

Amy shifted right into Steve, planting her ass firmly against Steve’s crotch. She could feel his prick pressing right into her cheeks and she couldn’t resist wiggling against him for a second. She heard a sharp intake of breath at that, and smiled to herself.

“Is all this talk getting you horny Steve?” she asked. Her voice was teasing, but inviting at the same time.

“It’s kind of hard not to, what with you pushing your ass right into me,” Steve said. He didn’t move away this time, his face an inch from the back of Amy’s head. He could clearly smell her shampoo, something fruity or flowery. He could feel every inch of her warm body pressed tightly against his, and he shifted against her, rubbing himself into her a little more. Fuck, this feels good, he thought to himself.

Amy continued rubbing her ass into Steve, feeling his hardness pressing into her, the skimpy thong doing nothing to hide Steve from her. She was quickly getting wet, and there was no denying Steve’s excitement.

“Apparently I’m not the only one getting horny,” Steve said quietly, whispering into Amy’s ear. When Amy only continued rubbing her tight backside against him, Steve relaxed with the knowledge this was really going to happen.

His arm that was draped over her body now moved upwards a fraction so he could up Amy’s ample chest in his hand. Her nipples were completely erect already, pressing into his palm before he lightly teased one between his fingers. He was rewarded with a moan for that, so Steve leaned forward to kiss Amy on her shoulder.

Amy reached behind her to lightly push Steve’s head down, leading his kisses to her neck. She knew Steve would have gotten there eventually, but she didn’t want to wait. Once he got the message, he stayed on message, driving Amy a little crazy. She knew she was really worked up now, and she needed to feel more of Steve. As good as it felt to have his throbbing erection against her, she wanted more.

Amy next gripped Steve’s hand by the wrist, leading him away from her chest, which she regretted, but moving him slowly down her body. As soon as his hand reached her stomach Amy took a sharp intake of breath, lifting her shirt a little in the process. The touch of Steve’s big strong hand on her skin sent shivers down her spine, which only grew in intensity as he continued to move downwards.

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