Friend’s Father


It was a long weekend. Memorial day weekend. My parents had planned a private getaway seeing as their 20th anniversary coincided with the holiday. It also coincided with my 18th birthday, which fell the Thursday before the holiday weekend. A quick and quiet celebration for me, and a nice long private vacation for them. I could be bitter about my lack of celebration, but I wasn’t. No, I was bitter about the idea that at the age of 18 they still didn’t trust me.

Instead of letting me stay in the house for the weekend, they insisted I stay at my friend Jeffrey’s all weekend. You throw one party at the age of 16, and the parents end up eternally locking you out of the house when they’re not there. It was fine, though. Jeffery and I had grown close over the last year or so, taking many of the same classes in school. We even got into the same technical school, both planning our careers in the gaming industry. This weekend should be nothing less than getting high, playing games, tinkering with our frankenstein PCs, and maybe sneaking some of his parent’s liquor.

Having just turned 18, you think I’d be excited about finally being an adult. Truth was I still felt like a kid. The video games and lack of sex with girls didn’t help. There was my girlfriend when I was 16, of course. She gave me a few blowjobs, and I got to play with her tits and finger her every know and then, but she wasn’t ready to go any further, and I didn’t want to push her. We broke up in sophomore year. She started dating some joke, and I started gaining weight. I’m wasn’t FAT fat, but could definitely lose about 20 lbs. And I had lost about 12 of those pounds in the last half of senior year. But still, not luck with the ladies.

When I arrived at Jeffery’s, his house was in utter chaos. Jeffery’s father, Jack, opened the door. He was still yelling back over his shoulder as he did so. His eyes found mine and the awkward look on my face was apparent. He flinched somewhat, but then started casually trying to mask his embarrassment.

“Hey Greg, sorry. We’re having some technical difficulties over here.” He smiled. Then his eyes dropped, scanning me up and down. His head titled ever so slightly. “You lose weight?”

“Um, yea. Maybe a few pounds.” I replied, confusion and discomfort clear in my voice.

“Good for you. Come on in.” He walked away leaving me to enter and close the door behind myself. The sound of Jeffery’s mother Valerie and sister Allison arguing grew as I walked into the house, through the living room and into the kitchen area.

“That’s bullshit!” Allison cried.

“Watch your mouth!” Jack responded sharply.

“Jeff gets to have his friend stay here all weekend and I can’t hang out with my friend for one night?!” She complained with an every increasing pitch to her voice.

“They’re sleeping here where we can see them, you’re talking about going to a party at your friends house, where there will be boys, booze, and god knows what.” Valerie responded. “I’m not stupid. I saw your IMs. You’re trying to go to a party, not a sleepover.” Allison screamed.

“You went through my messages! You’re a total nazi! I get no privacy!” She kept going on her temper-tantrum as Jack turned to me. The shock and awe was impossible to hide.

“Jeff’s upstairs.” He gestured to the staircase with his head. Not wanting to spend another second in this mess of a situation, I hopped up the stairway quickly. As I made to turn on the first landing and make my way up the return flight I was able to catch a smile on Jack’s face as he watched me. A sudden odd sensation struck me, a rush of excitement. But as I left his gaze it quickly subsided.

“Go away!” was the call that greeted me as I knocked on Jeff’s door. I entered quickly and jumped into the room.

“You jacking off?! Caught you!”

Jeffrey laughed but barely looked away from his computer screen. He was entrenched in a game, one of our favorite’s. An online shooter that had just come out about two months ago. Luckily the bags I brought contained my laptop, because as close as we were in our friendship, Jeffery wasn’t one for sharing his computer. I connected to his internet, joined his game, and our night was off and running.

It might not sound like a whole lot of fun to many of you, but this was our weekend nightly routine. We met tons of people online, and frequently played with many of them. We talked in recent months about going to some gamer meet-ups and conventions. But, most of us lacked the finances to do so.

After a few hours I got thirsty, and a little hungry. As a frequent guest in the house I felt fairly comfortable raiding the kitchen pantry and fridge. “Hey, I’m grabbing a snack. Need anything?”

“There’s like a half a pizza leftover in the fridge. Grab that and some pops.” Pops. Jeffrey and his family had recently moved from the Chicago area. Having grown up in California, I illegal bahis never got used to him saying “pop” instead of “soda”.

Jack was in the kitchen when I entered, but thankfully the scene was now quiet. He was alone, pouring himself a scotch. He didn’t notice me until I opened the refrigerator. He wasn’t startled, but took notice.

“Hey there. Guys have been at it a while up there.” He took a sip and turned to watch me raid the fridge. I uttered a simple ‘yea’ in response. “You’re looking good. I imagine you’re not just playing games all day. You been working out or what?”

I turned to him holding a pizza box topped with a six pack of small coke bottles. “Not really. Just been, you know, watching what I eat.” The irony became palpable.

“Not tonight of course.” He said with a small laugh. He took a sip of his scotch. I laughed back, mostly out of politeness. “You want some?”

“Sorry?” I replied. He raised his glass slightly.

“Scotch. You boys want some?” His face was frank, and unwavering. He wasn’t joking.

“Um-” was all I could muster.

“You’re both eighteen. You’re men, right? Old enough to be drafted and die in a war. Old enough to vote. Old enough to get married. Old enough to have sex freely,” his eyes made a relaxed gesture. Almost a trick of the light, as if it didn’t actually happen. But then he continued, “Way I see it, you boys are old enough for a drink.”

He turned around and picked up the bottle. He reached over to the cupboard above the sink and pulled out a pint glass. He began to pour his scotch into the glass, nearly filling it completely. He raised it and examined it, as if measuring it with his eyes.

“That otta’ be enough for the two of you.” He said. He turned and handed me the glass. I wasn’t sure if it was the balancing act I had to do with the cokes on the pizza box in one hand, or the shock of the moment that made accepting the drink tricky to accomplish, but I was able to manage. “This should loosen you up a bit.”

Another trick of the eye. Was it a wink? No. He didn’t wink. And if he did, it wasn’t THAT kind of wink. He was enjoying giving alcohol to underaged teens, that was all. Being the “cool dad”.

“Just, don’t tell Jeffrey. I don’t want him taking liberties with my liquor cabinet.” He smiled. “Just, say you swiped it or something. ” He nodded at me, and I returned it with a nod and smile of my own. “Our little secret.” It was said as I turned away, so at the time I couldn’t be sure it’s intent since I didn’t see his face. But the tone was suggestive to say the least.

Jeffrey was both excited and shocked when I showed up in his room with a pint of scotch in addition to the soda and snacks he was expecting. “You swiped it from my dad’s liquor cabinet? He’s gonna freak!”

“Naw, we crossed paths when I went out there. He’s already had a few. He wont remember how much he drank when he wakes up.” Jeffrey’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Trust me. You’re dad wont be a pain in the ass.”

Jeffrey didnt continue his protest any longer. They mixed the cokes with the scotch, had two slices of pizza and continued to game late into the night. After a while Jeffrey pulled out a joint and lead me downstairs and out back. I wasn’t much of one for pot, nor am I to this day. Usually it just makes me tired. But mixed with some alcohol it makes me super relaxed and just happy. Jeffrey, however can smoke all day and function just fine. But when he mixes it with alcohol, it’s lights out. It was the same story this night.

Having crashed there before, I was familiar with where “my room” was. The downstairs office had a pull out sofa for guests. Since Jeffrey passed out only minutes after returning to the room, I decided to grab my things and head to the guest room. I was so self involved in my own drunken/stoned state that I crossed the family room and entered the guest room to set my things down without seeing Jack seated on the sofa watching TV.

Once my things were set down, I turned to close the door and saw him, seated on the sofa wearing a robe. His robe was tied, but it was not closed. His legs were somewhat spread as he sat back casually, a glass of scotch in his hand. The light of the TV reflected off his body showcasing his manhood to my vision. At rest, it seemed large. Not pornstar large, but larger than my own. As a taller, broader man it should only fit that his cock was proportionate to his frame. And that it most certainly was. I studied it with my eyes as my heart began to race.

My gaze raised. His eyes were on me. Though, I did stand in a dark room, and his gaze had to cross the light of the TV. Whether or not he could see me was not apparent. No tricks of the eye. No smile. Just a long stare into the darkness where I stood. I was frozen for a moment. Then, slowly I closed the door.

I stood in total darkness in the room just beyond the door. Why had I illegal bahis siteleri stared so long? Why had my heart began to race so? What was I feeling then? This can’t be. Then I realized without seeing or feeling. Yes, my cock was growing harder and I was aroused.

I shook my head, flipped on the light and got ready for bed. This Memorial Day weekend was one of the hottest ones I could remember, and with a private room I felt no fear in stripping fulling naked for bed. I laid there for a while, a hard on bulging beneath the sheets. I tried to ignore it. I wasnt going to masturbate while thinking of a man’s cock. Not only a man’s cock, but my friend’s father’s cock.

All these thoughts I kept trying to avoid only consumed me more and more. My cock was rock hard and touching it was growing more impossible. I slowly reached down, beneath the sheets and wrapped my hand around my shaft. But…

Before I could begin to stroke a noise came from the door. As I lay, I was half on my side and half on my chest with my back to the door, my right leg sprawled across the bed, presenting my ass directly to the doorway. I froze. Another noise. The knob turning.

The beam of light grew broader across the bed and wall as the door opened. His shadow filled the light, towering upon the wall over my bed. I didn’t dare to move as he shadow became smaller, but his presence grew. He closed the door behind him, leaving us in near total darkness, the glow of an outside streetlight through the blinds all the light to guide by.

No sound was made until he sat on the bed behind me. He waited a few moments, as if trying to determine in the dark whether I was awake or not. Whether to continue or not. My heart was pounding. If he could not hear it in that silence I would be surprised. Perhaps he did, and it empowered him to move forward. I felt the sheet raise off of me, exposing my nude rear to him. His hand rested onto my ass cheek. He squeezed. My cock lurched in my hand.

His hand began to massage my ass, moving the cheek around as he did so. With each motion my hole became exposed, and then covered. Exposed and then covered. With each movement, his hand and fingers inched their way to my opening. And then, after minutes of this his finger made contact with my anus. It didn’t penetrate. It just rested there. It was an odd sensation at first, but nonetheless erotic and arousing.

His finger began to circle my anus. Gently rubbing it, and occasionally applying a small amount of pressure, but not much. Only the very tip of his finger was able to begin to spread my hole in the slightest. A light moan left lips. He paused at this. Then, he pulled his finger away momentarily. I wondered for a moment if he was going to leave now. That I had revealed my consciousness and that I had frightened him away.

But this notion quickly passed as his finger returned, this time lubricated by what I could only assume was his spit. He again massaged my anus, but with each rotation of his finger he added just the slightest ounce of pressure. He did this until his finger was at the cusp of penetration, and he yielded the motion while continuing the push. It happened slowly, yet much quicker and easier than I had anticipated. His finger was inside me. It was only the tip, to the first knuckle, but it was enough to send a shock through my body.

All thought left me. His finger began to penetrate me more, and the sensation was somewhat scary and somewhat painful, but extremely exciting and intensely pleasurable. I was being fingered by a grown man, a married man, the father of my friend and all this in secret, in the dark. No words were spoken, just actions taken.

I orgasmed without truly cumming. An odd description I know, but I felt a rush of orgasmic pleasure that I hadn’t yet felt. Only a small amount semen seeped from my cock. I felt it in my hand. More like pre-cum than a full on ejaculation. He gave a whispered laugh as he listened to me muffle my joy behind bated breaths. But what I felt through my body was a new form of orgasm, more intense than any other. Or so I thought.

He fingered me for a few more minutes. Halfway through, he added a second finger, testing me to see what I could handle. This was only met with more pain, yet even more pleasure. He slowly removed his fingers from my anus, and then repositioned my body so that I was fully on my stomach . He then stood beside the bed. I glanced over and could only make out minute details in the low light. He pulled something from his robe pocket, pulled the string on his robe’s tie, and let the robe fall to the floor. He then climbed on to the bed, positioning himself directly behind me.

I felt a cool liquid fall on my anus and surrounding area, but at his touch it began to warm. He fingered my ass again, allowing the liquid to lubricate my interior as well. Then, he leaned forward and lay his pelvis on my canlı bahis siteleri cheeks, resting his cock between them but not penetrating. His chest and stomach came to touch my back before withdrawing as he began an up and down motion along my body. His cock ran down my crack, rubbing past my anus downward and upward repeatedly. I even found myself begin to move in response, pushing my backside upwards to meet the motion.

Then, he place a hand on my shoulder. His other hand reached down to position his cock between my cheeks. “It’s time,” he whispered. He placed the head of his cock against my hole. He didn’t press forward, not yet. “This is where you say ‘stop’. If you want me to stop, say it.” The head of his cock now began a soft motion into my anus. It wouldnt penetrate at this force, but it showed clear intent.

I turned my head slightly, pushed my ass up only slightly, and responded, “Go.”

His cock slid into my ass and it took all of me not to cry out. When he forced it in as he force my head down into the pillow. It hurt, and he knew it did. So he left it in for a few moments before moving it. He seemed to know what I was feeling. Allowing my ass to adjust to the penetration. My legs began shaking as pain and pleasure began to mingle. I was breathing heavily into the pillow at my face. It was only when I starting moving my own hips that he decided to take control.

He leaned closer over me, practically resting his whole body’s weight on mine and whispered, “We must be silent. As quiet as we can be.” He pulled his cock back until it was almost out, only the head still in, then he slowly, but firmly thrust all the way back in. I let out a loud moan into the pillow, muffling it. His cock was large, and hard. “That’s what I’m talking about. You need to be quiet.” Another thrust, another moan. He laughed quietly. “Shh.” Thrust. Moan. “What’s the matter?”

I released the pillow from the grip of my teeth. “You’re big. I want to scream.” I whisper back. He laughs in a whisper.

“You dont even have a clue. I havent even started fucking you yet.” He pushed me back down and began thrusting over and over quickly. It was too much to handle. Pain, but a new level of pleasure as well. I want to stop it and just grab my own cock and jerk off, or ride it at my own pace while jerking off, but he didn’t allow it. He forced me down and fucked me. The intensity grew.

I wasn’t sure what I would do next. I began to squirm underneath him, as if to avoid his hard cock pounding me, but at the same time I found every stroke filled me with ecstasy. It hurt, but I also didn’t want it to stop. The feeling of him, the older man. just taking what he wants, taking control, taking my ass was so hot I couldn’t help but indulge.

After a few minutes I pushed my upper body up so I could lean up toward him. “Turn me around. Fuck me from the front.” I couldnt imagine where these words came from, but they came nonetheless. He didn’t hesitate. He pulled out, flipped me onto my back, positioned himself between my legs and lay atop me.

He knew I didnt just want to face him and be fucked. He recognized that I wanted to feel his full body, and wrap myself around him as he filled me with his cock. He put a pillow under my lower back to help my ass rise to meet his cock, resulting in my feet being positioned above my head. His chest met my own as he lowered his body onto mine and his cock into my ass. Again, he started out by thrusting into me and letting it stay there. I grabbed at his back as the fullness of his cock filled me. He then quickly began to pound me.

Thrust after thrust my ass began to feel nothing but pleasure, pain subsiding. I scratched at his back, bit at his neck and chest, moaned into his hear so that only he could hear. As his thrusts intensified, and his own subdued moans became more frequent, his body rubbed against my cock, which lay between us. Up and down as he fucked me, rubbing my cock with his body. I began to feel a build of orgasmic pleasure from both actions, and found an uncontrollable urge to say “Jack, do it.” over and over. Jack began to thrust harder. “Yes, do it, Jack.” Harder and Harder. “Cum inside me. Cum inside me, Jack.”

And then his thrust became wild and I had to reach up and grab his mouth to muffle his orgasm as he shot ropes of seeping hot cum into my ass. And as he thrust my own orgasm struck. Thrust after thrust of shaking convulsion and I began to moan, and he covered my mouth. The two of us, cumming together. He inside my ass, I between our bodies, both of us feeling the same erotic joy. After a moment, he collapsed on top of me, his cock slowly shrinking inside my ass.

The sweat acted like a glue between us and he pulled away. Our skin attempting to hold the embrace. He stood and grabbed his robe. I lay there watching as he approached the door. He opened it, blinding me with the light of the family room. His silhouette paused, and turned slightly.

“Our little secret.” I heard him whisper. I nodded back and replied “yes.” so softly it was a miracle if he heard it. He closed the door.

And that was only the first night of a long weekend.

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