Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 12


Chapter Twelve – The Awakening Of Edward Hastings

Adrian munched on his lower lip as his eyes danced on the menu in front of him. Rich people did nothing by half, or so it seemed. “So we can have our balls licked and stuff?” he asked Edward directly.

Edward chuckled. “I would like to believe that you feel more adventurous than this, Adrian.”

“Also, all this, I want you to do it to me, not someone else,” Adrian added.

“It wouldn’t count as cheating,” Edward said.

“Why? Some dudes would come and perform this sort of stuff on us, right?” If he looked around, he could tell some of the patrons were already serviced by personnel specially trained. Not far from them, a beautiful twink was jizzing in a guy’s glass. His companion had probably ordered a blowjob or a ball licking by the expression of pure ecstasy on his face and how funny the table seemed to move.

All right, that stuff was getting his cock rock hard, but he had a different perspective from Edward.

“It would be just a rendered service,” Edward explained.

“Nope. It would be cheating,” Adrian concluded. “So, no, we won’t order anything.”

“Just look a little more,” Edward insisted. “You can’t disappoint me like this.”

Adrian had a mind to argue, even if it could put him on Edward’s bad side. It was a risk he was willing to take. After all, they were in an exclusive relationship, and he wanted to make sure that his partner understood it. Also, he had an inkling that Edward was still testing him, and he didn’t plan on losing. As appealing as the idea of having beautiful twinks swallowing his cock was, Adrian liked to believe that he had started to be a bit more elevated lately, mainly because of Edward.

Even if it wasn’t a relationship in the old fashioned sense of the term, what he had with Edward trampled everything else, regardless of how exciting it sounded on paper. He continued to read the special menu just to convince Edward that he was giving it as much thought as possible.

“What’s this?” Adrian pointed at the bottom of the page at the golden symbol that appeared to be a key crossed by heavily drawn metal bars. When he touched the symbol, he realized it was embossed.

Edward grimaced. “Just Brown’s repertoire being included because he’s a bastard who likes to flaunt his abilities.”

“Brown? That bully from before?”

Edward nodded and pretended to look at the menu, although Adrian could tell he had to know it by heart by now.

“All right, we’ll do that, then.”

Edward quirked an eyebrow. “You don’t even know what it is about.”

“What is it about?”

“A vulgar display of Brown’s ability to break into his current acquisition.”

“So it’s a show. Does it take place in a dungeon or something?”

“Close enough. The basement. Why would you want to watch a BDSM show, Adrian?”

“Because this guy got to you and quite easily just earlier. I want to know why.”

“There’s nothing to know,” Edward protested. “He’s annoying, and that’s the end of the story.”

“Well, you told me to pick something from the menu, and I did. So, since you don’t want to say why he bothers you so much, we’re going to watch him. When is this show scheduled?”

“There are a few events that will take place first. Brown’s show, when it happens, is usually the last.”

“Then let’s sip some of these expensive cocktails in the meantime. And I want to kiss you.”

Edward didn’t seem in a good mood anymore. Adrian was sorry for making him uncomfortable, but he wasn’t there to behave like an obedient dog. “If you want to kiss me, you will have to work for it,” Edward said.

Adrian smiled. “So, you want me to make you shine, right?”

“Did I say anything about that?”

“Not directly, but, pretty much, yes. So what’s to do around here to make it happen?”

“Adrian, I don’t intend to lend you to anyone, and I know you’re not the type to sell out, so that leaves us with not so much. I would have liked you to prove your prowess by ordering as much as you could from the menu, but you are stubborn.”

“And you don’t get it,” Adrian replied. It was funny to be the one with a clear head for a change. “All these handsome men around me don’t amount to how much sexiness you have in your pinky. How about that?”

Edward stared at him, and then he smiled. “It was a mistake to bring you here. I’m afraid you want a relationship.”

“I’m not falling for that trap, Edward. You are not by far as sneaky as you think yourself to be. I want to fuck you, and I think you’re sexy as hell, but I have zero feelings for you.” Just as he spoke the words, Adrian was fully aware he was lying through his teeth. He just hoped Edward wouldn’t read him.

“Then why refuse to indulge in this sex buffet?” Edward gestured around them.

Adrian shrugged. “Once you taste caviar, you don’t just go back to eating corndogs on the street.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Adrian smiled and placed one hand on Edward’s thigh, as high as he could. “Take bahis firmaları it as you want. And we’ll see what this Brown guy is made of. I bet he’s lame.”

“Actually,” Edward pursed his lips, “he’s quite good at what he does.”

“Oh, so you admire him. That explains a few things.”

“I don’t admire him. Where do you get such ideas?”

“I’m not going to reply to that. I see you’re a bit pissed, and I think you’re frigging sexy with pouty lips like this. It makes me want to give your sexy mouth a workout.”

Edward blushed and averted his eyes. Adrian had a feeling that he was starting to get what Edward was really about. He was on the right path. As superior and almighty as Edward acted, there was something he wanted that no one was supposed to learn about him.

“I need to go to the bathroom. I hope you’ll be even more pissed when I get back.”

Edward threw him a killer look. Adrian just needed a small pretext to get the lay of the land, and that without Edward following his every move. He could always pretend that he got lost a little if his absence were too long.

On his way through the rows of tables where shameless sex acts happened in full display, Adrian noticed the waiter from earlier walking toward what looked to be a well-stocked bar. He reached for him and caught his elbow slightly. Germaine turned on his heels with an annoyed expression on his pretty face but schooled it into a neutral demeanor the moment he set eyes on Adrian. “How can I help you, sir?”

“It’s actually Adrian.” He hoped his friendly tone would out the waiter at ease, but no such luck.

“I’m not allowed to address the patrons on their first names.”

“Okay, cool. Listen, could you please give me some pointers? What’s around here to do to, you know, make my partner look good?”

Germaine threw him a sidelong glance. “You are here with Mr. Hastings.”


“You don’t appear to be his usual style.”

“Correct.” Adrian was increasingly curious about where that was going.

“Then I surmise that the,” Germaine hesitated for a second as if he was careful to choose the right words, “temptations around don’t appeal to you.”

Adrian shrugged. “Color me not impressed.”

His remark was met with a thin smile. “I don’t quite believe you, but you do appear clever enough not to give in. It’s all but a shiny bubble.”

“Hmm,” Adrian acknowledged Germaine’s description of the orgy surrounding them.

“There is the contest, of course, but, usually, it is all about who appears to be the most depraved.”

“The contest?”

Germaine moved closer to him, holding his tray so that he could disguise their conversation as something related to drinks and the like. “Masters bring their playthings here,” he said, as his voice dropped to a whisper, “so that they could prove themselves better than the rest. It’s all a pissing contest if you’re asking me, but they use pawns for it. I don’t see you going low for this kind of thing.”

“Hmm, and is there anything, in particular, I should know about this contest so that I can increase my chances to earn first place?”

Germaine seemed taken aback by Adrian’s question. “Are you like the rest, then?”

“No way.” Adrian could bet his smile was proof enough because he noticed Germaine returning it. “And your effort is much appreciated. I tip well.”

“People don’t tip here. It is understood that we’re paid enough, so there is no need for such commonplace practices. Assholes.”

Adrian could bet Germaine could use being tipped. He got that. “Well, I’m not like most people here. So if I say that I tip, I will.”

“All right. Just for the record, I’m not holding my breath, no offense.”

“None taken. I’ll let facts prove my worth. Now, shoot.”

“The judges are a bunch of ill-mannered, sarcastic, and jaded pricks. They believe they have seen everything and tried everything. It takes a certain amount of twisted perversion to prevent them from yawning. So, you must shock them if you want to prove yourself.”

“Okay. Anything else?”

“The prize is more than just bragging rights for the owner. It’s also a ten grand check.”

Adrian chuckled. “What a bunch of cheapskates. I bet that’s pocket change for them.”

“It is,” Germaine admitted with a sigh. “And it adds to their greed of seeing other people groveling at their feet for what they consider peanuts. What I want to warn you about is that others won’t hesitate to throw all their dignity out the window for this. Not only for the money but also for the vain hope that they could become part of this world. So, be aware.”

“Thank you for the warning. And I won’t forget that you helped me.”

“All right. The best of luck, Adrian. It should start in ten minutes, so you should hurry.”

Germaine offered him the last details when Adrian felt a shadow hovering over them. The next thing he saw was a paw grabbing Germaine’s chest. “What’s up, tits?”

Germaine turned red as a beet and tried to move away from the invasion.

“If kaçak iddaa it isn’t Brown the Bully,” Adrian said. “Aren’t plenty of naked people willing to be abused around here? Why do you have to harass the working staff?”

Brown stopped fondling Germaine’s chest. The waiter seized the opportunity and scurried away. “Eddy’s nasty gorilla.”

Adrian snorted. “Better a gorilla than an oversized squirrel.”

Brown quirked an eyebrow.

“Earlier, you were all after my nuts,” Adrian explained.

Brown laughed. He pointed a finger at Adrian. “You think you’re funny.”

“And you just sexually harassed a waiter. For the record, he’s not on the menu.”

Brown’s grin turned crooked. “Germaine has something up his ass. But I like the ones who play hard to get the best.”

“Something tells me he isn’t playing hard to get. He just doesn’t like you.”

“I can have dozens of boys like him,” Brown replied.

“Then go fondle their tits,” Adrian shot back. “This guy just isn’t into you.”

“And you know this how?” Brown narrowed his eyes and watched Adrian carefully. “You’ve been here for five minutes tops, plaything.”

Brown wanted to rile him up, but Adrian was prepared. “His nipples turned inward, disgusted by your touch.”

“Again, funny. Not.”

“I don’t give a damn what you think, and I’m not here to entertain you, anyway.”

Brown laughed, a loud, obnoxious laugh. “So far, you’ve proven yourself plenty entertaining, trust me. But if you hope to be the one and only for that exquisite diamond lily you came with, you’re wrong. He doesn’t need you or anyone like you. Let’s say it’s not your fault. Your blood runs red, and his is blue.”

“That was almost poetic,” Adrian said and offered an all-knowing grin. “Some people might believe you chose the wrong hobby.”

For a moment, Brown seemed unsure of whether he understood Adrian’s allusion or not.

“I convinced Edward to attend your little show. I’m curious.”

Brown quirked an eyebrow, and then his lips stretched into a smile. “Good job, plaything. You’re basically bringing Eddy exactly where I want him to be.”

“Edward doesn’t like you at all. For me, he will endure the ordeal of watching you playing dom to some unfortunate fellow.”

“Oh, we will see about that,” Brown said and made his teeth flash for an instant.

Adrian did feel a bit unsettled, but he chose not to show it. “We’re going to sit in the back and laugh all the time.”

“Immature,” Brown commented. “But that’s Eddy’s MO for playing safe. He would never fall for a man-child, hence his criteria for choosing his playthings. You won’t last long. Now, I should mingle with people of my own status. If I were to spend too much time with you, I might get contaminated by your middle-class mannerisms. And I can’t have that. Toodles!”

Really, who said that these days? Adrian had to admit he was intrigued. And now he needed to rush and get himself registered for the contest. Edward must be fuming by now, he thought, but he also believed that he would be forgiven once he proved himself.


Getting accepted and allowed to climb on the stage had been a breeze, but now Adrian was staring in stunned silence at a young man fisting himself with all his might. At the same time, the judges, a colorful group featuring all ages and fashion styles, appeared to be anything but interested in the display in front of them. He had no idea the human body could be that flexible. It seemed that everyone was willing to test his limits once he got there, and that made Adrian despise equally the rich dudes throwing such contests and those who felt desperate enough to participate.

“Adrian, Adrian!” Someone called for him in an irritated voice.

Adrian looked down and saw Edward, who was struggling to draw his attention. He crouched and waved at Edward, who rolled his eyes and walked closer. “What’s up, boss? Or should I call you master?”

Edward pursed his lips. “Get down from there,” he whispered angrily. “This is no place for you. I chose you because I thought you wouldn’t be interested in such mundane things as money.”

“Your Majesty,” Adrian said lovingly, “I’m here to make you proud.”

“Nonsense,” Edward jabbered on. “These people only make fools of themselves. Are you this willing to play their game?”

Adrian chuckled. “Don’t worry. I won’t play their game; I’m going to break it.” With that, he stood up and walked over to the line, without one look back. Edward would just have to wait and see.

He was the only one with all his clothes on, but Adrian hoped that would make the judges pay attention to him in particular in that sea of naked bodies. The spectators were in a frenzy, catcalling, and throwing dirty words at the naked men on stage.

Adrian pretended not to see anything. He knew exactly what he needed to do. So, when he walked in front of the savage group of judges, he was ready.

“And what are you supposed to show us,” one of the judges searched his name, “Adrian?”

“Me, not kaçak bahis much, and that’s exactly the point. I am a master of restraint.”

A man in a feathery hat all colors of the rainbow leaned forward and watched him through crystal-studded eyelashes. How he could see anything was beyond Adrian’s comprehension. “Enlighten us.”

“Bring anyone here, have him do whatever he thinks he can do, and I won’t get it up for him,” Adrian said with determination.

“So you’re impotent,” the judge shouted, making the entire room burst into laughter.

No, the situation wouldn’t get out of hand, Adrian decided. Well aware of the sardonic smile on his lips that made the one on the judge’s face fade, he said it loud and clear, “No, there’s only one person who does it for me. For him, and only him, I can be hard for hours.” He knew Edward was watching him, but Adrian didn’t plan on turning and looking back because that would have weakened his resolve.

“That’s an interesting skill,” another judge commented. This one appeared older and wore a perfectly tailored suit. “But we want to see you naked.”

“No deal,” Adrian replied.

“You’re out of line,” the older judge said. “You don’t make the rules here.”

“Rules are boring,” Adrian said and made sure that the judge’s eyes met his. “I don’t care for rules.”

The judges whispered to one another. Eventually, the eccentric one said, “Fine. But you must allow the others to touch your cock. I suppose you would at least let us see that. You know, to judge just how limp it can be while being stimulated by our finest pleasure givers.”

Laughter followed. Adrian shrugged. “Okay.”

“And, to make sure that you are not simply an impotent brought in our midst to have us look like fools, your owner will have to come on stage and prove to everyone he can get you hard. With just a touch.”

Adrian tensed. If Edward said ‘no’ to that, the plan would fall through. There was silence, and all the judges looked past him, obviously at the person who needed to agree to that.

“It’s all right,” Edward said, quite loudly. “I’ll let Adrian prove himself first.”

Adrian exhaled. “Then bring it on,” he said, and the eccentric judge gestured for a group of young men dressed in scanty clothes to come forward. They smiled like the world was their oyster; Adrian begged to differ.


Adrian winced while his cock was licked, sucked, and rubbed for the umpteenth time. At this point, he was starting to get worried over being able to get it up for Edward. His resolve had been steel. It hadn’t been easy, but it hadn’t been hard either, pun intended. All he had to do had been to look around and see that flashy world for what it was. They fooled themselves over being in it for the pleasure, but Adrian only saw the glint of greed in some eyes, and that of ugly satisfaction at making other human beings behave like that on the faces of the ones in charge.

If he had been there only for the kink, he would have enjoyed the show for what it was and for the kink. He would have skipped the ugly bits, and skimmed over others, and gotten his pleasure as usual.

But now, he was involved, and under the harsh lights projected on stage for better viewing, many of those around him looked ugly under all that polish. He drew one deep breath when he was finally left alone.

“Well?” He turned toward the judges.

The one with the feathery hat pushed a long pencil against Adrian’s flaccid penis, bending over the table awkwardly. “I am, indeed, impressed. It’s unconventional, and we’re all here about achieving satisfaction. But, yes, you convinced us. There is only one last part. I hope your owner can make you come. I seriously doubt you have a working sex organ there at this point.”

Edward jumped on the stage. He appeared slightly flushed, and Adrian realized that being on display like that must have had that effect on him. Right now, he didn’t know whether it was a good or a bad thing. Adrian grunted and forced a smile as Edward’s smooth hand covered his cock. Their eyes met. Then Edward moved his away. “I will make him hard, but I will not have him come for you because there is no such agreement.”

The judges gasped in collective indignation. Apparently, Adrian wasn’t the only one breaking the rules tonight. He lost himself in the sea of green as he stared into Edward’s eyes. Not getting it up? What a joke. Edward only had to wrap his hand around him, and his cock grew to full length.

Edward only turned him slightly so that everyone could see. Adrian didn’t care. He was proud of his cock, but mostly, he was proud of the man beside him. Edward pushed his cock back inside his dress pants, making him grunt. Now the problem was to get it back to sleep. But it was small suffering compared to how shocked everyone seemed to be.

Adrian leaned in and whispered in Edward’s ear, “Did I break the game or what?”

“We are not satisfied at all, and, just for the record, no one should ever try to pull the same prank on us again, but,” the judge with the enormous hat said, “in the light of how interested everyone has been in this contest round compared to our past sessions, it is our unanimous decision to offer the prize to Mr. Adrian Rossi.”

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